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[OOC] The Town

Postby Jayhawker010 on Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:35 pm

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Re: [OOC] The Town

Postby Damian11 on Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:54 pm

Do you need a person to play the outside a gang?....if so heres a little taste....i will post a bio for AVON

Avon has control of the entire West Baltimore drug trade. His territory included the prized Franklin Terrace tower blocks and the nearby low-rise projects, referred to as "the pit". Avon ran the organization as a hierarchy with himself at the top and Stringer directly below him. They were both isolated from the drugs, handling only money. Avon himself kept an extremely low profile, eschewing overt displays of wealth so as not to attract attention, avoiding being photographed, not having a driver's license, and owning nothing in his own name. He retained attorney Maurice Levy, who advised him on how to counter police investigations and represented members of the Barksdale organization at hearings and trials.

Avon had a number of enforcers for protection, contract killings, and intimidation work, including his old friend Wee-Bey Brice. He had several lieutenants reporting to him, each responsible for trade in a different area, with some receiving a percentage of the profits ("points on the package") of the narcotics they sold. Beneath the lieutenants there was typically a second-in-command and below them several drug dealers. The dealers would each have a particular role: "touts" were responsible for attracting customers; "runners" would deliver drugs to the customer; "look-outs" were responsible for watching for police or stick-up gangs approaching; or handling the money and the level of supply. Each dealer would receive a weekly cash payment for their work from the lieutenant above them.

Every member of the organization was subject to strict rules designed to thwart police investigations. The dealers were not allowed to carry cell phones or take drugs. They were all aware of how to deal with police interrogation and knew that the organization would protect them up to a point, but if they turned on Avon they would be killed. Lieutenants and enforcers carried pagers so that they could be contacted. They were subject to the same rules as the dealers, but also knew not to talk business in cars, public places or with anyone outside of the organization. Such discussions were limited to property and territory owned by the Barksdale organization.

A strict telephone usage policy was applied rigidly throughout the organization. The pager messages were encoded to prevent easy tracing of the telephones used, all of which were public telephones. The code was based on simple use of the telephone keypad - numbers were swapped with their opposite across the number five, and five was exchanged with zero, making it accessible to poorly-educated drug dealers. Each pager-carrying member of the organization was identified by a number. When pages were returned with a phone call no names were supposed to be used, and if a name was used, the speaker was rebuked. A separate code was used for resupply signals, which involved turning the pager display upside down.

Avon received his narcotics supply through a connection to a Dominican organization in New York and had several other options for suppliers in surrounding cities. The main supply of narcotics was separated from the rest of the organization and held in a house in Pimlico where it could be cut and divided into smaller "stashes" for distribution among the Barksdale towers. Once inside the towers, these smaller packages were moved from room to room on a regular basis, to avoid the scrutiny of police and stick-up men such as Omar Little.

Avon's main office was one of his front organizations, a strip club named Orlando's. It was here, behind a locked and heavily guarded door, that the drug money was counted and secured before being sent on to its ultimate destination. Avon usually conducted his business in this office, rarely venturing onto the street. The club's legal owner, Orlando Blocker, was kept away from the drugs in order to maintain the front's appearance of legitimacy for the city.

The organization laundered its profits through various fronts, including a funeral parlor, Orlando's, and a property developing company named B&B. It also invested in property, never actually using either Barksdale or Bell's names on official papers. It also made campaign contributions—and later bribes—to Senator Clay Davis, ostensibly for assistance with development contracts.
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Re: [OOC] The Town

Postby Jayhawker010 on Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:34 pm

:( it makes me sad everytime I look back at this rp. I wanted it to work out better. I think I might redo it sooner or later.
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