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The Misplaced Man (Invitational)

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The Misplaced Man (Invitational)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Creator of Elsewhere on Sat Apr 07, 2007 2:58 pm

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The X subway roared past, not stopping... again. It only came once every hour, and it was the third time. Hiroshi was becoming furious. He had taken this subway for the past 2 days, and it never did this. It was 11:00 AM, the sun poured down the stairs into the station. He felt like just grabbing the subway, stopping it, getting on it, and slapping around whoever was in charge of this. During this fantasy of his, he managed to crack a hint of a smile as he shook his head.

"This is ridiculous." He thought, almost mocking himself in relief. A bag of organic produce in hand, he needed to deliver it to his friends, the sages. If only he could get on the train to get to the station. Just then, he was overcome by a warm presence, a familiar friend. Daniela was at the entrance of the station, her wrinkled caramel skin and long, frizzy, salt and pepper hair seemed to glow in the sunlight.

“Hello my little Bondadoso,� she said so sweetly, coming down the stairs with grace. She gave her usual heartwarming smile, and Hiroshi just had to smile back. Then it hit him.

“Daniela?� He began with amazement. “How did you get here?�

“I walked.� She replied with playful pride.

“Of course, how silly of me,� Hiroshi rolled his currently dark brown eyes slightly at his own question.

“I have something for you.� She said, pulling a folded piece of paper out of her ragtag purse. She handed him the paper, a schedule for the X subway. Hiroshi looked at it for a few seconds, blinked hard, and looked again. After a palm to the forehead, he sighed exasperatedly.

“Well I’m on a roll today…� He groaned. “It doesn’t stop here anymore.�

Daniela shrugged. “Whatcha gonna do?� she melodically said. “C’mon, you could use a little exercise!� She lightly punched him in the gut, making a click sound with her with her mouth. Her old, wrinkled fist smacked against his rock hard abs, proving to have quite a punch …for a 70 year old woman. “Oops, my mistake mister, you could probably eat at Mickey Dee’s for the rest of your life and not gain a pound or an inch on the waist.�

Hiroshi laughed. “All right all right, Grandma.� He said with a chuckle, beginning to walk towards the sunlit entrance as she held onto his arm.

“Hey! Who ya callin’ Grandma y’old fart!? Back in ma hometown of Eh-qua-door, us Latinas wouldn’t put up with crap like that!� She said with a heavy Brooklyn accent and attitude, snapping her fingers three times in a zigzag motion. Hiroshi nearly fell over laughing. She tried to stay stern to add to the humor, but ended up laughing with him.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby x Wicked Black Lace x on Mon Apr 09, 2007 5:27 pm

The new york city grave sight was gratifying as silence enveloped it's entirety. Aubrey lay in the arms of the angel atop a gravestone whos somber eyes mourned the many deaths that rested in the dreadful place, arms outstretched. One of the vampire's legs hung idly over the edge of the statuesque arm. One of his arms was draped lazily over his stomach as his other supported his head against the rock hard neck of the angel. It was perfect in size and allowed his sturdy body to rest there as if the spot was made for his comfort. Jet black locks of hair fell at his shoulders, the strange combination of sunlight and shade giving the jade of his eyes an even more mysterious compliment than normal. A wistful smile caught his features as he played indolently with the zipper of his black jacket, fingering the silver metallic material lightly.

It was no surprise that this particular statue was located beneath an array of trees, the only light cascading it's way through a few peep holes. Aubrey was avoiding the sun, not because it would melt him like the wicked witch of the west, but because a sharp pain struck his body every time he was away from it. Unlike most other vampires, he fed off of the heat of the pulsing sun and the shade was somewhat of a torture. Aubrey also fed off of torture. Self-imposed stress was his drive, the way he conditioned himself and it had served him well.

With the shake of his head, he'd had enough of the mother fucking tree. Why did he arrive in the city so god damned early anyway? Novi was't even due to arrive for another half hour. He shrugged off his jacket and jumped from the tree branch with one swift movement.

As he walked towards the subway, the merciless slash of his lips gave a curl upward. As he stepped into the sun, his pale skin began to throb with sensational warmth. It was perfectly milky, smooth, and unblemished, as if you could carve cold white marble and breathe life into it. Other than that, he was a miracle of dark color, light skin strapped across a body that rippled and moved with muscles honed in wars fought for centuries.

It really didn't take long to arrive in the subway ground. Given he was about a half hour early, there was plenty he supposed he could do in the mean time.

...he thought this with quite the smirk plastered to his face.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Creator of Elsewhere on Wed Apr 18, 2007 6:10 pm

Hiroshi and Daniela emerged from the entrance of the station by the mini-market, their laughter fading into silent smiles. A sudden gust of wind blew his shaggy medium-length black hair around, only to fall back into place. They casually walked eastward down the north side of Ansalrok Street, but to Hiroshi, there was something different about the general energy flow of the city. Gradually he began to feel a strange sensation, as if there were locusts in this stomach. He didn’t outwardly express this, so they continued to walk. It sent a shiver up his spine as they came near the front of the bank. Whoever it was, they weren’t bothering to hide their power.

This could get ugly… but I must not assume the worst, he thought to himself, cloaking his aura as best as he could to remain undetected, trying to seem like an average man.

“Something wrong, Hiroshi?� Daniela asked as she tapped on his arm and looked up at him.

“I’m not sure yet if something’s wrong, but something’s certainly different…� Hiroshi trailed off quietly, staring straight ahead into the distance. Daniela tried to look at what he was looking at, but couldn’t see that far. She shuffled through her purse and pulled out an old, small, rectangular wooden box. She opened it, took her eye glasses out and put them on.

“What do you mean?� Her brow quirked, putting the case back into her purse, not noticing anything different.

“I… don’t know how to explain…� Hiroshi frowned and shook his head lightly. It was more like he didn’t know how to explain without making her feel… uncomfortable, to say the least. It’s been about nine hundred years since he’s felt this way, felt the presence of that sort of power. It brought back bad memories. He knew that today would be… unusual, it was a gut feeling when he awoke this morning. He had a similar sensation, but shrugged it off, blaming the chocolate mouse cake that he ate after midnight.

Now past the entrance to the bank, Hiroshi checked the seemingly empty pocket of his black leather vest. Yes, he was as prepared as he could be, nothing was missing. His steel toe combat boots were the only things that could be counted as physical weapons, the only remotely dangerous things he possessed. That is unless you count blue jeans and a white T-shirt as strangling material…

They were now before Betharlo Street, past the bank. The light oscillated DON’T WALK, in sync with the traffic lights. Some cars flew by faster then they should, and the lights changed. People crossed the street in apparent safety as the as the cars were all stopped at red lights. The seemingly Japanese man and the old Ecuadorian woman walked across the street, along with several other ethnically diverse people. The hair on the back of his neck stood as he passed by a very strange man, not only in appearance, but- …it was him… the power. Hiroshi immediately stopped and turned around to look at this man, starting at him inquisitively, projecting the thought: Who and what are you?

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