The XIII Black Crusade

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The XIII Black Crusade

Postby Saxious on Sun Jan 24, 2010 2:25 am

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"The third watch is always the longest!" Dan complained and looked at Cedric, "I mean honestly, come on, we should't be here watching a field, we should be out there, in the stars fighting in the name of the Emperor, just so lame. Why did I join the Cadian Regiment?"
"Here we go again. Dan, it is an honor to defend this city, after all, if you were out there you would have had an average life of one day and twenty seven seconds. People day quicker out there, if it isn't by the enemy, sickness or starvation, it is the damn Commissars, believe me, I know...My uncle worked as a sergeant, he had to deal with loosing seven soldiers because a damn Commissar needed to inspire the morale of the people," Cedric said.
"Yeah, yeah," Dan replied and got out a cigarette and light it.


"What was that?" was all that Dan managed to say before a part of the wall exploded, sending pieces of rocks flying everywhere. In the far distance, there was heard a much feared war cry. WAAAAAAGH!.
The horizon was light up by the canon fire that the orks fired at the city, the hissing sound of their bullets flew through the air, and buildings, sections of the wall, watch towers, and even the roads exploded. The sound of rumbling engines as the ork's war machines drew closer could be heard, and Dan and Cedric barely had time to raise the alarm before they heard wild gunfire, crazily shot at the walls.
The gates to the city was blasted open with the fire from RPGs and canon fire from the ork tanks. Orks, both on foot and in vehicles, stormed into the city, shooting, killing and destroying everything they encountered on their path, the Imperial Guards stood helplessly, trying to muster enough men to counter-attack.

The orks roared through the streets, shooting, burning, and causing massive explosions and infernos to arise. The Imperial Guard struggeled to both hold their lines and to locate the warboss to gain some time to regroup.
Their efforts were all in vain, Gorga was a cunning ork, and knew that if he stood out from the ordinary orks, he would get shot first, thus he looked like an average ork with a mechanic arm and a banner on his back, roaring and screaming orders. Gorga wanted to take the Imperial city, take its weapons, its resources and use it for his own WAAAGH, and if he won this battle, his name would become famous and more ork tribes would come to join him, which meant more killing and more looting.

"Waaagh! Com' on you sluggy oatz. Me granny be fastar dan dat! Move!" Gorga roared as he encouraged a group of orks to charge at an Imperial Guard barrack. The orks were being shot down by the las guns but the sheer excitement that was in the atmosphere drove the orks forward, they came in massive waves, send RPG missiles at the concrete walls and even hijacked vehicles and drove them through the doors to create a path through.
It was genocide for the humans, they had been cut off all possible escape routes and both goblins and orks were now encircling them, slowly getting closer and closer to the center of the metropolis, and finally they stood before the Town's Hall, where the ork tanks fired intense fire on the walls, and the orks threw grenades and drove their bikes forward, wanting to be the first to chop off 'eads.

Gorga smirked, he had secured victory, and he was going to use this city to its full expense. Nothing would stop Gorga in his WAAGH, nothing. No Space Marine, no Imperial Guard would stand between him and his total victory.

"Commander, we have received a stress signal from the Planet Cadia. Seems that an ork warboss has risen and has already tken an entire metropolis as his trophy, surely many more orks will swarm to the planet once they hear this, and then Cadia will be in a dire threat. We cannot allow the gateway to Terra to be opened to the brutes," the Tech Priest said and Commander Tomas Kluuker, leader of the 23rd Death Korps Siege Regiment, nodded.
"Set the course for Planet Cadia, call for additional infantry reinforcement, and tell them to meet up with us, we will do this our way. Set up trenches around the planet's capital, and from there secure other strategical critical locations and plant an iron fist around them. We'll make the orks come in their millions and we'll let their bodies pile up as they are shot down by our canons and las guns."

Tomas was an experienced commander when it came to trench and siege warfare, and since this war would be in his favor, he knew he would have a strong advantage, as chemical warfare would also be brought into the game once he had secured a few factories.
He couldn't say that victory was already at hand, but he could say that he would be able to hold the orks long enough for additional infantry and other help from the Space Marines to come. It was going to be a glorious battle in the name of the Emperor.
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby doomer5656 on Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:32 pm

Drake and Vasilii sat with the company in the small town of Bek'a Ro. "It's freezing, When are we going to get some more orders, my chainsword is dying to take blood in the Emperors name." Vasilii said to Drake. "I know what you mean, But who knows when we'll see action again." Drake muttered.

Just then a soldier ran up lugging his Vox. His breath sounded sporadic, he then snapped a quick salute, Drake returned it. "Calm down soldier, what is it?" Drake questioned. "Sir we have a situation." The soldier said quickly. "Sir, we received a distress call from the metropolis Kro'trak. It appears the Orc's have just charged in and more or less seized control it." Drake and Vasilii took this in. "What of the cities security forces?" Drake questioned. "Sir, they were overpowered within the first hour of the Orc assault" "By the throne." Muttered Vasilii. "Sir they also seem to be talking of some 'Intelligent' War Boss. For reasons unknown he didn't show himself, so they couldn't break the Orc's morale by killing him." The private said looking almost troubled by the information. "HA, a smart Orc? Those words don't belong in the same sentence. He probably got lost heading to the city." Vasilii said getting almost angry. "Oh and sir it appears that the 23rd Death Korps siege regiment, are requesting every able bodied infantry and armored regiments to pull back to protect the capital."

Drake then stood up, "Soldier please send messages out for everyone to turn on their vox beads." The private nodded, He sent out a message and then gave Drake the go. He listened as he heard his whole regiment along with the 31st armored, chatting about what Drake could want. "Attention!" Drake shouted over the net. It quieted down in an instant. "Thank you. O.k. men we have a bit of a problem. It appears the metropolis Kro'trak, was just taken over by a massive waagh" Just as he said that immediately there was chatter from the men, he let them talk for a moment before silencing them again. "yes I am aware that this may cause problems. But right now we have to gear up and pull back to the capital." Drake said as calmly as he could. "We well meeting several other regiments, Including the 23rd Death Korps Siege Regiment. Now then I want you men ready to go within the hour" Drake said turning to Vasilii "Men that is all, and remember in the hour." He signaled for the private to take him off the net. "well Vasilii , looks like your prayers are being answered." Drake said smiling. "Yes friend but is this a blessing? or a curse in disguise?" Vasilii said with all seriousness. "Either way we have to protect the capital for the glory of the Emperor. So come on gear up I'm feeling like some action myself."
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby Eisenhorn on Sun Jan 24, 2010 3:34 pm

Konrad Josef ran down the corridor of the Dictator Class Cruiser Divine Retribution, having just received word for a briefing for all Skybourne troops. The ship they were on housed the Phantine Air Corps, so naturally Phantine's sole infantry division, the Skybourne Drop Troopers, were also along for the mission. Several of his squad mates were right behind him as they sprinted down the corridor, dodging Servitors and menial labor as they ran towards the flight bay assigned for their Valkyries and Vulture gunships. A few Drop Sentinels were there as well, but those rarely saw deployment, and were more for the look then anything. They were in full combat gear, helmets clutched in one hand, Hellguns in the other, and were one of the first, oddly enough, to arrive. Their CO, Captain Georgy, was already there with some fresh faced Lieutenant. Great, some new guy probably assigned by Segmentum Command, in their infinite wisdom, to gain experience in all forms of combat used by the Guard. Georgy and the LT watched as the men poured in, chattering about the shift in direction the Retribution and her few support vessels had taken. They had felt the ship turn in a direction differing from their original bearing, some R&R on some Forge world as they refit the Cruiser with updated weaponry and picked up some slave crews that had been shipped there for them. The Captain stood on top of a ammo box, letting the Skybourne see who was speaking, and began the briefing. "Alright men, cut the chatter and listen up. As you most likely already know, The Divine Retribution and supporting ships have changed course. Destination is Cadia. Before you start gossiping, they don't need any assistance fighting of a Chaos attack yet. Reports are that an Ork Waagh has stormed the capitol city, and the 23rd Death Korps Siege Regiment has sent out a request for all able bodied and unengaged regiments to rally to beat said orks back to wherever they came from. That means us. Astropaths have already sent word that the Phantine Air Corp is on route, and its Drop Troops, the Skybourne, are also on route. We are also one of the closest groups, so were being reassigned there. The Emperor has blessed our Navigation, allowing them to find a flow in the Warp speeding our travel. We are about to hit the Warp, so our new Officer, Lieutenant Skald, will introduce himself and explain deployment plans. Lieutenant?"

