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The Mystics

The Mystics

a part of “The Mystics”, a fictional universe by Mid.

Where will you stand when the world is divided between power, greed and lust? Who will you befriend in the time of unity as the last Crystal weeps for air?

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “The Mystics”.
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[OOC] The Mystics

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Mid on Wed May 12, 2010 10:06 pm

It has been nearly 6,000 years since the "War of Crystal's breath." Power and greed have given birth to the destruction of two contienets while the remaining two continue the fight for control over all.

Arcadia and Co'Wan...

A fierce battle ensued for ten long years. In the end, the great Arcadia prevailed with the help from their army of Espers. Co'Wan was left to repent for their misdeeds in silence.

Peace followed the lands until 300 years ago. A sudden change occured within Arcadia. A change now called, "Crystal poisoning." With the darking of Arcadia's crystal, the "Dark Mist" surrounded the conteniet, bringng forth horrid beasts who attempt to feed on human souls.

Til this day, Arcadia has been cut off from the outside world. Many believe it to be a wasteland while those inside it believe the outside to be a death trap. How has the world changed since then...?

Isolated from the rest of the world, Arcadia has developed it's own way of life. They rely on their history, religion and farming to survive (Religion: Periven'alci is the God of water in their eyes).

However as the years pass by, the land is becoming increasingly less fertile. The mist spreads deeper into the lands, already claiming one town. People continue to go missing as the night's get longer and the days shorter. The pure crystal flickers meekly, a sign of hard times to come as the the shards become less nad less obtainable.

How can one survive in this harsh land?

Terms of Interest:

Frayal'lox - Our home world.

The Mystics - A trio of stars intertwined together to form a triangle. They are said to be the source of power for the crystals. These stars have individual names. Amyesth being the youngest of the three. Fria'ier being the bravest of the three. Omet being the oldest and wisest of the three.

Crystal War - A war that occured due to Co'Wan's greed for power over the other crystals. During this war, the young princess of Arcadia vanished while her father died from heartache leaving his son, Fulor III, as his successor.

Pure Crystal - A whole untainted crystal.

Crystal Shards - A piece of a long destroyed Crystal.

Crystals - There are four known crystals; Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. Arcadia is in the care of Water while Co'Wan is protected by fire.
(Note: This does not mean there is no fire or wind on Arcadia. There are "mini-shards" which are copies of the orginals and bred such things. Although, supplies are short as of now so there is a bit of a strain within Arcadia.)

Crystal Chaos - The complete shattering of a pure crystal can cause severe damage to the surrounding area.

Crystal poisoning - The darking of the main crystal. As of now, no one knows why such an event has occured.

Water Crystal - A giant crystal about six feet high. It floats in the air circled by four smaller shards. Belongs to Arcadia, and flickers fleebly.
Espers - Legendary warriors who protected Arcadia during the "Crystal War."

Dark Mist - Darkened clouds that appeared after the Crystal Poisoning. Many who go in are never heard from again due too the monsters who bred in the darkness. As of now, the mist seems to be consuming the land. Having claimed Flashir this past year.

Mist poisoning - Inhaling a large amount of dark mist can cause your soul to be tainted.

Tainted Souls - A person touched by the mist is usually a lost cause. They will change slightly at the beginning, from thingfs like want for raw meat or traveling at night farther from their home. By the third week, they usually disappear.... never to be heard from again. There is no cure...

Monsters or Shadow watchers - They are creatures that come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. They tend to strike in the darkness, lught usually hurts their eyes. But there have been reports of shadows walking in the daylight. Could it be true?

Shadow traps - If a town is about to be overrun with mist, sometimes it's not safe to sit near the shadows. You will be grabbed.

The White Knights - A group of seven highly trained knights in Arcadia.

Arcadia - The contineit towards the west, surrounded by the "Dark Mist." The kingdom resides in the center, currently ruled by King E'Stien II. There are four cities/towns surrounding the kingdom. Barriel, a farming village to east. Unixel, the city of scholars lies far west. Ignal, city of ruins (most find it uninhabital yet some Guilds or hunters meet and live there). And Flashir, once a port town yet now overshadowed by the "Dark Mist."

