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The Most Random Roleplay Ever

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The Most Random Roleplay Ever

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SinfulSoul on Fri Dec 29, 2006 8:16 pm

<CrimsonAeternus> I'm going to write a letter.
<Richard_Vega> o.o OH no, please don't do that!
<CrimsonAeternus> Oh yes.
* Richard_Vega is now known as SinfulSoul
<CrimsonAeternus> <Takes a pen and paper.>
<CrimsonAeternus> I'll do it.
<CrimsonAeternus> >:D
<SinfulSoul> Nooooooooo!
<SinfulSoul> There must be something!
<SinfulSoul> Something you desire!
<CrimsonAeternus> Dear... Eric...
<CrimsonAeternus> Hm..
<CrimsonAeternus> What else should I put...
<SinfulSoul> o.o Happy Holidays?
<CrimsonAeternus> Happy... Holid--
<CrimsonAeternus> Wait.
<CrimsonAeternus> Hey!
<CrimsonAeternus> D:<
<SinfulSoul> :D I like it!
* Crimson has joined #OOC
<Crimson> Ah... this is better than Java.
* CrimsonAeternus has quit IRC (Quit: CrimsonAeternus)
<Crimson> Ah... I feel at home with this. So anyways...
<Crimson> Yeah, Gwing has changed from what I remember it.
<Crimson> o_O
<Crimson> And I recognize no one from here, either, save you, Sinful.
<Crimson> It seems like all the rooms on this server and inactive.
<Crimson> D:
<SinfulSoul> Naw.
<SinfulSoul> Just inactive right now.
<Crimson> Dead.
<Crimson> >_>
<Crimson> They're all dead!
<Crimson> OH GOD!
<Crimson> -Mass panic ensues.-
<SinfulSoul> o.o Yes.
<SinfulSoul> And I killed them.
<Crimson> :O
<Crimson> You bastard!
<Crimson> D:<
<SinfulSoul> It needed to be done.
<Crimson> Why?!
<Crimson> Why did you do it?!
<SinfulSoul> Because I wanted to see red!
<Crimson> Nooo!!
<SinfulSoul> YOU SEE!?
<Crimson> It's not true!
<Crimson> You aren't my father!
<Crimson> o.o;...
<SinfulSoul> I AM YOUR MOTHER!
<Crimson> NO!!!
<Crimson> -Cuts his own hand off.-
<Crimson> It's not true!
<SinfulSoul> That's right, I gave birth to you!
<Zombie> :O
<SinfulSoul> You and your goat brother!
<Crimson> He was a lamb!
<Crimson> A LAMB!
<Crimson> You lying whore!
<SinfulSoul> If it weren't for that pancake he would have been a lamb!
<Crimson> -Bursts out crying.-
<Crimson> That's not true!
<Crimson> It's not true!
<SinfulSoul> FINE! Be a little blueberry muffin, I don't care!
<Crimson> :O Oh hell no!
<Crimson> -Smacks.-
<Crimson> You're just jealous I am something!
<SinfulSoul> Oh you did not. I will knock the cream filling out of you boy!
<Crimson> Do it!
<Crimson> I dare you!
<Crimson> Like I care anymore!
<SinfulSoul> -=Slams a balloon hammer into his jaw.=-
<Crimson> -Flies off into the distance, deflated.-
<Crimson> Bwahhh~!
<Crimson> -Lands on the ground in the distance, causing a massive explosion and optimal damages.-
<Crimson> ((ROFL))
<Crimson> -Comes back with soy milk.-
<Crimson> It's all they had!
<Crimson> I swear!
<SinfulSoul> You liar! I'll turn you ass into a cherry!
<SinfulSoul> You just wait till your father gets home.
<Crimson> No mamma!
<Crimson> He isn't my dad anyways!
<Crimson> Dad was a real man!
<SinfulSoul> Just because he's a block of cheese does NOT mean he can't be your father!
<Zombie> ...
<Zombie> Yeah so i'm lost.
<Crimson> But you know I am lactose intolerant, MOM!
<Crimson> <Walks out and slams the door that... Somehow appeared.>
<SinfulSoul> What am I going to do with that pastery.
<Crimson> <Crashes their biscuit car into the door, knocking it down.>
<Crimson> <Gulping down syrup.>
<Crimson> WoOoO~!
<Crimson> Go team!
<SinfulSoul> Berry Blue Muffin JUNIOR. Are you drinking again!?
* Zombie rubs her head, suddenly getting a craving for sweets.
<Crimson> What?
<Crimson> Back off h0.
<Crimson> You ain't got nothin'.
<SinfulSoul> How many times do I have to tell you that stuff will make you flatter than a waffle!
<SinfulSoul> Oooo just wait till I get my frying pan.
<Crimson> You never told me anything!
<Crimson> You're a liar!
<Crimson> You try to act like you are a good mom.
<Crimson> But you're just a stale pancake!
<SinfulSoul> That's not true! I'm fluffy all around!
<Crimson> No you aren't. You think you are because of all the honey you're doing.
<Crimson> If you would stop your addiction and get it right, things might be okay!
<SinfulSoul> The honey keeps me sane with a little brat like you!
<SinfulSoul> Look at you, you're crusty on top!
<Crimson> -Gasp.-
<SinfulSoul> And you were see-through plastic wraps.
<Crimson> Well, you're a stale moldy waffle!
<SinfulSoul> You're like a man-whore!
<Crimson> You are a whore!
<SinfulSoul> No you're a whore!
<Crimson> I know you give your dough to other men.
* Crimson is now known as CrimsonAeternus
<SinfulSoul> That's only because the big cheese is always stale.
<SinfulSoul> I deserve a little satisfaction for all the work I do around here!
<CrimsonAeternus> You don't do anything!
<SinfulSoul> I cook, I clean, I do your stupid plastic laundry.
<SinfulSoul> And for what!? NOTHING!
<SinfulSoul> This is the gratitude that I get.
<CrimsonAeternus> I don't need this.
<CrimsonAeternus> <Walks out.>
<CrimsonAeternus> I need to get back to working on my program.
<CrimsonAeternus> >_>;
* saladin has joined #OOC

