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The Multiverse

[#beacon]: The Multiversal News Feed

a part of “The Multiverse”, a fictional universe by Remæus.

Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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"Spectators of The Hunt!"
A singular voice rang through the television, pausing for a few moments for the thousands in attendance to settle.

Have you heard the rumors?!
The crowds went absolutely wild, and the speakers crackled.

"Are you prepared to witness The Divine?!
Half the crowd roared with delight, the other half screamed skepticism.

"Let The Hunt commence!"
A hush enveloped the arena, all eyes on where the Champion would enter from.
The camera panned quickly in that direction.

"Welcome to The Stage....Yvandir!"

The crowd went wild as Yvandir stepped out and the Hunt began.
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The Hunt
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"Across the nations the stories spread like spiderweb laid upon spiderweb, and men and women planned the future, believing they knew truth.
They planned, and the Pattern absorbed their plans, weaving toward the future foretold."

- Robert Jordan

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[#beacon]: Taiyou Diplomats ambushed! Terror on Niihama.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby barney_fife on Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:54 pm


Those tuned into Taiyou media channels would find that all programming had been interrupted.

"We interrupt your normal programming to deliver an emergency speech from Crown Princess Aeka Takayama, concerning a terrorist attack that has rocked Niihama City!"

A speech from Princess Aeka Takayama it seemed was coming over the airwaves.
Nip it in the bud.

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BREAKING! United Aschen Empire declares war!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby barney_fife on Sat Sep 28, 2019 1:13 am




"Millions of loyal subjects of the Empire had their lives abruptly snuffed out in the burning Molecay city of Tiir during the opening attack carried out by the barbarians that call themselves the "Asylian Empire." A savage, theocratic hegemony that is driven to see the destruction of all that dare defy their ever-reaching oppression."

CAPRICA CITY A Savage, and vile band of raiders affiliated with a powerful hegemony known only as the Asylian Empire managed to pierce deep into the defenses of the Empire in the preceding days, and strike deep into the heart of the Province of Molecay in an unprecedented, and violent surprise attack. Fortunately, the valiant, brave, and keen members of the Imperial Defense Force's Molecay defense garrison were able to mount a protracted, and valiant defense of the Province, mitigating even further losses by engaging, and intercepting the advancing Asylian warships. While civilian casualties on Molecay were staggering, the Imperial Defense force were able to rout the enemy forces, and drive them back. While an investigation is underway to determine exactly how they were able to penetrate the Empire's FTL Inhibitors, the Quorum has resolved to issue a formal declaration of war against the foul Hegemony of the Asylian Imperium.

His Imperial Majesty, Isambard Prince addresses the Aschen public from his office, he vows to bring the Asylians to justice, and calls upon our venerable allies, the Taiyou Empire, and the Continuum to assist in making preparations for a pre-emptive counterstrike, and to bolster Aschen defenses.

Full mobilization of all Aschen military assets is currently underway, along with resolutions from both parliament, and the Quorum. The Office of Civil Defense has also begun to prepare our people for the possibility of war.

The Quorum has approved the Imperial Decree to begin the immediate conscription of all able-bodied men ages fourteen to twenty five, to report to their nearest Military processing center for immediate processing, training, and assignment.

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Terran Independent: 21 Dead in Terror Attack | Sweeping Arre

Tips: 4.00 INK Postby Ylanne on Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:33 pm

Note: This news item contains discussion of terrorism, torture, genocide, and suicide. The first – terrorism – is described in detail. The rest are not.

Terra’s Daily Print and Online Source for Trustworthy Planetary News

Esmeralda Bautista Acevedo & S. Kiran Dhaliwal

Every October, scores of yellow school buses travel to downtown Wing City, an area feared by some as too dangerous to traverse and prized by others as a unique destination to visit. Students as young as six and as old as seventeen in standard human years come in droves to tour Government Center’s grand halls, which have been rebuilt entirely in five renovations following decades of wars, invasion, and occupation.