Code: Select all
Origins: (You all live in Arcadia, so pick a town!)
Race: (I want a variety of species, so please spare us from having a million elves and a simple human. Also, be reasonable. Don't try to have some huge ass mecha robo hybrid tree dog mix thing. If you're not sure, ask me for some advice.)
Class/Specialty: What are you good at?
Description: (Words and pictures are okay)
Sample post:  Yes, it is needed if you wish to join. It doesn't need to be huge because that is not what I'm looking for. I want something interesting to read.
Bai Bai bby

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Re: [OOC] The Mystics

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Vergil1989 on Sat May 15, 2010 9:53 pm

Name: Soki Hideyoshi, AKA, Oni of the Ash or the Black Oni
Age: 24
Origins: Ignal. (Originally from Japan during the 1500s.)
Race: Onimusha
Class/Specialty: Samurai
Description: (Sorry bout the big pic.) Image
Bio: Soki Hideyoshi came to this land when his body was destroyed at the same time he brought an end to the God of Light and his plan to deliver the world unto the Genma legions he controlled. Destroying the Omen Star by sacrificing himself, Soki found himself in Ignal, badly hurt from the fighting before but still very much alive. His power to transform into an Onimusha has not been forgotten in the least, but he has had to adapt because of the strange enemies that are threatening to take over this world.
Sample post: The massive purple orb that hung in the heavens, almost ready to set down upon the Genma Mother Tree's twisted boughs and branches, was only rivaled by the God of Light himself who stood between Soki and his final destination. The Man in White looked down upon the Blue Demon and his friends that had wiped out everything he could throw at them. Soki's own father had been nothing more than a tool to the mad God who wanted nothing more than to give the world as humanity knew it over to the Genma, but the other Gods had chosen well their champions as Soki leveled his broadsword at the 'man' before him. Having used considerable power before by calling upon the souls of the vanquished warriors all around them, both human and Genma alike, Soki had absorbed their souls into the Oni Gauntlet that Tenka had given to him before the end game. The Oni Gauntlet had given Soki the power to transform into the true Onimusha God of Darkness, if only for long enough to defeat the Genma Lord that his father had sought to become. The great serpent that was born from the foul magics was put down as Soki cut the beast down to size as lightning fells trees in a forest. Then the God of Light had appeared to finish off what was left, only to be surprised by the incredible amount of strength the Oni warriors were able to muster all over again. Climbing the stairs to his final destination, Soki turned around once and offered a smile to his friends that had helped him to reach this point. "Carry the future in your hands, and carve your own destiny. Goodbye everyone." He and the Omen Star both disappeared when he had reached the end of his long road...

Waking up, covered in slash wounds and blood, both human and demonic alike as well as his own, Soki thought he had died when his dark power had touched the Omen Star that had threatened to crush all live from the planet. Instead, he found himself in some dark chamber, being tended to by a healer. Would this be the start of a new chapter in his life? He wasn't sure.

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Re: [OOC] The Mystics

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby MidnightFlight on Thu May 20, 2010 9:39 am

I'm liking the sound of this roleplay and I want to join, but I think I need more info. I've got a very vague character concept in mind.

What do the crystals DO, exactly? What is the quality of life in Arcadia? Is it medieval-esque? Is there magic? Is there anything else in particular I should know about the four town/villages surrounding the Kingdom? o_o

I feel like there's something else I need to ask, but I just don't know what.

EDIT: I think I just remembered. How do men and women treat each other, is there any particular way women dress, etc?
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Shimahamaru says:
*stuffs character in*

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Re: [OOC] The Mystics

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby AdaRPG on Thu May 20, 2010 10:08 am

Sounds interesting, yet a little vague. I am having trouble getting a picture of the setting and main character. Perhaps the paragraphs are too large? I am not sure. I just know I am having a little trouble following the concept of this story.
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