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Time and Space Bounty Hunting and Inn!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby victim130 on Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:22 am

The NEW! Time and Space Inn is back and fully operational!

Allow Shenten to cook you many different dishes ranging from ashionian aligator tail to any earthern delicacy!
Let Lenny show you a table while you wait and let him take your order as well!
Now don't forget the main ATTRACTION! Grinum is back and broke! He is looking for a NEW! bounty hunting job!

For his resume of fighting expertise CLICK HERE! Grinum Now don't just stop in for food, drinks, and blood! Try staying the night in one of the six rooms now freshly furnished!

So stop in to
Time and Space today!

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In Lucien's Name We Pray

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Dragon on Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:16 am

The screen darkens and begins fading out into static as if losing the signal before snapping back into place, the channel 1337 logo in the bottom right corner. A Caucasian man holding several sheets of paper while sitting behind a desk comes into picture, the camera zooming in on him until only his upper body is visible. He seems a bit distraught, but as is the nature when delivering certain news...

"Good Evening, I'm John Smith. It is my displeasure to announce to you that, and I quote, "No, da economy ain't gettin' bettah. Deal wit it, or shut da -Beep- Up"

John adjusts his tie and shakes his head slightly, wondering who messed with the teleprompter...

"Moving on... It seems that the entity known as Lucien Lachance passed away sometime during the week. Normally, this would be good news, but nothing 'good' has come out of his death. Following directly after it, a mass influx of demonic creatures have begun rampaging across the planet. Normally kept in check, these creatures with their overwhelming numbers run rampant, massacring whole cities and the people who reside within them with no intent of slowing down in sight."

A graph appears in the top right corner showing how the increase in demonic activity has skyrocketed, easily reaching the 1000% mark.

"That isn't all... Riots and similar gruesome events have come about, brought upon worshipers, followers, and faithful servants that once bowed down to the great Lucien, now spreading chaos like the plague across the land. Mass suicides have occurred with people believing they shall be within the Dark Lord's presence once again, while others try vigorously to summon him back into the world of the world by sacrificing groups of people, each version more horrible than the last. Not only that, but as this wave of negativity spreads, crime is steadily increasing as criminals begin to believe they won't get captured amidst the abundant chaos."

The anchorman inhales deeply as if in overwhelmed by the unpleasant news...

"On a related note, the corpses of 500 people were found scattered about within the Forrest of Memories, all completely stripped of their flesh and drained of their blood. Both were later found in Wing City, the skin of the deceased sown together as some sort of covering and placed over one of the skyscrapers. The skin was sown together in a way that made it seem like a mask with eye holes available and a large opening in the shape of a smile for a mouth directly under. The blood was found inside the same skyscraper covering the walls, the floors, and even the ceiling in writing, the same sentence being written repeatedly..."

"From the ashes of corruption spawned madness"

John seemed to have enough at this point as he wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand while sighing deeply...

"In other news, a well-guarded facility was raided in recent days by unknown terrorists. Who they are, their motives, and what they were after are still unknown, and may never be known until they strike again as the facility in question has been wiped off the map completely by an explosion of massive proportions. No survivors have been found as of yet..."

Staring directly into the camera with beads of sweat trailing down his skin, a serious expression seems to have claimed his face, accompanied by a grave tone...

"Pray for peace, people. Dark times lie ahead of us..."

"They Claim I Am Mad, When They Are All Mad Themselves"

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GNN Update with Rep O. Rter

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby ClockworkTowers on Fri Oct 02, 2009 12:55 am

*The GNN Logo shows for 5 Seconds*

Hello, Rep O. Rter here to bring you the latest in Galacticwide News. Our first story... here's Imma Dud to bring you it.

Keith Potter leans his head against the deployed airbag of his black 1997 Toyota Celica, trying in vain to shake the cobwebs from his head, caused by running headfirst into a telephone pole - again.

"It's Not Too Hard To Pick Out DDAMM Members!" Someone told us.

Potter is a founding member of the reactionary organization Drunk Drivers Against Mad Mothers (DDAMM - the first D is silent). For years Potter, and others like him, have been persecuted by the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) organization. They intend to do something about the harassment, providing members can make it to the meetings.

Luke Harrington has been attempting to attend DDAMM meetings for the past two Thursdays; however something always seems to keep him from making it there. Last week, he decided to go to the meeting after Mike - a transient that hangs around at Harrington's favorite watering hole The Drunk Skunk - told him about the organization. After stumbling out to his car, he mistakenly put the car into reverse, backing into a ditch and passing out. By the time he came to, the meeting was over and another chance was gone forever.

Potter has been disappointed by poor turnout at the meetings scheduled to be held in his basement, having never broken his attendance record set at the first meeting, where he was the sole attendee.

So far Potter's sole accomplishment for the group has been his 100 word manifesto, written in pencil on the back of a drink menu. The manifesto is written in a secret code, which Potter describes as the "6 Jack and Cokes Code". It is not able to be understood unless completely inebriated, in which case readers consider it the most profound thing they've ever read."

Back to You Rep O. Rter...