Yesterday morning, after the first four school buses arrived and parked, members of Parliament, visitors, and employees alike began to notice a change in the air. Later, Representative Antwan Moorhead, an MP from just outside Wing City, described the air as copper tasting.

Several children in a tour group doubled over coughing. Within less than thirty seconds, five children collapsed to the ground with symptoms of grand mal seizures.

While nearly two thousand people streamed from Government Center and its West Wing Annex in terror, some nearly trampled in the rush to escape the building, emergency responders could not locate the source of the apparent biological or chemical attack.

In less than twenty-five minutes, twenty-one died – nine were children on school tours.

“A field trip to Government Center isn’t supposed to be deadly,” said Anahera Rangiawha, whose daughter Manaia, 7, was among the fatalities. “Everyone knows Wing City can be dangerous. But no mother should ever have to go through the kind of shock and devastation it is to lose a child. Parents are not supposed to outlive our children.”

Authorities have not released the names of all of the victims yet, citing the need to safeguard the investigation and to give enough time to notify all next of kin and identify any missing persons from the site.

The exact cause of death remains unknown. Medical technicians and forensic workers covered the victims’ bodies with blue tarp once the building was cleared as safe to enter for emergency response personnel, and removed their remains from the scene by nightfall.

“We have not yet identified the type of gas used in the attack, but it was definitely a poisonous substance, calculated to be maximally lethal,” said a senior National Police Agency official, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to provide comment on the still unfolding investigation.

Survivors, including Mr. Moorhead, were unsure what happened that caused the gas to dissipate after causing twenty-one deaths and hundreds of injuries resulting in dozens of hospitalizations. Neither Wing City Police Department officials nor NPA officials were willing to comment on the record as of press time, stating the matter is still under investigation even though the only suspect was reported dead in an apparent suicide.

“One suspect was located with an apparatus that appeared capable of injecting a chemical or biological agent into the airflow inside Government Center,” said Tresiree Lillis, the NPA Assistant Deputy Director of Investigations, in a brief press conference held outside the agency’s headquarters. “That suspect was dead on the scene, and we believe that that individual chose to end their own life instead of facing justice for their heinous crimes yesterday morning.”

Ms. Lillis declined to identify the suspect, citing national security reasons.

Terran spy chief Arianne Drulović was also found on the scene, after having been reported missing for several days prior, according to the same senior NPA official who spoke to The Independent anonymously. Ms. Lillis did not respond to request for comment on Ms. Drulović’s role in the incident, her relationship – if any – to the suspect, or whether Ms. Drulović is under investigation related to the attack.

The coroner is expected to issue preliminary findings on the cause of death of the victims in this case by the end of November.

Government Center has been cleared for the public, but already, many visitors are choosing to steer clear of Wing City’s centerpiece.

“It’s going to be too hard for most,” said Ms. Rangiawha, struggling to speak between sobs. “To go back there and think, all these kids, our most innocent and vulnerable, taken right before our eyes, right in the middle of the one place they’re supposed to be safe and protected. And we don’t even know how or why someone could choose to be this evil. We just want our kids back home, safe and alive.”

Nomi Levya Gorman & Callie O. Zheng

Only one day after a horrific terrorist attack on Government Center with twenty-one casualties, Justice Minister Þorgerður Guðrúnar Vilhjálmsdóttir and Attorney General Netawatwees Olson announced in a joint press conference that a Special Prosecutor’s Office has unsealed indictments against three members of Parliament, a high judge, and the heads of the National Police Agency and the Terran Intelligence Bureau on the same day that the NPA coordinated arrests of all of the investigation’s targets.

“In two years of intense investigation, we have uncovered years of corruption, violence, and avoidance of accountability from some of our most trusted leaders, including a member of the judiciary,” said Ms. Vilhjálmsdóttir in her prepared remarks. “The actions that some of our leaders have undertaken to avoid any consequences for their crimes offend our moral sensibilities at the deepest levels, in addition to violating some of the laws we enacted to promote order, fairness, and justice in our society.”