Skald stepped onto the box, his uniform fresh pressed and far too clean to have seen any action. His face was also far too young to have seen anything more then recordings of battles. Why he had been sent to their unit, out of all the ones in the Imperium, was beyond Josef's rational. The man's voice was also young, and mutterings that it would crack brought quiet chuckles at the Lt. "Alright Skybourne, I am Lieutenant Skald, by order of Segmentum to be integrated with your unit. My last unit was destroyed in combat against the Tau Empire, and survivors are being distributed to units that could use extra manpower. As the Captain said, I will explain early deployment strategy. Due to the nature of this situation, only Veteran Drop Troopers will deploy initially, as we suspect that the ground will be too hot for most untried troops to head into initially. So, only three squads of twelve are going in initially, and once secure drop points are set up, the rest of your men will come down. I have a list of new set ups, who leads who, and what Valkyrie you will be in. I'm only saying this once, so pay attention. Trooper Josef, you are now Sergeant Josef, and will be leading the following men. Troopers Nash, Rush, Harper, Reeves, Lynn, Morrow, Glass, Barret, Mcclain, and Blevins. Specialist Walsh, a skilled Flamer operator as I have been told, will make up the last man in your team. You are on Valkyrie One, with Pilot Carver. Fall in and make sure you know Bloody well what your doing for once you hit the ground."

Josef snapped off a salute and walked over to the Valkyrie, snickering with the rest of them. They all had served on the same team before, just with more green troopers. Even Carver had flown them on multiple occasions, so they already knew what each other could do. They walked onto the Valkyrie, slapping each other on the back and sitting in each of their seats, double checking drop harnesses. Glass spoke up first, an amused tone in his voice. "So Sarge, first thoughts on the new LT? Either more then meets the eye or he's bullshitting us about the Tau. Bet it was a friendly fire accident that split up their unit." Josef smirked at the use of Sarge, something he would have to get used to, and gave his own assessment of this Lt. Skald. "Man seems no nonsense, although he probably won't get along with most of us outside the battlefield. Hopefully Captain will explain to this Skald that we don't work like standard units, or things will get unpleasant fast. Speaking of the Captain...." They shut up as the Captain walked up the boarding ramp of their Valkyrie, and they snapped off salutes to him, Georgy returning the salute and motioning for them to sit back down. "Alright men, your probably not too impressed with Skald, but he got some rejuv treatments as part of his recovery, he is almost as old as I am, so he does know a thing or two, even if it doesn't look like it. I've already gave him the accelerated course on how our Drops work, much to his chagrin, he has no authority to say otherwise. Doesn't like it, but he isn't stupid enough to make an issue out of it. Once your on the ground, The 23rd are in de facto command until me and the command staff hit the dirt, so your probably going to end up stuck in trenches until we can get you mobile again. You may get lucky and remain mobile on your Valkyries, but this is a Krieg were talking about, so I highly doubt it. No I can't give you any further intel until after were planetside, so your going in half blind. Not the best case scenario, but we'll make do. Get comfortable, your deploying as soon as we hit real space. Sentinels are also deploying via Grav chute to provide support until you get in touch and find formal postings. Good luck." Josef sighed as the rest of them groaned. Bloody Trenches, and knowing the Kreig, probably plenty of artillery and gas, means they couldn't even strip their rebreathers once they confirmed clean air. He got as comfortable as possible in the Valkyrie, as the rest of the men did the same, it was going to be a long trip either way.
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby lone world on Sun Jan 24, 2010 5:44 pm

Ritzik had his men on watch. The regiment was in a small fortification 30 miles south of the capital. the rest of the regiment was sleeping while e company was watching over them. he took a sip of caffeine from his mug and slung his lasgun over his shoulder.
"sir, sir", his vox officer ran up to him.
"what is it kertaritz" he replied none plused by the fact. the vox officer had made it sound urgent. he looked over the dead ground towards the west where he could see flashes of explosions.
"colonel awake sir he say, he say were to pull back to the capital along with some siege lads from krieg under a commander called kluuker" he looked up, "did you here sir"
"yes i bloody heard you numpty" he looked over the ground,"must be something to do with that" indicating the flashes, "apart from the fact we're gotta move what else does old nosey want" nosey was the regiments colonel he was called nosey due to his long curved nose.
"he says we are to lead the way" he vox officer mumbled,"immediately"
Ritzik said a lengthly rant on his opinion of his commander and all his close family. once he finished he grabed the vox mic, "easy company 1 to all section get your buts in gear we bugging out" there was a series of groans and complaints, "shut up you whining fools and get your platoons awake" there were groans curses and general annoyance.


eventually the company was moving apart from some numpty missing a bridge in the dark and falling into a river the walk to the capital didn't have that many accidents. He picked up the vox, "capital this easy company 110th we're coming in rest of the regiment is following. his men walked into the trenches and went to the officer in charge. he walked into the command station, "captain Ritzik 110th, sir" he saluted and looked around the dank hollow,"i'm the forward element of our retreat to the capital,sir" every word was laced with hatred as a home bred cadian he hated to give ground but giving ground on cadia was tantamount to suicide if it was a cadian but the man was from krieg and they were all the same siege and last stands. He just hoped the man knew what he was doing.
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby Klas on Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:17 am

A small moon.
In a chaos palace between green mountains
the sun casts shadows through the heavy purple atmosphere.
Inside its dark halls a sorcerer stood in a theatre dedicated of "Agony

and Delight".
Eas, the swollen eyed sorcerer flipped through the pages of his tomb
he did not see the small demon that appeared
as small spiders from the book.
The Spiders crawled across his shoulder and whispered something in his

ears. Eas cried spiderwebs from his eyes without making a sound.
Eas stepped on stage and announced the play to an audience of chaos

Eas, the Sorcerer dramatically read his lines consisting
of half chants and half words of dead languages.
It was a story about the fall of the Eldar homeworld and the raise of

The group of actors in the play
begun to indulge in an strange orgy untill month had passed
and this story begin.

Chaos space marines stood in the green light of the dark hall together

with scarred naked once-beauties at their feet.
This was the Angels of Ecstasy in their secret base.
Ancient and mysterious Space Marines nearly unknown to the Imperium of


Their helms left on a grumbling stone slab that could almost bear the


Their Ecstatic faces like Halos and their hair like crowns
on the tops of their solid power armors bearing their strange heraldry.
Their power armours with Pink with Black trim in the same color as

organs smashed cast into black shadows.
The death slaves named in sorcerous ecstasy as the laughing Angels

impaling them on a fine net of spikes through their bodies.

The asexual Space Marines drinking heavily of warp induced pleasure
from the ritual of purest form of pleasure, violence!

The brutes cast shadows of dread between the greenish glow and
poisonous vapours.

