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The O'Ross' Square

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The O'Ross' Square

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby flameman657 on Sun Jul 08, 2007 9:24 pm

this rp is in the other forum and is doing ok but i want to see what really rpers can do with it.

The O’Ross’ Square RP

The city of New York is one of largest cities in the USA with one of highest organized crime in the USA. These Mafias in New York are strictly to the race of the Don, the head of the Mafia, an example of this is if the Don is Italian it is an Italian Mafia. Now in this Italian Mafia only Italians can become a member of it. New York is just not all Italians it has The Russians, The Asians, The Irish, and many other Mafias. In Manhattan, an island that is part of New York City, is mainly under the control of The Italians and The Irish. The Italians have most of Manhattan and The Irish Mafia is losing control of its only remaining territory. The Irish and Italian have come to a Treaty to ceasefire on The Irish Territory if The Irish give up 30% of their makings to The Italians. Now the two Dons, that are making this Treaty work, are having trouble with a family named the O’Ross. The O’Ross family wasn’t a nobody family their father at one time was the Don of the Irish Mafia before he was killed by the Italians during the Italians first attempts to take the Irish Territory. When their father was killed The Irish let the family go out of the internal affairs because the eldest of the sons was only 8 when his father died. When the Don of the Irish Mafia heard the name O’Ross he couldn’t think of what to do since their father was a legend in the Irish Mafia. He asked the Don of the Italians what they did. The eldest brothers killed his nephew and killed his right-hand man. The Don of the Irish had no way to get the brother out of this. The Don of the Irish went to their bar, “The Irish With No Red Hair” which the eldest brothers won in a poker game, he went straight to Johny, he was not the eldest but he was the boss of his family. The Don pulled Johny aside and told him what his eldest brother had done. Johny asked what was going to happen to his eldest brother. The Don lied and only said he would get a bad beating but Johny saw through lie a realized that his brother was going to be beaten to death. The Don left and waited for the eldest to show up. Johny brought his younger brother with him to meet with the Dons. Johny had a spring load combat knife hidden in the collar of his coat. When Johny entered the hallway, which was before the room with the Dons in it, a man searched him. Half way through the search Johny grabbed the knife in his collar and stabbed the man searching him. Johny took the man’s gun and opened the door in front of him. He shot the Don of the Italians but wait for the Don of the Irish to reach for his gun before shooting him. They left the bodies and went back to the bar. A few weeks later, Johny has kept the fact that he killed the Dons a secret from most of the people besides his brothers. Johny and the new Don of the Irish Mafia, the old Dons brother and his name is Leo, are doing business together. Johny earns Leo’s trust enough to have a little business going on his street with extortion, a bookie going, and the small amount of money coming from the bar. Eventually Johny went for it and asked Leo for 9 blocks of their own turf. Leo agreed as long as the Irish got 15% of what they make. The 9 blocks have been under Johny’s control for only a week and there are only 10 members of the new O’Ross Mafia.

If you haven’t guessed already that you are in the small Mafia in Manhattan, The O’Ross Mafia. In the beginning The O’Ross Mafia are allies with The Irish Mafia because of this The Italians leave The O’Ross Mafia alone. The main thing that you will be doing is go to the stores to get the money from the extortion, going to the gamblers to get the money from the book, and hanging out in the bar with free beer to any member of The O’Ross Mafia. The O’Ross Mafia is not a rich Mafia it can only spend $500 at the max per member per week. They are growing but it is not a quick growing. The most powerful weapon on the market in the area is an Uzi. There is a list of weapons and other things that you can spend your money on. I will tell you when payday is and when a day ends or when a weeks end. You will create only 6 of the 10 spaces and the other 4 are the brothers that I will make.

Shopping List
Per Glock Clip=$20
Per Magnum Clip=$50
Per Tombstone Bullet=$5
Per 12-Guage bullet=$15
Per Uzi Clip=$60
Per SMG Clip=$85
Combat Knife=$100
Knife Holder=$30
Pistol Case=$50
Shotgun Strap=$60
Uzi Case=$70
(You only get $500 to start. You don’t have to spend it all at once. The combat knife is a good thing to have in the beginning because there is really no gang fighting.)

