The Varashi Intelligence

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The Varashi Intelligence

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Nation Name(s): The Varashi Intelligence

National Color(s): Pale Blue/Steel Grey

National Slogan: Nos Manet

Government & National Population


Government Type: N/A

The Varashi AIs:
The Varashi Intelligence is controlled by twenty totally sentient AI. Each one is distinct in its personality and role, and each one is specialized to this. They occupy the inner twenty systems, networked into the surface of each planet within that system, powered by a mixture of geo-thermal energy and a Dyson Sphere. Communication between the AIs is handled by nuclear ansible.

Population: 9.43 Quadrillion


Intelligence Core; 20 Systems
Controlled Core; 376 Systems
Outer Core; 978 Systems

Inner-Belt; 2,498 Systems
Middle-Belt; 5,863 Systems
Outer-Belt; 6,732 Systems

Transition Fringe; 4,392 Systems
Outer-Fringe; 3,542 Systems

Total Territory; 24,401 Systems

Major Race(s):

Varashi Drone; Every construct controlled by the Varashi AI is built from the same basic design. A fluid, bipedal construct, with arms and legs covered in synthetic muscle, making it incredibly nimble and strong. The head is a swept back oval, without recognisable features, only a mirrored surface. Behind this are billions of nano-machine cameras giving it impeccable vision. Each drone is modified according to its role in society.

Ascended Organic; An Ascended is an organic lifeform that has been subjugated by the Varashi. They are rendered down into husks, full of cybernetic parts, but using the brain and other organs rather than a simple fusion cell and processors.

Population Breakdown:

Varashi; 97%
Ascended Organic 3%

Language(s) Spoken

[i]Trans-Varashi Machine Code

Organic Tongues

Literacy Rate:100%




Primary Tech: Production of Cybernetic Constructs, AI and Nanites
Secondary Tech: Dyson Spheres
Tertiary Tech: Nuclear Fusion Powerplants


Military of the Varashi Intelligence


Ground Forces of the Varashi Intelligence
Tactics of the GFVI; The constructs that make up the GFVI have all received specialist modifications that allow on-the-fly analysis of the enemy, with access to a vast tactical database, allowing them to react to any, however brilliant attack or defence.

Technology of the GFVI; Through millennia of analysis regarding the technology of warfare, the Intelligence decided that the most efficient and practical way to wage war was using weapons popularised by the medieval period. Blades, Blunt Weapons and Bows. These have been modified to be practical with contemporary warfare with the addition of mono-molecular blades and energy fields.

The primary ranged weapon for the GFVI is a seven-foot longbow, forged from a single shaft of flexible steel and a composite metal constructed from carbon nano-tubes. Connected to this is a relay, providing power to a tiny mass-driver system above the central grip. Pulling the string charges this, allowing it to accelerate the tungsten-tipped arrows to massive velocities.

Designs of the GFVI; There are no straight lines on the battle-armour of the CGVI. Every plate of carbon/titanium alloy has been machined to perfection to provide maximum protection and mobility, resulting in a suit that is both graceful and deadly. Each plate is coloured a non-reflective silver, with crimson markings on the chest and shoulders to donate rank.

Ranks of the GFVI;
Intelligence AI
Local AI



Naval Forces of the Varashi Intelligence;
Tactics of the NFVI;
Technology of the NFVI;
Uniforms of the NFVI;
Ranks of the NFVI

Military Population; 94.3 Billion




Currency: N/A

Housed UnderN/A

Economy Type: N/A

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