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Tidal Serpent

Tidal Serpent Timeline

a part of “Tidal Serpent”, a fictional universe by Lostsoulsbleed.

{A Fairy Tail Fanfic}

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Tidal Serpent”.
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Tidal Serpent Timeline

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lostsoulsbleed on Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:02 pm

*Dates having to do with Zeref are ones I chose based off what the wikia timeline said. They are not the actual dates.*

Tidal Serpent is founded by the Pirate Wizard Titus Malaerion
Titus Malaerion - Age 28

Titus Malaerion retired, Leaving the Guild to his son. Frederrik Malaerion became Guild Master.
Titus Malaerion - Age 52
Frederrik Malaerion - Age 25

Frederrik Malaerion died. The Guild appointed his sister, Lotus Remase-Malaerion, as Guild Master. Titus Malaerion died later that year.
Frederrik Malaerion - Age 64
Lotus Ramase-Malaerion - Age 56
Titus Malaerion - Age 91

Zeref's Reign. During these years the Dark Lord Zeref made a name for himself. Melinda was created during this time.

Lotus Ramase-Malaerion retired. She chose her grandson, Anubis Malaerion, to be the new Guild Master.
Lotus Ramase-Malaerion - Age 76
Anubis Malaerion - Age 32

Anubis Malaerion died at sea. His younger brother, Horus Malaerion was appointed Guild Master.
Anubis Malaerion - Age 58
Horus Malaerion - Age 49

Melinda surrenders to the Magic Council and she is taken into custody. Public record states her whereabouts as unknown, the Magic Councils private records state she was taken to their Fiore Headquarters.

Horus Malaerion died during the attack of a legal guild. Rebekkah Masaru became Guild Master, being the youngest Guild Master Tidal Serpent had ever had as well as the first non-Malaerion.
Horus Malaerion - Age 91
Rebekkah Masaru - Age 21

Rebekkah Masaru retired. Garrik Malaerion became Guild Master and disbanned Tidal Serpent. He moved to Nymphaea City and opened a tavern.
Rebekkah Masaru - Age 35
Garrik Malaerion - Age 22

Garrick Malaerion founded the new Tidal Serpent and was appointed Guild Master.
Garrik Malaerion - Age 29

The Magic Council releases Melinda. Public record states that she served a 101 year sentence and was 'harmless to the general public'. The only condition to her release was that she remain in Fiore and that she never join a Dark Guild. She was made a legal citizen of Fiore.

Garrick Malaerion died. His nephew Satoru Malaerion became Guild Master.
Garrick Malaerion - Age 97
Satoru Malaerion - Age 45

Yamato Malaerion, Garrick Malaerion's Great Grandson, and his team go on a mission and return with Melinda, having rescued her from a Dark Guild. Satoru Malaerion makes her an official member of Tidal Serpent.
Satoru Malaerion - Age 58
Yamato Malaerion - Age 21

Satoru Malaerion Retires. Yamato Malaerion becomes Guild Master.
Satoru Malaerion - Age 75
Yamato Malaerion - Age 39

Yamato Malaerion dies. Mokoto Takeshi is made Guild Master.
Yamato Malaerion - Age 69
Mokoto Takeshi - Age 31

Melinda and a young A-Class wizard named Daedra, start working together to design 'The Compound'. Later that year they finish the design and show it to Mokoto who approves the project.
Mokoto Takeshi - Age 31
Daedra - Age 16

Daedra gets married to Masanori Malaerion, Yamato Malaerion's Cousin's Son.
Daedra Malaerion - Age 21
Masanori Malaerion - Age 28
Mokoto Takeshi - Age 36

Mokoto Takeshi retires, missing the adventure of taking jobs and wanting to spend more time with his family. Daedra and Masanori Malaerion become Co-Guild Masters of Tidal Serpent.
Daedra Malaerion - Age 25
Masanori Malaerion - Age 32
Mokoto Takeshi - Age 40

Daedra Malaerion comes up with the idea of creating spells to protect the guild. She and Melinda take the idea and work with her to develop a new type of magic. Daedra and Masanori adopt a daughter, Freya Malaerion, and the construction of 'The Compound' is completed.
Daedra Malaerion - Age 50
Masanori Malaerion - Age 57
Mokoto Takeshi - Age 65