Thank you Imma Dud... In other news, Atkins Diet followers are filing a claim against the Cookie Monster for promoting Carb Filled snacks. The full story... Idio Tami.

Yes, thank you Rep O. Rter. The relative calm of Sesame Street has been shattered as carb-loving Cookie Monster has been attacked three times this month by devoted converts to the Atkins diet.

"Oh, me so scared!" wailed the furry blue monster from his apartment above Mr. Hooper's store, "But it not so bad; people been sending me maannnny cookies... ha ha ha!" Mr. Monster added.

Police say the victim was tricked each time by the Atkins insurgents posing as cookie delivery men.

"We told him to at least look through the peep hole every time someone knocks on his door, but apparently he goes into some kind of mania every time he hears the word 'cookie'." said Lt. Abby Van Buren of the 27th Precinct.

Van Buren says information Cookie Monster's close friends are giving the police is proving to be of a "mixed nature."

"I saw four, four attackers, ah ah ah," said The Count.

"I think they had a red car, but I'm not so good with my colors," added Grover.

Elmo exclaimed, "Elmo loves the sun!"

Experts say Cookie Monster has long been a target for diet groups, but the Atkins cabal is particularly intent on using violence to get what they want.

"You think KFC, TGI Fridays, and all those packaged snack people just started offering low carb items because we asked nicely?" asked an Atkins terror cell leader who did not want to be identified. "We had to beat a lot of CEOs to a bloody pulp before they finally gave in," she added. They had no comment on the claim filed.

No further comments. Back to you Rep O. Rter.

Thank you Idio. That wraps up this broadcast for now. We will bring you more coverage on the recent clothing fashions later.

*The GNN Logo Shows for 5 Seconds*

*Disclaimer: All Names are of their respective owners. Any resemblence or useage is purely for comedic purposes.*
[center]"All artwork and ideas seen in my characters and stories have credit given to their individual creators, whether or not me or another individual is the creator in question."

"Now why not repay a favor and feed my hungry animals for me?"

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Gambit's Bar Under New Ownership.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby LawOfTheLand on Tue Oct 06, 2009 10:10 pm

This is Multiversal News Now! And we have our hostess, Rachel Wright!

*Contrary to the typical business attire of a newscaster, an extremely attractive woman walks in wearing a red version of one of those Chinese dresses, the better to show off her voluptuous curves. In a sultry voice with equal parts seduction and seriousness, her luscious red lips begin reading the news.*

"Good evening, happy viewers. Our top story tonight: Gambit's Bar has apparently suffered a hostile takeover by a mysterious organization...ooh, I just love a man cloaked in mystery...ahem. This is what our cameras managed to capture during the pivotal moment! "

*Cut to unusually grainy footage...*

[IC]_Marcus at (22:34:50)
The doors to gambits bar suddenly burst open as a machine steps inside with his mini gun raised and spining. "A-12 is online. searching for communists Motoko..........No life sign by that information is here.......New Mission is within parameters." A-12 turned his gun to Cryoface and the gun stoped spinning. "Gambits bar is now under the protection of the head of the council. Cryoface you now are now working for the council......."
[IC]_qbsuperstar03 at (22:36:44)
stares right back at A-12 with equal intensity. "Under what authority does the Council claim protection of this establishment? Just because my boss whipped you into shape last time you got here doesn't mean you get to try to screw me over with this 'committee' bull shit."
[IC]_Marcus at (22:39:11)
"Negative." A-12 lowered the mini gun and placed it on a table. "We are interested in Motokos "Mech" She is very valuable to the council and I am only a base model." A-12 held his hand out showing a digital document that read the ownership of the bar goes over to the council. "I must follow my parameters otherwise I will be terminated."
[IC]_qbsuperstar03 at (22:40:45)
Gods damn it...she's never around when I want her to be, but the minute I go down, here she comes to save the day and my freezing tail.
[IC]_qbsuperstar03 at (22:41:35)
reads the document, and a look of horror creeps across his face. Fear has gripped his metaphysical heart in a way that not even the most fearsome enemy imaginable ever could, and it shows.
[IC]_qbsuperstar03 at (22:42:53)
Oh, Gods...I risk my life on a daily basis to keep this place safe, and ultimately I'm foiled by some lawyers in monkey suits?
[IC]_Marcus at (22:43:12)
"With the new owner ship of the tavern you will be covered on the councils health care." A-12 closed the document and continued to look at Cryoface. "If you disagree to this then I must inform you that the council has set up severel measures to ensure that this establishment will be captured with the least amount of damage."
[IC]_qbsuperstar03 at (22:44:17)
pounds the nearest table in frustration and rage. He was good, but not even Motoko could possibly stand against the combined might of this 'Council.' It was nauseating, knowing that all he did for this place...all the people he kept safe...all of it was fruitless in the end.
[IC]_qbsuperstar03 at (22:45:13) win this time. But you'll never have Motoko.
[IC]_Marcus at (22:45:38)
"Emotion is a sad thing." A-12 placed his hand on his mini gun. "You still will have control over the bar but you will have to answer to your higher ups now."
[IC]_qbsuperstar03 at (22:46:24)
And exactly who will my higher ups be? I already answer to Motoko.
[IC]_Marcus at (22:47:22)
Turns to AlFrain and scans him. "new works must be placed into the catalogue system. One moment please." Another scan goes over the man. "Done welcome to gambits bar." A-12 turned his gaze over to Cryoface. "Motoko will be your boss unless I am here or one of the councuil members. If she poses any problems than she will have to be dealt with."
[IC]_qbsuperstar03 at (22:48:26)
gestures to one of several DRAGOONs practically orbiting the periphery of the bar interior, waiting to pounce on a chance to serve someone. "As you see, with the help of her mini-bots, she can do things more efficiently than I ever could, but sometimes you've got to get your hands dirty. That's where I come in, and when I fail, Motoko finishes. As I said before, you'll NEVER have her."

