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Sanus Bellum: The Silence war

The Sound Realm

a part of “Sanus Bellum: The Silence war”, a fictional universe by Ark Reahver.

The Sound war has Begun between the Noise and Harmony, but the real threat to both of them goes unnoticed. Will they be able to put aside their differences to fight against the Silence?

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Sanus Bellum: The Silence war”.
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[OOC] The Sound Realm

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ark Reahver on Sun Feb 27, 2011 4:38 pm

This page will give you information on all you need to know about the world of Sanus Bellum.

Composers are gifted human beings who can do more than just listen to sound. They can see, feel, and interact with it. Trough out their life they develop skills that allow them to prosper within both worlds, the world of regular folk, and a world accessible only to them known as the Sound Realm. They learn to manipulate peoples emotions, to ward off sound creatures, and perform superhuman feats like flying.

Echoes are born from a persons frequency, a sound unique only to the individual, but they do not last in the SR unless they belong to a Composer. A Composer's Echo is born from any overwhelming emotion, most often an Echo is born the first time the composer is attacked, whether its by rouge noise in the SR or by a person in the real world. Echoes develop their own personality and become life partners to the composer, they often take the shape of an animal with black tattoo patterns on its body and a colored aura that emanates from the tattoos.

[size-=134]The Sound Realm[/size]
The Sound Realm, commonly referred to as the SR is a world the exists parallel to the real world. It is where all sound originates from. The anything that happens in the SR can affect the real world and vice-versa, there fore any damages to the SR can have devastating consequences in the real world. To enter this realm Composers often use head phones that cancel out the real world. Although they are not necessary they provide a perfect connection to the SR.

Noise & Harmony
The Composers have been tasked with keeping the balance of the Sound Realm and since the beginning there have always been two forces in constant conflict. Noise, which is described as "pure" sound is simply that, sound in it's most raw form. Noise can have many different effects on people, most of them are negative due to the fact that many peoples frequencies are tuned to dislike it. Think of it like coffee, not a lot of people like their coffee black, but it works better than drinking other sweeter forms of coffee. To composer's Noise is the stronger of the two factions. It provides the user with an limitless supply of sound to manipulate. Unfortunately due to its raw existence it can corrupt the users frequency and cause them do develop tattoos on body that if aren't kept in check can cause the person to lose contact with the real world completely

Harmony on the other hand is not one specific sound but the collection of many different sounds, therefore it is not considered "pure" and is more along the lines of a fabricated energy. Most often related to music Harmony brings about an even bigger array of emotional reactions due to its incredible flexibility. The Harmonic sounds can affect large groups of people at once, ex. Concerts and Performances. Simply because the name is Harmony does not make this side "good". The strong influential powers of this faction can alter one's perspective and cause the to become hateful, violent, and abusive of their influence.

They are the way the Composers stay alive in the SR. They are Brought about through the use of their frequency, their Echoes, and the sound around them. They can only have one weapon, although they can bring them about through different means. Every composer is limited on the number of Musicks they posses. Two Enhancements, only one can be on at a time. One manipulation, that can achieve higher levels.

-Sound Weaponizing
By using sound a composer can turn his Echo into a weapon usable only in the Sound Realm.

Noise Users: Prefer a specific sound to use as their weapon, for example one Composer will use the sound of some one clapping to create a sword, while another may choose something more powerful like the sound of thunder to create a Scythe.
The Louder the sound the more power the weapon will have.

Harmony Wielders:Choose a song, or rhythm that best reflects the weapon they use.
Any song can be turned into any weapon. But the song must be playing for the weapon to stay usable. The tempo of the song affects the size of the weapon, faster songs produce faster weapons.

-Sound Enhancement
By controlling ones own frequency the Composer can enhance their physical abilities in the SR.

Noise Users: Can evoke e frequency change by creating Sound, like they themselves screaming, or can tune their frequency to a constant sound, like rain. Using these methods they can achieve Burst Enhancement or Passive Enhancement. Burst enhancements are just that they are short but potent enhancements of certain qualities, i.e. speed, strength. Passive Enhancements are more powerful enhancements that can affect multiple parameters or even adjust their movement type, like Flying or being able to "skate" around the SR. Same principles apply the louder the sound the more powerful the Musicks.

Harmony Wielders: Matching their Frequency to the Tempo or Tune of the song can alter create very powerful Burst Enhancements, for example the chorus of certain songs may increase not only ones strength but their speed as well. Due to their nature Harmony users can also use a passive Enhancement at the same time as a burst enhancement.
The songs a composer uses are different from their weapon songs. So Harmony Wielders can either Weaponize the song or use it for Enhancement. Luckily though Harmony Wielders can pass Enhancements amongst each other so while one Composer uses a weapon another could be Enhancing them.

-Sound Manipulation:
This refers to the usage of sound to create powerful spells and changes to the sound realm. Te only way a Composer can do this is by working with their Echo to affect the sound. Every composer possesses one or two of the following Manipulations.

Noise Users:

Elemental Attribute- Due to the raw natural energy of Noise, Composers can create elemental qualities within sound to use for attacking and defending. Most often they can create a wide variety of spells. Ex. Creates a pillar of flame below target, uses ice wall to protect oneself.

Resonance- The Noise user becomes one with his Echo gaining the tattoo features of the animal and gains certain animal qualities and traits. Ex. Hearing, Camouflage, Regeneration. Wings, Tails, Horns.

Static Manipulation- is when a composer uses multiple sounds that have nothing to do with each other to strengthen Sound Weaponization or Sound Enhancement.

Kinetic Sound- Using pure sound to pummel your opponent. This Manipulation works like if you had psychic powers you can use the sound realm to affect the real world and move objects with sound.

Harmony Wielders:

Harmonic Communication- The Composer and Echo work together so well their frequencies match each other. In this state combination and teamwork attacks are extremely successful.

Frequency Range- Harmony users work with their Echo to send blasts of sound with their frequency in it. The frequency affects the mood of the people around them.

Harmonic Reading- Allows you to see peoples frequencies and read their mind. Requires a lot of focus and cannot be performed for long periods of time.

Sound Line- Can draw upon the frequencies of people around you to restore your quality of health by lowering theirs. This is like draining the life force of somebody.

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