The Outsiders [Males Needed]

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The Outsiders [Males Needed]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby ImmaCamoRebelPrincess on Mon Nov 07, 2016 8:56 pm

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to do a role play remix based some-what off The Outsiders book and movie!! I have done this before and my partners just kind of drop off or are removed from the site. So I'm going to try this again!! I am looking to do two different role plays with three different male characters that I like from the movie/book. They are both Greasers and I prefer to role play with someone who has either read the book, watched the movie, or both. If your willing to do some research into it and watch the movie (possibly on youtube in sections or redbox or something like that) or if you can go to the library and read the book, etc. Whatever you need to do if you want to role play this and you haven't read it. But...if you have read it or are willing to research in or watch it, read it, etc. I'm looking for three people willing to play Soda or Two-Bits or Dallas. There are honestly some small changes that will be made to the storyline - so it's not a hardcore fandom (HINT why it says REMIX in the title).

I have somewhat of a plot idea - they are all different for whichever guy is chosen, this will remain open until all three are filled up. I do prefer character sheets and I would like my partners to be above eighteen due to the fact that I am twenty-one years old. This will contain graphic content such as adult scenes, adult language, fighting, violence, gang activity, guns, etc, etc. So if you can't handle graphic things, this probably won't be the role play for you to take part in or read over as just a normal person wanting to read a good story. So - you've been warned. That being said, I'm looking for people who are active, the more you reply, the faster the role play goes and gets to the exciting parts (depending on what character is chosen). I do understand people have off days and writers blocks, I'm sure spelling mistakes will occur - on my part as well as yours. But please no text talk and make sure I can read what you send me, if I can't read it - I can't reply. Now on to post length - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE try to post AT LEAST a good sized paragraph! If it becomes a regular occurrence of you posting less, I will just stop replying.

Like I said, I can understand having a bad day or an off day. But you need to tell me, communicate. I do prefer to have OOC chat, yet it is not a requirement to role play with me. OOC chat can take place over private message or in the OOC portion of the forums. I really don't care. I can host role plays in private message or in the forums, I have no real preference anymore. If you are going to be away however, please let me know otherwise I will think you dropped the role play. I will do the same, though I do have a full time job and work two of my own businesses on the side, along with having a serious relationship and trying to go back to school. But I am usually on AT LEAST once a night - usually more. I usually do not reply when I am out with my boyfriend since that is our time, please just be respectful and wait for me to reply. If you have any questions or are interested in role playing with me comment below or send me a private message!

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