Labyrinth: Into the Underground and Beyond

Labyrinth: Into the Underground and Beyond

An evil influence has seeped into to the Labyrinth’s boarders; a dark Sorceress known as Ariadne who has somehow gained control of the nomadic Junk People of the Arid Flats and is nursing a Civil War within the Goblin Kingdom.

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[OOC] The KotL

Postby CassilineVow on Mon May 03, 2010 4:36 pm

The Knights of the Labyrinth (The KotL)


The Knights of the Labyrinth are the protectors of the great maze. They do not work for the King nor are they used solely for war. the Labyrinth Knights' mission is to protect the land and the interests of its beings. They are the Labyrinth's scientists, mathematicians, psychologists, historians, artists, and so forth.

Like most independent democracies the Labyrinth Knights have a political system separate, though not superior to, the greater sovereignty.

Elders of the Labyrinth Knights are chosen once every year and are elected via nomination by two or more representative of their specific division. There is one Elder Knight for each division or providence in the Labyrinth.

Below the elders there are the regular Knights (Rank 1), Captains (Rank 2), 1st Lieutenants (Rank 3), Colonel (Rank 4), Junior Knight (Rank 5), and squires.

* Anyone who is still not qualified is a squire. For advancement of rank an affiliate must undergo a grueling quest that demonstrates their understanding and commitment to the KoTL mission and requirements of service.

Initiation of Knighthood-Becoming a Labyrinth Knight

Prospective Knights of the Labyrinth Required Skills:

1. Knights must be able to read and write. (Some knight's might alternatively have some sort of small intellectual companion who can do this for them as the Labyrinth Knights do not exclude species' or races who due to various biological reasons are unable to physically accomplish this task themselves.)

2. Knights must have a good foundation in some form of defense. (Categories of defense include but are not limited to fencing, archery, a martial arts, and magic)

3. Knights must have some level of proficient understanding of science and mathematics. (In other words a Labyrinth knight must know how things work and why or at the very least believe that they do)

4. Knights must be able to solve riddles and handle difficult situations that might come along in battle. (This requires you to use your head with logic and rhyme. People have been known to go mad over simple questions. This is a major practice.)

5. Knights must be able to have the proper physique to become a knight. Being in good health is vital to a good knight. (This allows one to have better control over his/her self, more endurance, more stamina, and to be more happy with one's self.)

6. Knights must have a good grasp of the history of the Labyrinth as well. (For history has a tendency to either snowball on itself or to repeat itself.)

These six initiation techniques will be shown through many tests that one must pass to become a Knight of the Labyrinth. It might take you once or many times to pass the tests. (Basically advancement will be determined by choices and directions you the writer take your character.)

The Elder Council

The purpose of the elder counsel is to keep order within the Labyrinth by providing objective representation between the interests of the people and the will of the King. Unlike the general populous the actions and opinions of the Labyrinth Knights are not dictated by the ruling Monarchy. However both parties have open lines of communication which allow for the sharing of information and advisement.

While the reigning Monarch is not required to adhere to the advisement of the Elder council, they are required to include the Elders in any action or discussion that might pertain to the well being of the Kingdom and its inhabitants.

In order to keep the Council and the reigning King from over-taking each other certain equalizing laws have been put in place to allow both parties to have a certain measure of power over one another.

The Council's Statement: "We the Council are very loyal to our king, except when the council finds him unworthy of the place of ruler. If the king falters in his rule, the Knights of the Labyrinth have the right to take his place until another ruler is chosen."

The King's Statement: "I, the King, shall have final say over the Labyrinth's Knights. Although the Knights are able to voice their opinions, the King is still king of the Labyrinth. The Knights are still able to advise the King in any situation.

The first rule allows the Knights to over-take the throne if the council feels that he isn't doing a worthy job on his part. This keeps the King in favor of the Knights.

The second rule allows the King to make laws and decisions over the Labyrinth. The Knights must abide by their own rules and the laws that are made by the King. If the King finds a Knight of any rank, out of order, he may exile them or kill them or punish them how he sees fit. This keeps the Knights in order.




Name & Council Status: Hoggle, (Reluctantly Active)

Race: Dwarf/Goblin

Division: The Stone Maze, (Division 1) Note: Hoggle also moonlights his patrol regularly in the Hedge Maze (Division 2) and will also on occasion investigate trouble areas such as the oubliettes and the Labyrinth boarders of the Fire Marsh.

Prior Rank: Squire (Hoggle earned the more recent rank of Colonel for his honorable services and bravery during the Battle of the Goblin City that occurred during Sarah William's Quest to save her brother Toby.)

Motivation: Hoggle insist he is a coward and that he has no real motivation to uphold the mission and beliefs of the Labyrinth Knights. However his actions in recent years particularly during the quest of Sarah Williams, seems to suggest otherwise. If nothing else, Hoggle possesses a dignified sense of fair play which is often in direct contrast to the Goblin King's tactics. While Hoggle admits that Jareth frightens and intimidates him, the dwarf seems mostly able and willing to openly defy the Goblin King's orders if he deems them to be misguided and or extremely underhanded.

"You've got to understand my position. I'm a coward and Jareth scares me."



