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Bushido Metal

The Lore Thread

a part of “Bushido Metal”, a fictional universe by Baron Fowling.

In a world in the grip of unknowable extraterrestrial forces, superhuman youths rise up against those who would oppress them.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Bushido Metal”.
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[OOC] The Lore Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Baron Fowling on Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:41 pm

So this is where I'll be sticking all of the (mostly) relevant information regarding this world and the superpeople that populate it. Keep questions to the general OOC topic, if you don't mind.

General OOC

And now information! To begin with, a general overview of the various sorts of superpeople that exist in the world. I would recommend referring to it before you create your character, for edification and inspiration.


Since the late 1950s, there have been vast numbers of cases worldwide of human beings born with either supernatural powers or gross, but usually beneficial, physiological mutations. Although commonly believed to be some form of manifestation of the next stage of evolution, only isolated cases exhibit what scientists have dubbed “the Posthuman Gene”. The vast majority of cultures worldwide exhibit an overwhelming degree of animosity towards these Mutants, so many of those who openly use their powers will fabricate fictitious scientific or supernatural explanations for how they are capable of doing what they do.
Radical Mutants are the most common variety of mutant, with the most varied abilities and often physical differences that set them apart from regular humans. They are born with their powers already as advanced as they will ever be, although naturally they can still train in their physical abilities, as well as improve the skill with which they apply their powers.
Perfect Mutants (as they are commonly known) are those who can be distinguished from humans on a genetic level. Their powers are usually restricted to vastly increased physical or mental abilities, often including psychic powers. Another important manner by which they are different to Radical Mutants is that their powers must be disciplined and trained in order to achieve their true potential.

Those who gain posthuman abilities through interactions with extradimensional entities. Of these, those recorded are the so-called “Gods” of the Harrowing Plane; the wraiths and lichs of the Beckoning Plane, widely theorised to be the destination of human spirits after death; and the Pale Ones and Grinning Ones of the Deluding Plane. Although most people on the street, when asked, will claim that there is no such thing as different dimensions, or at least no way of communicating with them, the names of these three planes are somewhat commonly known. The existence of other planes that can be contacted is also feasible, but due to the reticence of most Mystics there is no conclusive evidence that points one way or another. Although one can be born with an aptitude for Mysticism, it is at its basest a Posthuman practice that anyone can succeed in with sufficient training and contemplation.
The Blessed are those who have been chosen by the unknowable beings of the Harrowing Plane to wield their incredible powers on our world. Often gifted with incredible combat-based abilities, they are also incredibly rare and seemingly completely randomly selected.
The Haunted are those who draw their dubious abilities from the Beckoning Plane. Often gifted with clairvoyance and other such supernatural senses, or alternately simply aided and informed by the spirits, they are often dismissed as fakers and attention seekers.
The Blind are those who are given power by the arcane beings of the Deluding Plane. Little is known about the nature of their abilities, or that of their benefactors, but they are commonly distinguishable by the “mark” left on them by those they have interacted with.

Splashed with a bizarre concotion of unknown origin, hit by a beam of unusual energy, bitten by a mutagenic beast or simply using an invention of bizarre power, the number of stories of posthumans who have reached their state by random strokes of luck in laboratories are almost as many as the posthumans themselves. Their powers tend to be either irreversible or to require activation, and due to their random nature often a good deal less reliable than those of their comrades.
Enhanced superhumans are those who have been quite simply given bizarre powers due to their exposure to volatile scientific chemicals, energies or technologies.
Mutated superhumans are those whose very physical forms have been altered in some way after mutagenic exposure. Often irreversible and with occasional mutations to the subject's mind as well, they are generally considered to be volatile and untrustworthy.
Upgraded superhumans are those who quite simply use highly advanced technology to enhance their regular human abilities. Whether it be through robotic assistance, advanced weaponry or high-capability vehicles or armour, these abilities are varied and rather common.

Quite simply, the superhero that isn't a posthuman. Often, but not always, closely linked with the Scientific subset of adventurers, these are essentially gifted humans with high degrees of physical or mental potential, who use simple human abilities in combination with specialised equipment and extensive training to rise above the crowd. Not much can be said about them as a group, such is the diversity of the individuals involved.

The rarest of superhumans are those who claim to originate on planets other than Earth. As no intelligent life on other planets has been discovered or proven to exist by modern science, these claims are always viewed as dubious.

