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The Lounge

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The Lounge

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Sat Jul 21, 2007 11:35 am

::Lacuna leads Miyumi and Nicola to an old forgotten corner in the forum. They take a look around.::

Miyumi: How did you find this?
Lacuna: I was wandering and managed to stumble across this old room. Figured you'd think of something to do with it.
Nicola: And you brought me because...
Lacuna: Because we'll need some work on it whatever Miyumi thinks up to do with it. So, Miyumi, any ideas?
Miyumi: hmm... lets see what it has under this dust.

::They work a full day, and after scrubbing and sweeping, they survey the room again. There was a bar that was still, surprisingly, fully stocked. It was close enough to the door that people could get to it easily, but far enough away that there was no pressure to get anything. There was an area where the remains of couches could be seen. In the back was a dance floor with some ancient sound equipment. Miyumi shook her head at it.::

Miyumi: I may be good, but there's no way I could fix this...
Lacuna: So, what are your ideas for this place.
Miyumi: Well, we need a lounge here. You know, a place where we can kick back, relax, tell our war stories.
Nicola: Or love stories. ::She winks at the other two, who throw their sponges at her::
Lacuna: I could see that for this place. we'd need some tables.
Miyumi: This area could become a kitchen. Hey, what's this?

::She opens an unnoticed door, and finds a smaller room that was obviously a kitchen in the past.::

Miyumi: That settles it! This area ::she points to what had been the dance floor:: becomes a cafe, and over there ::She points to the rest:: will be a lounge. We'll need... small tables for the cafe, with no more than four chairs and room for drinks and possibly a sandwich on them. The lounge, let's make it like a giant living room. We can mount tv's, I'll do the wiring for that. Nicola, think you can take care of the couch area? Lacuna, if you could check and see if the bar area has space for soda. Don't want to only offer alcohol here. Oo, and ice cream, for floats. Let do this girls!

::Lacuna holds up a hand:: hold on! Are we gonna make people pay? ::Miyumi stops and thinks for a moment, then shakes her head:: Nah, but we will take donations. A box, no, two, one by the bar and one by the kitchen. ::Lacuna nods:: I'd suggest a third by the door. Nicola: Make sure they're thief-proof. ::Lacuna nods:: I'll handle that aspect of it. My uncle can make it disappear for any who think on breaking in. Add in a zap from a shield I'll put on it. ::Miyumi nods:: And more conventionally, I'll build them designed after those fire-proof boxes. We'll keep the fireproof safe under the counter. Are we going to be the ones to man this though? ::She shakes her head:: That just won't do.. well, we'll think of that after we get it ready. Maybe other admin and staff can help out. For now, let's get this place ready.

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Re: The Lounge

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Le Cruise on Sun Jul 22, 2007 2:11 am

Le Cruise, tired from his day job, was walking around the multiverse, seeing pirates drink rum, ninjas try to kill each other, and alice in wonderland, when he came across a new thing. He decided to take a closer look, and he saw a group of people cleaning out what seemed to be an old, unused area. Le Cruise always loved when a spot in the multiverse was filled by something, he let out a boy-ish giggle, and decided to step into it, when he appeared inside of the thread, he was standing in front of the main door, a small box with DONATIONS written on it in magic marker was secured tightly into the wall, Le Cruise took out his wallet, and put in the first bill he picked up. He ended up down 20 clams, but he was happy. He walked through the door, eyeing the still remaining dirt spots, and occasional cobweb, and waved a friendly hello to the girls who were working there. He then grabbed up a broom, and started sweeping away at the various cobwebs that were hidden in the corners of the room...
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Re: The Lounge

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Sun Jul 22, 2007 1:11 pm

::They accepted his help with smiles, but concentrated on their tasks. Nicola had a bunch of boards, batting, and fabric, and was building couches. Lacuna was looking at the labels and making an inventory of everything in the bar, and Miyumi was hooking up all the electronics they wanted. She had already undone the old, unneeded stuff. That was outside in the hall, labeled "Claimed by Miyumi. Do not take under any circumstances." Outside, there was a sign from the remains of a coffee-table and some of the paint they were using on the walls. It simply said 'We're building a lounge. All help is welcome. Any suggestions, see Miyumi.' As they worked, a random playlist was going in the background. It had a weird mixture of literally every type of music on it. Classical would be followed by rock, metal would be followed by gospel, making it impossible to tell what would pop up next. Each of the three would occasionally dance to one of the songs, and when Sandstorm came on, all three put their work down to dance for a moment.::

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