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Pseudo-European Radical Anti-Terrorist Organization

The PERATO is a European liberal extremist anti-terrorist organization that resides on Terra. They house underground efforts to thwart both that, terrorism, and oppositions against the Terra, though their main cause is to keep the peace between the common people. As stated before, they are very underground and secretive with their operations, and it takes an extensive process to actually get into the PERATO, that of which, can leave a person financially devastated as well as socially. The extensive process is to make certain that anyone who joins the cause is completely and totally devoted to their cause, as their stations and headquarters are in remote and outlandish places and secretive.

To get into the PERATO, a person must offer a pledge. This consists of sending their entire worth to the organization, as well as any other remarkably expensive things they own. The PERATO states that this is for security, not for personal gain. It's a sort of "I'm holding your valuable object, so do not betray us and you won't lose it" kind of act. Needless to say, if a member of the PERATO goes against it's initiative, they have full rights to keep whatever the aforementioned member has given to them. This is both for actual financial upkeep on PERATO's part, and to dismay unmotivated members or spies from up and joining the organization. They promise to give the valuable object back to the member when they are dismissed from the service, but in all actuality, it is hard to resign or dismiss from it.

PERATO also has a steady public appearance which it keeps up, which, is deviant from their actual operation. They make themselves out to be friendly and peace-keeping, while in all actuality, they're as militant-focused as the terrorist organizations that they set out to prevent. They have a laundered charity in their name that mostly goes to their militant forces.

With the money that PERATO acquires through both pledges and charity, they tend to thwart small terrorist organizations via blocking the source in which they acquire their weapons, information, and supplies. This is sometimes done via brute force, sometimes big bribery, and sometimes alliances. They have been known to have attacked many small crime syndicates due to the fact that they were supplying aforementioned terrorist organizations with weapons, drugs, supplies, and so on. They attempt to keep news about their militant-force on the low, but it has been known that several stories have leaked out about their brute-forcing endeavors.

They have a ring of leaders whom of which are permanently housed in a remote location on Terra. These people make the decisions which influence smaller PERATO leaders to make their next moves. The organization has one HQ, which is off-limits to practically everyone but the staff needed to run it and the leaders which reside in it. Most smaller-division PERATO leaders don't know where their headquarters even are, being that they don't have their meetings face-to-face. In that, the smaller PERATO divisions are just as secretive, with several bases dotted throughout Terra, most of them in less densely populated cities, or out in nowhere.

Their technology is mostly put toward their militant forces, and making sure their bases are well hidden and cannot be tracked simply. Their soldiers can usually be seen wearing a bullet-proof vest on the outside of their closing, labeled with their insignia. Many packs and pockets dot their uniforms, and they have to wear Inconel-625 type metal linings inside of their armor for security. Their guns are top-of-the-line, each soldier being able to be seen with a custom-made rifle. They all carry a rifle, a pistol, a tazer, pepper spray, and a device which temporarily disables any electrically-powered devices within the range of it. Most of the time, however, their soldiers are never seen in public wearing such things, as to keep up public appearances. The soldiers are kept to the places where they need to be -- thwarting criminal and terrorist organizations.

They recognize many languages, and keep interpretors on hand. Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portugese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, and Sweden are the languages recognized by PERATO, though English, French, and Spanish are recognized and taught.

They also recognize a few governmental systems, but the organization itself remains purely aristocratic.

The PERATO is considered a criminal organization by the Terran Government.

TL;DR / Other Relevant Facts

Conventional Name: Pseudo-European Radical Anti-Terrorist Organization
Conventional Short Form: PERATO

Motto: Unite, Unir, Protéger.
Anthem: N/A
Capital: Uzès, France
Official Languages: English, French, Spanish
Recognized Languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portugese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, and Swedish
Minority Ethnic Groups: Too many to list.
Demonym: PERATan (Peh-Rah-Tin, noun), PERATish (adjective)

Organizational Structure: Aristocracy
Leader(s): Józsi Ottó Csizmazia, Sive Bride McCarthy, Osbourne Wendell Abell, Austyn Isaac Rowlett
Branches: PESPaT (Pseudo-European Scientific Pursuits against Terrorism), PERATM (Pseudo-European Radical Anti-Terrorist Militia)

Population: ~ 20,000

Inception: April 1996
Holiday: MLD (Mandatory Leisure Day, only celebrated by PERATans.)
Legal System: Crimes against PERATO are taken to a Kangaroo Court, where the Aristocracy decides the measures taken against a person. This is practically the only form of court they have.

Military Resources:

Standing Military: ~ 14,000
Space Fleet: 1 vessel
Technological Advancements: Above-par technology, moderate technology when it comes to a space-environment.

Other People:

Maeleth Le Ruggwain, director of Pseudo-European Scientific Pursuits against Terrorism
Leon Godric Pratt, senior officer / veteran and director of Pseudo-European Radical Anti-Terrorist Militia

(Lovely synposis nabbed off Ylanne, which you can find here.)

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