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To the Rich Men North of Richmond

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To the Rich Men North of Richmond

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sigurd_Hring on Wed Nov 01, 2023 9:58 pm

I have a question for all of you diehard pro-Biden advocates on the Internet (especially here on Roleplay Gateway as you were trolling around the chats, causing havoc). Where are you cowards now? I mean, I distinctly remember calling you cowards to your face - or close to it, as we were bickering in chat - but where are you now? That's my question. All of you pansies who openly supported him against my advice, when I warned you of the consequences it would cause for millions of people, where are you now? That's a rhetorical question of course, because you are all cowards obviously. If confronted today, you like St. Peter would deny him three times saying that you never supported that great Messiah of yours. Let me tell you all something.

You have used the Internet as a terrorist weapon for propaganda and false claims. You have ridiculed every single thing there is to ridicule about me myself and others just like me. You hate me for being straight. You hate me for being white. You hate me for being a male. You hate me for being American, you hate me for being Norse, you hate me for being pagan, and you hate me for telling facts. You have weaponized the Internet, using it to promote false claims and radical ideals which have severely affected the minds of every single person on the planet, and when they call you out on all of your bullshit, your fat lazy asses resort to censorship and ban movements to try and silence anyone and anything that contradicts your cult-loving worldview of reality.

Well here's our little message to the FBI Mafia, your Woke fucking culture, your pro-racist agendas and to all you little Obama/Biden/Epstein loving punks out there who think you've won. In the words of Ragnar Lothbrok, "if I were him (you), I'd be less worried about the gods and more about the fury of a patient man; And as well you know, I (we) can be very patient". You tore down the wall that Trump built, and now those walls are finally closing in on you. You helped to take away millions of jobs, and now the issue of homelessness is right at your front door. You shut down the pipelines, and now there are wars all accross the globe that you can no longer ignore or censor. Every goddamn thing I warned you about that would happen, has happened in a very short time, and you don't even have the courage or sensibility to apologize or admit it.

I am no longer pro-Trump, just to be clear. But even if he does go to prison (which he won't), even if he does get convicted (which is likely, due to the gags and other closed door schemes the current administration has set up), I would still vote for him over ANY corrupt politician you assholes try to put in office. You can gag us, you can bar us, you can arrest us, censor us, ban us, erase our history and re-write our culture. You can rip up our monuments and statues, burn our flags, cause racial genocide, plant sleeper cell organizations, bringing corruption to our parliament, our police force, our military and our schools, you can incite wars and then baker act us for rebelling, you can try your best to make us all look completely mad and crazy. But you can not and will not stop the times, nor continue with this terrorist motion forever. Americans are not ignorant. The whole world is not ignorant. You have been exposed, blatantly, across the entire globe.

I was always right, about everything I ever said or claimed. You said I was crazy. You said I was insane. I told you about the UAP/UFO program, and even gave you hard evidence which you pawned off, calling me a lunatic and inspiring others to call me crazy. Well, now that the news stations everywhere have that information, the whole world is aware of what is going on, and you can no longer hold your stance on those issues. When I said that Epstein didn't commit suicide, and now I see that so much of the evidence has been whitewashed or blackwashed to the point where people can't even find original documents anymore, not even on the Internet as so much has miraculously been deleted or erased, it makes people wonder what exactly is going on and why so many people are being censored. What are you hiding?

When I said that Trump was innocent and that everything was being used against him in court for political reasons by the Biden administration in cahoots with the FBI, pretty much everybody on earth knew that was a fact until fairly recently, when now all of a sudden it seems that people are forgetting how deep that rabbit hole goes. So much garbage on the internet, television, newspress and radio now that people are becoming numb, losing focus and forgetting what the hell even happened just a few years ago, much less yesterday. It reminds me of when people said they'd never forget 9/11, oh what a crock of shit that was when they forgot about me and mine. Trump isn't even in office anymore, yet your puppet president still continues to blame him (as do many news outlets) for the fuck ups that are still currently happening during the present White House administration.

How much lower can you sink? Remembering that while you sink, you are dragging everyone down with you. But there's only one problem. You can't swim, and people like me have been through much worse. You used us as pawns, tried to persuade us to fight your wars and win your battles for you because you are weak and cowardly, and your only strength is the entitlement and empowerment you get from the safety of your phone screen or computer desk. You are lazy, pathetic and incompetent, which is why you hide out in the most remote places where nobody can touch you or find you. It's a fact, and if it wasn't, you wouldn't try so hard to deny it, or erase it, you'd simply prove it. Hmmm, think about that.

The walls are closing in on this piracy, and starting to catch up with your deceptive regime of money laundering, child pedophilia, acts of treason, dealings with the drug cartels, and terrorist schemes. Oh no sir, we won't let you forget. We won't let you brainwash the entire planet with your pseudo-MKUltra tactics and strategies. In fact, we have our own secret weapon. It's so secret that we don't even really talk about it very much, but the people of the United States of America have already chosen their next president. You will soon realize this, when our next candidate wins by a landslide that nobody prepared for. You have officially changed the way that things work now in this country that we have fought and died for, despite your spy balloons and oil masquerades, and racial weaponization of the FBI.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot...

Oh you will know, not by these trivial words but by our actions come season when it's time. We will not rally, we will not protest, we will not post signs or wave flags. Oh no, you will know when it is too late, when there is nothing you can do to stop us. It won't be by some false insurrection of the Capital, for which there is already security video evidence that you blew way out of proportion, arresting innocent people. Oh no, we have learned much since then. And once we get our country back, we will attack poverty and homelessness, and education, and the police force, and traffic, and the road systems and railways, and inflation and gas quality, veteran affairs, and immigration and drug smuggling and child slavery and everything in-between.

