The Vrilerinnen

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The Vrilerinnen

Postby Lorna1 on Wed Oct 14, 2009 2:55 am


OOC/Sign up thread:- the-vrilerinnen-ooc-sign-ups-t31043.html

In world war 2 there existed the Vrilerinnen - a secret occult society, its leader a young lady named Maria Orsic - a spirit medium, who apparently was in contact with beings from the Aldebaran system, in the Taurus constellation.

This is her, and some info about her.


Maria began recieving transmissons from Aldebaran and wrote them down, eventually these became apparent that they were instructions to build a spacecraft. The Germans did build flying saucers and apparently Maria and some of the members of the Vril society went on a mission to Aldebaran.

Such an RP might have some interesting twists and turns, there would need to be people willing to play the beautiful young ladies of the Vril Gesselschaft, these being:

Maria, Traute, Sigrun, Gudrun and Heike.


If that pic isn't clear enough here's a link to it. ... _babes.jpg

Other characters required would be to fit in with the plot I have in mind, several beings from the Aldebaran system, these are all Aryan as they were supposed to be an Aryan race, that is blonde haired and blue eyed. Also I want to point out that I'm not racist nor do I believe in Nazi-ism. If you want to play people from other places in the Aldebaran system or people from Earth any race, creed or colour that's great, we'll work them into the plot as well.

So now we come to the plot, which I don't mind if people add to or have good ideas about.

The Vril society finally builds their spacecraft, it is very crude and doesn't look like it will even get off the ground - having said that inside of it is very advanced and technical, think of Dr Who's Tardis for example. It is bigger inside than outside, and seems to be able to change dimension inside also, can contain bigger places and so on. Maria and the girls from the Vril Gesselschaft are the pilots on this mission. All occupants and those they have brought with them, researchers, observers, scientists etc. are all female. This is because one of the transmissions recieved by Maria specified that the Aldebarans did not want war with humanity and therefore wanted them to send women on the mission as they felt that men would be more agressive.

The craft does actually manage to take off, and even go into orbit and then it leaves the atmosphere. There is going to be a very crude Nazi version of "Ground control" to keep in contact with the girls.. also if anyone feels like playing Adolf Hitler - there may also be a very small part for him. So, they have a crude version of Warp drive, only they don't call it warp drive they simply call it superspeed, and it does in fact speed the craft up, enabling them to transcend light speed etc and they come upon the Aldebaran system.. and are intercepted by a ship full of beautiful Aryan males.

Of course in such a plot I'm expecting romance to blossom, and conflict and other sub-plots but the main one is that they plan to return the women to Earth pregnant, so they can start the new race on planet Earth, an Aryan race. Hitler would comply by trying to rid the world of every other race, destroying the Jews etc, to fit in with their plans. We all know that the Germans didn't win the war, so I want to work with that.. also the Aldebarans didn't manage to take over planet Earth either, however their descendents are still alive today....

Maria is in contact with an Aldebaran commander named Urlon. I would like someone to play Commander Urlon - he is obviously a male (lol). I would like to explore and improve upon their relationship and perhaps even get romantic and intimate with the two of them. First on a spiritual basis and then when they meet... well we'll see how that goes. Also there is potential to develop romantic relationships between the other women on the mission and the other aldebaran males.

This RP is probably going to be long (if people are interested) and what I want is that people place at least one post per day in the RP and lets not get overcrowded with ideas and posts going off in different directions. It is ok to post what a character is feeling but lets keep a sense of community and togetherness. We don't want people feeling left out or unable to post or something.

Your characters should not be Anime based, the Vril women were real people so try to make even the fictional characters be based on real people and they should all be over 21 years old please - NO kids, teens or children ok?

I will be playing Maria Orsic and another couple of characters. The max characters you can work with in this rp is 3.

I hope people will be interested.

Got a whole lotta love...

Long Live Led Zeppelin... YAHOOOO!!!!
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Re: The Vrilerinnen

Postby Lorna1 on Thu Oct 29, 2009 5:48 am

shame I thought this was a good one.
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