D'nir ripped out a screaming woman's lungs in a parody of mutual orgasmic

While taking a bit of meat bigger than a earth dog would be capable of
the Chaos Lord overlooked his "friend" Morkar.
Morkar had impaling a mortified woman under sensual trance on huge spear
dedicated to Slaanesh for days!
D'nir sensed the boredom of his Angels and raised his bolter
and shouted:" practice time!".

He then proceeded to practice his firearms on the remaining death slaves,
shoots nudging his follow Angels of Ecstasy with psychopathic

Eas folded his book and descended silently from stage.

He picked them off one by one
as the pleasure suddenly stopped in a whimper but the meat splashing

shoot released them from their agony.
The Angels of Ecstasy grabbed their weapons in response to chock
thorn from pleasure.
Hundreds of Angels started to fire wildly in the theatre
while Eas, the sorcerer gunned down the audience
carefully not to kill.
So he quickly switched to his sacrificial blade and silently sacrificed
Then quickly and efficiently he collected all their eyes in a bag.

D'nirs pupils burned like expanded large coals!
He had their attention now as splatter rained over
the sacred statues in the temple.

"I am tired of killing insects!"
"Now want true Ecstasy"
"Any Angels feel the same, join me and put an end to this degeneration!"
Some Angels left the palace but those that stayed gathered around D'nir.
If We follow you, Lord D'nir?
What do you offer?
"D'nir declared proudly: I offer the ecstasy of death,of murders and of

The space marines respond firing wildly into the air:
We Follow You Lord D'nir!
Long Live Lord D'nir Archangel of the Angels of Ecstasy!
The Angels not recruited had already left the palace
when the wild shouting begun.
Eas returned to the stage where he put the eyes on an altar
with a small chant!
Among the gathering Eas approached D'nirs ears:
"My friend, The many eyes rest over Cardia"
Suddenly green mist leaking from the eyes culminated
in an glowing ring on the stage.
Only glances of warp wraiths inside the vapours
gave an hint of its meaning
untill it finally took the shape of an eye floating in the fumes.
It's pupils took the shape of the planet of Cardia.

Angels!, Spread your wings and fly high!
Under my Wings we shall we shall fly through space
and descend on the planet of Cardia.

The sorcerer bemoaned: The ritual is not complete
and the vision of the Eye is half blind!
I am sorry my old friend but the Eye is closing!
You shouldn't have stopped the play!

Oh do not worry my dear friend I think this may fulfill it!

D'nir grabbed Eas ritual knife and in one stroke
nailed Eas on the altar.
Eas body overlapped the mist
and the eye started to gaze on his body.

Eas was not dying easily and pleaded:
Why slay me, D'nir?
We shared so many pleasures and explored
so many experiences together!

Why Old fool? Just because you ARE MY FRIEND!
If someone else enjoys the same thing as oneself
the pleasure is not as great.
Though there is no greater pleasure
than killing a person I love
and thus taking back all the lost pleasure!

A inhuman laughter filled the place!
A keeper of secrets appeared!

You have cancelled the sacred ritual play of this theater
you have affronted Slaanesh but redeemed yourself with understanding of

The warp portal to Cardia opened as the keeper of Secrets spoke!
Your reward shall be your curse!
The fulfillment of Your desire!
The pink and black Angels of Ecstasy walked into the gate
and where teleported into the plain field on Cardia.
As soon as the space marines set foot on Cardian side of the portal a

whisper said: "and never return!"

D'nir an Possessed Chaos Lord Terminator,
appear on the soil of Cardia
with his army following quickly.

Lord D'nir stopped on a hill
as an elite force of
Terminators, possessed Space Marines
gathered below him.
Hundreds of standard Chaos Marine swarmed behind the elites.

From his hill D'nir reaches his fist to the distant city in the horizon
as trying to grab it.
Then he switched to his heavy lascannons and shouted :"Angels Spread your Wings"!
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby Rill on Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:03 pm

A mighty roar echoed out over the skies of Cadia as the grey hulled form of a Thunderhawk Gunship dropped through the atmosphere and soared low across the spires, towers and rooftops of the Planets Capitol.

Soaring through the high urban maze, the Gunship swept over the cities high landing pads and came to hover over one of the ones which wasn't currently occupied by a Valkarie.
With a roar of enghines and twin jets of fire from its turbines, the Thunderhawk descended gently to toutch down on Cadian soil.

Hammering the control pannel with an armoured fist, Thorrin Greyman stepped back as the Hawks hatch opend, before leaping down to the concrete below, not even waiting for the ramp to descend...

The Wolf Lord straightend up, long braided grey hair and beard falling across his shoulders, grey Power Armour adorned with furs, pelts and tribal beads, totems and markings, the Space Wolf commander cut an imposing sight as his single, the one not covered by a crude black patch, eye swept across his surroundings.

Behind their commander, the other three members of the squad dropped down to the concrete, Seargent Blackpaw, his chainsword and Bolt pistol holstered at his waist while his Frost Axe was worn strapped across his back, strode forward to stand beside his elder and Mentor, long golden hair rippling in the breeze.

Stepping up on either side of the Commander and the Seargent, came Long Fang Balin, carrying the squads Heavy Bolter, and Wolf Guard Ulfar, the Squads tactical Marine, whose wise advice had stopped Thorrin from ordering the Gunship to drop them in the midst of the WAARGH! And to come instead to the Planets Capitol upon reciving the distress call to aid their Guardsmen allies.

Side by side, the four comrades and brothers stood, two helmeted, two with their wild locks blowing in the afternoon breeze, the Sky Warriors had come to Cadia..!
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby doomer5656 on Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:40 pm

There is a dozen Chimera's and Heavy Transports, backed up by 12 leman russ battle tanks and demolishers moving quickly along a ridge. Vasilii and Drake are sitting in the lead Chimera. "Sir we'll be there within the hour" A voice says over Drakes vox bead. "Thank you private" Drake replies. "You hear that Vasilii?" Drake asked Vasilii, Vasilii nodded.

20 Minutes later the capitol came into view. Another 20 minutes later they were pulling up to the capitols outer walls. "I haven't been here in years." Vasilii said in almost awe. Drake just nodded, he then sent a message out to the convoy to halt. He voxed into the capitol attempting to contact whoever was in charge of the defence. "This is Drake Creed of the 56th infantry looking for whoever’s in charge of this op. I’m looking for our place in the defence of the capitol me and my regiment are ready for whatever you have for us."

(I’m not entirely sure who I’d be talking to. would that be you saxious? Oh, Sorry guys if this is to short its the best I could do in 5 minutes, I am in auto right now)
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby Saxious on Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:02 pm

The 23rd siege regiment came within orbit of the Cadian planet. Tomas looked across the planet, similar to other planets he had been on, and then noticed something on the radar of the space vessel. "What are those? There are way to many dots for it to be our ships," Tomas noted and looked at the many red dots that seemed to swarm towards Cadia.
"Ork transport ships. Seems like the ork warboss has gotten popular...We're in some deep shit man," the crew man said, and Tomas looked through the glass of the command post. He could see the many transport ships that the orks had brought with them, there must have been millions of orks onboard, so there was going to be plenty of fighting for the next battles to come.
"Sir, there is coming news that the Krieg 127th Infantry Regiment is on its way to Cadia. They predict they'll arrive within a two weeks time"

"Deploy units to the capital, I'll accompany the first wave along with my personal commissar and bodyguard unit. Tell the governor that I'll be in charge of the defenses from now on and that I demand that all offensive plans to be handed over for my review," Tomas ordered and then entered the shuttle and flew down to the capital of Cadia.
The capital was a stronghold in itself, if the orks came in their large numbers and had the element of surprise they would still have hell of a fight against the Cadia Planetary Defense Forces, plus the thick walls that surrounded the metropolis weren't something that an ordinary basilisk would simply blast away, not, it would take hours of bombardment to get past those walls, and if Tomas wasn't mistaken, there would be thousands of counter-attack canons to attack the orks, plus so many other factors, which Tomas didn't have the time nor the mood to go over.

