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The Messiah Queen || NPCs & PCs

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NPC & PC Thread

Stop!!! If you have an NPC you would like to submit to this thread please make sure you have gone to the NPC & PC construction thread first to get it approved!

Below are NPC characters that players have made to act as regularly occurring background people in the IC, you may mention and observe these characters but you may not control them unless you have run it by their creator first. A good way to go about doing this would be to write up your IC post with the NPC in it and showing that IC post to the creator of the NPC to ensure what has happened with the NPC fits true to what their creator intended when they made them. Please respect other people's NPCs and do not kill or harm them without the permission of their creator. There are also PC characters that you can apply for in this thread. These characters are either fully or partially created and are advertised as wanted characters, the player who put the PC character forward does not wish to play this character themselves for whatever reason. Until they are claimed and played by another player they will be treated with the same mechanics as NPC characters within the IC. To apply for a PC character you must write up an IC sample that will be sent to me, I will send this IC sample to the creator and we will either agree to allow you to take up the character or not. Generally the decision will not be up to me mostly, I just like to be kept in the loop when it comes to characters in the rp and I also like to make sure anyone taking up a pre-made character is literate enough to keep up with the other players. If you are approved to take the PC character on you will then be free to make their formal profile and submit it to the tab.
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Re: The Messiah Queen || NPCs & PCs

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" Life is hard. Why not meet it fighting? "

Name: Hektor Diocles
Title: Prince
Class: Noble
Race: Human
Age: 19
Occupation: Knight in training, Squire to his father Agamemnon Komnenos
Group Affiliation:
FC: Alexander Ludwig

Personality:. Hektor was brought up by his authoritarian father in a minimalist household, never given anything without having to work for it. His personality is therefore hardened. He will always strive to be the best at what he does with a grim determination to win the respect of his father. He holds duty and honour in the highest regard, but is ambitious enough to want to surpass his father's achievements.

Though aware of his status as a son of the queen, he has never used this to his advantage, always striving to earn recognition from his own skills. In his relationships with other people Hektor is wary but respectful. He treats his men like brothers, something learned from his father, and strangers with varying degrees of hostility. He has only ever met his half-siblings a few times, and never for very long. Around them he is uncomfortable and unsure of how to act. The only family life he has known has been his harsh father, and the brotherhood forged by combat. Often longing for an easier life, Hektor sometimes resents the fact that his father took him away from the comforts of court. The uncomfortable feeling stretches to his mother as well, though for different reasons. He harbours a well-hidden resentment of her for allowing his father's harsh treatment of him, though he treats her with all courtesy and respect.

Biography: One of the sons of the Messiah Queen, and the only son of the Lord Commander Agamemnon Komnenos, Hektor was destined for greatness. As a child of the queen he was given over to his father's protection to raise and care for him. What held back his early development was his father's embarrassment at his existence. Evidence of a flawed stoicism. However, when Agamemnon took Hektor to his side he trained and taught him with ruthless efficiency. From a young age Hektor was taught the principles of honour and duty, as well as combat. His father was hard on him, punishing weakness and mistakes. Over time Hektor grew determined to win the grudging respect of his father, even striving to surpass him. He has fought alongside his father a number of times, but shares his father's disdain for pointless tournaments and frivolous activities.

Growing into manhood, Hektor strives for independence from his father. Seeking his own commands, he picks his own fights and which roads to travel. Often this leads to conflict with Agamemnon, who sees his son's actions as foolhardy. Unlike his father, Hektor is more open to emotion, and often finds himself infatuated with the beautiful noblewomen he sees at court, or even peasant girls he meets on campaign. The part of him that comes from the Queen, seeks adventure and emotional fulfilment, unable to simply follow the set path his father carved out.


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Re: The Messiah Queen || NPCs & PCs

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Name: Arkhan
Title:Kingfisher, 1st Blackbird
Class: Mage
Race: Human?
Age: 53?
Occupation: Lord of Raven's Lieutenant.
Group Affiliation: The Conspiracy
FC: Liam Neeson

Personality: Arkhan is perpetually calm and collected. He never raises his voice, even when angered; instead, his tone changes from serene to a sort of unsettling, quiet intensity. He is confident, but not to the point of arrogance, and takes care never to underestimate his opponents. Every decision he makes is done only after careful consideration, and he never makes the same mistake twice.

