The Wandering Juvie - Inspired by "The Simpsons" episode.

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The Wandering Juvie - Inspired by "The Simpsons" episode.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby reggie_shelton on Mon Sep 02, 2013 11:13 am

HI ya'll. This is a story that is a combination of "The Outsiders" and "The Simpsons" inspired by the episode called "The Wandering Juvie". Here's the set-up:

You just escaped from juvenile detention. You retreat to the local amusement park where you meet young Reggie, an escapee who's sole purpose is to care for those kids who escaped and band them together like family. She provides you with clothing, stolen food from the stands, and shelter in a closed off attraction.

Reggie is soon to perish, and needs help from her escapees to steal food, protect people from park security, or do whatever it takes to care for your new "family". She is also in search of a new gang leader to take her place. However, not everyone will get along with each other and eventually someone will want to take control of everyone. Meanwhile, you also need to be on a look out for park security. They know of kids escaping and will do whatever it takes to arrest them.

Tell your story. Why were you arrested in the first place? What skills have you learned? What relationships will you develop? Do you really want to live your life in secret? Or does a life of crime fulfill something that you never got back at home?


First entry is already posted. I just started this play-by-post role play game today. If this is something you want to participate or play in:

*You do have to register, but its there to filter out the non-serious gamers. Once you register (only takes a few seconds) apply for my game. The interface is user-friendly because its very easy to track a post based on characters involved in each part of the story. Once you register, let me know so I can approve your character's application immediately and you can post right away! Like I said, this is for serious role players only.

Thanks for checking it out. Hope you all partake in this rather adventurous RP.

- Reggie Shelton -


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