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Sol Sagev

The World of Gavilla

a part of “Sol Sagev”, a fictional universe by gaiadarkstar.

A city of gambling, entertainment, crime, and murder in a parallel world of magic and fantasy.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Sol Sagev”.
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The World of Gavilla

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby gaiadarkstar on Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:10 am

This thread will include more in-depth information and details about the world in addition to maps and such. Feel free to add to this if you would like though I would like to approve any posts before they become a permanent part of the world so pm me first with your ideas. Creating a world by myself is a little too big of a job for one person. I have made a start to try and describe a few things in more detail but I have a long way to go.

Trades are basically your job. Since you are either born with magic or not it plays a big facter in what jobs you can take. If you are born with magic you can do pretty much anything and your magic can make you more successful than those without. Of course, even without magic if you choose a good trade and work on your skills and abilities you can be just as succesful as someone with magic, sometimes even more so.

Non magic trades
Merchant/trader-specializing in buying and selling goods and often good at determining the value of goods and is usually good at bargaining.

Courtesan-Is a high class companion of the wealty often with many skills such as dancing, singing, playing an instrument, and is usually highly knowledgable in many areas to allow for good conversation with clients in their areas of interest. This type of trade can also be good at spying and politics.

Politition/leader- Public speaking, charisma, some tactical thinking, careful planning and organisation.

Fighter- many different groups and specialties like berserker, fencing, boxing, martial artists, duel weilding, sheild and sword, and more.

Doctor/nurse/herbalist- obviously studied in knowlege of healing, surgery, herbs and more.

Bard/performer-various performing types but basically an entertainer.

Cook- obviously specialize in the making and studying of food.

Historian/ archeologist/socialogist and other sciences-same as they would be in modern times but slightly different in tools and rescources and such.

Tracker/hunter- specialises in hunting game to use to feed himself and/or a group as well as tracking people and animals for hire. Is good at surviving in the wild and knowing what is safe to eat and what isn't and the safest way to camp and which trails and roads to use.

tailer/clothes maker- alter, design, and make clothes
military-varies depending on area/kingdom but basically working as a soldier for a particular government, town, city.
Craftsman-includes fletcher and any other trade where you make/repair things.
tavern/innkeeper-running a bar or inn where people eat, drink, and or sleep.
Fisherman/sailer-this could be just someone who has a fishing boat or they could have a boat for taking passengers or cargo or both.

Magic users

Bard- unusual but some well trained bards born with the gift of magic can combine the two pracices in many useful ways. Ease tension, or tiredness. Produce illusions, inspire, confuse, and even heal.

Alchemy- is a very formulaic magic using potions, other ingredients and magic circles to change one element into another and create magic potions
Mage/enchanter-Weakest magic users. Mages use simple magic-light spells, some healing, can use spell books to make more powerful spells but aren't as good as wizards.
enchanters can only put spells into things or make scrolls but these can be pretty powerful and used by anyone

Ninja-Use complicated hand forms and willpower to create different effects often only to distract or confuse but can create illusions and some powerful attacks that vary in style.

Druid- mostly use natural magic, can use runes to read the future or use water to find people or things. Usually aren't violent or use offensive magic. Good with healing and growing things and dealing with animals and monsters.

Wizard/Witches- Wizards are male or female and almost always need a wand, staff, or book to cast spells. They need a lot of memorisation and complicated spells and ingrediants to make spells work.
Witches are also male and female- these range from black magic curses to light magic this group uses lots of potions mostly but also can use books but they also tend to need lots of intrediants and spells
to make things work.