One of Tidal Serpent's old allies, Kraken's Blood, a Dark Guild made up of pirates, decides to take on Tidal Serpent as an enemy. They attack The Compound and are warded off but Daedra Malaerion and Mokoto Takeshi die in the attack. Masanori stays on as Guild Master and Melinda starts working on a new magic to protect the guild.
Daedra Malaerion - Age 53
Masanori Malaerion - Age 60
Mokoto Takeshi - Age 68

Freya Malaerion, Daedra and Masanori's Granddaughter is born.
Masanori Malaerion - Age 65

Kraken's Blood attacks a village that a Tidal Serpent Team, of which Masanori Malaerion was a part of, is traveling through. They kill the team and half the citizens of said village. A member of the Takeshi family becomes Guild Master, records do not state his name or age.
Masanori Malaerion - Age 67
Guild Master - Age ???
Freya Malaerion - Age 2

Kraken's Blood continues to start small conflicts with Tidal Serpent wizards when they aren't in Nymphaea. During this time Melinda perfects her new magic and has the pillars replaces and the fountain in the center of the compound created. She helps Freya learn water-make magic and then teaches her the new magic she created.

Kraken's Blood attacks the Guild Compound. Details on what exactly happened are vague at best, Freya and Melinda being the only ones who know exactly happened, but what is known is that most of the members of Kraken's Blood died in the fight and the few remaining members fled. The guild disbanned, not able to survive after the event. Afterwords, Freya is named a member of the Wizard Saints.
Freya Malaerion - Age 16

Freya gives birth to a son, Castien Malaerion
Freya Malaerion - Age 18

Freya becomes Guild master.
Freya Malaerion - Age 24
Castien Malaerion - Age 6

"Slick" is born.
Freya Malaerion steps down, becoming a normal member of Tidal Serpent. Castien Malaerion takes on the position of Guild Master. He officially changes the frequency of the S-Class Competition from once every 5 years to once every 3 years.
Freya Malaerion - Age 44
Castien Malaerion - 26

Dolores De La Fuente is born.
At the end of the year the S-Class Competition happens.
Freya Malaerion - Age 48
Castien Malaerion - 27
Melinda Ekundayo - Mid/Late Twenties (???)
"Slick" - Age 1

Cheneres Se-Anhur IV is born.
Freya Malaerion - Age 47
Castien Malaerion - 29
Melinda Ekundayo - Mid/Late Twenties (???)
"Slick" - Age 3
Dolores De La Fuente - Age 2

At the end of the year the S-Class Competition happens.
Freya Malaerion - Age 48
Castien Malaerion - 30
Melinda Ekundayo - Mid/Late Twenties (???)
"Slick" - Age 4
Dolores De La Fuente - Age 3
Cheneres Se-Anhur IV - Age 1

Keiji Okaro is born.
Freya Malaerion - Age 49
Castien Malaerion - 31
Melinda Ekundayo - Mid/Late Twenties (???)
"Slick" - Age 5
Dolores De La Fuente - Age 4
Cheneres Se-Anhur IV - Age 2

"Rin Hitomi" is born.
At the end of the year the S-Class Competition happens.
Freya Malaerion - Age 51
Castien Malaerion - 33
Melinda Ekundayo - Mid/Late Twenties (???)
"Slick" - Age 7
Dolores De La Fuente - Age 6
Cheneres Se-Anhur IV - Age 4
Keiji Okaro - Age 2

Bardulf Sherwood and Artemie Scheherazade are born.
At the end of the year the S-Class Competition happens.
Freya Malaerion - Age 54
Castien Malaerion - 36
Melinda Ekundayo - Mid/Late Twenties (???)
"Slick" - Age 10
Dolores De La Fuente - Age 9
Cheneres Se-Anhur IV - Age 7
Keiji Okaro - Age 5
"Rin Hitomi" - Age 3

Castien Malaerion's daughter, Oceana Malaerion, is born.
At the end of the year the S-Class Competition happens.
Freya Malaerion - Age 57
Castien Malaerion - 39
Melinda Ekundayo - Mid/Late Twenties (???)
"Slick" - Age 13
Dolores De La Fuente - Age 12
Cheneres Se-Anhur IV - Age 10
Keiji Okaro - Age 8
"Rin Hitomi" - Age 6
Bardulf Sherwood - Age 3
Artemie Scheherazade - Age 3

