Thekherham and the Khobharet

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Thekherham and the Khobharet

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Thekherham on Tue Mar 31, 2009 6:50 pm

Here is another excerpt from Thekherham: The Autobiography of an Alien. In this scene, Thekherham is four years old, and he comes face to face, as it were, with one of the more dangerous predators on the island where he lives.

The day Mama told me about the khobharet was the day I ran into one. I had been out of the chambers for a while now, but I was still a cub, still small, still nursing, and, of course, no poison in my claws. Desdhak’hŏr… death quite sudden. An appropriate name for this poison. Unfortunately, I was about to become ‘suddenly dead’ as this huge red-furred beast sized me up for a meal.

I was very much afraid, and my fear showed itself easily as my tail crept between my legs, and I fear-shivered until I felt I would break into numberless small pieces. Kykherhenha was pressing herself close to me, and I could sense her fear like a giant wave which threatened to drown us both. Her eyes, which had no pupils like mine, but which had the ability to change color depending on her mood, were a combination of green and yellow. Despite her fear she craned her neck, and hissed at the monster, but she could not do anything because one swipe of the khobharet’s potent claws could have brought her down. Because we were linked, the death of my whistling dragon would have meant the death of me.

Mama had come out of the house, and she thought nothing of facing this predator. She told me and Kykherhenha to remain perfectly still and not make any sudden moves.

I tried so hard, so very hard, but my tail seemed to have a mind of its own. It waved and twitched even though I willed it to remain still.

The khobharet is looking at your tail, Kykherhenha said. Your mama wants you to keep doing it.

Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Mama circling around the khobharet, and Vythalham tried to keep it occupied from the air. The beast still had its eyes on me, as if it knew I would be easy prey, and Mama and Vythalham were only minor annoyances.

Mama was closer now, but the khobharet had not even noticed. He crouched down as he prepared to leap, his tail flicking back and forth. I closed my eyes, frozen, preparing for the worst.

Thekherham, Kykherhenha called in my mind, when I tell you, jump aside.

I waited. I could hear the khobharet snarling. A kind of rumbling sound seemed to come from somewhere deep inside the animal. My hearing was turned to maximum, and I could hear the animal as it tried to breathe quietly. My tail was still twitching, although I could not be sure. I was concentrating on the khobharet.

Now, Kykerhenha said.

I leaped to my left, opening my eyes. I stumbled, picked myself up quickly. The khobharet jumped to where I had been, twisted around with a vicious snarl. Mama now occupied the spot where I had been, and the predator came to a sudden halt, apparently trying to figure out how I could have grown in such a short time.

Mama showed her claws as a warning to the khobharet. The animal ignored it, and rushed at her, apparently feeling that an easy meal was available. Mama tried to step aside, but the khobharet was so quick that he knocked her down, and tried to sink his teeth into her throat. I screamed, wanted to run to her, but Kykherhenha warned me off, telling me Mama could take care of herself.

She was wrestling with the khobharet, who seemed to be handling himself rather well. I could see his huge canines, and I could see how close they were to Mama’s throat. I wondered about Kykherhenha’s pronouncement that she could take care of herself. Seeing her like this brought tears to my eyes. Mama’s survival meant my survival, because I needed the milk of both parents.

With all her strength she pushed the khobharet away from her, and rose quickly to her hind paws. The animal snarled, rushed at her in a renewed effort, but this time she was ready. She extended her claws, and raked the animal’s flank. The khobharet literally stopped dead in its track.

Kykherhenha left my side and approached the animal cautiously. I was afraid, she said.

Me, too, I sent. I wanted to know what we were going to do with the dead animal, but Mama just told me it was not our concern.

“Are you all right, Mama?” I asked.

She ignored my question.“This is the most dangerous predator on land,” she said, “but there are far more dangerous predators out there in the ocean.”

We looked at the dead animal. “I’m not going in the ocean,” I said.

“You never know,” she said. “you will have to watch out for the cheperhaun and the kilirid. If you ever come across them, you must get away as quickly as possible.”

I wondered how she knew about these animals.

“One is much, much larger than this khobharet, with huge teeth inside a mouth that can swallow an adult Tereskàdian whole. The other… you will know it by the many tendrils that float in the water like seaweed. They will fasten themselves to your body, and they will suck the blood…” She looked at me closely. “I’m worrying you, aren’t I, Thekherham?”

No, I decided. Should I be? Right now, away from the ocean, standing on dry land, I was not worried at all.

Are we going to eat him? Kykherhenha asked.

When I told Mama what Kykherhenha had asked she looked at her rather sternly. “No, we do not eat other carnivores.”

I wanted to ask her why, but decided now was not the right time.

I encountered other khobharet, but always at a distance. Three cubs who were near my age had been taken by the predators during that time. We grieved their deaths, but there was nothing we could do about it.
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Re: Thekherham and the Khobharet

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This excerpt is dead.

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