Tomas entered the City Hall and met with the planetary governor, he was a big fella, he had scars to prove his worth as a soldiers, and he had the physical posture to show that he was disciplined and loyal to the Emperor, just what Tomas wanted to see, a strong leader for a planet so strong.
"Good day, commander, now lets go down to business. All nearby units has retreated back to the capital as you commanded, and we are prepared to counter-attack the ork threat. Also, our radars has picked up that an ork fleet, as rare as they are, has entered orbit and is landing at the taken city, Kro'trak.
I understand that you, as a Krieg commander, prefer trench warfare above open warfare, and I, on the complete opposite prefer open warfare above trench Is there any way that we may combine these tactics for the better?"
the governor asked.
Tomas smiled and took his gas mask off and said, "You are truly worthy of your position, of that I will not question, you are wise and know your planet better than I, so I may have an idea for how we can combine our tactics.
My troops, and the Krieg 127th Infantry Regiment which is on its way, as fast as it can get. My army is specialized in taking and holding strategic points, thus, as I've seen here in the capital, there won't be any need for extra defenses, however, other points, such as the Industrial city of Manuk or the recruiting and training camps of Gogyssa cannot be allowed to be taken, or destroyed by the orks, thus I suggest my troops will dig trenches to defend these points with their lives.
As for food, I am aware that we can get external help from nearby planets, but I dare not to rely on that entirely, thus I suggest we divert the orks attention away from the South Eastern fields, where there is a lot of agriculture goods being produced.
On top of that, I suggest and demands that we use aerial bombing techniques against the orks' current location. I know that your Air Corps is small, but effective, thus I suggest they are to be send on that mission, and we will also gain important information from the attack, concerning their numbers, their military strength and how advanced their technology is."

The governor nodded and then looked at the other reports and said, "There are still other divisions ready for the use, the 110th has just arrived and is ready for deployment, what are your..."
"This is Drake Creed of the 56th infantry looking for whoever is in charge of this op. I’m looking for our place in the defense of the capitol me and my regiment are ready for whatever you have for us."
"Seems like our junior commissar is ready for disposal."
"Where's the senior?"
"Ah, let me respond," Tomas said and then replied to the message from the young commissar, "This is commander Tomas Kluuker. I'm going to be in command from now on, and your first mission is to refuel and prepare to move our to the following site. Gogyssa, it is currently in danger of ork attacks, go and secure it. You will be accompanied by the 12th Death Korps Brigade. If there are no orks nearby, move the entire base closer to the capital, and await further orders"

Tomas then switched the frequency to the 110th division, "This is commander Tomas Kluuker, your current mission is to go to the Industrial city of Manuk. I and my personal Brigade will accompany you on this mission, as it is of most importance to secure this site."
Followed by that he gave out the orders for the air corps, "This Commander Tomas Kluuker to leader of the Cadian Air Corps. Your fist mission is to bomb the city of Kro'trak, bomb it back to the Fedral Age, and gather as much information possible about the orks."

With that Tomas retreated back and gave orders to the Brigades to follow each division.

Gorga knew that the orks were stronger now, there were more orks in his WAAAGH, and there were bigger guns as well, and they had even managed to get some battle air planes from the city, and with the scraps they had collected together they were building more and more air planes, but it wasn't enough, not for Gorga.

Gorga knew that the humans weren't as many as the orks, far from, but he knew they got more by every week, and therefore he had to do something about that. His goblin spies had informed him of a camp where the humies were training, and he had been informed of where the humies had the most metal and resources for him and his WAAAGH.
Gogyssa and Manuk. These two sites would be his next target, and he had appointed an almost equally cunning ork to lead the attack on Manuk, and he would lead the attack on the camp where they trained their soldiers, Gogyssa.

Hundreds of thousands of orks were on the march now, air planes followed each of the army, and there were tanks on long rows and disorganized bullets piled up on the trucks that the orks used for their transport.
The WAAAGH had grown and so were the dangers for the Imperium. If the orks would succeed in their conquest, they would become a threat to the inner sectors of the Imperium and put the Emperor's own throne in danger. Fate wouldn't decide anything this time. Cunning, intelligence, surprise, numbers of men and weapons, and faith would now determine the end of this war. Of this....Black Crusade.
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby doomer5656 on Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:32 am

Drake took this in. "Roger we'll be ready, Just call us when the 12th Death Korps are ready to move. Until then we'll get ready to move." He replied turning off the connection. "O.k lads" Drake announced to the both his regiment and his armored company. "We got ourselves a game" Immediately there was a cheer on the vox. After almost a month of nothing, a fight. The men were excited, "Were going to refuel and get ready to move to the training camps of Gogyssa, if there are no hostile forces we'll be moving the camp closer to the capitol. But if we see any green skins we get to have a little fun until were ready to move out, I want all you out of the transports stretch your legs and get some ammo we got a camp to protect." As soon as he turned off his vox the doors to the Chimeras opened up. Him, Vasilii and their squad stepped out into the light. "I will go and make sure everything is in order, and go resupply myself." Vasilii said with a small grin. "O.k lads" Drake shouted to his regiment. "go straight to the armory and grab as much ammo as the quartermaster will allow. We don't know how long we'll be dug in. So prepare for a long defense lad's, as well be wading through this mess with the 12th Death Korps" Drake announced. "After that you men get back here double time. Were not sure where the 12th are at the moment so we need to ready right when were given the order. Dismissed" Drake said and turned to Vasilii. "I think I'm going to go the the armory too, I could use some more bolt pistol rounds myself" Vasilii said turned to leave. "I think I'll come too, I need some more power cells myself" Said Drake as he walked with Vasilii.
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby Eisenhorn on Tue Jan 26, 2010 7:11 am

Josef felt the transition from warp space to real space and the teams scrambled, already heading for their Valkyries and preparing to launch. The Divine Retribution picked up the Orkish fleet as well as the Imperial Forces. Klaxons outside the Valkyrie sounded, rallying all Phantine to their respective roles. The men trained in Space Fighting were already scrambling to a ready status, in case it became a fleet engagement. The Phantine Air Corp were not a space fighter regiment, the current forces fielding mainly Thunderbolts rather then Fury Interceptors. The Air Corp and Navy Fliers had been butting heads constantly, both sides were less then happy about working with each other, but they both were skilled in what they did, so they tolerated each other. The Retribution took care of proper Navy procedure, getting into position to launch the Valkyries and supporting Vultures. Captain Georgy came on their unit comm to explain the change in procedure. "Alright, change of plan. Due to this new development, The Skybourne are deploying as soon as they can drop. Veterans are still hitting dirt first, but the rest of the Skybourne will be hitting much sooner then anticipated." The men muttered confirmations into their comm systems, sealing their combat suits and hooking up the rebreathers. It was drop protocol, and they jerked in their harness's as they launched right into high atmosphere. The command channel Josef had access to now buzzed with chatter amongst the pilots and gunners as they went down, and Josef announced their presence to the CO on Cadia, the Krieg. "Sir, Sergeant Josef reporting for the Phantine Skybourne Drop Troopers. Were the vanguard as the rest of the Troops scramble in their Valkyries, they won't take long to launch. Where do you need us?"