As cunning as he is intelligent, Arkhan never wavers from the polite, respectful socialite he was raised to be. He has a sharp wit and a quick mind, and can converse just as easily with nobles as he can with criminals and beggars. Although a crime boss, he is a man of his word, and his loyalty to Thalia is unshakable.

Biography: Little is known about Arkhan's childhood, including his family or place of birth. Even his age is a mystery, as there is no evidence for it save for his word. What is known is that he is educated, talented at both magic and swordplay, and sports an accent that places him as a southerner. He first appeared in the public eye over twenty-three years ago in Dorchaidhe, as an adviser to the Lady Landry who ruled the city. The Messiah Queen was on the rise, and Arkhan strongly urged Lady Landry to stand against her. Unfortunately, the Lady was a devout believer, and Arkhan was forced to disappear or be arrested for treason.

Several years later, Arkhan made an appearance in Taomar, offering advice to the fledgling Daemon kingdom and warning them to not trust the new united Dorelith or it's queen. He, however, made little progress there as the kingdom was more focused on internal issues at the time, and he eventually made his leave, disappearing from history for over a decade thereafter.

When Arkhan did return, it was to the young noble and enterprising underworld criminal boss, Thalia Threnn. He had independently learned her identity, and came to her offering his assistance. She accepted, and with Arkhan's assistance, they united all the gangs of Red Harbor under their flag. He helped her set up and expand her criminal empire, and served as her right hand. When an appearance by the Lord of Ravens was needed, Arkhan stepped up to the plate, and his intensity and intelligence served the Conspiracy well in building upward and outward.

Name: Calliope
Title: Ironwolf
Class: Knight
Race: Human
Age: 46
Occupation: Lord of Raven's Lieutenant.
Group Affiliation: The Conspiracy
FC: Lena Headey

Personality: Where Arkhan is calm and patient, Calliope is aggressive and hot-headed. She has always hated the Messiah Queen, and earned an impressive reputation leading ambushes on her supply lines, before and shortly after her rise to power. Not one to mince words, Calliope doesn't like to waste anything, especially time. A tactical prodigy, it was Calliope's idea to co-opt the growing rebellion into a vessal to advance the Conspiracy's goals against the crown, and it was her leadership that turned the various gangs and mercenary troops from a ragtag bunch of sellswords, plagued with infighting, into a unified, formidable, criminal cartel.

Biography: Born the only daughter to very minor nobility in Citha, Calliope was raised early on to serve as a knight, a career she took to with enthusiasm. Although they were nobility, her family was neither prestigious nor well-liked, so Calliope never benefited from nepotism, and had to earn her rank and respect.

And so earn it she did. By 22, she had risen far, and was offered a position in the Kingsguard which she took. Although she did not guard the king and queen personally, she did lead lesser knights in castle security and, despite animosity from fellow knights and nobles, excelled in almost every capacity of leadership. She earned the nickname, "The Wolf of Citha" for her aggressive tactics and unconventional leadership style.

She was 23 when Aule's Messiah seduced her king and led a coup in the capital. Calliope was among the loyalist knights who resisted, but they were fewer in number and less organized than the usurpers, and took heavy casualties. Eventually it became clear that the cause was lost and Calliope led the remaining loyalist into the far reaches of the Cithan countryside.

When the new Queen began her conquest of the other six kingdoms, Calliope took the opportunity to go on the offensive against the tyrant, ambushing her supply lines in donating most of the spoils to the other kingdoms' war efforts. However, the Messiah Queen's armies seemed unstoppable, and one by one, each kingdom fell until only the city of Red Harbor remained free. Calliope didn't give up hope. Joining with pirates from the north, she ran the blockades to the city to bring supplies to it's citizens, but was unfortunately caught in the Riot of Red Harbor. Captured and brought before an Inquisitor, Calliope was tortured for days, leaving her scarred and bitter. It was only through sheer luck that she managed to escape the city during a prisoner transfer.

For 13 years, Calliope traveled Dorelith, sometimes doing honest work as a mercenary, sometimes stealing from others as a bandit, never staying in one place for long. Living in that world, it wasn't long before Calliope stumbled upon the Conspiracy, and found herself quickly rising through the ranks, eventually coming to serve in the Ravensguard. When her superior was killed, she was promoted and became one of Lord Raven's Lieutenants, learning the true identity of the Conspiracy's master.
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