Necromancer-specializes in things having to do with the dead. Can raise the dead to fight for them.
Summoner- summons a creature of some kind using a magic circle, a blood pact and spell. The summond creature(s) will fight for the summoner

Magic swordsperson- these vary in power and skill but mainly they concentrate on only martial skills focusing on using forms and spells specificly with a weapon or weapons.
Paladin/Templar-Both are the warriors of a religious group fighting with the power of divine protection often granted healing powers and other powers offiliated with their patron god.
Templars are the highest and most powerful of these with very powerful fighting magic and weapons skills paired with a divine aura that gives them many abilities. There is also the darker side
of both of these just flip all the light abilities to dark and you have dark paladins and templars. The type of powers just depend on the god that is their patron.

Sorcerer/Sorceress- These are some of the most powerful magic users other than elementals and can sometimes use some elemental magic. They often have skills in the other magics but their biggest advantage
is being able to do magic without a book, wand, or ingrediants, and sometimes just with the will of their mind.

Elemental- The most powerful but often the most limited. Usually can only use one element but at the highest efficiency.
Magic is identified by it's element and each element is linked to a color.For details on effects of spells and abilities, they will be listed in another section. Basically magic is something you are born with and you usually have a high affinity with one element sometimes able to use a second or third element but not nearly to the same degree of efficiency, though there are some exceptions to this rule. Skill in a type of magic could determine what kind of trade you choose since certain types usually specialize in one type of element that is linked to their skills.

Red: Red is the symbol for the element of fire. This would mean spells like Fireball and Incinerate. For an ability it could be flame strike or fire-heart. Typically can be used by wizards, witches, Enchanters, Sorcerors, elementals, and summoners(different summoners summon differnt types of things depending the the element they are strongest in.)
Creatures are also unique to certain colors except for dragons and elementals which can be any color. Demons are both red and black. A phoenix is specifically fire only. A magic blacksmith with a link to red is a great blend.

Black: Black is for the element of darkness and death. Some spells might be contagion and circle of doom. Abilities could be shadow walk and pierce through illusions. As for creatures a Gargoyle and the undead are both specifically black. The ninja and Necromancer are highly linked to this element as are some alchemists.

Green: Is the color of the earth element and is used in the Elemental, religious, and tracker/ranger trades. Examples of spells could be barrage of thorns or earthquake and abilities might include detect traps, stone-skin, and hypnotize. Green creatures would include Moss monster and Treemen. Obviously helpful to being a tracker/herbalist since green magic can help you identify plants and commune with animals.

Blue: blue is for the water element used by elementals, fighters, and trackers. Spell examples could be ice storm and healing waters. Abilities might include invisibility or slippery. Sprites and sea monsters are specifically blue and nymphs can be blue, white, or green. Mermaids and other sea creatures are also blue. Having a link to blue could help a lot if you are a sailor or fisherman.

White- Is linked with all forms of white magic and light magic. Meaning creating light, healing, navigation, scrying. White creatures include will of the wisps, fairies, and spirits(good spirits)

Yellow- is the color paired with the element of air or wind. wind is helpful for traveling magic, talking long distances, controlling wind. A lot of the winged races have a tendency to be linked to yellow, but a lot of races are born with a little of this magic as secondary to whatever primary magic they might have. It is one of the most common along with white magic. Again a Sailor would find a wind affinity highly useful.

In the next post I might post a character sketch or two as examples of each of the races. I love drawing so if anyone wants a character drawing don't hesitate to ask, though it might take me awhile especially if I have a lot of requests at once.

Anyway I will try to post a very basic map as soon as possible here and perhaps other places once I figure out more how this site works best and such.
Worlds without end visualised, sketched, and written. From my mind and imagination to yours.

