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Naruto: Winds of Change

The Seven Sage Blades

a part of “Naruto: Winds of Change”, a fictional universe by Leocedus.

Centuries after the events of "The Last", the ninja world continues on as it always had. The story is however about to change as new shinobi enter the scene. What will you make the story to be?

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Naruto: Winds of Change”.
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The Seven Sage Blades

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Leocedus on Fri Feb 06, 2015 8:31 pm

Here will be descriptions of the Seven Sage Blades available to characters who are proven worthy through a combat test against a shinobi wielding that blade. The test battle will become apart of that characters backstory on how they attained the blade.

#1: Blade of the Emerald Phoenix. This large buterblade is over 6' 11" from tip to pommel, its blade being 1in thick and 1ft wide. The blade like all the others is constantly and slowly absorbing Nature Chakra which powers all of its abilities and allows the user to enter Sage Mode without needing to meditate for 5 minutes. (3 Combat Turns) This blades special ability is to coat the entire blade in a super hot green colored flame that can melt through most metals instantly and allow the blade to cut through steel like it was butter.

#2:Blade of the Crimson Trout. Designed in the style of a Broadsword with a 3in wide blade 3'6" long, this red tinted sword has the ability to absorb nature chakra just like its fellow Blades, and after 3 days of charging can hold a person with proper training in Sage Mode for 5 minutes. (3 combat turns) Whenever this blade is stabbed into a solid surface be it rock,flesh,wood or otherwise a seal is placed on that location that summons a large torrent of water red in color.

#3:Blade of the Pink Tortoise Created to look like an Anbu BlackOps short sword, this busted up blade shares the same abilities as its siblings, able to absorb nature chakra and sustain a Sage Mode for 5 minutes (3 Combat Turns) at a time. Any source of stone or rock, aka a boulder or the ground itself, the source of rock will split in half or in the case of the ground be opened into a large fissure. The size of the break is dependent on how much force is put into the impact. (For example, the amount of force needed to break one of Madara Uchiha's smaller Chibaku Tensei planetiods would be equal to about Tsunade's drop kick, while the force needed to break a human sized boulder is a simple stabbing movement.)

#4:Blade of the White Hawk This curved katana is able to split into four pieces and rotate around the pommel to become a Fuma Shurikan of large size. Like the other Sage Blades, it is able to absorb Nature Chakra and after 3 days of charging can sustain 5 minutes (3 Combat Turns) of Sage Mode. While in its sword form, the slashing attacks of this blade can send out blades made of pure wind that can chop a tree in half. While in its shurikan form the blade can extend its own blades out using wind, the normal 3ft length of the blades extending to 6ft each.

#5:Blade of the Golden Rat Based on the Kusanagi Blade style (the same one used by Sasuke Uchiha) this sword is 3'6" long including the 6in handle. Like the other blades, this one is able to absorb Nature Chakra and when fully charged it can aid the user in completing Sage Mode for 5 minutes (3 Combat Turns). When chakra is poured into the blade it charges Gold colored electricity across the blades edge. If chakra is pulsed into the blade, the sword will send out a Gold lightning bolt out of its tip.

#6:Blade of the Black Mirror This reflective black sword is a standard katana with ornate symbols across its surface. Like the other Sage Blades, this sword is able to absorb nature chakra and aid the user sustaining Sage Mode for up to 5 minutes (3 combat turns). If the user is skilled in Genjutsu, they may use the reflective surfaces of the blade to cast a strong visual Genjutsu that locks the target in an ever repeating nightmare of the targets past misdeeds and worst fears.

#7:Blade of the White Serpent This pearl sword is styled like a Longsword, skinny 3/4in wide blade that is 3ft in length. Like the other swords, this blade is able to absorb Nature Chakra and when fully charged after 3 Days can sustain up to 5 minutes (3 Combat Turns) of Sage Mode. When this blade is touched to a wound a healing jutsu is instantly used that regenerates and heals the target. If stabbed into a persons sword wound it will be able to heal it slowly if combined with a Medical Ninjas ninjutsu.

All of these blades do not need to be owned by Sages in order to be used to their full potential, however without training in Senjutsu then the user will be unable to enter Sage Mode using the blades.

History of the Senjutsu Blades

Back before the Ninja Villages there was much turmoil between warring ninja clans/ Two of the strongest and harshest battling clans were the Senju and the Uchiha. One of the young Senju born during this period was Iro Senju. He was always an adventurer, and after his parents were killed by Uchiha he left the clan and traveled around the world. It was during his travels that he became a Sage. He trained in the Sage Arts for many years, eventually founding a group of sages known as the Great Sages. They were the first group to take interest in the Tailed Beasts as a collective force. Iro Senju saw the Sages as demi-gods, and the Tailed Beasts as too dangerous to be left in the hands of the "immature mortal Kage" and their villages. During the First Great Shinobi War the Great Sages fought against all villages to secure the Tailed Beasts and keep them out of the hands of those who might abuse them. In the end, the Great Sages were destroyed and forgotten. During this war Iro Senju created seven swords to enhance and maintain his Senjutsu prowess in battle. After his death a tomb was constructed in the Land of Iron and his swords scattered across the world. It is said that only one who possess all seven of his blades would be able to fully open his tomb.
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