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The Messiah Queen || Classes

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The Messiah Queen || Classes

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Re: The Messiah Queen || Classes

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Nobles are like lesser kings and queens, but of a smaller territory that they are in charge of managing and protecting. They make their home at the center of this territory and it is usually a grand home, decorated with their house sigil, a symbol that identifies their family. The smart Nobles spend much of their time at court, in the capitol where their King and Queen are, there to entertain and be entertained, write poetry and make deals with one another, vie for power and plot to get ahead. Some are good at this, others not so much, but the game for them has changed drastically since a new ruler, the Messiah Queen, has come into power. Most nobles are furious at this, she is a girl born from nothing, but they can not argue against the hold she has over the people, and the miracles she can perform. Any noble with half a brain is aware that it is deadly to deny her power, and so business continues as usual. The rules of the game may have changed but the methods remain the same.

mari wrote:Weapons: Words, political maneuvers
Armor: none
Range: n/a
Skills: cunning, persuasion, gaining knowledge, political power
Race: Human, Recently a few Daemons as their empire takes form



Knights come from lower nobility, noble houses that produce knights usually have a reputation of some sort, the honor of their family name means just as much to them as their personal honor. Knights uphold ideals of chivalry and discipline, or they supposedly do, not many Knights these days can claim such a thing, not truly. Still, to the commoner they are the heroes and leaders of battle, to be admired and glorified. As of recent the Queen of the human kingdoms has been Knighting individual warriors both human and otherwise who have shown special prowess on the battlefield.

mari wrote:Weapons: Sword & Shield, Mace, Polearm, Spear
Armor: A Knight's armor is heavy and difficult to penetrate. They also usually wear a shirt of chainmail under their armor
Range: Close combat
Skills: High defense capabilities, Sword Mastery, Discipline, proper education
Race: Usually Human, there have been instances of Daemons being granted knighthood by the Messiah Queen, and also for the Daemon Empire itself



A warrior for hire. These individuals have the reputation of being viciously ruthless when it comes to their job. So long as you have the gold they'll supply the manpower. Mercenaries are in a way equal parts businessman and warrior.

mari wrote:Weapons: Axes, Bows, Blades, Maces and Clubs, Picks and Hammers, Polearms, and Spears and Lances.
Armor: Varies, rarely do they bother with a full suit of armor however
Range: Can be close quarters combatant or long distance combatant
Skills: Good deal makers, have to be excellent fighters if they want to be successful as opposed to being born as a noble, not usually held back by high morals or honor
Race: Human, Orc, Elf, Mermaids have been known to attack ships for payment too



Monks are trained to be masters of their bodies, utilizing it as any deadly weapon. These types of people don't always learn martial arts for sake of fighting. Most take the path of the Monk to achieve oneness, to be in control of your mind, body, and spirit is to be whole and at peace with one's self. Traditional martial arts teaches control over one's spiritual energy, or ki- as they call it. They can use it through special techniques they learn and implement, and the results can deal quite a bit of damage when used against a foe. Though it is not often a monk is capable of mastering both amazing physical prowess and spiritual energy. He who chases two rabbits can not even catch one.

mari wrote:Weapons: polearms, hands
Armor: none
Range: close
Skills: excellent physical shape, usually a wise group of people, virtuous, tough
Race: Elf, Human, Daemon


In the southernmost parts of Dorelith and to the west in the Freelands roam the barbarian tribes. Barbarians are different from other classes on this list because it is more a way of life than occupation. Barbarians value their freedom above all else and prefer a more democratic form of governing themselves, it is dangerous to be a Chief who makes an unpopular decision. The barbarians are highly religious and superstitious, they honor their deities with their way of life. Barbarians prefer reaping to sowing, and are prone to conducting raids on poorer villages on the edges of Dorelith, Taomar, Acacia, and have even been known to attack one another.

Barbarians are known for their brute strength and tough exteriors, their attacks can do quite a bit of damage. They have strong wills and can use rage and fury to their advantage, getting lost in battlelust. Their bodies are weaponized to the point where they enjoy speed and endurance in equal parts. They embrace their more animalistic sides and because of this have strong instincts that can sense when traps or an attack is near. Being in their presence can be rather intimidating, like being in the presence of a predator. It is mercy on Baekoth that they are not numerous or banded together as one force.

mari wrote:Weapons: any melee weapons
Armor: usually light armor
Range: close combat
Skills: animalistic instincts, strong will, strength
Race: All Orcs, some Humans



The religion of the God of Mercy, Aule, has swept across Dorelith. It has become law to worship Aule and treason to denounce him. In order to uphold this law special inquisitors have been trained and sent across Dorelith wherever they are needed. They are there when a new territory is conquered and must be converted and shown the way and they are there when there is an accusation of heretical behavior. If need be they are authorized to put to death any who refuse the true god, Aule. A death that is traditionally carried out by fire. Inquisitors are accompanied by a team of soldiers to act as their guards and swords, however they may need them. They are especially devout and considered religious leaders of sorts, known for leading a prayer wherever they visit. Inquisitors are taught ways of extracting confessions and information out of people, and can be extremely intimidating when they want to be. It is punishable by death to harm an inquisitor. They are identified by the crimson garb they are always dressed in, Inquisitors wear nothing but red.

mari wrote:Weapons: a team of soldiers, torture tools
Armor: none
Range: n/a
Skills: cunning, interrogation, intimidation
Race: Human



An ancient order of beings who have taken it upon themselves to protect Baekoth and those that threaten it, keeping the bigger picture of its well being in mind. Though they deal with a bigger picture they often perform duties such as protecting the common and weak, as they are essential to Baekoth just as much as any noble and have no one else looking out for them. They are shadows, rumors, and hold no titles of fame or recognition or land. Yet at the same time they have dined with Kings and shared council with mages, it used to be that they had a hand in the going ons of Dorelith and its many kingdoms, but since the Messiah Queen they have been largely unwelcome.

