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Gaol Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The Spelldex (and other stuff)

a part of “Gaol Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, a fictional universe by Raisinette.

Hogwarts isn't the only notable school in the wizarding world. Welcome to Gaol Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry, one of the top North American wizarding schools.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Gaol Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry”.
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The Spelldex (and other stuff)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Mr. Baneling Squishy on Thu Feb 27, 2014 12:44 pm

(Expect updates)

Magical Objects:

Soul Binds: Links two people together, and can only be removed by someone with a Soul Key, and must be on for a minimum of 48 hours. Any two living beings linked by Soul Binds can never be more then ten feet away from each other, no exceptions. They feel any pain the other feels, as well as what they feel emotionally. Destroying them while active is known to lead to both people affected going into comas. They look like stone bracelets with a purple gem in each. If one person dies with it on, so does the other most of the time, that or feeling so much intense pain it would cause emotional scarring.

Magical Dueling Sword: It's a sword that floats, and is good for practicing. It's normally incapable of lethal hits.

Warding Totem: Wards whatever room it is in against Dark Spirits. Knowledge to make them was lost centuries ago. Rumored that a few exist in Orenda and the ruins surrounding it.

Soulbound Object: The Light Side's version of a Horecrux. While never truly achieving the same affect, it allows the storage of memories, knowledge, parts of the essence of people's very souls into certain objects. It is believed even entire personalities could be stored in one, but no successes have been reported. Soulbound objects can either be made through intricate combinations of spells, alchemy, and incantations, or from an act of pure good: (Attempting to) Giving your life to save another (You don't actually have to die, but you have to at least believe you will die). Something the soul finds so valiant, it's power radiates into a nearby object.

The Blood Seal: A special type of magic that ensures only one person and any of their blood relatives can open or use whatever the Seal is infused to. While not Dark Magic itself, was widely used by Dark Wizards.

White Diamonds: A gem created by magic, if you touch one on someone's forehead they will be unable to lie or keep secrets from you. It burns both the user and the subject in the process.

Ghoststone: A type of stone that while looks solid, would allow passage through it to any who tried.

Pixierose: A rose that if you directly inhale the pollen of, or get stuck by its thorn, will cause serious hallucinations, dementia, loss of control over your body ect. As well as a variety of other things.

Moonstone/Moondust: If a werewolf comes in contact with this, they will be forced to transform.

Solar flower: Glows in the dark. Often used as a potion ingredient for potions that have to do with light.

The White Oak Tree: A magical tree as old as magic itself, it is said that you can look into its leaves and recall memories stored inside it.

Memorium Orb: Magically records everything in its surroundings while active. Once a moment is recorded, it can be replayed at any time.

Staffs: Can be infused with a single spell, but that spell is more powerful when castes from a staff then a wand.

Kandrin Stone: When activated, it will help find an object you lost. You cannot specify any certain lost object, however.

Dragon's Tooth: When infused with magic, it can shoot powerful fire bolts on activation.

Magical Bomb: Comes in three forms: Boom, Gas, and Magical pulse.


Voidveil: Causes the person who drinks it to have every memory of the erased magically for the next 24 hours, however they themselves still exist and remember. Rumored to taste like Gillyweed when not mixed with another drink.

Yanit Tonic: Cures most curses. The more powerful the curse, the longer it takes and the more potion you need.

Morningbrew: Causes one to awake from sleep instantly.

Xanderroot: Causes the drinker to turn invisible (just the drinker though).

Tarrion Elixer: Heals the person who drinks it, at the cost of giving a nearby person extreme pain.


Neurin: A sentient plant that grows inside living beings, it feasts on life force and magic. While in a host, it takes control of the host and can access about 60% of its memories. After a few years, it releases it's children in spore form to infect more hosts, dying and killing the host it exists in. The cycle can be accelerated however with a growth potion.

Tenbra: A plant harvested as an ingredient for several healing options, as well as rumored to be an ingredient for a resurrection potion.


The Aether Series: The Aether Series are one of the most expensive broom types in the Wizarding World, and for a reason. They form a magical link with the owner, are capable of some of the highest recorded speeds, and react with lighting precision to the user. They Aestetically are very pleasing to look at and the colors are customizable. The latest version is the Aether V.

The Columbus Series: The Columbus Series is a series of brooms that have a long history of existence. Created using magical components from the New World, they are significant because they are the main rival of the Aether series, however they are significantly less effective in the Eastern Hemisphere from the Western Hemisphere. Specifically, they work optimally in the Americas.

The Volen Series: The Volen Series are basically the more standard broom type of the Wizarding World, and are far easier to make. They are also less expensive. Despite lacking the history of the Columbus or the perks of the Aether, they are reliable to use, and still wicked fast.

The Grenin Series: Faster then the Volen, but less reliable. Otherwise basically the same as the Volen Series. Can't compete with the Aether or Columbus, though.

Spells: (aka The Spelldex)

Avios: Creates a gust of wind that blows in the way you point.

Aetheris Vor: A spell used to help enchant or charm objects.

Undra: Undo's your last spell (only works on weaker spells not used on people). Can also erase what you just wrote.

Herra: Changes the color of someone's hair for an hour.


Dragonscale Potion: Turns whoever drinks it into a Dragon, albeit violently. It is only existence in tales and rumor, no ingredients other then Dragonscale are recorded, and no known sample sare said to be in existence.

The Bloodspirit Ritual: A complicated Ritual, it is rumored to require multiple spells, a specific and unknown potion, and the blood of your enemy as well as your own (or the blood of the person you are trying to resurrect), this spell is rumored to be capable of bringing a ghost, spirit, or essence of a person back to physical form. However, the few surviving records of it seemed to have been destroyed in the last war. Many have attempted to replicate it, but failed and often died themselves.

Varkez: A type of magical beast, it is invisible to all but what it has been summoned to kill, but the one who it targets is incapable of hurting it. It looks a lot like a mutated wolf, with 4 blue eyes, black fur/skin, and with enhanced smelling, hearing, and sight. It exists only in children's stories, used to discourage lying to their parents for fear they will not believe him or her when it comes for them. Rumors have it they actually do exist, but none have ever been seen. (Many argue that the tale itself would support the fact it has never been seen, but it is dismissed none the less).
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