*Cut back to an unusually close-up shot of Rachel's generously proportioned rack. Shouting is heard, and after a few seconds, the view pulls back to where it was before.*

"Ahem...sorry for the technical difficulties. There's your update, and with that, I'm Rachel Wright with Multiversal News Now, wishing everyone an exciting evening!"

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Mercenary Leaders Speak! Exclusive Interviews!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Saarai on Thu Oct 08, 2009 3:43 pm

The Intro to the WCNN (Wing City News Network) is shown before the screen shifts to anchorman Erick Kelly, Erick was wearing a green suit as he reported the news.

"The head men in charge of the private military contracters known as the Invictus are here in the studio today to speak on many different subjects and their personal lives. We go to Joanna Tori who has just finished her interviews with the men."

The screen shifts to Joanna as she stands outside of the Palace, the building that doubles at the Invictus PMC's headquarters and a hotel.

"Thank you, Erick. I'm here at the Palace, a popular hotel and at times nightclub that houses the Invictus PMC's headquarters. I just spoke with the three heads of the company a few moments ago, here is the footage of our meeting. I will tell you right now, it didn't go as planned."

The screen then shifted to show three men sitting in chairs next to eachother, one of which was Kroger Haggai, as usual he was dressed in a purple and black military uniform. To his left was Kazen Horne, dressed in his green IRA colonel uniform. And then there was Izumi on Kroger's right, he was dressed in a black and red dress suit. Kazen was visibly taking swigs from a bottle of cognac during the interview.

Joanna: Kroger, what was your reason for starting the company just months ago?

Kroger: Well, I wanted more freedom that I couldn't get within the Saudi military, mercenary work was that freedom. And the money isn't that bad either, I have mouths to feed.

Kazen: And the bitches we can pull are a plus.

Izumi proceeded to nudge Kazen, obviously wanting him to be quiet. He would soon lean over and begin whispering to Kazen.

Joanna: So... John, why take up a leadership position and how are you handling this responsiblity?

Izumi: Well, I wasn't going to do so at first, but Kroger and some others approached me. Kroger is my father, he needed less responsiblity so that he could spend time with his new wife.

Kazen: Not like they do much anyways, seeing as she was out there kissing other motherfuckers.

Kroger: Kazen, stop it. Give me that drink.

Kazen: No! I ain't gonna, for fucks sake. Me girl has been gone for so long, she's probably out there banging who knows..

Before Kazen could continue the interview ended, the network had decided not to air more footage. The screen then shifted back to Erick, he was laughing quietly.

"More at ten.."
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

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Gossip Spot's Exclusve On Failing Mercenary Marriage!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Cloasse on Thu Oct 08, 2009 4:35 pm

On a well-known television channel, the words "Gossip Spot!" pan on screen, before fading away to reveal a once famous actress hosting the show. Dressed in a vivid green dress and with a yellow belt over her middle, the woman seems entirely over peppy.

"Hello, and I'm Carol! Welcome to G-Spot, where we endeavor to bring you the latest stories on celeb and famous-folks first!"

A picture then covers half of the screen, the host well-placed to the left-hand side as she gestures to it. It appears to be a photograph of two people at their wedding, smiling away to each other.

"As you may well know, this is an image of Kroger and Romanae Haggai - seemingly happily married, right? Wrong! You may also have heard earlier on the Wing City News Network that there appears to be problems beginning to spiral in their marriage - is it all over for the out-of-service Colonel and mercenary General?"

Another screen tapers over the top of the picture, revealing the blanked out silhouette of a male - the name "Dave" appeared at the bottom of the screen, along with "anonymous interview".

"We managed to dig up quite a bit of information on Mrs Haggai, and we found an interviewee who, whilst wishing to appear anonymous, had this to say:"

The silhouette begins to gesture and nod its head, evidently speaking.

"Oh, yeah, I knew things were going sour for a while. They tried to hide it, but it was obvious."

The screen clears again, leaving just Carol centered in the viewers' eyesight.

"And now the previously mentioned dirt we've spent quite a while finding out! Mrs Haggai - previously a Miss Retna - was involved in what was officially recorded as a 'period of torture' during her service around a year ago. Now, to those of you at home, that may suggest something like a day or two in the hands of the enemy, right? Wrong! Mrs Haggai was apprehended and held illegally by enemies of the Legion Army for a little over three months. During this time she suffered multiple injuries resulting from various forms of torture."