Why do you need a case?
You don’t need the case to have a weapon but they help a lot like all the ammo is in one place and it makes everything easier to travel like if you need to go to a stronghold you wont be dropping ammo or your guns on the floor. These become handier when you get a lot of weapons.

What can I be and what does he do?
There are several jobs your character could have. These list covers the basic and if I forget something let me know or if you want to make one up ask me. There are 4 categories the book, extortion, the bar, and the business.

The Book: The Leader, The Bookies, The Finders, and The Enforcers.
Extortion: The Leader, The Finders, and The Enforcers.
The Bar: The Manager
The Business: The Don and soldiers.

The Leaders can maintain any of the lower level positions jobs if needed.

Character Sheet

Name:(keep it Irish)
Age: 17-28
Personality: (how your characters act)
Clothing: (nothing crazy like short shorts with a Hawaiian shirt.)
Money: 0-500(depends on what you buy. 500 is not the max amount it is just what you were paid.)
Weapons: (what you bought)
Cases: (what you bought)
Shopping List: (what you bought this weeks)
Position: (what your position is like enforcer [book], enforcer [extortion], bar managers, finder [book], or finder [extortion]. Only the 4 brothers are the leaders of the book, the extortion, the bar, and of course the Mafia itself.
Family History: (who is in your family and who are your brothers or sisters are.
History: (when you joined, what important happened in your life, or what ever.)


The Four Brothers

Name: David O’Ross
Age: 24
Personality: He is the hot head of the family that will act before thinking making more mistakes and destroys chance to advance in allies but scares the hell out of his enemies and the people he extorts from.
Clothing: He always wears a leather jacket with a green clover on the left side of the jacket. He wears jeans that have a hole on the right knee made when he killed the Old Italian Don’s right hand man.
Money: $0
Weapons: magnum with one clip.
Cases: none
Shopping List: magnum and 1 clip
Position: The leader of extortion.
Family History: He is the eldest O’Ross brother.
History: He was in the car outside of the building, that was where his father was killed, when the Italians killed his father. He was never really the leader of his family but he is trying to have a bigger role in the O’Ross Mafia.

Name: Johny O’Ross
Age: 22
Personality: He is very calm and will finish what he starts. He is the one that the other Mafias go to discuss business. They do this because he has been getting his brothers out of trouble his entire life and is like a born leader.
Clothing: He wears a brown jacket, which he has on almost everyday, jeans, and a black shirt underneath his jacket.
Money: $10
Weapons: Combat Knife, Glock with 3 clips.
Cases: Knife Holder and Pistol Case.
Shopping List: Combat Knife, Glock, 3 Glock clips, Pistol case, Knife case.
Position: Don of The O’Ross Mafia
Family history: He is the second oldest in his family.
History: He has been the boss of his family ever since his father died. He was the one that established the 9 blocks that is now their turf. He has been dating a childhood friend, Oliva O’Connelley, for a year now.

Name: Brock O’Ross
Age: 21
Personality: He always thought that he was lucky his entire life but when he bets he always loses. He never thinks he is unlucky no matter how much money he lost or how many bets he lost.
Clothing: He wears a leather jacket that he says is lucky because he won his first bet in it.
Money: $0
Weapons: tombstone with 5 bullets
Cases: none
Shopping List: tombstone and 5 tombstone bullets
Position: the leader of the book
Family History: He is the second youngest in the family.
History: He was only 5 when his father died and he was the last one to hear about his father’s death. The night before his father asked him about which horse he should pick that night. When he woke up the next day he checked the tv and he won. On the same channel, after the horse races, he saw the news and the breaking news was his father’s death.

Name: Damon O’Ross
Age: 18
Personality: He is the baby of the family and everyone loved him. Especially the girls, which is why none of the brothers let him near their girls.
Clothing: He wears a black jacket with green lining on the edges of the jacket.
Money: $10
Weapons: Glock with 12 clips
Cases: none
Shopping List:
Position: the bar manager
Family History: the youngest of the brothers
History: he was 2 when his father died so he doesn’t know his face. He is the lowest in the ranks not because of age but because his brothers want him to have a normal life.

not a new rper. i am a good rp. when i want to be. i dont want a lot.

jk or am i

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Re: The O'Ross' Square

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Magnus on Wed Jul 11, 2007 9:53 pm

I don't know if you want me in this one too, but I would be Damon again.

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