Pommel Grade is born.
Freya Malaerion - Age 59
Castien Malaerion - Age 41
Oceana Malaerion - Age 2
Melinda Ekundayo - Mid/Late Twenties (???)
"Slick" - Age 15
Dolores De La Fuente - Age 14
Cheneres Se-Anhur IV - Age 12
Keiji Okaro - Age 10
"Rin Hitomi" - Age 8
Bardulf Sherwood - Age 5
Artemie Scheherazade - Age 5

At the end of the year the S-Class Competition happens.
Freya Malaerion - Age 60
Castien Malaerion - Age 42
Oceana Malaerion - Age 3
Melinda Ekundayo - Mid/Late Twenties (???)
"Slick" - Age 16
Dolores De La Fuente - Age 15
Cheneres Se-Anhur IV - Age 13
Keiji Okaro - Age 11
"Rin Hitomi" - Age 9
Bardulf Sherwood - Age 6
Artemie Scheherazade - Age 6
Pommel Grade - Age 1

Bardulf Sherwood joined Tidal Serpent.
At the end of the year the S-Class Competition happens. Instead of the usual trials, each person up for the role fights Freya. Melinda Ekundayo wins and is named a 'new' S-Class Wizard.
Freya Malaerion - Age 63
Castien Malaerion - Age 45
Oceana Malaerion - Age 6
Melinda Ekundayo - Mid/Late Twenties (???)
"Slick" - Age 19
Dolores De La Fuente - Age 18
Cheneres Se-Anhur IV - Age 16
Keiji Okaro - Age 14
"Rin Hitomi" - Age 12
Bardulf Sherwood - Age 9
Artemie Scheherazade - Age 9
Pommel Grade - Age 4

At the end of the year, Jin wins S-Class Competition happens.
Freya Malaerion - Age 66
Castien Malaerion - Age 48
Oceana Malaerion - Age 9
Melinda Ekundayo - Mid/Late Twenties (???)
"Slick" - Age 22
Dolores De La Fuente - Age 21
Cheneres Se-Anhur IV - Age 19
Keiji Okaro - Age 17
"Rin Hitomi" - Age 15
Bardulf Sherwood - Age 12
Artemie Scheherazade - Age 12
Pommel Grade - Age 7

Keiji Okaro joins Tidal Serpent.
At the end of the year Keiji Okaro wins the S-Class Competition.
Freya Malaerion - Age 69
Castien Malaerion - Age 51
Oceana Malaerion - Age 12
Melinda Ekundayo - Mid/Late Twenties (???)
"Slick" - Age 25
Dolores De La Fuente - Age 24
Cheneres Se-Anhur IV - Age 22
Keiji Okaro - Age 20
"Rin Hitomi" - Age 18
Bardulf Sherwood - Age 15
Artemie Scheherazade - Age 15
Pommel Grade - Age 10

At the end of the year, Oceana wins the S-Class Competition.
Freya Malaerion - Age 72
Castien Malaerion - Age 54
Oceana Malaerion - Age 15
Melinda Ekundayo - Mid/Late Twenties (???)
"Slick" - Age 28
Dolores De La Fuente - Age 27
Cheneres Se-Anhur IV - Age 25
Keiji Okaro - Age 23
"Rin Hitomi" - Age 21
Bardulf Sherwood - Age 18
Artemie Scheherazade - Age 18
Pommel Grade - Age 13

"Rin Hitomi" and Dolores De La Fuente join Tidal Serpent.
At the end of the year, Dolores De La Fuente wins the S-Class Competition and Oceana Malaerion is made Guild Master by her father.
Freya Malaerion - Age 75
Castien Malaerion - Age 57
Oceana Malaerion - Age 18
Melinda Ekundayo - Mid/Late Twenties (???)
"Slick" - Age 31
Dolores De La Fuente - Age 30
Cheneres Se-Anhur IV - Age 28
Keiji Okaro - Age 26
"Rin Hitomi" - Age 24
Bardulf Sherwood - Age 21
Artemie Scheherazade - Age 21
Pommel Grade - Age 16

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