The Mira

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The Mira

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The Mira

Goliath, Shief of the Mira
Gremroth, Brother and Second to Goliath
Fiera, Shamana of the Mira

Physical Traits

The first thing one thinks of when looking upon a Mira, other than the natural reaction of "Cat", is dominating. Often on the taller and slimmer side rather than bulk, the Mira are the definition of sleek and toned. The males among the Mira average between 5 1/2 feet and 6 1/2 feet tall, with the tallest Mira recorded being 7 foot, one inch. Females are significantly shorter, with the average ranging between 5 and 6 feet in height. The weight of the creatures is far more subject to variable, ranging greatly in width and shape, from lithe to broad of shoulder.



Children of the Mira are not raised individually by any one parent, but rather in groups and by the entirety of the tribe. It is a shared responsibility to maintain the education and rearing of the young.

Raised in the ways of combat and war from the age they can walk, there is little room for traditional play amongst the children of the Mira. In a society where only the strongest survive little is spared in their education.

The rigorous nature of their upbringing builds strong ties between the young and their caregivers, such that the tribe is parent to them all.

Honor and tradition is paramount to their rearing and diligent care is taken in teaching them the values that every Mira must uphold.


The Mira are led by the Shief whos word is law in all matters save for those of the divine in which he must give way to the words of the Shamana. At his right hand stands his second and at his left his mate. Though a predominantly male dominated hierarchy, females with the combat prowess to do so have been known to claim the Right of Power.

Notable Traditions:

Right of Blood:
The Mira hold several traditions in very high regard - the very highest being that no Mira shall kill another Mira. This tradition came about during a period of great turmoil in which complete extinction of the Mira was very narrowly avoided. This right is to alleviate ceaseless internal killing so as to maintain their numbers and their war-like, combat-fueled nature.

Right of Succession:
Amongst the oldest of their traditions is the right of succession, that a Sheif's cubs will inherit the Sheif's duties and responsibilities, once they are of age and the Sheif has passed on. If there is an overthrowing, or a successful challenge of the Sheif's skills in combat, the offspring are expected to challenge the power of the usurper upon coming of age. However, it is not uncommon for a successful challenger to force the offspring of the old Sheif into exile, for fear of facing an inevitable challenge themselves.

Right of Power:
The Right of Power is another that also dates back to their early years. The Mira respect prowess over all else. Every Mira has the right to hold that which they can seize through power and experience - even the status of Shief. A strict hiearchy is determined through combat prowess and the right for any Mira to challenge another for status and renown. However, the Right of Blood supersedes this and to yield is honorable.


Le'thorian's Blessing: Damage resistance and immunity to various direct metaphysical and magic based attacks.

Legend tells of a time when the Mira's need was great and their numbers few.

Beset upon by great enemies and with their clans shattered the scattered tribes came together to make a stand. The last of the shamani joined in earnest prayer to beseech the divine aid them in their time of need. Such a joining of shamani that had not occurred since the dawn of the Mira and their voices did not go unnoticed.

As the days darkened and all hope seemed lost, the Mira stood strong through the trials of fire and blood. Even as their days became numbered and the last of their kin wavered beneath the dark magic that ravished the lands, it is said that not one of the Mira broke. Strong of spirit and brave of heart, the Mira met their foes with a ferocity never before seen.

A ferocity of the likes to capture the heart of Le'thorian, last of the ancient woodland spirits and lady of the wood. It is said that she came to them from the divine itself, an answer to their prayers and with her touch a blessing was placed upon the Mira. No longer did the Mira suffer claw and fang for the bite of both upon their hide was turned away. No longer did the Mira fear the void and arcane trickery for every manner of spell and magic placed upon them washed away as if beneath the spring rains.

And so goes the legend of Le'thorian's blessing.

- Leonis the Wise
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