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Those of the Devil's Kin: Role players needed~ :D

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Those of the Devil's Kin: Role players needed~ :D

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby YooHooYummyTummy on Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:40 pm

Hello! ^^ I am the GM of the role play, Those of the Devil's Kin. At the moment, I am in need for those who'd like to participate; it doesn't matter whom you'd like which role you'd like to play, or the gender, I am welcoming anyone who can follow by the guidelines I've laid down and who'd like to be in it. :D A summary of this role play is basically about an Apocalypse happening to where demonic daemons who invade earth and try to take over. The role play will start about two hours prior to the invasion and will continue all the way up to the point of 2018, which would be two months after the declaration of war between humanity and the creatures. If you are interested, then please be my guest to read on, or you can visit the actual role play, Those Of The Devil's Kin.

~YooHoo. :3

The End.

The year was 2016, December 8. The winter months had started to become slow and cold; snow almost surrounding everywhere you go. Not only was it slow, but also peaceful; no wars wailed, nor did other countries fought. Finally, after four years, the world had achieved the peace it so longingly desired. Not only did it bring peace for the nations; but the economies flourished, causing the homeless and employed count drop significantly. Everything was perfect; everything was as good as a dream for the world.

Though, like all good things such as dreams and perfection; it all must come to an end.
So it did; crashing down as if it was being hit by a plane. Everything had ended.

Within just a few weeks, an invasion had occurred; sending humanity and all of its victims swirling downward as it flushed down the toilet.
Now, this invasion was far from the alienist movies or the zombified theories- it was further from the sudden explosion of the sun hypothesis or the earth’s inner eruption belief. No, it was something out of the blue, unexpected from varies of theories.

They called them vampires; of course, it wasn’t their real names- just assumptions that had formed after the eating habits and visual ties of these creatures. The authentic name for these creatures would be Drac Vlastar; Romanian words that tie together like the red strings of fate to be translated in English as the ‘Devil’s Offspring’.

They attacked out of nowhere, warning no one. They killed countless, even millions of people, animals, and destroyed various houses, buildings; even the skyscrapers of which humans took pride upon, ones which had touched the skies and allowed humans to be the envies of others, fell to their knees within a few minutes.

In a period of only a few months; humanity had turned into the slaughtered, and the Drac Vlastars had became the dominant creatures. Now of course, there is the occasional group of survivors whom claim to be heroes; killing themselves out of stupidity and arrogance. Small groups of humans who are still alive, now stride in hiding; clinging onto the last strand of hope while the Drac Vlastars are living in the lap of luxury, feeding and becoming rich- taking the places of where wealthy human had once roamed.

Though, not all is bad in the eyes of these Drac Vlastars; not only has the environment exceeded in its beauty, but they’d also restored the elegance of that of the Victorian times. Of course, shunning all of those who where not Drac Vlastars; humans where both killed and eaten, or went by unnoticeable and undetected- forced into fear and to be completely concealed.

Of course, the Drac Vlastars’ days become numbered; the amounts of humans dying by their hands have increased versus the amount being born. That is when the new revolution of mankind dawned in; the first type of man being captured and taken in by the creatures. They called this new species Nou; once again, a Romanian word that has the meaning of ‘new’. The difference between the Nous and the original humans, where small, yet, the life saver, or perhaps, either species- or so to speak.

While humans could die of a bite of the Drac Vlastars; Nous could not. Nous could not die from the hands of Drac Vlastars, nor could they die by their own hands. Only an original human could kill Nous. This new discovery had everyone in chaos; regular humans soon began to harvest Nous while Drac Vlastars began hunting them. Those who had harvested them soon began to train them; many thinking that the Nous would be able to help fight, and defeat the Drac Vlastars.

And so, the end of death had been replaced by the beginning of a war; a war that could destroy both of them. Only one name could describe this war; both sides began to call it The End.

The Overall Plot.

ImageThe overall plot will take place two hours before the invasion all the way till 2018, two years after a declaration of war has been placed. The settings will change accordingly to each advent that occurs. The conflict will between the original humans, the Drac Vlastars and the Nous; the conflict will be a bit lose and vague, allowing the characters to form their own conflict and such. Nous are already presented within the human race, yet, the human race hasn’t exactly pin pointed them out; they still remain hidden within the race.

The setting is similar to a slight steam punkish Victorian era; the Drac Vlastars have abandoned the new technology and tore down the amazing architecture to replace it with their own; often Victorian like buildings with renaissance like art that showers the streets- it is quite beautiful actually.

Despite the Drac Vlastars living within the beautiful cities and country sides; humans are damned to the life of hiding. They hide away in once was their great cities or their great town; a result of the invasion. The buildings decayed, as the streets emptied; looking as if humanity was long gone. They are like cockroaches; they cannot be killed that easily. Yet, humans do dwell within the waist land that has long past its expatriation date; with its drinkable water and filthy ground, it’s no wonder why they are at such desperate measures. Image

The Rules.

  • The writing~
    My motto has always been, ‘it’s the quality that counts, not the quantity’; which is true because I much rather have a role player who writes little, yet the quality of the writing is wonderful than one who writes a lot yet has poor quality. With me saying this, that does not mean I’d want someone who constantly writes short paragraphs while I’m pooping out long pages; my ideal type of role player I’d like to role play with is someone who can write really well, and put a lot of effort with the length of the pages. Also, I do expect you to use the 'places' tabs in your posts; though, this is only required when we get further into the role play. At the moment, there will be only one or so places tab. :)
  • Persistency~
    As a usual thing that has been asked by various people who role plays, I would like some dedication to the role playing; I understand that usual pop up when real life comes and pulls you out of dream land and smacks you upside the head, and you tell me (preferably before it happens) then I understand. Even telling me after you’ve been gone for about a week or so would be nice and we can continue where you left off- I can easily type up a summary of what’s been going on and you can jump right in. Over all, I’m just asking you not to suddenly disappear without telling me. This being said, I do expect the role players to post at least once to three times a week. :P
  • Gender Division~
    I will warn you now, I am a bit picky when it comes to picking the females over males; I try to be equal as possible between the two genders. The reason I am pickier with the girls over boys is because of the fact that that specific gender seems to be a bit more popular within the website. Despite this, I will accept a character regardless of gender if the character sheet is freaking awesome~. :)
  • Maturity~
    I’d like to keep this rule short, sweet and simple; I want this role play to be mature, while at the same time, abide by the Roleplaygateway’s rules and guidelines. Thus saying, I would like there to be little to no romance; of course, I know I cannot totally band the romance, and if it does developed, then please make it appropriate to the role play’s plot. I do not want some Drac Vlastar falling in love with a Nous or human. They are design to kill without heart- similar to how we treat cows; would you fall in love and merry a cow? No? Good, I don’t expect it to happen in the role play. :D
  • The Character~
    At first, I will only accept three to four characters of the Nous; once we have an even number of each species, then I may start accepting more. Please note, that this is not first serve, first get. I am accepting those who I think and believe will be fit for the part; but do not fret; I am not that strict when it comes to it. Thus saying, I will not be accepting Reservations. If you reserve a spot, I will not only be a bit pissed that you have not only read through any of my rules or story line, but I will not reserve anything entitling your name; your character better be damn awesome for me to forget it.
  • Have Fun~
    Self Explanatory. I’m not that harsh when it comes things, but I do hope you abide by my rules; I don’t want to enforce them and then feel like I am being bitchy. I don’t have that many and I do hope you join and I haven’t scared you off- yet. :3

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