The flight of five Valkyries had 36 veterans and two Drop Sentinels, none of them had expected them to be deployed, although the pilots of both Sentinels had been more then relieved to be deploying in a drop for once. Three Vultures were flying in a covering pattern over the Valkyries, which while able to fight, had little armor to actually dogfight or just grunt through too heavy of ground fire. Their flight pattern avoided the orkish mobs, but the Air Corp was already scanning for a suitable air base to provide air superiority. They were veterans against experienced pilots, and they could handle the wrecks that orks called aircraft. Captain Georgy was already interfacing the Divine Retribution and its compliment of space fighters into the defense of Cadian Space, so they were not cut off if something unusual occurred. An space port that was seeing little use do to its location was being notified to expect the Phantine Air Corps coming down and commandeering it as a base of operations. It was close enough to the Orks to successfully run Air Ops against it, and had the facilities to service Air Craft. Arvus Lighters and Aquila Landers were already deploying to the Airport, dropping off the crews and vehicles to handle the logistical problems that the Air Corp would naturally have, and within the hour they would be ready to deploy and shoot down any Ork in their flight range. The Phantine Air Corp commander on the ground at the moment, Georgy ironically enough, reported status ready to the Krieg commander. "Captain Georgy of the Phantine Air Corp reporting, preps for the first interception flights against Ork aircraft are already underway, almost finished to be precise. We are ready to launch when needed."
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby Rill on Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:45 am

The Four Space Wolves stood on the landing dock in scilence as they listend to the Imperial Guards radio communications via the hand held com-link Ulfar, the squads tactician was now holding, relaying the radio messages he was reciving through his helmets communication system out loud...

"If ye lot would get yer own helmets this would be alot easier, Ja..?"
He gumbled, his helmet's filter still not quite masking the gruff accent of his native tounge...

Thorrin Greybeard chuckled at his Battle Brothers comment and nodded to him, the Wolf Lord understood only too well his Warriors frustration at not already out on the battle feild, being knee deep in Orks!

"This is commander Tomas Kluuker. I'm going to be in command from now on, and your first mission is to refuel and prepare to move our to the following site. Gogyssa, it is currently in danger of ork attacks, go and secure it. You will be accompanied by the 12th Death Korps Brigade. If there are no orks nearby, move the entire base closer to the capital, and await further orders"

"Roger we'll be ready, Just call us when the 12th Death Korps are ready to move. Until then we'll get ready to move."

Thorrin grinned, his pearly white fangs glittering against his deep grey beard and armour, holding out a gauntleted hand, the Wolf Lord took the com from his Tactical Warrior.

"This is Wolf Lord Greymane of the Space Wolves XVI Mjolnir Company, my Warriors and I are gonna becoming with ye an' yer Korps tae Gogyssa, be ready tae move!"

Thorrin lowered the com and looked over his Warriors as Seargent Blackpaw grinned savagely, lips peeling back to show off his fangs;
"Its been too long since my axe has tasted Greenskin..!!"
The Warrior growled...
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby doomer5656 on Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:22 pm

It had taken no time at all for the 56th to acquire the necessities, usually it would have taken hours to gather up there gear, but with the presence of a Commissar the quartermaster quickly gathered up what the company required. Everything from power packs and cells to tank shells. The company was ready to fight. "O.k Vasilii, lets hurry back to the transports, I wanna know the eta on the 12th Death Korps" Drake said on the walk back. "Today is a good day to kill some green skins" Vasilii said in reply.

After 10 minutes of walking they arrived back at the transports. Drake turned to his enormous regiment. "O.k lads!" he shouted. "We should be leaving soon to link up with the 12th. And you know what that means?" The regiment shouted in unison, "Green Skins!" They shouted as loud as they could. Drake smiled at them. "That's right, now then get ready to mount up, I'm going to check the eta on the 12th, I'll inform you when we'll be moving out. Drake informed them with a smile. He stepped into his Chimera with Vasilii in close proximity. "My you have a bloodthirsty lot" Vasilii said with a smile. "You've been with us for long enough to know that we don't mess around. Now then lets get to contacting the Death Korps." Just as Drake said that the driver of the Chimera stepped towards him. "sir just a moment ago another person joined into our frequency with Tomas Kluuker. They then sent us a message, your going to want to hear it." This caught Drake by surprise. "A message, from whom?" Drake asked. "Space wolves sir." Drake looked at him in disbelief. "Lets hear it lad." Drake said as the driver patched him through his vox bead. "This is Wolf Lord Greymane of the Space Wolves XVI Mjolnir Company, my Warriors and I are gonna becoming with ye an' yer Korps tae Gogyssa, be ready tae move!" Drake listened to this and smiled. "Please patch me through to them soldier." Drake said turning to the driver. "Sir!" He said as he flipped a switch. "This is captain Drake of the 56th just calling to let you know that the 56th are ready to move and we are just waiting for the 12th to give us the go" He said and flipped the switch for a moment. We'll Vasilii, looks like we get to go into battle with the Emperors Space Marines." Drake said smiling. "Ah, those holy warriors made by Emperor himself." Vasilii said smiling. "Driver with this frequency I can still contact the Death Korps, am I right. The man nodded. Drake flipped the switch and contacted Tomas. "This is captain Drake to Death Korps, you reading me Death Korps, I'm looking for the eta on the 12th, or should we just move to secure Gogyssa with the Space Wolves?" Drake questioned through the Vox Net.

(Updated, Sorry about that Rill)
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby Rill on Wed Jan 27, 2010 6:32 am

((No problem mate. :D ))
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby Klas on Wed Jan 27, 2010 4:27 pm


(player declares: The story of how Chaos takes over a fortress inside Gogyssa).

After appearing from their warp portal,
The Angels of Ecstasy first found themselves on a 50 cubic-km desert dotted with supply depots and energy depots.
Next to this backyard 400 buildings 6 blocks broad and 4 rows wide.
It was a short way to the city.
Without the Chaos Space Marines knowledge of it; the backyard was the inside of a 1300 km wide hexagonic
fortress shaped as a 200 km high wall.
The wall was basically a continuous sky scape but the building blocks was a barrack city in a part of Gogyssa.

D'nir hissed like a snake:"Stealth rec!".
Morrak and D'nir split walking heavily yet undetected between the shadows. Long ago D'nir learned the art of stealth from his years as Slanesh cultist.
Even if heavy terminator armour now rested on his
shadowing movement he was no less like a shadow
unless you stood in point blank rage of the giant
just like Moab, the pissing soldier standing on a wall.
D'nir bit Moabs head straight off. He tasted fine but he knew victory
tastes even better.

Morrak and 8 terminators stamped in the sand and investigated a giant scull adorned metal door on one of the Depots.
They fired on the Depot just to see it clearly and scull shaped cameras dropped of the roof.
Morrak: There are cameras!
Take them out know!
In a half second the normal squad turned 90 degree and fired apart a power cable the size of a house
then the predators took the power station out with a storm of sparks.
At the same time a guardsman was running from the depots communication room inside the same Depot with a message.
They watched the scenery with their evil eyes and combiguns.
"D'nir I found some kind of buildings."
"It appears to be Imperial!"
D'nir answered with a evil eye
and blinked to the predators.
and the predators drove over the door
and fired randomly.
The guardsmen's officers where eating in a feeding hall eating.
Someone was saying "I did like to bring a toast to the Emperor!"
Then blood red hall had collapsed under the chaos tanks
and a messenger could be seen screaming :"sir sir!The orks are..."
as he continued speaking in the language of the sounds that cracking

bones makes.
The walls collapse created a hall to a hall where guardsmen and servitors
where loading hundreds of crates standing on hundreds of fragile platforms.
100 of D'nirs chaos predators drove over the fragile platforms
and intentionally falling right through with everything with it to the

lowest floor without damage.
The armoured units thus continued their assault in a flashing double

surprise attack.
On D'nirs command : "Chaos Terminators attack!*
The Angels Terminator run in on a few hundred shattered Imperial

and servitors who where guarding and driving trucks to pick up food and supplies.
The Guardsmen had driven over by the predators or taken cover yet

but the Terminators broke their morale.
The soldiers last sight was the Predators turning around.

