[multiverse] the Vagabond (modern)

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[multiverse] the Vagabond (modern)

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The great Wing City... Metropolis of the new world.

I came to Wing City young in my life, as a run-away. I came seeking to make a name for myself, but the name I found wasn't what I had in mind.

It turns out life in the golden city is a bit more high-priced than I had anticipated, and I hadn't spend long on the streets there before I began to resort to dishonest and dishonorable means of survival.

The streets are where I learned to find what I need, be it food or shelter. This is also where I learned how to defend myself and my space. As time progressed, my reputation as a bum grew, but not just with the "civilized" world, but with the underground as well.

Eventually I decided that I might be safer with numbers, so I joined a gang of misfits and outcasts like myself. They named themselves after a common card game, taking the title of an absolutely worthless and undesirable hand, the "Yakuza."

They offered me support and security in return for my services to them. I spent years of my life living that way, but I presently grew tired of it. I wanted to be more than a thug. As luck would have it, I was planning my move for control over the gang itself, but then the proverbial shit hit the fan.

Fortunately, the time I spent in Wing City, living how I lived, prepared me for what was to come, and as I pulled myself out of what used to be a shelter, I had an epiphany: I always wanted to be just like everyone else... and now I suppose I am.

With the city in ruins, no one has a home to return to. Regardless of who they were, no one has a name anymore. When everyone is in the same boat, trivial things like status are forgotten. Now I have a chance to realize my dreams... but first, I have some unfinished business to attend to...


The vagabond is an excellent fighter. He learned to fight on the street, so he incorporates many styles; most of which are broken. However, when used as he learned them, they combine to be quite effective. His most effective, in fact, is his ability to use almost anything as a weapon, regardless of if it was meant to be.

He's also a very skilled scavenger, using his wits and street-smarts to find food, shelter, and virtually anything in the city he might need. Furthermore, during his life here he learned to navigate anywhere in the city without using common roads, so that if he needed to escape trouble, no matter where he was, he could disappear.

Since Wing City was destroyed, he began a campaign to find all the survivors of his former gang, and reorganize them under his command. Those who won't submit to him, will die.
"WAR does not decide who is right, WAR decides who is left..."

[multiverse] the Vagabond (modern)
[multiverse] Sonny Peterson

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