The Cromwell Estate - The Race To Be Queen!

The Cromwell Estate - The Race To Be Queen!

Two sisters, Teacake and Rose, are having a little race to see who can claim the family throne first. The only thing holding them back is their temporary exile from the kingdom and being unwed. Who will find their prince charming first?

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OOC » RP Timeline; From Start to Finish

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[OOC] RP Timeline; From Start to Finish

Postby AzaraGore on Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:40 pm

I thought it be better organized if I posted all the "days" in a separate thread than the official OOC thread, so check if if you wanna know what's going on!

Please note that a "New Day" is not an actual day in the RP :D It is just how I describe a new "scene" or "act" since we are do a sort of play style RP, I felt the need to describe what is going on every so often. So don't think your character is awake for 5 real days. It can be night and day 24/7 for all I care, I just want things to transition a little differently than a normal RP since I have no real ending developed for the RP, it's mostly free ranged as far as I can tell. So please keep up to date, check back often, and post in the appropriate Places! This means stay out of the "Modern Victorian Era" Place! I've posted all over that thing saying not to post there but people are continuing to make the mistake to post there and it's messing others up.. Please double check where you're posting before posting! I was hoping to get this RP reviewed but with the condition of how things are going I think it'd be pointless to even ask...
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Re: [OOC] RP Timeline; From Start To Finis

Postby AzaraGore on Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:42 pm

Day o1

The Exiled Sisters.
The King. | The Queen. | Rose Cromwell. | Teacake Cromwell. | Max Laren.
After being summoned by their parents, Rose and Teacake exit their luxurious plush rooms and leave to the meeting room, where all public matters are discussed. The king and queen are seated at the middle of the table while the sisters enter, causing a fuss as always.

Day o2

Long Journey To Nowhere Special.
Teacake Cromwell | Rose Cromwell | Max Laren | Lucian Willhoit | Alice Ivy Laroque | Mebit | Giles Montige | Shiro Montige | Richard Fawkes
After a long journey from the Capital to a small and somewhat isolated city, the sisters and their guards finally approached the estate in Hausse. Peeping and gasping at the change the city has gone under, the city was even more beautiful than it was the last time the girls were there. It was filled with the aroma of all sorts of foods, it was like their parents sent them to heaven on earth but they weren't expecting what was going to happen next when they saw the staff lined up outside the front door along with two other finely dressed females.

Day o3

~ Coming Soon ~

Day o4

~ Coming Soon ~

Day o5

~ Coming Soon ~

Day o6

~ Coming Soon ~
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