D'nir walked over the red ruins and kicked up a door to the communication room.
A dead officer sat in the chair,apparently a stone crushed his head while the radio was in contact.
The officer tasted good, after his first bite on the brain he knew the corpses voice and name.
"This is Lt.Madrid do you hear me over."
D'nir speaking with a sweet and innocent voice
Officer Markian requisition more men to guard the food transport!
More men in all the depots now.

The imperial guardsmen opened a gate and entered into a dark hall.
The soldiers turned on the flash lights.
"Sergeant Kant! Sergeant Kant"
"What ?"
"There is no lights on anywhere in the depot!"
Sergeant Kant screamed:"Somebody turn on the light in the name of the Emperor!"

All the depots exploded filled with men exploded.
Gothic statues, gigantic skulls and everything.

Sergeant Kant crawled through the stones when a terminator
burned his arm off.
The alert screamed as fast as squads of guardsmen
reinforced over the desert where the depots backyard was.
The smoke and fire surrounded the men
and fifty predators blasted from a hiding building them all to chaos as soon they appeared.

The Predators attacked in hit and run hiding inside buildings and
suddenly droving over masses of "civilians", Cadian soldiers on permission on streets.

A few minutes later a cybernetic scribe walked over a mountain.
He sat down on a rock without any sign of sentience.
He saw the barrack city from above.
A field of fire where the deserts with the depots had been.
Barrack sky scrapes where falling.
Billions of statues of general saints
populated a trading square where loyal soldiers could afford some meager

luxury goods to finance the military economy.
Debris fell everywhere and the chaos army
quickly regrouped and relocated after each hit and run.
The recruit-breeding families walked on the street
watching troops dying with their families dying with them.

The soulless scribe adjusted his cybernetic eye
and he wrote down what he saw with perfection.
The Scribe could not fully know that
Chaos dynamic warfare was flexible, random
and brilliant. Every random insanity united in a dynamic unity.
The unity of one flaming pit in below the champions of order.

Every random impulse where remembered by D'nir
and he selective repeated and improved the most lucky random
D'nir was savage but no idiot.His gene seed has reinforced his intuition
from his barbaric legacy.He had learned a the basics magic of readings and mathematics from a Tzeentch cultist
when he was a slave.
Now this was useful for the Chaos Lord,
who read some documents from a dead officer in an attempt
to know where are we?
He quickly read some maps and returned to battle.

What the scribe could see was hundreds space marines, half demons and half superhumans who turned into frenzied battle forms.
Hundred of Chaos terminators teleported right behind stationary resistance.
This was no raw brutish army of Krorn.
They where brutes that was true but they where
sensitive brutes. The Angels of Ecstacy, an army of Slanesh
and their pleasure centres of their brain
increased their speed, stealth and perception.
Standard Space Marines and Raptors assaulted from fast and strong stealth
tactics and sabotage.

D'nir and Morrak where possessed Terminator Lords,
two of the most terrible individual Chaos warriors in existence.
The terminator armours mutated, the ornaments where alive.
They became metallic Archangels with Purple metallic wings.
They wore both hallos with Horns and faces filled with black barbed wire and had huge black claws and teeth.
Their demon halves where twins, D'nirs a deamon of Ecstacy
and Morraks a deamon of Agony.
They loved each other as true battle friends united in love of Slanesh.
They swore a oath as blood brothers
sealed with the same possession ritual.
The oath was "We shall fight as one untill death untill we kill each other or we both are killed in battle."

Two blocks of skyscraper size barracks fell over each other like a domino brick of volcanoes.
The sky of cement and fire caved in over while gothic faces of imperial faces collapsed from millions statues of the Immortalised Generals.
The foots, and pillars of the barrack skyscraper where cut like a tree.
A hell of subterranean tunnels had been cut out from these streets from

both sides
so a sea of debris bleed over thousands of Imperial guards.
Preadator tanks and Elite Chaos Marines dug more and more tunnels
with bullets and repeated assaults after assaults

D'nir : Where are we! Do anyone know?
Morrak: "It appears to be Gogyssa."
D'nir : "No. Not Gogyssa."
MorraK: "You shouldn't have angered the Greater Deamon
for this is Slanesh punnishment!"
D'nir: " I didnt know our descent of us Angels was such a hard fall from

Morrak: "what shall we do , My Lord? "

Take out the local communication station.
That should buy us some time
to barricade the city.
This part of Gogyssa belong to Chaos
at least for a few more minutes.

The space marines moved slowly through the ruins to the chaos transport

with their huge power swords, firearms
swinging around their gigiantic terminator armours.

"Barrack-City Communication Station"

The transports was a floating ship that arrived to the Communication station in a rain of imperial fire.
Squad after squad of unharmed terminators teleported down inside the cross fire.
The guardsmen capacity to fight slowly decreased
as the terminators slowly moved below the huge shadow of the corrupt ship.
The unthinkable imperial defeat progressed towards its end
untill it was to late and the ship was so close that it spit a rain of

raptors dropping with loyalist blood.
The terminators entered the gate,
to the the imperial guard it felt
like an eternity after defeat and
the enemy walked like it walked over their graves,
For the Imperial guard this was hell.

D'nir had stayed behind ordering a possessed terminator squad leader:
"Zaros, I was told that there are chaos forces
here on Cadia but they where cut out from reinforcement."
"Morrak take over ship and find a sorcerer to summon the Chaos forces on this planet."
"Tell them that perhaps we can create a clear path between our brothers
and reinforcement!"
"Convince them to summon a gate to these coordinates."
Zaros: "As you will most dreadful one!".

As Zaros disappeared Morrak approached D'nir:
"The Communication station have fallen."
D'nir:" How fun!"
Commence the sacrifices!
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby Rill on Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:19 pm

Chris Black had sat back in his large, padded chair on the bridge of his small ship, feet up on the controll desk, arms folded behind his head as he listend intently to the messages being relayed between the Imperial Forces over the stolen Vox system he had set up...

Clad in worn leather trousers, black military boots and a simple vest of Flak armour covering his otherwise bare torso with his long, blonde hair falling messily around his shoulders, it was clear military discipline was alien to this man...

Black had been called many things during his career, bandit, Pirate, desparado, but personaly, he prefered the term 'Rouge Trader.'

"Ye hear that?"
He asked his freind, comrade and co-pilot Elderoth, a similarly clothed dark haired Warrior, nodding towards the Vox as he did so.

"The Gurad are all pulling back to Cadia's capital, the planets fucking wide open!"

Elderoth commented, rubbing a rough chin with one fingerless gloved hand,
"But there's the slight problem of that Ork WAAARGH! Which is maruading across the planet..."

"Yeah but Orks aint renowned fer their brain power or speed..."
Black commented, sitting forward;

"My point is there's a good number of empty cities in between the WAARGH! and the Capitol, the Guard abandoned them in a hurry, there's gonna be weapons, credits, armour, machine parts, all sorts just laying around, just waiting to be 'salvaged'...!"

Black got to his feet and strode across the flight deck to the table displaying a holo-map of Cadia.

"We tough down say here, the city of Tular, its gonna be empty now and the WAARGH! ain't reached it yet... we load of on anything of value, get back in the ship and be back in the air before the Orks get anywhere near us!"