A picture then wormed its way on-screen. It was grainy, and terrible at best, but it had been sharpened and outlined enough to let Carol point out the obvious figure of a bloodied and battered woman being supported by two other men, bandages wrapped around the majority of her body, as well as a few splints being visible.

"This was Mrs Haggai after she miraculously managed to escape, with the aid of her squadron. She is said to have been taking out a solo job in a region of Scotland as of yet unknown, and was both mentally and physically tortured during the time spent in the enemy's care. We had a specialist in military aftercare come in and outline just a few of the injuries Romanae Haggai was likely to have suffered, as well as the consequences."

Next, a woman in a business suit appears on-screen, settled in a high-backed, cushioned chair and staring directly at the camera as she spoke.

"After reviewing information received from Gossip Spot, I've found it unlikely that Colonel Retna, as she was then known, is likely to suffer no side effects from her injuries. The mental strain alone should have been enough to send her into a mental clinic, and it is quite possible that the level of commitment given by marriage and the stress of coping with her side effects may have made Colonel Retna 'act out' as it were - she could be highly unstable, and should not be allowed into the streets until she has been properly reviewed by a medical professional."

The screen once again pans out to the beginning credits of "Gossip Spot!", and Carol's voice is heard over the faint music playing.

"And that's it for tonight's G-Spot! I hope to see you all again at the same time tomorrow, where we'll be discussing just how safe it is for celebrities to have children - goodnight!"

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Interview with Perfect Vision Director

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nightze on Thu Oct 08, 2009 4:56 pm

A news logo for IAN channel 7 flashes over the screen before the camera shows a young woman in a suit. Folding some papers on a table the woman looks up towards the camera.

“This is Judy Harp with your daily dose of Instant Action News Channel 7 and we have a live broadcast from John Shooter about the presence of the new military force known as Perfect Vision. John over to you.”

A man in a blue dress shirt stands in front of the camera. Behind the man is a large building with the letters PPV-S4 in bold over the main door.

“Thank you Judy. As you can see behind me, the building that used to be the old prison of the downtown area has been occupied by the Perfect Vision members. Speaking with the director Harold Newlerd about what exactly PPV-S4 stands for, we discovered that this is only one of four Project Perfect Vision buildings in the area. We asked Mister Newlerd about what exactly Perfect Vision is about. This is what he told us earlier today.”

The screen goes to the logo then shows a man in a black suit standing front of a military vehicle.

“Mister Newlerd what exactly is Project Perfect Vision?”

“PPV is the dream of many world leaders of earth. It is the dream that all criminals will be put down and eliminated from society. Perfect Vision is that dream in action. We have a 74.8% approval rating for what we are doing and we do not plan to stop until the job is done.”

“What about the strange armored soldiers? We've seen them dressed in green, red, blue, brown, yellow, purple, black and white. What's the difference between them all?”

“Well soldiers are first ranked in color, depending on skill. Yellow and green soldiers are basic recruits and most end up in vehicle detail. Red soldiers are mission based assault squads. Blue soldiers are trained in tactics and defenses and protect headquarters. Brown soldiers are sergeants, purple soldiers are lieutenants, black soldiers are generals and white soldiers are specialized admirals. Once ranked in color they are assigned to a Bird then to a Wing. Within their Wing section they are give one letter name. Admiral X of Wing K is an excellent example of our systems.”

A soldier in pure white armor towered several feet over the reporter and the director.

“So, Admiral X, how efficient is your Wing?”

“Wing K of Bird 17 of Nest 3 is in perfect condition and ready for any and all missions. We have a 98.3% success factor. 1217 missions completed thus far.”

The soldier nodded then turned and walked off the screen.

“If you have any further questions, Sir, please ask them now. We have many things to see to.”

“The Admiral X mentioned something about a Nest, Bird and Wing. What exactly are the Nest, Bird and Wing?”

“There are four Nests within each Nest there are one hundred Birds. Each Bird has Wings with a letter name from A-Z and each soldier in a Wing has a letter name from A-Z. This gives us an easier way of addressing soldiers, such as the admiral. His full name is 3-17 XK.”

“What about the building? What purpose does it serve?”

“”PPV-S4 is the headquarters for Nest 3 and prison for any and all criminals apprehended by the soldiers of Nest 3.”

“There is a rumor that Perfect Vision is already planning an execution. Do you admit that there is an execution due to happen in the near future?”

“Yes there is indeed a man to be executed in several days. His name is Ikki Korito and it has been very costly to catch him. Now with him behind bars we hope the crime rate will soon fall.”

“Thank you Mister Newlerd for you time.”

The screen goes back to the IAN logo then to a split screen of Judy and John.

“Well we'll have to see what develops out of the Perfect Vision situation won't we?”

“Indeed, Judy. PPV-S4 will be something very interesting to monitor over the next few weeks.”

“Thank you John for the report.”

John nods and Judy's side fills the screen.