A ranger's specialty is whatever they need to be, spies and warriors, assassins and trackers, even blacksmiths. They are trained to be self sufficient and live off of the land, having very little use of currency. They have a place of gathering hidden in the mountains of the Freelands, no one but they are sure exactly where. They are an organization that has many secrets and a council of elder rangers. It is rare that rangers gather and receive missions, mostly they use their own judgement and dole out justice, though not unwisely. Those of the ranger class are strictly of the good alignments. All rangers are kin to one another.

mari wrote:Weapons: Any
Armor: usually light
Range: Any
Skills: spying, disguise, hunting, tracking, combat, stealth, self sufficiency and independence
Race: Human, Elf, Daemon



Entertainers and story weavers make bards. Bards are extremely charismatic and fun at parties, musically inclined individuals who make their living by entertaining an audience. They are often in the thick of gossip and rumors, and often Bards can be used for spies. In court it is rare that a bard does not report to one lord or another, spilling secrets and gaining coin in return.

mari wrote:Weapons: Words
Armor: none
Range: n/a
Skills:Spying, music, story telling, lying, charisma, picking locks
Race: Human, Elf, Daemon, rarely Halflings


Pickpockets and highrollers alike, if you are a thief you like to take what is not yours. There is not much to be said about this class beyond that. It is a hard life for the thief however, as they are constantly pursued by the law.

mari wrote:Weapons: Small knives, daggers
Armor: none-light
Range: close-medium
Skills: lying, disguise, picking locks, sensing traps, making traps
Race: Human, Elf, Daemon, Mermaid



Hired killers who strike with stealth and precision. They are a varied class who often each have their own flare to make their unique mark upon their kill. They often also do not use their real names, preferring to go by an alias for their work. Some of these aliases can be a tad dramatic, in an attempt to instill fear or mysticism into their skill subset.

mari wrote:Weapons: poison, knives, daggers, crossbows
Armor: none
Range: close-far
Skills: varied skills, disguise, lying, stealth, silent killing, speed
Race: Human, Elf, Daemon



The only bastards crazy enough to take to the open ocean freely. They used to have to battle mermaids but now a strange truce seems to have come up between them and there are two dangers on the waters for merchant ships to face. for this reason merchant ships only travel very short coastal distances, while pirates and mermaids have free reign of the rest of the waters. Freedom is the most important thing to a pirate, even more important than treasure. They despise the idea of having to bow to some King or Queen. They've taken to the waters, tossing aside order and deciding to live a life of anarchy and raiding and sailing.

mari wrote:Weapons: Swords, tridents
Armor: light armor
Range: close
Skills: sailing, fishing, raiding, tactics
Race: Human, Mermaid, Daemon, rarely Elves



Hunters, farmers, builders, painters, servants, and all the rest fall into this category. They make up the majority of Baekoth and are its meat, its driving mass. Commoners are often looked down upon by other classes but can surprise them. They just go through life trying their best to have a normal life and take care of those they love.

mari wrote:Weapons: bow and arrow, rake, n/a
Armor: n/a
Range: n/a
Skills: varied
Race: Human, Daemon, Halfling, Elf



It is unlucky to be born a slave, even more unlucky to become one. At least those born into slavery do not know the sweet taste of freedom, they do not know what they never had. Slaves are bound into the servitude of whomever is their master. A slave's duties may include anything their master wishes of them, including cleaning, building, farming, pleasures of the flesh and entertainment. There are different kinds of slaves depending on what they have been trained to do, for instance Gladiator slaves are trained to fight for the entertainment of the masses. Many a slave master has used Gladiators as their main income, winning and fixing bets. Gladiators may be forced to fight beasts, other freewarriors, or each other. Once a slave always a slave, unless your master frees you, and rarely does that ever happen. Slaves are branded with their master's mark somewhere on their person.

mari wrote:Weapons: n/a, or for gladiators spears, shields, and swords
Armor: none - medium
Range: close
Skills: anything their master needs
Race: Human, Daemon



Witch hunters are a brave sort, often coming into the profession either because it pays very well or because witches have negatively impacted their lives in some way. Witch hunters are experts on witches and the creatures they can command. Those interested in the money aspect of the profession won't take on a job unless a village hires them to, but those who do it for personal reasons often will end up doing the task free of charge, as witches tend to strike the poor. Some legendary witch hunters have had the benefit of magical artifacts to help them. Witch hunters are often sensationlized in much the same way knights are, regarded as heroes.

mari wrote:Weapons: crossbow, wooden stakes, blades
Armor: what use is armor when facing a witch?
Range: more often than not long distance
Skills: tracking, extensive knowledge of magic, speed, aim, stealth
Race: Human, Daemon, Elf



Mage is a blanket term for someone who uses magic. This can mean a witch or shaman just as easily as it can mean wizard. Please visit our magical directory for more information.

mari wrote:Weapons: Magic, staff
Armor: none, magical artifact
Range: long range
Skills:magic, extensive knowledge

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