Rumors of deep and vast investigations for corruption, obstruction of justice, and other misdeeds have swirled about Wing City’s political elite for months, but neither the Justice Ministry nor NPA would confirm those rumors until today’s press conference.

“The NPA strives to ensure the integrity of any investigation our agents undertake,” said NPA spokesperson Mashal Ashraf, speaking to reporters after Ms. Vilhjálmsdóttir and Ms. Olson’s announcement. “Because of the sensitivity of an investigation implicating many high-level TNG officials, the NPA chose not to disclose details in an attempt to avoid unnecessary media sensationalism before the prosecutor’s office decided whether or not to press charges.”

The full text of the indictments has not yet been released to the public, but Ms. Ashraf provided a summary of the charges against each of the individuals named and arrested, including charges of corruption and embezzlement against Elizabeth Innes-Ker Cranford, widow of the TNG’s first elected Prime Minister, Edward Cranford. Ms. Cranford was reportedly living alone in a high-rise in Van Leugen, and had not been seen in public life since S.Y. 2042, nearly ten years ago.

“Lady Cranford is innocent of these unfounded, ridiculous accusations,” said Jennifer Sicherer, a partner at Manning Hoon Shukla LLP, speaking as Ms. Cranford’s attorney. “This indictment is clearly a low, politically motivated attack on a private citizen who has demonstrated integrity and civic leadership for the entirety of her life.”

Representatives Rubano Malijin, Tanja E. Szymanski, and Keyvan Pervez, all members of Parliament serving for over twenty-five years, were also targeted in the morning raids. Minutes later, a Terran Independent news crew captured footage of NPA agents arresting Justice Henry Joseph Milorin, a High Justice of the Special Court for War Crimes and Crimes Against Sentience.

Some of the most explosive accusations are levied against Mr. Malijin, accused of targeting Arianne Drulović, Terra’s intelligence czar, in a power grab years ago by kidnapping and torturing her ex-husband in his own home, though Ms. Olson’s office did not detail the specific accusations of what Mr. Malijin is alleged to have done or ordered. At the time, Ms. Drulović was widely regarded as a substantial influence over both of the TNG’s first two Prime Ministers, Edward Cranford and Luís Galdámez y Rosa, and frequently depicted in both news media and popular satirical representations as the real power behind both the Cranford and the Galdámez governments.

Prime Minister Salma Khayyam is expected to demand resignations from NPA Director Jamal Morrison Lebrun and Ms. Drulović, both of whom were also taken into custody today on warrants attached to the unsealed indictments.

“Terrans deserve to have leaders in whom we can place public trust, and expect their consistent integrity, loyalty, and service in return,” said Ms. Khayyam. “Those who abuse the public trust, whether through unspeakable atrocities and crimes against sentience, or simply through financial malfeasance and misuse of public funds, not only must be removed from positions of power, but must also be held accountable just the same as we expect to hold anyone accountable for criminal offenses and violations of the social contract to which we all agree in moulding our society. The message today is that no one is above the law. My government will not tolerate maintenance of the status quo if that means overlooking or deliberately ignoring known criminal acts. Today, we have begun the process of restoring public trust in our government.”

Ms. Drulović is accused on an array of charges stemming from her past alleged involvement in genocides against religious and ethnic minority populations in her prior career before taking the helm of the TIB, and for her alleged role in unlawfully exchanging Kendra Shaw with Gemonese forces from the then-fractured Aschen Confederation. Shortly before the unauthorized prisoner exchange, Ms. Shaw had been detained by TNG forces on charges of genocide and war crimes for her role in the orbital bombardment that glassed over sixty percent of Terra’s surface during the second Aschen invasion.

Speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press, an NPA official revealed that Ms. Drulović was taken into custody from a hospital room where she was undergoing treatment for numerous injuries inflicted within the past week. The official would not describe the source or cause of those injuries, and abruptly ended the phone conversation when asked whether they related to allegations that Ms. Drulović had been found with the suspect believed to have carried out yesterday’s terrorist attack. Ms. Drulović is not expected to make a statement to the press.

Mr. Lebrun is accused on an array of charges stemming from his alleged involvement in a cover-up that included destruction of evidence and intimidation of key witnesses in the investigations against Ms. Drulović.

Ms. Khayyam has named Warren Conrad Metternich III as Acting Director of the NPA, and Lisbeth Yuet-Ngor Wiryaman as Acting Director of the TIB. Mr. Metternich most recently served the NPA as Assistant Deputy Director of Special Operations, and Ms. Wiryaman most recently served the TIB as Assistant Deputy Director of Intelligence Analysis. Mr. Metternich is also a veteran of the War for Terran Independence. The TIB would not release any further details about Ms. Wiryaman’s background or former postings.

In contrast to muted statements of support or assent from some members of Parliament, Speaker Akinola Alegbeyele, who is also the Blue Mountain Party Leader, disagreed vehemently with the message the arrests are sending.

“Most of the defendants named in these indictments are elderly or close to elderly ages,” said Alegbeyele in a separate press conference. “They have been exemplars of public service and sacrifice for the Terran people, and while of course I support accountability for wrongdoing, I cannot support sending NPA agents to raid their homes, and arrest one in the hospital, and treating them this way. It is unconscionable and frankly disrespectful.”

Ms. Alegbeyele’s statement comes in a break from tradition, where typically the Speaker of Parliament and the Prime Minister would serve as surrogates for one another as they share the ruling party’s leadership.

“Speaker Alegbeyele is entitled to her own opinion,” said Pamela Chen Bonardi, Senior Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister, responding to Ms. Alegbeyele’s comments. “Ms. Khayyam has asked that those responsible for the investigations and prosecutions of these cases to undertake all due diligence to respect the crucial political, civil, and human rights that Terrans have fought for since the early days of independence from Tripartite Occupation, and has not sought any harsher treatment or sanction than she would ask for any other individual facing similar allegations.”

Ms. Olson’s office confirmed that for defendants who do not agree to enter plea negotiations, trials are likely to take place in the spring or summer of next year. The defendants named in the indictments have all been ordered detained during pretrial proceedings on no bond and a findings of significant flight risks, and will be held at the Wrentham Terran Detention Center outside Wing City pending trial. Several others have also been indicted along with the higher-profile targets, and a few mid-ranking officials named as unindicted co-conspirators in some of the charges.

(OOC: I welcome ideas for involvement and collaboration, so if you are interested in any of these plotlines, or something else involving the TNG’s always screwy affairs, please feel free to contact me. Noting that Rubano Malijin is Nemo’s character, and not mine, but is referenced here by agreement.)
​“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”
― Arundhati Roy

“The only way to survive is to take care of each other.”
― Grace Lee Boggs

“every day is another chance to practice living out the values that matter most to us. to be our best selves. to be the legacy we want to leave.”
― Mia Mingus

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Ripples throughout Reality!

Tips: 50.50 INK Postby Fishbucket on Sun Dec 15, 2019 6:12 pm

A massive quake shakes the very foundations of the multiverse, felt by the wielders of psionics, psychics, the force, energy, and every other sort of individual sensitive to such things.

These ripples through the very fabric of reality are felt all across the multiverse, and come as an ill omen to those who feel them. What unholy forces are being unleashed that would cause all of reality to shudder at their clash?
The best stories do not have just one or two characters, but all sorts of characters. You might not see them that often or know them that well, but the fact that they were there is what makes the story seem real.

After all, Life is full of characters, is it not?
I solemnly swear that there shall never be more than a 48 hour delay to my response to any question or post.