We will fix our country, and our streets, and we will put the right people in charge of such matters who are actually qualified. Not just for America, but for our allies as well. Don't ever think we forgot about our Canadian truckers, or the influence your pathetic Biden administration has had on them. We will use the secret service if we must. No longer will our military vets go unhelped, no longer will you bitches allow your foreign fucking policies to go unnoticed. And no longer will our embassies be attacked or forsaken without major consequences. We will not fight your wars, no, we will end them, violently if need be. We the people have had enough. We're done talking.

For several fucking years, I myself personally have been a victim of your bullshit. Yet here we are now, despite all your attempts to get rid of people like me, with your little man-made plagues, mega storms and fatal prescriptions or drugs. Calling us liars, lunatics, crazy mad men. For years and years, you called us fake, called us pretenders, said we were insane and just ranting nonsense, jabbering about nonsensical matters which don't, and won't actually effect anybody but ourselves. Yet everything I ever said was true. And I had to not only survive long enough to prove it, but I had to be patient. We all had to endure, through all of your fucked up terrorist attacks.

Well, not all of us are dead, I'm afraid, and the walls are closing in... Go ahead and try to blackmail us, with your Pornhub accounts and our secret counter-acts of terrorism against your Molech worshipping corrupt (and sick) police state. Go ahead, try to bar us from using the 1st Amendment to expose your blatant nastiness, to show the entire world that we are not afraid of you or your treason, and your royal-line stolen richness, living in castles and mansions that we built, as if most of us aren't directly descended from kings and queens ourselves. You forget that we the people are not much different from you in genealogy, flesh and blood. The only difference is in how we operate. You fags and incestuous aliens, satanic/basphometian Freemasons who aren't even freemasons, so-called billionaires who don't even have physical currencies, and don't pay taxes, acting as if you aren't a bunch of hypocritical thieves and criminals, murderers and rapists just tossing us all into another form of slavery.

You who won't even accept your own descendants, (Hunter Biden's daughter, may the gods bless her). Go ahead and try. No, keep trying to whitewash history. Or to pry the minds of the less fortunate African American citizens to blackwash history, zombifying my brothers and sisters to believe in false narratives. Telling people that if they don't vote for you, they ain't black. Allowing them to claim that King James of England was black, and allowing us all to kill and die for your regime. Arresting a poor girl who speaks up against you, as Oprah Winfrey scams the world for money on false claims of helping a remote island overseas. Go ahead and arrest us, kill us all, if you dare. If you insist, and... If you can...

Sending us to fight your goddamn wars, against Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, China, Egypt and Iran, while you motherfuckers sit back and have tea parties with the Turkish motherfuckers who support them? Are you fucking kidding me? Acting as if Americans are free, as if our surnames weren't actually replaced by social security numbers at birth, as if we aren't actually property of some fuckface money laundering slave owners in Columbia or Dubai or Pakistan, or some foreign country? And then what, you try to desensitize us and distract us with some digital madeup currency to make people think that they can actually rule over imaginary virtual properties and become millionaires?

Don't you think it's all a little too much, and that it's gotten out of hand?

Now debate that shit. Pussy.

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I Am Not Your Enemy

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Joseph_Bennett on Fri Nov 03, 2023 5:45 pm

Hello, Sigurd.

I understand that throughout the period we have both been on-site we haven't been on the best of terms, and that's putting it lightly. I have directly opposed you on many points, and have fought tooth and nail with you more often than not, over things that in retrospect seem fleeting. Maybe it's me. Maybe it's everyone else here, I don't know.

I see what you put out, and it's quality, showing that you aren't another brain-rotted contributor to the problems we have here. You're a smart guy, a loud guy, too, but you don't seem to have focus. I agree with what you say, despite how unfiltered and emotionally raw it is, something I can't claim for everything. It's normal to be frustrated, even more to be hateful, and I can relate to you with that. People may have disagreed with your beliefs, may have ridiculed or harassed you for it, something that definitely warrants a harsh response.

I don't want to be the bad guy in your story. I don't think anyone here does, but I can't speak for everyone. Some have given up on you, and they want you gone, but that's not irreversible. I want to see you re-integrated into the place, to see you be respected again. I get it, you have pride and it's a damn hard thing to swallow. I have to stay quiet about things I have opinions on a lot, not just here. I understand that you want to be able to say your piece. I understand that piece is long, drawn out, and vocal. I'd like to listen to it. Hell, I'd like to get to know why you're so driven to say what you feel is important, I could use some confidence myself.

I'm not a fed, not a part of a mafia, or an administration, or a political party. I'm a 16-year-old junior in High School, an eagle scout. Guess what? I'm white, male, straight, and American. I speak the truth I see, same as everyone else. Really, the only thing I can't match up with you on is religion. That's on me, as I haven't handled any interaction we've had about faith the way I should have.
We need to seriously fix the direction this country is going, but it doesn't rely on any one person or radical movement. Coexistence is a fucking hard thing to get through, but I feel like we could both work on that. I don't want to hate you. I get that you get pissed off and start shit, something I mirror. I want to work with you to get through this, whatever it may be.

I've got your back, man. Just try not to run in a direction you may regret, as I want to support you, but I have to draw a line somewhere.
Stay safe, man.

Yours Truly,


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Re: To the Rich Men North of Richmond

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sigurd_Hring on Sat Nov 04, 2023 5:16 pm


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