Name & Council Status: The Wiseman (He forgot his actual name long ago no doubt), Knight (Retired from active service)

Race: of Unknown mixed Heritage

Division: Although retired the Wiseman is almost exclusively seen wandering the hedge maze and gardens. (Division 2)

Prior Rank: Knight (Now retired)

Motivation: Back in his time before, Jareth's rule, the Wiseman was a greatly respected and highly beloved defender of the people. Sir Didymus idolizes the forgetful gentleman and praises his deeds greatly. Even Jareth is said to have a particularly rare level of high respect for the old Knight and has decreed that all denizens of the Labyrinth are to leave the Gentleman in peace or face terrible and exacting punishments.

These days the Wiseman seems content to nap and slowly wander about the hedges with his faithful, though indignant, hat companion Rattlebeak; as he passes out cryptic sage-like advice to anyone willing to put a small contribution in his wooden contribution box. Admittedly it is unclear how much use the Wiseman's advice really is to wayward travelers however it is speculated that the Wiseman is actually much more aware and knowledgeable of the greater order of things then he lets on.

Quote: "Quite often, it seems like we're not getting anywhere, when, in fact...We are."



Name & Council Status: Sir Didymus, (Active, On Bridge Detail)

Race: Intellectual Canine

Division: The Bog of Eternal Stench, (Division 3)

Prior Rank: Captain

Motivation: Didymus is a true Knight of honor a chivalry. He believes in fair decisive action and is mostly sympathetic to his Majesty's position, if not entirely the King's character. Of all the Elders Sir Didymus is probably the most objective. Unfortunately Sir Didymus rarely is able to contribute his objectivity to the Elder Council due to the diligent demands of guarding his post at the Bog Bridge.

Quote: "If that is the way it is done, then that is the way you must do it."



Name & Council Status: Fidget, (Openly Active, renegade)

Race: Goblin

Division: The Goblin City, (Division 5)

Prior Rank: Junior Knight (Demoted for Misconduct unbecoming of a Labyrinth Knight)

Motivation: Being a goblin Fidget is very close to the King and is highly critical of how things are being run by his Majesty. Fidget fears the growing unrest and whispers of civil war and believes Jareth is being too ineffective in his handling of the problems within the Labyrinth and the Goblin City.

Quote: "Will you listen to this rubbish!?! It doesn't even start with I wish."



Name and Council Status: Agnes the Junk Lady, (Not openly part of the Council, Double Agent)

Race: Junk-Person

Division: The Arid Flats, (Division 6)

Prior Rank: 1st Lieutenant

Motivation: It is unclear exactly what Agnes' motivations are for her secret involvement with the Labyrinth Knights. However it is glaringly clear she is not a willing supporter of Ariadne and certainly not a fan of Jareth. Agnes wisely keeps her opinions to herself on the subject however and will at least feign allegiance to the dark witch as well as skepticism of the Goblin King.

Quote: "You can't look where you're going, if you don't know where you're going."


The KoTL Statments Regarding War, the People, and the King

In the Event of War- "The King will send out the Labyrinth's personal army, the Knights of the Labyrinth, to war if his army cannot withstand the fight and if the Labyrinth is in harms way."

-"The King may not send out just the Knights of the Labyrinth to fight a war. The Knights of the Labyrinth are not his army, they're the protectors of the Labyrinth itself."

-"The King has the right to request the help of the Knights of the Labyrinth, but the council has the final decision. (This is usually done by a meeting with all Knights and someone volunteers)"


The KoTL's Relationship to:

The People-"If you lose the support of the citizens of the Labyrinth, you will lose your foundation of being. The people make the population, the population determines growth for the Labyrinth, and if there isn't any growth--there isn't any reason to protect the Labyrinth."

The King-"His majesty, King Jareth, is the ruler of the Goblins and the Labyrinth. He rules his kingdom as a monarchy. He is a master of magic and illusion, crystals being his tool of choice. He is most famous for his involvement in the taking of young mortal child which ultimately lead to large and damaging battle in the Goblin City. Beyond this conflict His Majesty's reign has been one of peace Although it has been observed, and is the humble opinion of the Elders, that His Majesty is not entirely serene in his duties as reflected by his occasional unsavory conduct."

-"As the legend and subjective truth about His Majesty goes, Jareth is said to take away mortal children who are either wished away by the ungrateful or children that are unwanted/abused. He allows the wishers to go after the children should they desire or will offer the wisher a boon in trade. If the wisher chooses to go after the child wished away, the wisher then has thirteen hours in which to solve His Majesties Labyrinth, or the child will be turned into a goblin..."

-"We the Council [b]neither confirm nor deny that His Majesty, Jareth, makes any kind of practice of abducting children. Nor do we support any claims that said children are magically manipulated and or changed in any way once within His Majesties custody."
-"The Council of Elders does however acknowledge the wishing away of a mortal child by one, Sarah Williams, in her fiftenth year. We also acknowledge that a lawful and legally binding bargain was struck between his Majesty and Ms. Williams regarding the possibility of restoring the infant to her."

-" If his Majesty did commit or employing, unsavory or underhanded acts and or methods, intended to undermined Ms. Williams efforts of fulfilling the agreed upon stipulations and requirement of her quest...We, the Elder Counsel did take necessary measures to aid and protect the young lady; as well as see to the security of the people, and the greater interests of the Labyrinth itself. However beyond this...we did not meddle in His Majesties personal business regarding this matter."
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