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sixth on Fri Dec 29, 2006 8:19 pm

And I'm still working on this letter, too, darnit! You can't hide the truth~! The world will know!


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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Fri Dec 29, 2006 8:22 pm

That was AWESOME! Almost funny enough to make me swear! :D

thanks for the good laugh

Hey Crimson, can we see the letter when you're done with it?

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sixth on Fri Dec 29, 2006 8:28 pm

The letter is as follows:

Dead... Eric...

Happy Holid

That's as far as I got.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sixth on Fri Dec 29, 2006 9:55 pm

More crazy stuff. xD

Jader-AFK: Trowa...can I....can I draw you?
Jader-AFK: :O
CrimsonAet: ...
CrimsonAet: xD
Lantis: ...?
LumisUmbra: NOO!!!
CrimsonAet: Make him lay on a couch?
LumisUmbra: I LOVE WOLVES!!
CrimsonAet: On a ship?
Trowa^Bart: Uh.
Trowa^Bart: Why Jader?
Jader-AFK: Just take your clothes off and lay on this futon.
Lantis: Will it be nekkid and can I see it?
CrimsonAet: ROFL
CrimsonAet: xD
Jader-AFK whips out his sketchbook.
Jader-AFK: Lantis, actually.
Trowa^Barton becomes naked and lays on a futon.
Jader-AFK: I need you to get naked and lay on top of him.
CrimsonAet: Hahahah.
Lantis blinks.. and does so?
CrimsonAet: Perfect timing.
Jader-AFK whips out a piece of charcoal.
Jader-AFK becomes naked himself.
Jader-AFK sits in a chair and starts sketching with the charcoal pencil.
Lantis sweatdrops/
Jader-AFK: Yes...sweat. That's beautiful.
Trowa^Barton sweats.
CrimsonAet: ROFL
Lantis sweatdrops again.
Jader-AFK: It shows fatigue after long hours of passionate love with your significant other!
Lantis 's brow rises.
Jader-AFK: Trowa your...your's...yeah..I'll just leave it out.
Lantis: You have us the wrong way round.

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