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Blockade over Epsilon Eridani- COTA broadcast #001

Tips: 2.00 INK Postby Joseph_Bennett on Tue Aug 04, 2020 10:32 pm

Radio static, then five tones in ascending pitch.

Anonymous Radio Host 1: Hello. This is our first radio broadcast. Anyway, let's get to the point, fellow Children. What, exactly, is an Imperial blockade doing over Epsilon Eridani? What are they planning?
Anonymous Radio Host 2: No need to be so dramatic, Mike. It's just a broadcast.
Mike: You're not supposed to say names, Jack!
Jack: Fuck anonymity. The Empire'll probably just run a-a- voice scan on us if they discover this broadcast.
Mike: *sighs* I suppose you're correct. But back to the story.
Jack: So anyways, recently a scanner in one of our bases picked up a large fleet surrounding Epsilon Eridani. We don't know what these fuckers want, but it is believed to be traced to a rogue from Orion base.
Mike: Yeah, just a kid, right? No older than sixteen?
Jack: That is what we are told. Apparently he jumped a ship and went all the way to Langara, where he was arrested for assault of a police officer. He then disappeared from the prison.
Mike: *whistles* IIA or somebody probably got 'em. He's not coming back.
Jack: That is very likely. But that's where we can only take guesses. Anyway, this kid probably ratted on us and got a fleet sent over to ensure we ain't getting out. So we're probably all fucked over because we held back for a while and some trigger-happy kid decided to go on out and do something on his own.
Mike: It's just sad, really.
Jack: Yeah.
There are a couple seconds of silence.
Jack: Anyway folks, that's our radio broadcast for the day. Have a good night, and remember to think for yourself.
Mike: Yeah, goodnight.

An abrupt click, and then five tones in descending order by pitch.
Yours Truly,
Joseph Bennett

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."
-Frank Herbert, Dune.

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Radio static, then five tones in ascending pitch.

Jack: Hello, fellow Children. This is I am going to be your sole host today because right now Mike is unavailable. We have a guest with us today, a crew member of the Aschen fleet surrounding the Epsilon Eridani system. Please welcome- Fuck, almost forgot I can't say your name.
Anonymous Guest: *Laughs* It's alright.
Jack: So please tell us, what do you know of the reason you're over several planets right now?
Anon. Guest: Well, as a member of the Aschen Empires Navy, we are supposed to follow orders without question. If I were to question what we were doing here, well, I'd just stick out like a sore thumb. What the rumors are is the IIA told us to come here, which could mean a multitude of things.
Jack: Do you know anything about the arrest of a 'terrorist' on Langara that might have led you here?
Anon. Guest: No, I am afraid to say I do not know anything about that. But I wouldn't doubt they tortured info out of said terrorist to find any connections.
Jack: I wouldn't doubt it either. What are the instructions you recieved to come to Epsilon Eridani? Do they detail anything?
Anon. Guest: Well, what I know is that we were told to come, and here we are. Nothing much to it.
Jack: Of course. You can't question orders, obviously.
Anon. Guest: No. I cannot.
Jack: *coughs* So, ah, anything else you'd like to say?
Anon. Guest: Of course. Don't give up. Anything they throw at you, you just gotta be stronger. Don't let them change the way you think, the way you feel. And always remember to never stop believing in your cause.
Jack: Thank you for that. This concludes our broadcast. Have a good night, and remember to think for yourself.

An abrupt click, and then five tones in descending order by pitch.

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Official statement from the Ministry of Information

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby barney_fife on Wed Aug 12, 2020 6:41 pm

Official Statement from the Ministry of Information!

BROTHERS AND SISTERS! We are fortunate to have an exclusive interview from His Imperial Majesty, our dearest, most esteemed leader, Emperor Isambard Prince a special all access, exclusive concerning the arch-traitors, rebels who call themselves the Children of Ash, reckless criminals, malcontents, hoodlums, and evildoers that would threaten to doom us all to the raging maelstrom of a hostile galaxy!


