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The Swan Hatches.

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

The Swan Hatches.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Tue Nov 01, 2005 12:57 pm

Stay and Eota walk into the factory that she had set aside before she had left L3. L3 had seemed to have gone insane. So many were against Kiyoshi, seeing him as someone who abandoned them and a murderer, that Stacy thought it would be difficult to find workers. There were few that she could trust however, and that few would be arriving soon to begin work on building the Gundam.

Stacy walked over to a terminal and put in the data Kiyoshi had given her. Quickly looking over the information, she saw that she had guessed a lot of things right from the information she gathered before this. However, now taking this new data into account she altered her design of the Cygnus and made it look more like one of Kiyoshi's designs.

There was a knock on the door and Eota made his way to it and let the workers in. There were twelve of them. Each of them were very experienced, though their ages ranged from young to old.

Stacy - Alright everyone! Let's get to work. I want to have this done as fast as we can.

The workers then made their way to start the building process. Stacy looked in the direction where Cygnus would one day stand and smiled.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Yoshino on Tue Nov 01, 2005 8:54 pm

The uncompleted frame moved quickly through space, rapidly changing direction as it went through diagnostic maneuvers about L3 Prime. It made a flight pattern directly at the bridge of the Pegasus, when at the last second, turning on thrusters, the mobile suit slid to the right with a burst of speed. In the cockpit, Yoshino clicked on the radio.

This is Yuy. This basic frame, system and booster compliment each other well, Stacy. But this is only a flight in space. I’m going to run a gravitational simulation to see how it operates in an Earth environment.

The young test pilot and technical engineer turned to the right console on the cockpit, tapping a few buttons in quick succession.

It’s not battle ready, Yoshino thought, but adding weapons and a combat system to a non-functioning suit is nothing. This had better work right before construction is completed.

His preparations complete, Yoshino readied for another run. He had no ground on which to walk to simulate land operations, but the resistance the system would add to account for gravity would allow him to test atmospheric conditions. He pushed the throttle forward to the 10% line, and the Gundam that would be Cygnus responded well. He felt slight resistance and a building tension in his gut, but it was no different than any other test run he had taken on countless other mobile suit projects.

Yoshino again. Stacy, you there? I’m engaging the Vernier set now. One set alone should allow this to escape Earth’s gravity, right?

Without a response, Yoshino sighed and muttered:

Qui tacet consentit…he who is silent is given to consent.

He pressed the Vernier engagement on the throttle and powered up to 100%, escape velocity for gravity. The mobile suit began to rise, getting faster. With each moment, the tension built on the pilot. The radio crackled to life.

Yoshino? Hey, kid, you there!? Listen up. That sort of thrust should only be tested by experienced pilots. Let Kiysohi test his Verniers. Yoshino? Hey! The G-forces could kill you! Shut down the test!

Yoshino let out a moan as he was crushed into the pilot’s seat. Throwing himself forward, he was able to press the disengage switch as a searing pain ran down his right ribcage. Slumping back into the chair, he let out a cough and could feel the build up of blood in his mouth, the taste of iron and smell of released oxygen almost nauseating. He turned on the radio and let out a whisper.

Thanks…for telling me in advance.

His side felt ready to erupt from the pain, and each breath he took became more difficult, both from the ribcage and steadily building constriction from his internal bleeding. After a few moments, Yoshino Yuy blacked out.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Tue Nov 01, 2005 9:07 pm

Stacy, and the other technicians went out and brought the Cygnus back to the factory. Eota, not being vital to the construction of Cygnus was sent with the young test pilot tot he hospital. Eota sat in a waiting room. Why was it waiting rooms were always so boring? The magazines were always outdated and never anything good. After flipping through several magazines, a nurse came up to him.

Nurse - Your friend is okay, he just had a few broken ribs. You can go and see him now.

Eota shook his head and followed the nurse to the room that Yoshino was in. Yoshino was in a bed all bandaged up. Eota couldn't help but feel sorry for him. He knew what it was like to get injured during training in a mobile suit. The scar over his right eye was proof of that. The nurse left the room.

Eota - Hmm...I don't know you, but apparantly we're "friends" according to the nurse. I'm Ensign Eota Mars.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Yoshino on Tue Nov 01, 2005 9:20 pm

Yoshino looked Eota over once before replying.

Yoshino. Yoshino Yuy. I'm just a test pilot, know some technical engineering to specify whatever goes wrong.

Eota let his eyes drift up for a moment at the sound of the name "Yuy," and the test pilot smiled, or more accurately winced, at his surpise.