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Re: The World of Gavilla

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby gaiadarkstar on Thu Jan 24, 2013 3:48 pm

Ok, I have finally finished a halway decent map of the Northern continent of Lagross. Keep in mind, I only put in the largest cities. I might do another one to show the five main kingdoms and their areas of influence and such.
Since you won't be able to see the whole picture here is the direct link. ... 1359058676

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Re: The World of Gavilla

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby gaiadarkstar on Fri Jan 25, 2013 2:33 pm


The image above is my version of the centaur. If the whole pic isn't visible here is the direct link. ... -350490162

Centaurs, as I mentioned in the short descriptions in the intro, mainly live in the plains and open areas so they can run and have plenty of room. They mostly are hunters and gatherers though they do raise a few animals like sheep for clothing. Though they are part horse, they are mostly carnivores though they also eat wild fruit, nuts, and other plants. They are a proud race who live in clans led by a clan leader. Usually the eldest and wisest of the clan. They are gifted warriors and some of the best blacksmiths are centaurs. They live just slightly longer than humans around 100-150 years.

Centaurs are often gifted with earth magic and are highly attuned to animals, gifted with being able to calm them and sometimes even understand them.

There greatest enemy was once the Amazons, though recently they have started working towards peace. A centaur even married an amazon and they have a child together. Now the two groups often work together and are a formidable force for any enemy.

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Re: The World of Gavilla

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby gaiadarkstar on Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:45 pm

In conjunction with talking about character types, I will talk briefly about the major "civilizations" present on Gavilla.

Atlantis- The mystical and mysterious underwater kingdom. Only those with Atlantean blood can find and enter Atlantis. It is hidden deep in the ocean with a magical barrier that both holds in the air and keeps unwanted intruders out. The city has a wide variety of strange and fascinating buildings, many made naturally by coral or homes made from sunken ships or underwater caves. The inhabitants can freely come and go, almost all of them able to breath underwater and withstand high pressures. A pure bred Atlantian is basically Humanoid in shape with a skin tone ranging from blues to greens and hair anything from blue, green, white, or even colors like magenta or purple. Eye color is just as varied. Many Atlantians have fish like traits like gills, tails, and fins or other such traits. Some can, though look almost completely human but these are usually half or only part Atlantean. They have a very strong and rich culture. They have many artists and are a creative people but also many tend to be cold and serious. Atlanteans are often thought to be emotionaless or unfeeling but they just don't express emotion very openly. Many of the best "techno-wizards" come from Atlantis. They were one of the first cultures to use magic to create advanced "technology". They live very long lives some living thousands of years and almost all have a high tolerance for cold and have excellent hearing and low light vision.

Britain- Ruled by King Arthur and the knights of the round table. It is a kingdom of honor, chivalry, and fairness. Mostly occupied by humans though nonhumans are welcome there. It is an ancient city linked tightly to the land of the Fae and Avalon.

Avalon- Is an Island in between the land of Fae and the Human realm. Only those in extreme need or those with strong magic can find their way there. It is inhabited by Druids, wizards, and many other magical beings, as well as the ancient race of the Eldar. The Eldar were once human but became so entrenched in magic that they are now a race apart from Humans. They live much longer and are highly attuned to magic. They look basically human but a little more, ethereal or charismatic. They have an aura about them that differentiates them from normal humans, though they can mask that if the need should arise.

The land of the Fae- This land is on a slightly different plane than Gavilla and Earth and is the link that allowed many of the true stories from Gavilla to be leaked to Earth. It is a magical land where the unwary might find themselves easily lost. It is Ruled by King Oberon and Queen Titania mainly though there are other smaller kingdoms like the elves and others but the fairies are the majority. There are too many fae races and other magical races that inhabit this land to name them all but I can highlight a few. As mentioned, some of the elven races make their home here, the ones who shunned human lands and wanted to separate themselves from it. The nymphs, Dryads, Sylphs, Satyrs, and many others make their homes here. The fairies range in size and shape all the way from human sized, looking like winged elves, to the tiny firefly sized fairies. It is a land rich in magic and many of the occupants, even the land itself sometimes can play with the unwary. The landscape can even move or change. There are only a few ways to enter this realm but it happens surprisingly often. Watch out for fog and fairy circles and mysterious lakes, these are often portals into the Fae realm. Also beware not to eat the food as you will be trapped there if you do unless, you yourself are fae.

I will talk more on some of the other civilizations next time.