“This has been Instant Action News channel 7 with an afternoon update.”

The screen changes to something about visiting the Master Dojo today and getting your body in fighting shape.

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Bar Ownership - A New Partner!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ryand-Smith on Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:47 pm

News now. Bar Mistress and master drinkmaster Motoko Attenborough recently made a deal with the council forces, in a new 60-20 business partnership. As part of this deal, Motoko gains a seat with the Council, with full voting rights in exchange for stock and bonuses sold to the Council's holding company. 20% of the bar is held by other owners and various interest groups.

Motoko Attenborough had this to say. "This new day, promotes new synergy and motion between our new groups. It adds new funds and cash to help with all the repairs and day to day expenses, including... well let's just say Motoko isn't just cooking meals anymore!" she said to the reporters.

"What about those who claim it might harm the bar's independent nature!"

Motoko replied, "It will enchanter our nature, as we will have more money to be independent and a bit more flexibility before our end of the month profit reports.

"What about claims you are expecting!"

Motoko laughed, "Well, my dear Miirrage made me ... well even more whole, so I'm cutting back on all the harmful liquors!" she said, to laughter from the press conference.

"Back on topic, some reporters claim a mysterious Masked Biker has been seen around you, any comments?"

The woman looked, thinking deeply before answering, "Masked Biker... I think he's a part of all of us," she said, "but he's a good guy, a hero of justice..."

"Some claim that the Council is some sort of evil ominous group."

"Even if they are, I can always renegotiate after the first 2 weeks and in 6 month intervals..." she said, "So don't worry about Gambit's. I will try to run it in the spirit of the original owner.

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Do you believe in good luck?

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Horo on Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:53 am

A logo for the Underground Broad Casting Network appears as Logo UBCN, and the screen then shoes a young woman standing in a corn field in the middle of the night, a full moon overhead, the breeze blowing gently causing the rustle of the corn to slightly interfere with the the woman's voice.

"This is a question that has been asked quiet frequently, is there such a thing as good luck, or is it just random occurrence?" asked the news woman, looking back at the cornfield as a low growl was heard, then back to the camera.

"According to beliefs as well as rumor's it is believed that if you grab the tail of a harvest god, you will be granted a never ending fount of good luck, some think this is just a made up story to have them look like idiots and search for the Harvest god all night during a full moon, while others believe it's something of a darker nature, that which involves creature's that could only be possible in you're nightmares." said the news woman, cringing slightly as wolves howls could be heard in the background, the camera shaking as the man holding the camera began to get scared.

"Hurry up already will you." whispered the camera man, trying to make sure the camera doesn't pick up his voice, but sadly it did.

"Some claim to have seen the harvest god, it being a large wolf with light brown fur, and an abnormally large tail, others believe its just some sick prank to have some poor sap chase after a wolf to grab it's tail and only get mauled or killed by that said wolf." said the news woman, as she nodded slightly to the and a lowed growling could be heard directly behind her.

"Holy sh**!" screamed the camera man as he began to take off, the camera now pointing at the ground, the sounds of him panting as he ran for his life, and the screams of the poor news woman could be heard. "F*** F*** F***!!!" the camera man screamed as the camera was sent tumbling threw the air and landing in the grass roughly with a loud thud and as screen was tilted at an angel, and some of the arm's and the hands of the camera man can be see as he screams in agony as the sounds of tearing flesh, and crunching bone could be heard as the wolf ripped him apart.

The screen would cut off and would flash up UBCN, and bellow that would display. 'We are suffering some technical difficulties, we will be right back to you after this commercial brake', screen would go to random assorted commercials.

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Muertre, Subject #17.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Rooster on Fri Oct 09, 2009 8:48 pm

The Scene opens inside the back of a helicopter, it's heavy rotors chopping at the air to cause an audible -Chutachutachutachutachutachuta- While the camera turns towards a soldier (Clad in an orange jumpsuit, some sort of chest armor, combat boots and fingerless gloves. All around him soldiers dressed just like him sit shoulder to shoulder on a large bench, though most of them wear helmets and balaclavas) inside of the transport. 'H-Hello, This is The Asylum's C-current replacement Warden for the time being..' The view turns away from the shaky soldier and to the door, which opens rather abruptly to show a devastated city block down below. 'A-as you can see, the northern sector of Wing City has been almost totally demolished by a certain prisoner of ours...S-she is considered the most powerful psychic in the multiverse at this time...and we urge y-you to stay away from her..' The Helicopter gains sudden altitude and passes over a slumping tower. 'N-now, I know you're shocked and upset at us for..well, l-letting her escape...But I can guarantee she will be apprehended immediately..and you will see it first hand.. S-so you know that we are able to contain these threats in t-the future..' As soon as this line is spoken the large boxy vision of the camera switches off, to forward into a HUD-like view. It was pointed at the metal floor of the transport helicopter, shaky hands gripping it. It slowly and timidly rises and fits over the head of The Warden, his vital signs now visible. He takes a look around him and nods to his soldiers, which give him a nod back. The warden was the first out of the chopper door, floating down with some Anti-gravity technology inside of his suit. The rest of the soldiers follow him the same way, now gripping pistols or some futuristic looking rifles.

