Power of Resurrection

The Resurrected

a part of “Power of Resurrection”, a fictional universe by Arabella13.

In the modern world, there is a secret society of people who call themselves Hunters. What do they hunt? People who have the ability to die and then come back to life, the Resurrected. Both groups fight for survival, but only one can live.

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The Resurrected

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Powers: The Resurrected have one spell/magic skill that they are capable of using. When they die by a weapon this isn't made of Hunter Metal or Dragon's Metal, they will leave a body behind and will wake up in a whole new area. Can see and commune with ghosts.

Role: To aid in the easing of those past.

Philosophy: Can't we just live normal lives.

Political state: Hunted by the Hunters. Policed by the Dragons' Huntsmen

History: The Resurrected were the first of the three magical sub-species of human. There powers were given to the first group of Resurrected by the dragon council due to the fact that they had been haunted by ghosts when they were human. For this reason, the dragon council gave the five people who came to them the power of the resurrection, to aid in understanding the pain of death, and communication with the dead, so they can solve the problems that cause the dead to haunt. All Resurrected, if they could see their linage, are related to one of the original five, if not more.

During the mid second generation and early third generation of Resurrected, some of them began to commit unspeakable crimes due to the fact that no one could actually kill them. This then led to the creation of the second group of the races, the Dragons' Huntsmen. They were then given the first tools to kill the Resurrected.

After the creation of the Hunters, only 300 years ago, the Resurrected have been on the run and in hiding. Some remembering their purpose that the dragons gave them, others just trying to survive.

Society: They hide among standard human society when not on the run. When they are on the run, they use a complicated series of safe house, only 30 of which have been discovered by the Hunters.
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