Eota: Where'd you get your last name?

My parents, I would assume.

Eota: No, I mean...

Yeah. I know what you mean. No relation. To either of them. It's just a name. Now, if you please, I'm alive, and I will make a full recovery, so I think you can leave now. Though, since we're friends, maybe you're just here to keep vigil.

Eota: I'm picking up your sarcasm.

I would hope so. You really can leave.

Eota nodded once before leaving to return to the factory. Yoshino sighed, an action that alone hurt his ribs more than he cared to admit.

Where's this Kiyoshi guy anyway? Must be one helluva pilot to survive that suit...

He rolled over painfully and attempted to let sleep play its role in his healing.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Tue Nov 01, 2005 10:08 pm

Eota returned to the factory. Stacy was barking orders as the armor was being placed onto the Cygnus and paint being applied.

Eota - Going with the black and gold color scheme?

Stacy - Kiyoshi is a member of the }{G, I figured it would be for the best.

Eota shrugged and walked over to a chair and sat down.

Eota - Yoshino Yuy, test pilot extrodinaire, is going to be alright.

Eota looked at the large power cable running up to the back of the Cygnus right below the backpack unit.

Eota - What's with the cord?

Stacy - We're using a Lithium Ion Generator...Cygnus X-1 will have to be recharged after every battle.

Eota - Why didn't you just use a Fusion Generator.

Stacy - He should be alright with the 5000KW Lithium Ion was cheaper and easier to get.

Eota made a slight nod and looked up at the Gundam.

Eota - You think the test pilot's going to be back to take this thing out at 100% completion?

Stacy sighed as she remembered how the test flight had gone.

Stacy - He might be able to, if he doesn't push it to 100% again. The Cygnus is no Leo or Taurus.

Eota - I guess that rules me out from trying it out.

Stacy - If worse comes to worse and we need a pilot for a desparate situation, you can strap yourself in, but you know not to push yourself in the same way Yoshino did.

Eota - Are you sure Kiyoshi is going to be able to handle this?

Stacy - Kiyoshi has a lot of battle experience. He should be fine.

Eota continued to look at the Cygnus. He could only hope that was true.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sat Nov 05, 2005 3:29 pm

~L3 Auxiliary Prime~

Raphael Winson walked into his new office on Auxiliary Prime. Over his left eye was now a patch and a nasty looking scar. his other eye had the deepest look of rage. Oshia, Winson's secretary, walked in behind him.

Oshia - Lord Winson, the Fre Faction has completely taken over Auxiliary Prime.

Winson - Good.

Winson glared as he looked through the window. Unlike in L3 Prime, the window was not behind the desk, but to the side.

Winson - All of them will pay. Kiyoshi, Kaden, and Mia...all those connected to those three...will pay dearly for what they have cost me.

Winson brought his hand up to the patch over his eye.

Winson - What is the report from L3 Prime?

Osia - Relatively quiet, the }{G fixed the damage they caused and left on a course for Earth. We suffered heavy losses in the battle. The Gundam caused us a lot of problems, moral is down severely, and Auxiliary Prime is not sure about the Fre Faction. They wonder if we can protect them from the threat that is Earth and the other factions.

Winson - Then we have to boost everyone's confidence in my power.

Osia - The doctors said you are not to strain yourself.

Winson - This will be no strain. We will again build up our force here on Auxiliary Prime. Then we will turn our attention further to our enemies. The Fre Faction will become the superior power over space. Then...then we can cleanse the earth of it's impurity.

Winson began to laugh manically. Osia looked away. Ever since the attack on L3 Prime, Lord Winson had become even crazier than he was before, but she knew she could not speak out against him. To do so would mean the loss of her life.

Osia - There is a rumor that two of the individuals that Kiyoshi sent out of L3 have returned, and they are working on a mobile suit.

Winson - A mobile suit?

Winson turned to Osia and glared at her. She turned her head to look back at him. Madness filled his single eye.

Winson - They must be building Kiyoshi his own Gundam mobile suit. Hmph...returning to your old ways even more, are you, Kiyoshi? Have Commander Mitchells take a team into L3 Prime. If we can capture ourselves a Gundam...we will have a distinct advantage. Have him also capture whoever might be connected to Kiyoshi. I want them to suffer!

Osia - Yes, Lord Winson.

Osia left Winson's office. Winson turned to look at the window again. His maniacal laugh started quiet, but grew to the point that it filled the Main Government building on L3 Auxiliary Prime.

