The Wrongful Self (A Disney/Non-disney Roleplay)

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The Wrongful Self (A Disney/Non-disney Roleplay)

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The Wrongful Self, A Disney/Non-disney Roleplay that takes the drama and comedy of the roleplay.

Make many storylines if you please!


So, did you ever heard of a magic mirror, that turned people to animals? Well that's the case, a legend has been said that mirror was made by a witch.

Back before Arthur was king to Avalon and Camelot, there's was a woman named Ol' Marge, a witch who did her wicked deeds over the citzens of the world.

One time before the first people come to a barber shop (I will talk about it later),
Marge made a cursed mirrior called the Mirror of Fools she put the curse on the mirror that if the people looked at the mirror, they will turn into animals.

So immeadiately she built and founded a barber shop Called Ol' Marge's Barber Shop Magic to lure people.

At opening day, many people came here to get their hair cut, shaved their beards, and also stylise their clothing.

Many people that did not know the barber shop is cursed, and many mirrors where the Mirror of Fools that she made more.

Sooner and their later people become animals and wreak havoc over their towns!

That Wicked witch has struck at the scene of crime.

Unfortenly for Ol' Marge, she vasished, and after that Ol' Marge's Barber Shop Magic was closed down forever.

The legend also told that the only thing that was left behind after she vanished was the Mirror of Fools.

No one has ever enter that house in ruins ever since.

After that, it had becamed a legend.

Then, after Arthur was king to Avalon and Camelot, a young girl named Kayley, who was walking through the grasslands until she found...

Ol' Marge's House.

She disided to explore the house.
And then, she found the Mirror of Fools.

She heard the legend before.
If she looks at the mirror, she will turned into an animal.
So she touched and, without warnining, looked at the mirror.
After she looked, she fainted for 2 hours.
2 hours later she was woke up, when she notice she felt weird, she looked at her hands, and she found out that her hands are feathered!
She looked at the back and she has a tail, she felt her beaks, and her feathers are blue.
She looked at the mirror and screamed that she had turned into a Blue Macaw!
She flies away in panic in search for a cure!
Meanwille, the villians are trying to kill, torchure or marry (if someone is woman) heroes as they normally do.
But what happen if their worlds colided, This is the story of heroes fighting against villians and search of a cure.
This is the story of The Wrongful Self

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