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Divinity Unbound

The Races

a part of “Divinity Unbound”, a fictional universe by KumoriRyuu.

The Dragon Goddess slumbers as the reanimated corpse of Her son, Maglissos, is rejuvenated by forbidden magics which siphon the life energy of the Dragon Race. Can our heroes save the Dragons and wake the Goddess before it's too late?

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The Races

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby KumoriRyuu on Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:14 pm

These are the available humanoid races you can portray in this RP, as well as basic descriptions for each one.

* Humans - Needs no description. It's a normal human being. Humans have a low threshold of Mana.

* Elves - Basic Elves with fair skin and long hair which can come in either blonde, brown, or red. They have a medium threshold for Mana.

* Dark Elves - Dark-skinned Elves with long hair and downward sloping ears. They have a low-medium threshold for Mana.

* High Elves - Fair skinned Elves with horizontal facing ears covered by metallic shields. They have the highest threshold for Mana of all humanoids.

* Orcs - Large humanoids averaging 9' in height with muscular bodies and sharp canines. They do not have the ability to harness or use Mana.

* Dwarves - Stout humanoids averaging 3.5' - 4' in height who make for the best blacksmiths and jewelers in the world. They do not have the ability to harness or use Mana.

* Faeries - Humanoids averaging 5' in height with transparent insectoid wings for flight. They have a high threshold for Mana and use Sied Magic.

* Nymphs - Humanoids which can literally blend with nature and become one with it to escape danger. They have a low threshold for Mana, but can communicate with all forms of nature.

* Draconians - Humanoids who look perfectly human, but have the ability to take to an alternate form whereby they grow scales over the tops of their arms, front sides of their legs, along the sides of their faces and necks, and over their hands and feet. They become physically stronger in this form, but sacrifice their ability to use magic until they revert to human form. They have a medium threshold for Mana.

* Miithi - Humanoids with half-human, half-animal features such as a Wolf Miithi having wolf ears, eyes, and a tail. They can transform into the animal they were born to represent, averaging 250% larger than their natural counterparts. They have a low threshold for Mana.

* Goblins - Small humanoids with sharp teeth and a taste for flesh who live in massive underground tunnel communities and prey on hapless travelers. They do not have the ability to harness or use Mana.

* Merfolk - Humanoids who live in the seas and can breathe under water. They can communicate with nearly all forms of sea life, and have a low threshold for Mana.

* Treant - Tree-like humanoids with a low threshold for Mana averaging 12' in height. They can communicate with nature, but to a far lesser extent than Nymphs.

* Giant - Humanoids averaging 15' in height with large, dense, muscular figures. They do not have the ability to harness or use Mana.

* Imp - Small devilish humanoids averaging 3' in height who are highly mischievous and enjoy pranks and thievery as opposed to combat. They have a low threshold for Mana.

* Succubus - Female only humanoids with bird-like wings who are able to use their singing magic to put men into a trance before feeding on their life energy. They have a low threshold for Mana.

* Kobold - Small canine-like humanoids specializing in infiltration and sneaking around causing trouble. They average 3' in height, and they do not have the ability to harness or use Mana.

* Naiad - Basically Nymphs which exist within water, capable of becoming one with the sea and who can communicate with all forms of sea life, including those which Merfolk cannot. They have a medium threshold for Mana.

* Spriggan - Tree-like humanoids averaging 6' in height with slender and branch-like extremities. They protect forested regions with great aggression and can call upon nature to aid them in keeping it safe. They have a low threshold for Mana.

* Siren - Female humanoids similar to Merfolk, but who can only grow a tail when submerged in water. They use their singing magic to lure sailors to their doom before feeding on them as their ships sink after crashing them into sharp rock formations. They have a low threshold for Mana.
Kumori Ryuu

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