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Baron Fowling
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Re: [OOC] The Lore Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Baron Fowling on Mon Dec 06, 2010 8:48 pm


The International Posthuman League, a group of top-tier superhumans who answer directly to the United Nations. Their headquarters is the Watchful Eye, an old decommisioned US aircraft carrier that has been adapted to suit the needs of the few dozen superhumans who now inhabit it. Led by the ubiquitous Big Star, and also containing the likes of the iconic Firebrand, Tetsuryuu and Meteor, they respond to international disasters and superhuman threats with teleportation-aided alacrity. Other names they go by include “the Big Shots,” “the Olympians” and “the Marvels.”

The Freedom League
Not nearly as selective as the IPL, the offical superhuman troupe of the Unites States of America is a mixed bag of posthumans of any age, gender, race, shape and size. Any posthuman that applies is put through a rigorous, but highly secretive, training and reeducation scheme, which lasts as long as it takes to render them “fit to serve their nation.” Trained Freedom Leaguers tend to be single-minded, beyond negotiation, and incredibly violent.

The Human Protection Agency is a special branch of government created by the Humanists to seek out and neutralise insidious superhuman elements within the Statesian populace. Responsible for monitoring the populace through the SP-iCams now installed on every street corner, as well as many other means unknown to the public, they are the firm right hand of the Humanist government. Supposedly they have no posthuman operatives in their service, but it is well known that they have a large clandestine wetworks network, hidden from the public eye.

The Micklewright Academy
The short-lived creation of Dr. Lucas Micklewright, this academy, hidden in the American Northwest, was supposedly a place where young posthumans could learn to control their powers without putting their loved ones at risk. It was destroyed in mysterious circumstances only a few years after its founding, and the vast majority of its student body (some 1200 posthumans) went missing, few of which have turned up since.

The Inheritors
A mysterious group, the name of which is scarcely known to the public at all, and the nature of which isn't even truly known by the HPA themselves. Though they have not publically taken credit for any actions taken against the state, they are held as suspects in various cases of terrorism or sabotage of government installations, attacks that have been hidden from the public eye. The only thing that links the group and these incidents is a “tag”: a graffiti'd symbol of a stylised eye containing the letter I.

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Baron Fowling
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Re: [OOC] The Lore Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Baron Fowling on Mon Dec 06, 2010 9:21 pm

Some information on the key players in the IPL, as taken from their trading cards.

Big Star
Real Name: Benjamin Bradley
Age: 63
Nationality: USA
Nature: Scientific
Powers: The True All-American Hero, Big Star is by many accounts the most powerful superhero in the world! He's as strong as a steam train, as tough as a battle tank, as fast as a Dodge Viper and more AMERICAN than all of them put together! He's defended this nation from alien threats for forty years, and let us pray together that he continues to do so for another hundred.

Real Name: Unknown
Age: 19
Nationality: Sweden
Nature: Supernatural
Powers: Gifted with the staff Thyris by the ancient god Huran, Firebrand holds the very power of fire in his hands! He can fly, weather any temperature known to man and, of course, burn foes to a crisp in the blink of an eye! His control of fire is so precise that he can even use updrafts and thermals to lift and carry a person safely through the air without singeing a hair on their head!

Real Name: Yasuhiro Oda
Age: 22
Nationality: Japan
Nature: Scientific
Powers: Strapped into his high-tech Japanese robo-suit, Tetsuryuu is a force to be reckoned with! He can crush cars with his hands, fly at high speeds, withstand artillery fire and much more! Foes are quickly dispatched with his powerful Optic Laser, blasted with homing missiles or stunned with his patented UltraTaser! And as if that wasn't enough, his wardrobe isn't even just limited to the one suit!

Real Name: Janet Mears
Age: 29
Nationality: British
Nature: Radical Mutant
Powers: Janet Mears is Flux: The Ultimate Shapeshifter! She is capable of changing her shape, colour, size, texture, chemical state, and even the mass of her body! Who knows how she might strike next? One moment she could be a ferocious Velociraptor, the next a common household watering can! This wily Brit is for sure a match for any bad guy foolish enough to go up against her!

Real Name: Radimir Bartova
Age: 27
Nationality: Czech Republic
Nature: Vigilante
Powers: Just as human as you or I, Javelin is nonetheless not to be tangled with! Despite not having any superpowers, this "regular guy" has taken down just as many villains as Meteor or Tetsuryuu! The ex-Olympic athlete uses his trusty javelins and his amazing physical fitness to chase down, and then pin down, criminals of any shape or size! And that's not even to mention all of his black belts!

Note: Information given on these cards is purely commercial in nature, and should not necessarily be taken as fact.

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