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The Strategy of Survival

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The Strategy of Survival

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lordess on Thu Sep 27, 2007 8:01 pm

(I was not entirely sure if I should post this topic under 'Fantasy' or 'Futuristic'. I decided it would be best here, but inform me otherwise.)
(If you are gong to join, please read everything)

General Genre: Slight Future-Fantasy
Summarized Plot: After their DNA was altered, a group of superhumans are cast to the streets and forced to survive. Their only option is to theive. But, as their strealing bacame more of an addiction rather than for survival, the Laboratory who created them moves to destroy their creations.

In effort to assist the United States military power, a Laboratory, funded by the U.S. Government, go through years of rigerous study and testing. When the time comes right to the point that a chemical is developed to bring upon the taker amazing powers, their test subjects, common animals, do not respond to the serium. Sone animals, particularly the mammels, even died. Disturbed, the elite minds, driven to madness with the lust of finding the ultimate chemical, decided to take people directly off the street, knowing no one would ever agree to the wild terms, and test them. To the people's luck, the sirum worked to such a success, the test subjects could be considered 'superhuman'. The chemical gave them both a set of amazing strengths and terrible weaknesses.
Despite all odds, after several years of captivity and painful testing, the weakened superhumans finally managed to escape. But, the Lab had erased their identities completely off the face of the Earth. This nameless group, no way of proving who they were to continue heir education or get occupations, were forced to hide in an abandoned mental hospital. Unable to pay for food, the superhumans were forced to steal what they needed. But, the chemical's single drawback finally came into view: Whatever the superhumans did repeatedly, they became addicted to. From simple things such as snapping their fingers, to having to drink a glass of water every time they enter as new building, trying to deny these addictions became fatal. But, their worst one of all, was their stealing. Needing to satisfy this desire every week forced the superhumans to steal even things they did not need, such as jewels and electronics. At this point, they were almost driven to madness with their various addictions, suppressing them mentally, but, thankfully, not to the point of complete insanity and unrealisticness.
Finally figuring out where their runaways had fled, the Lab used the force of government to sent the state Swat teams to the city, to finally quell the superhumans. But, the Laboratory had a trick up their sleeve, that no one was expecting...

Currently right before the police and Swat teams arrive. This is just a random city in a random town. No spacifics needed.

A few Rules
Most are probably basic, but
-Be literate
This means no god moding, few spelling and punctuation errors, no power playing, no posts shorter than a paragraph, and using some form of OOC when speaking out of character
-Characters may one strong power and two weak powers. All characters must have a mimimum of one weakness and a mimimum of two addictions besides stealing.
For example, this character can control water for their main power(Control and create are two different things), talk to animals (The probably don't obey you, but they have good information and can be very entertaining) and has a perfect sense of direction (Knows where North, South, East, and West are at all times) for their weak powers. Their weakness is their powers are cancelled when they are mostly wet or in water and their two addictions is that they must pinch everyone they meet, and, when they see a person who is begging, they must give them 10 to 20 dollars.
Be reasonable with the powers.
Telekinisis is a main power.
Mind reading is a main power.
Most main powers are normally control or creation of the elements.
If your character has powers no one has heard of, describe them.
-Characters can also trade one mutation for tone of their minor powers, such as a tail, wings, or gills.)
-No list intros
-Try to keep the genders even
-Before your first post, state the powers, weaknesses and addictions your character has.

My Post
(Cyrus' strong power is Gravity, His weak power is Seeking, his weakness is direct sunlight, which burns his skin, and his two addictions is he needs to crush empty soda cans virtically when he sees them, and he must bang his fist on closed doors when he approaches them, even if there is no one inside.
Gravity- He has the ability to change gravity, or to make it forcused on a different angle, giving him the ability to basically walk on walls or to make others walk on walls. He can also make objects and living things heavier or lighter, to the point in which they float or they arer unable to move.
Seeking- If he is given several seconds to concentrate, he can tell exaclty where people are around him in a 5 mile radius. He can extend this radius if he takes more time to it, almost to the point of examining the entire world if he stays in concentration for several weeks.
Trading for one of his minor powers are a set of thin, long wings upon his back, flyable, and crystal white.)
Cyrus sat on the tiled floor of one of the hallways, contently gnawing on a bright green apple. His hair was slightly spiked and rather thick, an almost white blonde. His body was thin, and he stood at about six foot. He wore black jeans and a simple white shirt. His skin was extremely pale, and his eyes the most vivid shade of blue one would wonder if the very seas were locked within his eyes. The apple in his hand was freashly stolen, bringing upon his body a stade of relief. When he had not stolen for a time, he becomes skittish to the point of being unable to sleep, and eventually growing into a violent pain within his heart and head. But, for now, his life was uneventful. He was in the dorm section of their little hideout. But, Cyrus predicted the peace was to soon be broken. He knew that Lab would be searching for their precious experiements. Anyways, this town was already partially familier with their band of robbers, mainly with the state they left their ravaged buildings from which they stole. But, they were never caught.

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Re: The Strategy of Survival

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pendan on Fri Sep 28, 2007 1:30 am

Hello tharr. :3

Name: Lynx (adopted after discovering her weak power)
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Main power: The ability to control fire (she carries a lighter, that she stole, around with her everywhere for this purpose)
Weak power: The ability to morph into a lynx (does this count as a weak power?)
Mutation: Despite how hand her ability to morph can be when getting about the city, it unfortunately has side-effects that have yet to be cured. The distinctive dark marks that surround a lynx's eye can still be seen in her human form, her hair almost stands up into two little black tipped, fluffy "ears" on her head, the retractable claws can still be put into use, and the lynx's short tail can still be seen on her. (As long as she's not trying to hide it.)
Addictions: Chasing pigeons whilst hissing and mewling loudly at them, and stealing shiny or glittering objects, no matter what they are

Lynx could hear singing in the distance. The sound of a women singing...the sound was soothing and bone-chilling at the same time. High notes that rung out into the muggy summer night made the hair on the back of the young women's neck stand on end. Yet these sounds washed over her like a breeze, shielding her from the stifling heat. She wanted to find the origin of the beautiful melody and dance along with it. Licking her lips, a soft purr on her lips, she rose from her perch from the fire escape where she'd been currently musing and resting and bounded into the alleyway, heart leaping into her throat as she followed the sweet sound.

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