The World of Dalpheir

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The World of Dalpheir

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Dalpheir- A world of Magic, alchemy, technology, and brutal combat. The world is mostly made up of Hymes(humans), though many creatures live on Dalpheir, some that look as though they crawled out of the gates of Hell, some look like heavenly creatures, some even look Hyme. Some Hymes are born with Magic in their blood depending on their ancestry, while others have too learn alchemy and deal with the preparations of alchemy spells. Those who are born with magic in their blood are called Magi instead of Hymes. Magi usually have some sort of marking or power symbol located somewhere on their body, it is really rare too see a Magi walking down the street.

Lebeda- and it's surrounding islands is mostly made of beautiful mountains, caves, and tall trees. it is home to many dragon like creatures. There is a small Kingdom that lye right in the middle of Lebeda, ruled by King Terrof. The warriors here are also called Dragon Riders, since they learn how to tame wild dragons, and ride/train them for battle. Vetehinens and Selkies(seapeople), usually live in the caves on the small islands that surround Lebeda. If you want your fortune read, you would have too go talk to them, but they usually require you too give them treasures.

Shalt- A rocky place with coal mines, volcanoes, rich minerals, jewels, and oil wells. People come here only to find precious jewels and ores needed for certain high alchemy spells. There is usually a team camping here to sell already dug up ores/jewels. It is very dangerous for normal Hymes too be here. Sivians(a giant race) can be found working here, since they are able to survive harsh weather conditions and lava doesn't effect them.

Lyon-This entire continent is ruled by King Helios. The Kingdom is surrounded by villages and towns. This is the most futuristic part of Dalpheir. Here you can rent out Sky ships, hover boards and many uncommon weapons. Though the roads are made of stone, the people can shoot a fine gun. Alchemy is a big part of city and town life here, almost everyone must be capable of alchemy in order too live here. The Kingdom is surrounded by a big wall made of silver bricks, though most stores and Skyship resting stops stay suspended on platforms above the kingdom, itself.

Umbrum- Ruled by a Magi Indian village, called Okinh. They don't really welcome outsiders. Everyone who belongs to the tribe has one eye color different that the other. The trees are so tall that there is hardly any sunlight, and the creatures here are beyond fierce. The tribe speak their own language, which any Okinh can understand from birth. Hymes don't know much about the Okinh tribe.

Unifer- A.K.A the icelands. There is a permanent blizzard here. Though it is small, not many people can live here because of the harsh climate. Sivians and a few Doves(dorf creatures/strong Magis) live in small colonies here, but that is about it. There are a few caves that are said to be cursed and hold powerful treasures here, but no one has been able to find them because of the fog and constant snow.

Knit- The 'Queendom' of Tollus, ruled by Queen Jashire. She is said to be an evil cold hearted woman who wants too rule the land of Umbraum, and enslave the people there, but the Kingdoms wouldn't allow it. Her army is made up of Golems and Orcs(minions only very powerful Alchemists can make), which does her bidding around the Queendom, and make sure everything is too her liking in Tollus.

Tollus- The city of Alchemist. Many people here are not born a Magi but are powerful Alchemist. This is also a dangerous city of power hungry Hymes, and Doves. They are not satisfied with not being Magi, it is said that they kidnap young Magi, and conduct experiments on them too see how they can do magic, but this is only a rumor.

Vanni- Consists of grasslands, mountains and old ruin landmarks. This big open land takes forever to cross on foot. There is said too be random traps hidden in the area as well as lost treasures. There are also small forests that are scattered across the land.

Ryon- A Kingdom, ruled by King Jaspir. Brother of Queen Jashire, and not as rotten as his sister but he doesn't do whats best for his people but what he thinks is best for his people. He isn't an expert Alchemist, but he makes a great warrior. He puts family first, that being, his sister, as long as his sister is happy he is happy. Most Hymes here are happy with the the system and how Jaspir handles things, they just fear he is going to become like his sister.

Dalpheir Waters- The name given to the forever blue ocean of Dalpheir. The Waters is also home to all Vetehinens and Selkies, since they are half Hyme half water creature. These creatures can last up too 3 days out of water, but will die if they don't eventually take a swim through Dalpheir Waters.

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