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The World of Erani

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The World of Erani

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Yoshida on Mon Jul 23, 2007 12:55 am



Ye might remember the stories of the Ancients, them dragon-folk, while growing up, about how them winged gods made our world and made us. Where are they, ye might have asked yerself while bein' a little lad -- them Ancients never show themselves, but they aren't no fables. I've seen one with mine own eyes -- Gu'golc himself came upon me and I stared him straight in his massive, yeller eye!

Draw yer swords, men -- ye best have kissed yer women before coming here!

In a short minute, we will be leaving this land -- kiss yer beloved Aerys goodbye and pray to Gu'golc that victory shall be ours! Our journey will take us far beyond the Broan Chain and into the heartland of the desert-folk -- straight into the mouth of Razun. Heroic, you may think! Don't ye listen to that flabbergasted talk mumblin' about in the pubs -- let me tell you something about war, boys, something simple enough, but you won't be hearing from anyone else here.

There's more than one side to this battle.

This is not a fairy tale. War plagues our lands now - they may be defending themselves, but we must preserve the Balance! For a thousand years, the dragon-folk have been watchin' us, but now, all of the sudden, they attack? And why now, why them? These questions won't be answered any time soon, boys, but let me tell you this -- something dark is at work here; Razun and Aerys have been neutral since the empires first rose. In time, answers will be found... but for now, yer Highlord has commanded ye to wear ye honor and defend yer loyalty! While the desert-folk of Razun slaughter the dragon-kind that attack them, we bring our own battle to their front!

On their desert homes - on Stronghold!"

- Dialog of General Armand, Rallying the Troops.

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