The Helicopter pulled out, only to transmit some sort of signal and drop a small jeep-like car. The warden was the first in, calling shotgun as two soldiers hop on. One driving, the other on the back on look-out. (Others moving out on foot.) The Warden's HUD pans over the destruction. 'You must understand..her c-capabilities.. Very..Deadly, Men.' The Soldiers answered with a nod again. It seemed like hours of tension for only minutes of driving. Every now and then The Warden would look in one direction, only to sigh and shake his head. And then...

-Ratatatatata!- The sound of gunfire! And more! As soon as the first burst echoed over the deserted and bloodstained Norther Wing city more cried out, explosions of grenades, yelling of Soldiers, officers. The Jeep sped in that direction, just in time for the show...

A Small woman stood in the middle of the road, the Orange jumpsuited men targeting her only, some took cover and others, being rookies, stood right in the open and fired apon her. Muertre was too great of mind and will for their petty efforts, however. She waved a dismissing hand, cutting two Soldiers in half as if their armor was made in their grandmother's basement. She spin on her heel, looking quite happy and not the least evil. The ones behind the assorted cover..Walls, Doors...Fences...Gates...Should have just accepted their fate, as now, Muertre was gone.. The Warden and his HUD searching to no avail. More gunshots, screams, the spatter of blood.... Smack! Smack! Smack! The sound of soon to be corpses slapping against asphalt and concrete. Giggles, So many giggles accompanied the horrid noises and screams. 'T-Thats it! Call in the heavy support!' 'Already on the way, sir!' 'ETA?' 'Thirty Seconds!' A soldier flipped over his jeep and splattered on the road, the one in back of said vehicle gasping as he was ripped out of his seat and skinned like a potato, then tossed aside like a rag doll. The Soldier driving hits the gas, rubber burning, gas fumes spewing...Yet there was no movement... The jeep was locked to it's position, it's tires shredded and grinded on the road now, there was no choice but to run. Yet there was still hope, the sound of tank treads in the distance heralded the coming of heavy support and The current Warden, not caring about his men at all, jumped off the Jeep and took off down the street, looking back once to see the automobile shoot up, flip before gravity took it's toll and smash into the ground. It explodes, sending shrapnel everywhere (And even cutting a line across The Warden's Delicate blue HUD) The coward stumbles, but keeps his footing, heading to the only hope he had in his heart, Tank Treads. Please god! Let them be here!

And Behold! They came, two beautiful juggernauts of metal and diesel, causing a thunder down the once normal street...Hope did not last long. It never does. Hope is like flame and Muertre is the cold, biting wind that robs it of it's Air...

The Warden shot up, held by Muertre's will like some Barbie doll. "Warden..Warden..Eheheheheheheh... So naughty..Arent you so rude! Interrupting a lady on her day on the town... But I can see you have learned the error of your ways, as you flee before me..Very well. Begone." The Poor Warden hurtled through the air, slamming into the left Juggernaut that was supposed to save him. It was obvious he hand landed awkwardly, as the last thing seen before his paralyzed body crumpled to the ground was an upside down image of Jill Muertre, Subject #17, a rather short, Blue eyed, blond haired, innocent looking girl. His helmet rolled off, the HUD showing still, though cracked horribly. You could make out Muertre. She just smiled and a creaking was heard, a small hole popping into the side of one of the Tanks, in a last ditch effort it turns it's turret towards her and fires, which is miraculously deflected into a nearby house. The small hole become slightly larger as the entire crew is ripped out of it. Creaaaaaaaak... It flipped, slamming ontop of the other tank. Creaaaaaaaaaaaak! both of the heavy support machines crumpled, forming a big metal ball. Muertre lets it drop in the center of the street. And When it all seemed over....

Muertre tilts her head at the helmet, skipping over and hoisting it up. She stares right into the Camera and gives a wink..

Please stand by. This Connection is having technical difficulties..

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Mercenaries Waging War? General Haggai Set To Speak.

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The Intro to the WCNN (Wing City News Network) is shown before the screen shifts to anchorman Erick Kelly, Erick was wearing a dark brown suit as he reported the news.

"Recently, things have been reported as going bad for General Kroger Haggai, the founder of the Invictus PMC. Rumors had surfaced that his wife, Romanae Haggai, was kidnapped by the PLA. We confirmed these rumors and began asking General Haggai who also confirmed the rumors with tears in his eyes. We take you to Haggai from his office here in Wing City."

The screen shifted to show Kroger sitting behind a desk, he was dressed in a purple and white military uniform today. He took a deep breath before speaking.

"Not long ago, my wife was kidnapped by who I have been told were the PLA. I obviously didn't believe this at first, but some of my comrades did some investigating and talking, not to mention Romanae went missing. I do not have full control over the Company, but I was given the authority to do as I like."

Kroger paused for a few moments, taking a deep breath before he continued to speak.