Elderoth now also approached the map and grinned, pushing a hand through his unkept dark hair as he did so,
"I reckon we've found ourselves a treasure trove...!"

Black grinned too,
"Right, get the rest of the warband ready to land, we're goin' to Cadia!"
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby Klas on Thu Jan 28, 2010 7:11 pm

Newly traitor guardsmen cut chaos stars on their purple faces and recruited those guardsmen with broken morale turned mad
and aggressive started to confuse friend from foe.
A few hundred veteran Damned Guardsmen was probably shattered in Orbit if not shoot down
but the local traitors flocked to reinforce the city.
Soon the routing madmen converted to sweet temptation of rest, food
or just release. Doors opened to weapons and wild driving imperial tanks.
A chimera was desecrated with chaos markings.
Human beings are cannibalised in mass graves.
Captured Psykers are crucifixed an used as living altars to generate pleasure and pain energies
from the sacrifices near the warp sensitive Psykers.
Those soldiers that tried to save their wives from burning buildings soon found themselves
weak to Slanesh. Chaos leads to despair and despair leads to hope
and hope is a lie. Hope is an temptation, an fantasy from Chaos that weakens you.
Family hides under table a bunker where they cannot hide from their own
fantasies escape from their weakness.
Only the most inhuman and soulless of soldiers survived and all internal feeling,
all natural reaction generates Slanesh warp energies.
Soldiers who raped the ones they should save or took drugs or just dreamed
where doomed. The 10% Guards men still survived and resisted cut off from outside communication
and 10 % percent of routing madmen where converted into sycophants.
Killing weaves of Chaos Space Marines had changed the balance
to the favour of the rare minority of Imperial Traitors.
Those that remained where the most emotionless and loyal killer machines
who had nothing inside that could feed the warp.
Hard loyalist broke out in fire on deluded routing soldiers
over a blood red street.

A few thousands of Imperial Guardsmen who where little mechanic personification
a rigid superimposing order out of touch with reality.
These imperially trained Madmen with endless morale where
planning a cold orderly genocide to break out of the city.
But the dark voices would sound be stronger
and the minority would grow into mass hysteria.

"Improvised Temple in a Officers Garden".
D'nir Penitential Destroyer rested on his sword next to a communion of cultists.
The sky was filled with smoke and it was to silent.
He expected any second there to be Orbital Bombardment of the whole barrack fields
just to purge the whole land of a spot where the shadow of chaos fell.
Six minutes had passed since the city fell.
He knew that nearby there where fields of barracks looking like human farms and training halls appearing
much like industrialised slaughterhouses.
Slaves and cultists spread their shadows after their robes
as their cybernetic spiked bony fingers walked over the fallen space marines.
They collected gene seed in obscene clay urns
as grim reapers collecting their souls.
Sacrificial daggers harvested the 19 organs of the dead chaos marines.

He had ordered to collect the gene seeds of the fallen Chaos Space Marines.
Most where raptors and Biker Marines but the precious gene seed had to be stored.
He expected there to be a massive counter attack and he had to choice to
stay and sacrifice his gigiantic army or he could fight in motions
till his last survivors reach an reinforce the other chaos forces.
He might even enjoy his own destruction.
The warp creature whisper inside his mind.
D'nir felt the presence of so many possesses marines.
The faint overlapping presence and the energies generated from
the prisoners pain and pleasure.
D'nir never dreamt but he had a vision.
His Chaos brothers who previously died, their souls where sucked into the warp
where Slanesh devoured them and transforming them to spiritual excrement.
Sentient spirits whose only sentience and memory is torment for eternity.
The Sacrificial daggers in the hands of the cultists and in the flesh of the fallen
send small weaves through the local warp like cold water dropping on naked skin.
D'nir found this experience morbidly peaceful.
But that was another ritual and now the ritual sacrifice had to begun.
His gloves hold a firm grip in Meditation over his repentance to his dark god.
The ritual smoke cleared his mind.
Hundreds of wounded soldiers where dragged on to the most beautiful place in the city.
The pit smelled with mind warping drugs
and the prisoners where tossed inside
and forced to join the orgy.
A small glare of trees that was kept in an minor officers mansion.
A rare spot of green in this sterile landscape of monastery like barracks.
Now the trees have a glimpse of the warp.

Not far away in the next block the cultists transported the bloody urns to their cowardly safety of their unholy sanctuary
where they would be hidden till they eventually would be used to create new Space Marines.

D'nir spoke: Oh great Slanesh, Prince of Chaos.
Accept this sacrifice and redeem me who
fell from your path!

The pit was six yards deep and was a pool of drugs and warp energy.
Warp energies where generated from the prisoners
as the dynamic whips reinvigorated them and their either
could choice pain or pleasure!
The sacrifices where lured into Ecstasy seduced by warp whispers.
The Angels of Ecstacy loaded their weapons
and shoot the sacrifices in their heights of either pain or pleasure.

A warp flame rose up from the pit and several warp lights light up
the city and dotted as much of the landscape as D'nir could see from where he stood.
Voices from the warp could be heard in every street.
Occasion soldiers spontaneous could be seen on the streets killing their own family
and others where found dead after having removed their eyes and ears
in attempt to save their souls.

D'nir laughed and all the Angels where charged with warp energies
enhancing their pleasure.
D'nir felt his mind melt away as Slanesh whispered
"Sacrifice Yourselves ".
"Let your terminator armour be sacrificial altars"
"sacrifice enemies in ritual combat untill you sacrifice yourself
through their weapons !"
Follow me men!
We are about to die! We are a sacrifice to slanesh
and this land is our altar!
First we shall sacrifice all others!
*All marines screamed in trance*

The mad Terminators raged on killing more hedonistic orgy pits
generating more and more sacrificial energy!
Soon all of the slightly more than hundred squads
joined in as their demon sides took over.
A genocides to reinforce their pleasure
of genocide that boost the Space Marines
pleasure of another activity which lead
them with constant energy that must be spent.

The Fortress barracks where burning and the darkest of shadow.
Outside of the Small Barrack city
the training fields where filled with alerted Guardsmen.
Individually weak but in larger numbers and skilled
at using their numbers.
If only they where prepared the Imperial Guard could have won but
they where not the best companies of Imperial Guard.
They where just a company and damned Imperial Guards
and mutant followers of the Chaos Lord forced
them into taking stand in random position.
D'nirs esctatic warriors flushed them away.
The Warp songs where louder than storms
untill the city changed.
The city was transforming. All the population but the most cold
turned into mutants and soldiers bands spontaneously turned into
Chaos cults.

D'nir lead a crusade against all of the Barrack fields!

From the orbit of Cadia every warp sensitive creature could see the beacon
like a bleeding wound on Cadia.
All of Gargyssa is falling to Chaos.
Mutant Cannon fodder was little match for the Guardsmen
but it distracted them and made them waste their first move.
Then the Traitor guardsmen balanced the heavy losses!
Chaos Marines are dying on hundreds of Guardsmen
only to release their own energy into a sacrifice
strengthening the warp as hundreds of Deamons quickly took the place of the fallen.
The Terminators moved faster after being imbued and fired many rains of bullets accurate
the genocide of either side the Chaos stronger.

