The Thives Guild

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The Thives Guild

Postby Leon Redfield on Sun Oct 02, 2011 1:09 pm

The year is 2300 and every town is split in two the electronic side and the vary vary old school side. And the old scool is ruled by The Thiv3s Guild and the techs are runned by a master cercet that some how is vary rich and loves to tax the people in old school, which is vary un-fair because they can't pay it and the rent is to high, thats where the thives guild comes in they steel the techs mony and thare put in to gruops of two and the boss is the one they report to. They call each other by nicknames like in the miletary but there resones for that, and the resone is that the all have speshle talennts. Like for instents one of them is called snake becuase he can blend in with any back round and becuase hes a real pain in the neck.
The night was cold in old town the moon was out and the gards from the tech side where out. A boy running from the gards becuase he had stole some mony from the bank."STOP THIFE!" yelled the gard just then he triped "ow." he quickly looked at what he has triped on it was a bow and some weired looking arows he scrambuled himself up toke the bow and pulled out a arow with a glowing red top and with persice aiming shoot it and exploted on impact he passed out from the blast and woke up in a weird looking place "Is this a prison? Or am I home?" he thinked and looked a round not home and deffintly not a jail cell he got up to look aroud some more "Where am I?" he whent to the door "Damn its locked!" he put his hand on the door and it whent passed it "WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?!?!?" he brout his hand back and looked at it "Hmmm I wonder if I can.."he walked passed the door like he was a ghost"Yaeh I deffintly can but where the hell am I?" he walked and walked untill he got to a big door "So your finily a wake? You better be gratful you where a pain in the ass to carry ya brat."he around quickly "Whos thare?" he saw no one"Am I heaaring things?" he asked him self "No your not" said the voise this time it sounded closer "Show your self then!" he yelled "Fine!"the voise hissed and out of no where a man no older then 14 apperd"AHHHHHHHH!" the boy fell in to the door"So you've meet snake have you?"the boy look pail "W-w-where am I?" he asked without looking be hind him"Why your in the thiv3s guild and I'm impressed your able to pass throue walls, doors heck I bet your like a ghost." the boy looked like he was going to herl"Am I dead?" he asked "no but your now a thife and you need a partner Ghost.
Five years later
"Hay Ghost can I ask you some thing?"
"But whyyyyyyyy?!?!?"
"Becuase I said so now get your gun ready Rose it's time to go."
"Fine but later anser my question ok?"
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Re: The Thiv3s Guild

Postby Leon Redfield on Sun Oct 02, 2011 1:20 pm

Name:unknown but hes called ghost
personality:cold like he has died on the inside with no emotions


weapon(s):bow n arows are speshle arows, a dagger, and a flash bomb
age: 14
animal of choise:a silver falcan
power:phaces pass anything and with anyone
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Re: The Thives Guild

Postby Leon Redfield on Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:50 pm

the job was simple get in steel all the gems and money but thare where coplaction by that I mean Rose. *FLASHBACK* "Ok now lets go before we get cought." ghost wispered,"Now can i ask you?"
"No not yet."
"Oh come on PLESESSSSSSSSS?!?!?!?!"
Just the the alarm rang,"GOD DAMNIT ROSE GET YOU GUN OUT NOW!!!!!!" Then all the gards sround them while ghost pulls back his bow and shoots three green arows. Rose was shooting thorns at every one till she ran out,"Ghost i'm out!"
"Me too but i have a idea close your eyes!" He yelled while threw his flash grenaid and a blinding light burst out as Ghost grabs Rose's hand and ran in to a wall"DAMNIT I CAN'T PHASE IT!!!!!"
"WELL IT IS SO WE'RE SCRWED!!!!!" he yelled and taking out his knife and about a hour later they were foresed to surreder and were tied together over a acid bath, "So Rose you want to ask me now?"
"Yah two things one. whats your name?
"*sigh*Fine but later ok?"
"Ok and two if we get out of here do you want to go out with me?=3"
"let me think about it."
"Ok so how are we geting out of here?"
"Like this." he said then he wissled and a silver falcon came threw the window"hay little buddy can you find the acid bath control panle and get us out of here?"the falcon under stude and got them out and they retunde home with everything they stole"hay ya brat you have a nice trip?"
"Shut up snake I'm not in the mood."
"Oh come on lighten up will ya." chuckled snake then wispered to Rose"Have you asked him yet??"
"yup i did but he hasn't told me yet."((sorry i for got to say in the intro u need two partners mine is rose and snake and the green arows are poison, the red is explosive, and blue turn out fire so its water pritty much.))
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