~L3 Prime, Hidden Factory~

Cygnus stood, near fully completed. Eota sat in the cockpit running a simulation. From the simulation, he could easily tell that the Cygnus was several steps above anything he had piloted. Though, these were just computer simulations, it only slightly compared to the real thing. Eota secretly wanted to take it out, and try to pilot the Gundam, to take it to it's full strength, but he realized that he could end up in the hospital just like the original test pilot.

Outside the Cygnus, Stacy was watching the battle simulation. Eota was performing quite well. Eota would one day be a pilot on the level of Kiyoshi and the others that had fought in the previous wars. She wondered if Eota, Base, and even the test pilot Yoshino, were the pilots that would one day replace Kiyoshi, Zach, Val, and the others.

Suddenly, one of the workers ran into the factory.

Factory Worker - Ms. Matta! Ms. Matta!

Stacy - What is it?

Factory Worker - We just got a report that there is a team of five Serpent Mobile Suits that have entered the colony! They have markings of the Fre Faction and they're heading this way!

Stacy - What!?

Stacy typed into the terminal and ended Eota's simulation.

Stacy - Eota! The Fre Faction is heading this way.

Eota -'re kidding!?

Stacy was on Eota's screen, the worried look, proved that she wasn't kidding. Eota clenched his hands around the controls to the Cygnus.

Eota - Get to the shuttle. Take anyone that wants to head to the Gilgamesh, I'm sure they could use more workers.

Stacy - Eota!? You can't pilot the Cygnus X-1, it'll be too much for you...think of what happened to Yoshino!

Eota brought the Cygnus X-1 online. It's blue eye's flashed, signaling it was alive.

Eota - We won't be able to escape, there's no time to load the Cygnus onto the shuttle. Someone has to protect not only this Gundam, but also you. I'm the only capable pilot here.

Stacy - Eota!

Eota smiled as he looked at Stacy.

Eota - I can't let anything happen to you, Base would kill me.

Stacy - You're still looking out for him even if he's all the way on Earth?

Eota - He's been my best friend through thick and thin, it's what best friends do. Now go!

Stacy made a slight nod as she looked up at her creation. Cygnus X-1, a combination of both her work and Kiyoshi's ideas.

Stacy - We're evacuating! Anyone who wishes to leave for the Defenders' ship, the Gilgamesh, may come with me on the shuttle...anyone else, return to your homes! Thank you all, you will all be well paid for your services.

Stacy ran for the door, many followed her and they made their way to the shuttle. Stacy then remembered about Yoshino. He was still in the hospital. If they left him here, he could be in danger. Kiyoshi had protected everyone that was connected to him, now she had to do the same. Stacy looked at the four workers that were with her.

Stacy - We have to go to the hospital and get the test pilot, Yoshino Yuy.

Crewman - What!? But...

Stacy - No! We have to do this now, if we debate about this then it'll just take up time. Let's go.

Crewman - Yes ma'am.

Stacy was young but she was able to take charge when it was needed. This made her feel good about themselves. They then made their way to the hospital.

Back in the factory, Eota typed in the command to destroy the factory. He looked up as the factory opened up around the Cygnus X-1.

Eota - And so...the swan hatches...

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sat Nov 05, 2005 5:52 pm

Eota looks around at the environment around him. He knows it well, L3 Prime is his home after all. At least it was, now the enemies that have taken it from him and the others were on their way to his location.

Eota - The Cygnus is only 90% complete, but 100% operational. Looks like there wasn't enough time to build your wings, but I'm sure you will still fly.

Eota made sure to keep the vernier power down to about 50%. He didn't need to break his own ribs unless there was no other option. Eota looked at the weapons and made sure that they were all at full.

Eota - Now...let's see the power of a Gundam!

The power cord disengaged from the back of the suit, and Eota made the Cygnus X-1 leap into the air, he could already notice a power difference compared to the Leo and Taurus that he was used to piloting. He landed in the street. Most of L3 Prime was still in a semi-evacuated state. There shouldn't be any lives lost in this battle. Suddenly, gatling gun fire from thee Serpents rained down on him from above. Eota raised the beam scissors that doubled as a shield before using the verniers to thrust himself behind a building for cover.

Harrison - Hey! Gundam Pilot! Hand over the Gundam and we'll be sure to shoot you in the back of the head!

Eota - Heh...what a nice guy.

Eota jumped out and fired the beam rifle twice before using the verniers to leap to another tall building for cover. The two shots hit a Serpent that was in mid-flight, and it dropped to the ground.