"I want justice, people should not be allowed to commit heinous crimes such as this and get away with it. If the authorities will not get involved, I will and so will my comrades known as the Invictus. For them to target my family like this angers me, innocent people. How do I know that my daughters will be safe at school? How do I know that my cousins, aunts, and uncles in Arabia won't be next?"

Kroger stood up from his desk and neared the camera crew, upon seeing the tall soldier come closer to them they would back up.

"The Invictus are going to wage war on the PLA, we are going to show no mercy. Anyone that tries to stop us will suffer the same fate, do not obstruct our path to justice. No matter how bloody our path may be."

With that the screen shifted to show Erick once more, his expression was serious.

"More on this story as it develops.."

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WAR! - A Sagittaron Link Newscast

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby barney_fife on Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:54 am

Nip it in the bud.

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Halloween is on it's way!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Horo on Mon Oct 19, 2009 8:00 pm

A logo for the Underground Broad Casting Network appears as Logo UBCN, and the screen would flicker slightly, a woman with long brown hair, and light red eyes was holding onto a mic, her standing in front of the corn fields, the camera shaking slightly as who ever was holding it wasn't doing a good job at keeping it steady.

"Keep it steady will ya..." mumbled the woman at who the camera's person was, her furrowing her brow slightly.

The camera would shake violently a few times and then settle. "S-sorry....." whispered the voice of a young female from behind the camera, the woman rolling her eyes slightly.

"My name is Horo and today's topic will be on the one thing I know some of you are excited for...HALLOWEEN!! she yelled quiet loudly in the mic, it causing a loud screech and for her to yelp, and her to tap the mic with her finger "Damn that hurt.... she mumbled slightly, slamming the mic on the ground causing it to screech again, her growling at the mic and lunging at it.

The young female holding the camera would turn it around, it now facing her, it shaking again as she sound her her gripping the plastic that makes up the camera's frame can be heard. "S-sorry for wasting you're time, it was her idea...." she chuckled nervously.

"Hey give that back Mia!" yelled Horo in the background, followed by the sound of a person running in the grass.

The camera would flip threw the air and smashes into the ground roughly, a beeping noise could be heard as the battery life of the camera was just about out "Eeeeepp!" she screamed as she was tackled to the ground by Horo in her failed attempt at getting the camera.

The camera would shake as it was lifted into the air, it now facing a girl with short black hair, and light purple eyes "And that ends this crappy, and poorly done news cast, Happy Halloween! yelled the woman, the sound of crunching plastic and breaking glass could be heard, it flickering to static.

The screen would cut off and would flash up UBCN, and bellow that would display. 'We are suffering some technical difficulties, we will be right back to you after this commercial brake', screen would go to random assorted commercials.

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Gambit's Bar- DESTROYED!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aderas on Fri Oct 23, 2009 4:37 pm

In a series of shocking events some time this morning that no-one seems able to recall or place, the famous Gambit's Bar has been reduced to a pile of smoking rubble. Investigations into the cause have been launched by a number of parties, and rebuilding efforts are likely to begin by next week.

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Gambit's Bar Rebuilt

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Yue Shine on Sat Oct 24, 2009 8:55 pm

From the combined efforts of a few helpful people, most of Gambit's bar has been rebuilt. Most of the tables and booths are back, the counter is back, and the door is back. But 'back' doesn't neccisarily mean perfect.The floor needs some sweeping and shining. And the fact the door is rather lopsided. If we are lucky, almost all of this will be repaired in a day or two. Thank you everyone for all your help! And we hope you continue to help our wonderful bar.
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Return of CV and wait I mean pirates

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Comrade Vacilli on Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:47 pm

* Cuts to a rather unremarkable frigate cutting through warp space*
Person- This just in. Comrade Vacilli has returned and wait-- what? I mean the Pirates in Korplau sector have returned after they were thought to have disbanded. * shows a flag dropping down showing a red ring of death as it massacers a cargo tug* Oh and the surroudning empire have dispatched ships to take care of them. However in the resulting battle, a wormhole opened up and a frigate and 2 cruisers were sucked in. Have fun suckas. * Reporters laughs as he goes off screen*
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All Vampires are to Register with the VRS.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jace on Sun Oct 25, 2009 1:40 am


-Live from the headquarters of the AVS-

Lights fade out, then brighten, showing a somewhat artificial bright day, with people milling about, different, though very much the same. A man stands in focus, holding a mic and looking very, very nervously about.

“Yes, well, umm, as you can see, the first days of the VRS has begun, and for those of you unaware, it is codeword for the Vampire Registration Sanctum, which is in fact this rather large building behind us. Vampires from all over the Multiverse have gathered here to register their existence, so they may not be hunted down and destroyed,” several men and women stop, turning to stare at the obviously living man. “So says the spokesman for the VRS, I hear, um, yes.”

Shot pans to a photo of an older man, unsmiling and bald.

