The Val'Gara main thread.

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The Val'Gara main thread.

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The Val'gara.

This is a profile to the very hostile, antagonistic race I created named the Val'Gara they are a collaborate race of organic creatures bent on harvesting all bio-force within the universe, the profile isn't finished because it probably never will be - it'll be updated constantly, but I want to provide you with an outline or an idea of what the val'gara are and what they do as well as their capabilities.

Val'Gara space

Outside of the anti-planetary cluster in a neighboring spiral galaxy there is, at the center, a supermassive black hole. Technically val'gara space does not actually exist within real space, and can only be accessed through alter-dimensional warp travels targetted within the supermassive black hole, if you are not crushed by the gravimetric pressure then through a folding of the universe you will access a sub-plane of the universe that lies just outside of space/time but is also technically a part of space/time. An alternate way of doing this is to travel to it via a wormhole, while there is no direct pathway to val'gara space if the exotic matter is disrupted at the right time, in the right place, then it is possible to sever the wormhole and land within intersecting val'gara space. The reason why warp drive wont access val'gara space is because it lies in between space and time, where there is only chaos, it is unknown how the fabricated dimension came to exist.


Glaceria is the first moon of Colossus, and is not a sentient lifeform, however it is extremely hostile. Crawling with Drones the Val'gara have established a heavy base there dedicated to the research of cryotechnology and it's application to bio-force. Normally the more intelligent ranking creatures are allowed to Glaceria, as they are the ones that will usually harvest samples and study. There is a base that is located within the frigid mountains here - deep into the cave that is dedicated to the creation of the Vesuvian Virus and the Unity effect. The population of Glaceria is unknown but it is estimated that the size of the moon is approximately the size of mars, not yet terraformed, the planet lacks breathable air. The subterrain of Glaceria is composed of an underground ocean, and upon its surface there are many cryovolcanos that create ice particles along the surface, causing there to be a constant mist of ice particles.


The antithesis of Glaceria, Gathix is the second moon of Colossus, and is terraformed, as well as extremely hot. The surface is composed of 66% molten rock, and below is solid nickel that composes the core and outer mantle causing most of the moon's crust to slowly melt over. The Val'gara have also established a firm grip on this moon, and the base there is dedicated to the ear-tech breeding pool. The breeding pools for eartechs are normally sustained by the high amount of heat that composes the planet. The same sort of population inhabits gathix, normally Guardians and possibly Heralds.


Sal'chazzar is the 'sun' of the Val'gara space, instead of being composed of extremely hot gasses, Sal'chazzar is composed completely of ethereal bio-force, which is hardly contained into the massive ball that it is composed of. There is a constant orbit of Sentinels that release their harvested material into Sal'chazzar and as a result the overflowing energy releases from Sal'chazzar, travels to Colossus in the form of solar rays, is filtered by the atmosphere and absorbed by the Behemoths where it is fed to colossus, colossus produces sentinels and other SoI, where it then sends these creatures out to the 'Pilgrimage', to where they return to Sal'chazzar with the bio-force, and thus the cycle continues.


The brainchild of the Val'gara and their supreme deity, Idea is a complex entity that borders the line of nonexistence. Idea is, essentially, the collective desire of malice within the universe. Idea (shortened for Idea of Evil) is a whispering thought that echoes throughout the heads of all the Val'gara that are intelligent enough to understand what it is saying. It tells them what to do, and has considerable influence over the concious - and subconcious mind. Val'garan mythology says that Idea took a portion of existing space, and through the will of a collective, created a like portion of space outside of the space/time continuum, wherein idea manipulates the laws of this universe. Idea may have evil intentions, but they are not chaotic intentions. Idea has a need for order within it's parallel universe, which is why it doesn't simply remove something from existence upon entering. Within this fabricated dimension Idea can take any physical form it feels the need to convey, it is rumored that Idea's stronghold of power is Sal'chazzar, and that many times Idea takes physical form as Sal'chazzar, which is why Sal'chazzar is worshipped as a god, hence Sal'chazzar the Sun God.






The Glossary.

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