Harrison had already determined where the Gundam was located and ran in that direction. He was determined to bring the Gundam to their new home on L3 Auxiliary Prime, as his new personal mobile suit. Harrison came around the corner seeing the black and gold gundam that stood before him. Eota turned to look at the serpent surprised. Harrison glared and brought up the beam cannon.

Harrison - Hmph! Foolish pilot!

Harrison only saw the glow from the blue eyes, before the Cygnus leaped into the air. Eota yelled as he thrust out the Cygnus left arm. The metal blades of the beam scissors spread and an energy blade ripped through the air in front of it. The weapon flew from it's location on the wrist and spun wickedly at Harrison. Harrison tried to shield by bringing up both his Serpent's arms. The beam scissors hit the Beam cannon and spun, digging itself into it. Harrison threw the cannon away as it exploded.

Harrison - Bastard!

Eota continued to hold out his hand and then the beam scissors returned to the left wrist.

Eota - So that's what Stacy took from the Epiphany design? The magnetic system used for the Beam Boomerang on the Epiphany allows the Beam Scissors to return.

Eota didn't have time to congratulate Stacy for long. Two of the other Serpents were behind him and opened fire. The Gundanium armor protected the Cygnus well, but it wouldn't hold up forever. Eota quickly turned the Cygnus around and attached the beam rifle to the hip armor. Bringing the right arm over the left shoulder, Eota gripped the handle to the beam saber and smirked.

Eota - You guys are lucky I'm not using Cygnus to it's full power!

In one quick motion Eota drew his beam saber and cut across the Serpent mobile suits. The blue eye to the Cygnus once again flashed as Eota used the verniers to move away from the impending explosion. Eota spun the Cygnus around 180 degrees, holding the beam saber out to the side. The blue eyes of the Cygnus once again flashed as the two Serpents exploded behind it.

Harrison glared at the Cygnus as it watch it kill the other pilots.

Harrison - He's not using all of the verniers...the pilot inside must not be able to handle the full power of that Gundam.

Harrison smirked as a small hatch on the hip armor of the serpent opened up. Harrison withdrew the beam saber that had been installed for him.

Harrison - Maybe I can use that to my advantage. This pilot must not be as experienced...which means this suit isn't intended for him at all.

Harrison narrowed his eyes on the markings. "HG" was under one of the vents on the chest.

Harrison - }{G huh?

Harrison opened up a comm. link between him and the Gundam.

Harrison - Gundam pilot...I know you're no }{G. I've faced them before...and even though neither of the two pilots I saw were impressive...they were better than you!

Harrison thrust forward at the Cygnus. Eota barely had time to react as he pushed Cygnus backwards avoiding a slash from Harrison's Serpent.

Eota - You're right...I'm not, but this Gundam's meant for one of those pilots. One that's a close friend of mine, and I'm going to make sure it gets to him!

Eota made the Cygnus stop and rush back in at the Serpent. Harrison smirked and brought it's right arm around hitting the Cygnus and knocked it back into a building. Eota winced in pain as he brought the Cygnus back to it's feet, but by then Harrison was in the air about to bring his saber down into the Cygnus. Eota yelled and opened fire with the vulcan's and machine cannons. At close range these weapons hit the Neo-Titanium armor of Harrison's Serpent hard and made it fall to the ground short of the Cygnus. Eota took this opportunity to move in on Harrison. With a yell, Eota stopped Harrison from bringing it's right arm across with the beam saber by holding out the Cygnus's left arm. Eota tried to force the beam saber forward into the Serpent, but Harrison was too fast for him. Harrison made the Serpent jump into the air and land several yards away from the Cygnus.

With this, the two other remaining Serpents opened fire on Eota. They fired their missiles on their shoulders, which spun in the air before slamming into the Cygnus making it stagger forward.

Eota - Damn...I'm too slow!

Eota replaced the beam saber to it's recharge rack on the backpack and drew the beam saber from the skirt armor. Eota aimed the beam rifle at the Serpents and fired three times before ducking behind a building. He could hear the bullets from the gatling gun slam into the building he was hiding behind. He could only hope that Stacy was about to get off the colony so he too could escape.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Yoshino on Sun Nov 06, 2005 1:54 am

Yoshino heard the sounds of gunfire outside and rolled over to look out the window. The blinds were closed, but he could see the mild pulses of light that signified the intermittent release of light from some sort of fire. It could have been fireworks, but he found it unlikely. He heard the door open behind him and fell back onto his bed. Stacy stood in the doorway, staring at him. Four members of the Cygnus team stood behind her, anxious looks on their faces. They did not want to be there.