“We don’t know much about this corporation, only that it has been around for a very long time, hiding in the shadows, or so they claim. Who knows, but I have to get the fuck out of- Oh? Live? Really? Well, from-”

From behind the man rushes several figures, rebels that are firmly against the Vampire Registration Act. In seconds the man is torn limb from limb, but even as the last drop falls to the ground several blurry shapes appear, cloaked entirely in black. Blades whirl throughout the crowd of violent vamps, and in an equal amount of time it took them to destroy a human, their own bodies lay in pieces to color the landscape. The Hunter stands from his crouch, two blades folding back into slits on the back of his wrists. He stares at the camera for a moment, then turns and leaves, the crowd making way.

A scrolling text rolls across the bottom of the screen, giving instructions for Vampires to IMMEDIATELY register with the VRS. Not doing so is punishable by immediate inexistence.

OOC: Sign in thread- vampire-registry-sanctum-t31624.html

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My family, my children, the vampires WILL resist.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Disdain on Sun Oct 25, 2009 6:26 pm

The night is dark, and thunder rumbles amongst stormclouds above the castle home of Neferata, one of the oldest vampires in existence and believed to be one of the first. A bolt of lightning ripples down from the heavens and strikes the mountain side near to the medieval home, illuminating the black landscape for an instant before its light fades and the gloomy darkness returns. Within the castle, the Lahmia are stirring.

The High Lady Neferata sat upon the silver throne as if in defiance of its nature, demonstrating that just one of the many weapons believed to be effective against vampires had no adverse effects on her. She was dressed in crimson red, and her black hair hung over one side of her face, falling down to her waist in glossy tresses, her bare feet resting on the stone floor of the throne room. Behind her stood the Lahmian sisterhood, a gathering of some of the most powerful female members of the vampire race, and before her was a single camera upon a tripod.

Across the world, T.V screens flickered into life, and programmes were interrupted as this camera began transmitting.

The elegant woman raised a wine glass to her crimson lips, sipping the red wine within lazily, drawing the moment out a few seconds longer before she lowered it, licking her lips, and speaking.

"My fellow vampires, brothers and sisters of the night. I sit here before you, not as I have many times in the past, an ominous Queen of our race, attempting to assert my dominance. No, those days are passed, those who wished to join me have, and others may, but I will no longer threaten my kin with violent action should they choose not to. For we face a greater threat, that requires us to put aside our petty differences and unite."

At this, the woman once again raised the wine glass and took a sip from it before continuing

"As most of you will know, an organisation has arisen that wishes to quash one of the most vital necessities of a vampire's existance. Anonymity. I am sure there are thousands amongst you, unlike me, who live around humans and other species without their knowing your existance, your true being, and that if your supposed 'friends' and 'neighbours' found out the truth of you, they would betray you and attempt to murder you. I sit here before you today to say no! We will not 'register' ourselves with this book, expose ourselves to the world for what we are to be hunted down and purged - we will fight them, fight them to our bitter end. Join my, my children, my family. We will resist this with our very lives."

The screen flickers for a moment, and then returns to how it was prior to the broadcast.

Neferata lowered the glass of wine in her hand and smiled.

"It begins..." she whispered.

OOC: I have a sign up thread too!

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Mecha of the Week

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ryand-Smith on Sun Oct 25, 2009 8:02 pm


Mecha of the Week! This is a bimonthly show about mecha and other craft of the week! Today’s mecha is simple, and quite elegant, really,” the announcer, a buxom young woman said. “Its name is the VX-1660 Nightmre! Isn’t it hot!” With those powerful beam and projiclte weapons, and missile launchers, this starfighter will ruin your day! Rumor has it Trantor wishes to purchase several and run them under limited mass production!

All you mechajocks, fighter aces, and just plan old fans will love to see the VX-1660’s skills and power in battle! Yet another fine work from Ace Darkfire's Production studio!

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Gambit's Bar: Welcome back! Or not?

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Mencith on Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:44 am

Thank you for tuning into GNN news. We have an update on Gambit's Bar and a live interview with Lord Canti a former patron. He cannot speak, so he has given us his story via letter, although we do have him on live video feed.


Many citizens of Wing City are relieved that the rebuilding of Gambit's Bar has been moving along swiftly.

Four days earlier, the main floor of Gambit's Bar was completely and mysteriously obliterated, While authorities investigate issues related to the establishment's destruction. During that time, volunteers, began cleaning and rebuilding the site for countless hours until it was once again fit for patrons. Though repairs are not complete, many patrons are already returning the bar.

Following the destruction, Lord Canti, a former volunteer and patron of Gambit's Bar, stated his plans for returning to Gambit's Bar have hit a "dead end," but conveyed that he has "other options," and is committed to possibly building his own establishment in the area.

During the interview, Lord Canti detailed his plans for his dream business. The establishment would offer citizens a calmer, less violent, atmosphere to engage in socializing, while also providing decent meals.

Yet to make an offer, Lord Canti is preparing to offer the community a $500,000 donation, his entire life savings. Lord Canti, not being very talkative, made the donation offer via a letter in the local paper, rather than in person.

Lord Canti provided information indicating bars tend to increase crime and decrease property values. Lord Canti firmly opposes the rebuilding of the bar from both a moral perspective and a concern about safety, especially for children.

"I thought it was a good thing, finding out that Gambit's was destroyed," wrote Lord Canti. "It was far too violent."

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