The camera pans to show the crowd of people, screaming their hatred for the Children of Ash.

A moment later, the video feed cuts to an older, bald man seated in a chair, surrounded with a finely decorated office.

"Good Afternoon, my name is Ardel Hadrey, and I'm seated here with His Imperial Majesty, Isambard Prince, the man behind the action himself, and leader of the civilized galaxy."

"My Lord, we're in the midst of a war for our very survival, and with the emergence of these rebels, these, Children of Ash as they call themselves, an apt name I might say as they threaten to lead our entire civilization to ashes, tell me, what is your opinion on these violent, unrestrained terrorists?"


"That's a very good inquiry, Mr. Hadrey. First I must say that I live only to serve the people of this fine Empire, and to learn of these individuals shocks me to my very core, I have read the litany of bestial atrocities committed in their name, everything from guiding rocket-bombs to murder fifty thousand Imperial schoolchildren, to kidnapping and torturing innocent civilians. They are a small organization motivated, and funded by Asylian spies, and traitorous malcontents from the previous government."


"My Lord, do you have a plan to deal with these rebels?"


"I hope that they would abandon their foolish campaign, and re-integrate into society, where they would be offered full amnesty, and forgiven for their transgressions. I wish for our nation to put this unpleasantness behind us, and move forward as we secure our future amidst the darkness of our galaxy."


"I see, what about reports that a serviceman from the Imperial Navy managed to get onto one of their rogue broadcasts?"


"Those reports are greatly exaggerated, I have it on good authority that the pirate transmission detailing the interview from a supposed 'Aschen Serviceman' were a fabrication intended to drum up distrust among our ranks. Our men, and women in uniform are some of the most hardworking, and loyal individuals I have ever seen. For these terrorists to stoop so low is unfortunate, but not suprising. These vile terrorists will stop at nothing to undermine everything our Empire stands for. Likewise we must strike back with all the strength we have been given."


"An Excellent response, my Lord. Do you think this organization will threaten the Empire?"


"These terrorists divert valuable resources that could be used towards maintaining our defenses against the inevitable Asylian onslaught. Therefore anyone found supporting them will be subject to severe reprimands, likewise those who actively work to undermine their efforts will be rewarded generously, and those terrorists who turn from their ways, and rejoin our society will be offered amnesty, and rewarded generously for information that undermines this organization."

"The Empire will put a swift end to this notion of rebellion, so that we can move forward, and work together towards a brighter future, and a fulfillment of the ninth, three year plan."


"Well, that's all the time we have, thank you for joining us, Your Majesty!"


The Transmission cut back to regular programming.

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Colonial Union News Broadcast

Tips: 0.75 INK Postby Joseph_Bennett on Thu Dec 10, 2020 10:42 am

Begin transmission.

Seven audible tones, marking beginning of news broadcast.

Information agent 1: Greetings, Klendath. Today we have more data on the Expeditionary crew on the Discovery VII, and their mission.

Information agent 2: The crew of the Discovery went dark a little while ago, and caused quite a bit of panic. As you may know, three Colonial Union shuttles were sent out as quick as possible, using the revolutionary skip drive to get to the solar system designated I01 to recover the team. What was found greatly surprised them.

Information agent 1: We have confirmed extraterrestrial intelligent life. Communications using binary have begun, but these beings seem hostile. We may have accidentally started a conflict, but we can be reassured that your lives are safe in the hands of the Colonial Union. Communications have brought forward the information that the expeditionaries have violated their laws and are being held by one of their ships.

Information agent 2: It has become apparent that these beings may be much more advanced than us, but we very likely should be able to hold our own in case of violent conflict. We need not fear this, although it may be advised that you stay on this channel transmission in case of more information.

Seven tones, ending transmission.

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