Mind telling me what's going on out there? Are we in the middle of a fight?

Stacy gave the injured pilot a quizzical look and sighed.

Stacy: Yoshino, I hate to have to ask you this...but can you move yet?

The test pilot cocked his head to one side and raised an eyebrow.

Are we going somewhere?

Stacy gave him a deathly serious look. She knew the kid had figured out what was going on at this point.

Yoshino did a double-take. Apparently people just couldn't take a joke in moments like this.

Yoshino, there's a battle going on outside. The Fre Faction is moving against L3 Prime and has moved to take the Cygnus. Eota is holding them off until we can get out. We need to leave. Now.

Yoshino pulled the IV tubes out of his hand and rolled off the bed, grabbing his jacket and pants that were draped over the chair with his other personal effects. He pulled the pants on quickly and swung on the jacket, pulling on the triceps connected to the pectorals and winced.

I can move leg-wise, but I'm not going anywhere fast. I can't keep pace with my breathing.

A puzzled look crossed the young pilot's face.

You mind explaining me why I need to leave? I'm just a hospital patient.

Stacy shook her head, half-furious and half-sorry for the young man who had no idea what he was getting himself into when he took that Gundam out for a test flight.

I'll explain on the way. We're staying with you. I should have told you about Kiyoshi when this project started...

She turned and rushed out of the room, Yoshino close behind.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sun Nov 06, 2005 2:21 am

The six of them made their way down the hallways of the hospital. Stacy stayed close beside Yoshino as she explained the situation.

Stacy - Kiyoshi Kazami was the former leader of L3 as you know. He's also an ace pilot who has fought in the previous wars as a member of the }{ell's Gundams. He's had somewhat of a troubled past. Basically, Kiyoshi was created in a lab by an organization known then as the Fre Foundation. They used genetic material left from the same project that OZ created one of the greatest pilots to ever live with. Kiyoshi was supposed to be a super soldier for this organization but it all fell through, and Kiyoshi ended up with the }{G and the Fre Foundation disappeared into history. Now someone has brought back that group, now known as the Fre Faction, and they have a lot against anyone that has anything to do with Kiyoshi. If we left you here, you'd be in a lot of danger once they found out that you were the test pilot of the Cygnus.

Stacy sighed as they made their way out the door. One of the men from the factory had ran ahead and got a car, Stacy helped Yoshino in and closed the door behind her. The others got inside and the car made their way to the dock where their shuttle was located.

Stacy - Kiyoshi wouldn't want that, and neither do I. So, until this situation can be fixed, you're coming with us.

~Back in the city~

The building that Eota was behind couldn't take anymore abuse, and it fell to the ground, Eota quickly turned around and fired his beam rifle, while jumping back trying to dodge the gatling gun fire. One shot from his beam rifle pierced the head of one of the Serpents and it fell to the ground. A warning pierced the silence of the cockpit, warning Eota that there was an attack coming from behind. Eota shifted the Cygnus's weight to the left dodging a stab from Harrison's beam saber. Eota again yelled as he spun the Cygnus around and ignited the blade on the beam scissors and buried it into the chest of the Serpent.

Harrison - Dammit!

Harrison glared as he hit the controls. Eota pulled the blade out as it faded away. He turned his attention back to the last Serpent and fired several shots from the beam rifle. The Serpent took shot after shot until finally it exploded. Eota looked back at Harrison's serpent, as it sparked. Harrison opened the cockpit glaring at the Gundam that stood before him. Eota glared back at Harrison just as Stacy's image appeared on his screen.

Stacy - Eota, it's time to go, hurry and get to the shuttle port!

Eota - Right, on my way!

Eota looked at Harrison who still struggled to get his Serpent to move.

Eota - I don't have any more time to play with you!

Eota increased the vernier output to 70% and turned the Cygnus around. He flew off, and got pinned into the back of the pilots seat. He didn't think there would be this much increase, he had to strain to even take a breathe, he couldn't imagine what 100% would be. Finally, he made it to the shuttle port. The workers all looked confused as a Gundam made its way inside, and then loaded itself up onto one of the shuttles.

Eota - Alright...I'm on board! Let's get out of here!

Stacy - Good work, Eota. We're launching now.

The shuttle soon flew out of L3 and made it's way back towards the Gilgamesh.

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