The League: Born of Rage

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The League: Born of Rage

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Megido Hawk slid his injured and worn frame down a dirty wall as rain started to fall. The capture team sent after him had failed to take him back the scientist that grew his stubborn ass from a test tube and threw together his Human, Andarion, Trisani and other genes. Letting his head drop back Megido cataloged all the injuries he'd accomulated. 'Cracked ribs, bruised muscles, blackened eyes, bloodied knuckles, sprained elbow, and a slight concussion.' he mused. As the drops splashed over him Megido closed his eyes against the wetness.
Coming out the trance he slipped into he stood up gingerly and checked his surroundings. Seeing no targets, Megido exited the alley as quickly as he could. Grunting audibly he meandered through the mass of unsepecting Gondarians. Shifting what focus he could spare to masking with his limited Trisani powers; he rescaned the area for any changes. 'Bastards should've killed me rather than train me to be a top ten ranked Assassin. They got power drunk on my many kills. Their mistake will cost them. Dearly.'
Sometime after midnight, local Gondarian time, Megido managed to "liberate" a small long ranged fighter. Taking a few moments to rest while the fighter launched on auto-pilot he stared out of the cockpit and just wondered why he just couldn't let them or anyother being just end it. "I know why i am unable to just lie down. It's because of the Andarion in me won't back down." he murmured. Pulling a medical nanite injector from kit near the control stick Megido stuck it in his thigh and depressed it's plunger. Feeling it take affect he closed his eyes while thinking, Indurari
-Flashback, six months ago-
Resting on the steps of a Demurist temple Megido covered his bloodied face with a borrowed wash rag. Finding that life on the run sucked just as much as being used. He snorted to himself for not thinking through before busting out. 'I made my choice long ago, during that last hit. So now i have to deal with it.' he thought wiping the blood away. Once he finished Megido tossed the rag and retrieved a prepared pack a kind Andarian female left during the service. A quick cursory glance told him that it was a hand made bug out bag. Which suited his purposes perfectly, it gave him more tools to work with. Slinging it over his shoulder, Megido left the temple just the Andarians were exiting.
Sometime later he stopped on the outskirts. Checking the area out of reflex Megido dropped the pack and sat down. Taking a granola bar from a pocket he bit off a chunk of it. 'Sucks to be me. But there's nothing i can while being hunted. So that means no help what so ever.' he thought dejectedly. Leaning back he settled in for a long cold night of little sleep. Finishing the bar Megido drew the folded up coat over himself and closed his eyes.
Waking up from his forced nap, Megido glanced at the scanner and cursed. "Minsid hell. Right smack in the middle of Sentella space. Could this get any worse?" he asked aloud. Just in time to come under the guns of a Sentella flight. 'Damn.' he mused. Sighing inwardly, Megido dropped his head foreword. 'Had to open my mouth didn't I?' he added. After falling in trail with the flight, Megido gingerly flexed his strained elbow. Cringing as pain flew up his arm, he figure a week or two and it good to use again. As the minutes ticked by Megido prepared himself for ever reception that awaited him at the Sentella base.
Sometime later, after landing and beinging searched, Megido sat quietly as a medic wrapped up his ribs. Apparently the nanites couldn't completely heal them. 'Not that i can go anywhere anytime soon.' he thought staring the guard Sentella high command assigned him. Plus he was planning on laying low on the closest human outpost anyway. So this stint in a cell might be a good thing in the long run. 'Only time will till. It always does.' Megido added. Once the medic was finished he followed his guard to a cell deep inside of the base. Entering he heard the door slam shut behind him. "Locked up again, at least there won't be experimenting on me. Like the bastards did when I was younger."
Stretching out on the bare bunk, Megido rests his head over his hands and sighed softly. 'Now the waiting game commences.' He shuts his dark gaze down and settles in for whatever happens next. "Indurari by the will of the gods." he whispered like an unanswered prayer.

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