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Re: The World of Gavilla

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby gaiadarkstar on Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:52 am

Egypt- Is still in the era where they are ruled by a pharoah, the current one being Menmaatre. His wife being KAMILAH
It has become a secretive and closed off country very protective of their divine purity. They rarely allow outsiders inside except under strict observation. They keep a close relationship with their pantheon of gods and still beleive their rulers are either gods or descended from them.

Japan- This country is divided by two very strong races who are constantly butting heads. The two try to stay in their own territories but there is a lot of history of strife between them, the humans and the Kitsune. The humans are in the era ruled by warlords and shoguns and are constantly battling between themselves for supremacy. The Kitsune however are more organized and are ruled by an Empress and Emperor. They are seen as divine and worshiped devoutly. Both cultures have a strong sense of honor and duty and very similar cultural attitudes and practices as well as styles of art, dress, and weaponry. The Katana is a special weapon reserved for only those of noble birth in Japan and the making of the weapon is a closely guarded secret. Any non noble is severely punished for possessing one of these blades and an outsider is very likely to be executed for it.
There are also many strange and unusual spiritual creatures and such that reside in this country some staying in a realm similar to Fae, linked only in special places. Some examples of these creatures are Yokai also called oni, demons, Kappa, tanuki, and many others.

China- China in this time is ruled by an Emperor and like Egypt they keep their borders mostly closed to outsiders. They closely guard the secret recipe for black powder and their martial arts are almost always reserved for natives only. Very rarely is an outsider given the privileged to learn. Many Chinese dragons make their home in the mountains of china and are highly revered by the people.

Russia- Is a mostly barren land with a scattered unorganized society or warlords and barbarians. A lot of giants live in this part of the world as well as orcs, goblins, and other nasty creatures. It's a rugged land and anyone passing through often needs a local to get them through it alive. The locals are hardy, often surprisingly cheerful and often welcoming. They can be a little gruff and rowdy but are often a friendly lot. On the opposite end are the barbarians and warlords who are a lot less friendly.

Norse-land- In the time of the gods where might meant right and raping and pillaging were the main activities. Like Russia it is a rough treacherous area fraught with monsters. The Norse are well known for their strong shipbuilding and sailing skills as well as their fighting. They see woman as property and not as people so see no reason not to be rough and do as they like with them. Though now more and more females are becoming strong warriors and gaining recognition.

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Re: The World of Gavilla

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby gaiadarkstar on Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:23 pm

Deviating from the different cultures for a bit is some new info thanks to a friend who gave me the idea. All over Gavilla are crystals in the same places you would find them on Earth and of the same types as they are here. I am also counting precious gems and some types of other minerals but basically Crystals are used as both a storage device and also as an amplifier. Different types of crystals help with different types of magic and in different ways. Some can hold more magic for longer there are even some that can be used to store solar energy to be used for light or to power other things or for heat. Typically the ones that work best for solar storage are yellow, orange, or red crystals and red rubies are especially good for storing and amplifying fire magic. Really the colors of the elements were decided mostly because of the linked crystals that can be used to store and amplify that type of magic. Crystals can be used to store knowledge as well and the data cube is one such device that was created using many different small crystals merged together into a sort of circuit board that can do many different things.

Since Crystals are highly sought and used in almost all magic the more valuable and powerful ones are often fought over. Many wars have started to gain control over mining rights to some of the more rare crystals and gems. Adamantine being one of the most rare and valuable can only be mined in three places on Gavilla. The nations in control of these mines are both very wealthy and highly militarized in order to protect their asset. The country of Rikesh is one of these. Their elite Shadow knights are well known all over the world as being extremely deadly but also highly trusted. Even after many years in the military only the most promising and trusted men and women are asked to be trained as a shadow knight.
One of the other mines is on Avalon protected by the strong magic of the Eldar.
( can't think of where the third cash should be as of yet I would be ok about any suggestions.)

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