The loyal elite Guardsmen had hid inside a Rhino transporting sacrifices.
No the soldiers full of Imperial order sniped
D'nir who rushed of the bullets taking with it his left eye.
D'nir attacked the company with his power sword
and shattered the Rhino into a rain of sacrifices!
D'nirs inner demon saw the corpses burning with generated warp energies.
An officer stopped D'nirs sword with his sword
and Morkar blasted him.
D'nir and Morkar burned of the exposure to the warp.
The guardsmen and the Terminator Lords charged each other in a mutual assault.
Thousands and thousands of Imperial Guards mobilized from Rhinos and strategic positions to strike!
These where not like the other guardsmen D'nir had put to panic, they where heroes
that where left totally unaffected by terror.
The Chaos Lords where surrounded in a street
separated from their forces and there where no way to teleport.
Morkar and D'nir hold their own against twenty thousands of unique soldiers.
The fallen humans flooded over the streets
till Morkar and D'nir could build a cover
that resisted their rockets.
The other Imbued Terminator teleported across the crossfires
and forcing the Orderly Soldiers out of their positions.
Soon the armies walking to close to the warp pits
suddenly turned on their friends!
D'nir devoured the heroic commander
and 2 terminators died as the cold soldiers managed to collapse a wall over them
under constant rocket direct hit and plasma bolters.
The terminators cost all the twenty thousands of soldiers.
The Lost and the Damned walked around
haunting who ever dared to regroup in the dark hiding places.
Commissars head flew off and the brave Imperial troops run of in opposite direction in an attempt to outflank the Chaos forces.
Which resulted in a billion of hills and streets where each individual squad had to hold positions
and respond to fire from all directions.
The teleporting terminators picked the trenches and bunkers clean one on by one.
Most of the original gigantic force of Angels
are lost in the battle but their gene seed would survive
and their sacrificial warp energies

In a 10 minutes after D'nir falling in trance.
all of Gyrgossa was a battle field.

The buildings near the sacrifice pits was transformed to temples shaped metallic purple knives
and the population was converted to Chaos
or sacrifices to generate stronger warp beacons.
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby Rill on Fri Jan 29, 2010 8:33 am

A large doorway set into the massive steel gates of the capitol swung open to allow the four Space Wolves to stride out onto the soil of Cadia;
Up ahead, lay the 56th Cadian waited by their Chimeras as Lord Greymane led his Warriors up the main road towards them.

"Still waiting on the Death Korps...?"
Seargent Blackpaw growled as the Sky Warriors approached the Chimeras,
"Whats taking them so damn long..?"

Thorrin, meanwhile, had sighted the Company Captain and strode towards the man;

"Captain Drake?"
The Wolf Lord enquired, looking down at the guardsman and thumping one armoured fist off his chest plate as he did so, in the true Warriors salute,
"We ain't gonna wait any longer fer the Death Korps, my Warriors an' I are going tae push onto Gogyssa an' get our fangs into the Ork scum..!"

The Wolf Lord flexed the fingers of his Powerfist as he spoke, sending a nimbus of energy crackling up his arm,
"I realise ye 'ave yer orders, but should ye choose to acompany us we would be most welcome."

Behind the Lord, Seargant Blackpaw grinned savagely, his fangs shining out pearly white in stark contrast to his mane of wild Black hair, he knew his old freind felt the same as he did;
No Sky Warrior wanted to be waiting around when the bloodlust was upon him and there where enermies to slay!

Beside the Seargent, Ulfar, the squads Long Fang (More commonly known as 'Devestators' in traditional Space marine armies) Balin cranked the fireing mechanism of his Heavy Bolter while Wolf guard Ulfar checked his boltgun...

Growled Lord Greymane,
"Lets slaughter some Ork, Warriors, we Move!"

With that, the Space Wolves strode through the Imperial guards ranks of transports towards the distant training camp of Gogyssa...


Rouge Trader Chris Black grinned as his small ship swooped low over the now abandoned streets of Tular, the closest city to the now Ork occupied city of Kro'trak.

As the ship toutched down in the city square, Black and his Desperado warband leapt down to the tarmac, spreading out to form a defensive perimiter as they did so...

Black, now wearing a worn tan coloured Duster over his Flak Vest, was armed with two bolt pistols holstered at his waist, along with a finely crafted Powersword, which the Rouge Trader had 'liberated' from its original owner...

Beside him cam Elderoth, dark hair blowing in the wind of the ships turbines, the Desperado held his Hotshot Lasgun resting over one shoulder while his shotgun was still in its holster strapped across the mans back.

Next came 'Brother' Tezdra, a rouge member of the Machine Cult, assuced of Herrasy and forced to go on the run with the warband,
The former Tech Preists head turned left and right as he scanned the imediate area...

Beside the renegade Preist, strode the massive, hulking armoured form of 'Gunthrax Skullbita' a former Chrono-Gladiator of the Adeptus Mechanicus, before Brother Tezdra had reprogrammed the massive Warriors self destruct system to link up with a computer chip now planted in Chris Blacks head.

Black and Tezdra where especialy proud of this technical acheivment, which now meant the Gladiator was bound to the Rouge Trader Captain, who could activate its self destruct mechanism with a single thought, should the beast prove trecherous in any way...

Together, the Rouge Trader Warband strode swiftly from their landed ship across the square towards the cities main Guildhall, surely a good place, in Blacks eyes, to begin looting valuables...
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby doomer5656 on Fri Jan 29, 2010 9:57 am

Drake had stepped out of the Chimera. He was tired of waiting, when a large Space Marine walked up. The Space Marine spoke and then saluted him with a thump to the chest. Drake returned the salute using his bionic arm. "I know what you mean" Drake replied. "They don't seem to be responding, and the men are getting restless. Drake then listened to the large man. "Aye we'll follow you, I'll send a message to the 12th that were moving in on Gogyssa." Drake said to the wolf lord as he turned to his regiment. "Put me through the both companies" Drake said to a vox caster. The man nodded and flipped the switch putting him through to his 56th and the armored regiment accompanying them. "Lads, mount up were moving on Gogyssa" There was a cheer as they quickly scattered to the chimeras and heavy transports. "Vasilii lets go" he turned to the wolf lord. "Looks like were tailing you" He said smiling.

(Sorry if its not sufficent I'm in class now :S)
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby lone world on Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:16 pm

Ritzik was still back at the lines when the regiment arrived the troop trucks slewed to a holt and the men disembarked a younger captain rushed up to Ritzik
"sir the orks they jumped us the colonel the colonel he's it just happened so quickly"
"hey slow down lad, take a deep breath"
"the orks attacked and killed the colonel and the major, sir" he saluted, "you now command the rest of the regiment"
"how many men"
"three hundred and fifty plus 20 kaskrin, sir"
"what of the regimental colours"
"we have them sir" he called up a sergeant carrying them.
"good" he looked over the colours they were a deep red even deeper know with blood split on them and the blue had been dulled by dirt but the 110th in bold white Numerals and the regiment slogan stood out still, "never fall, never surrender, never outgunned, never outnumbered" he said to himself well they had fallen the regiment was much smaller and the most senior officers were dead great way to start a war.

He picked up the vox mic,"easy here status unbroken report status" all companies reported unbroken, "today we lost good men at the start we numbered one thousand know we number three hundred and fifty but we're the shock lets suck it up and get some pay back" there was a general acknowledgment, "i heard that there going to be a tussel going on what say we go help out" he heard approval from the company commanders. fight know let them mourn the colonel later when it's not going to get them killed. "command this is the 110th acting colonel Ritzik here colonel wellsly is dead we are moving to assist the liberation of the training camp, over".
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Re: The XIII Black Crusade

Postby doomer5656 on Fri Jan 29, 2010 5:50 pm

(Lone world, correct me if I'm wrong someone, but isn't it still a protect from the orcs and move it back closer to the capitol if possible. Considering I don't think that we're aware, yet, that Chaos has taken it. were still on the way to protect it from the Waugh. So you might want to edit that to say assist in the defense of the training camp. But again someone correct me if I'm wrong)
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