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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nightmare on Sun Mar 04, 2007 4:21 am

This is a world based on the TV series "Marcheono Awakens Romance" In this world the weapons are called ARMs (Air-Ms). there are 3 differant types of ARM. Weapon, Guardian, and Nature. Arms come in things such a bracelets and necklaces, and rings.

Weapon Arm:Weapon Arm are the Weapons of the MAR world and are used in battles, such as between Crossguards and Chess Pieces (Information on them later.) Weapon Arm are the most common Arm and most plain.

Guardian Arm:A Guardian Arm creates a beast from a nicknack such as Weapon Arm. A guardian Arm is sometimes powerful and has its on will. However the Guardian Arms need to be in sync with the user first and sync up to the users Mana. Guardian Arm are used for Bodyguards or something to help you in a fight.

Nature Arm:Nature arm either control an element or increases in attribute. These are some of the rarest ARM to have because of this fact. They are used if the Caster wants to do things more personally but although they can have free will none of the ARMcan talk. the only ARM that can talk will be contreolled by an NPC which is GInta of team MAR who wields a toy-type weapon called BABBO.

Now as I said during Weapon Arm I would Tell more about the Factions which are Crossguards,Chess Pieces, and Bandits. Everybody already knows the faction of bandits so I will only tell of the Chess Pieces and Crossguard.

Crossguard:The Crossguard is the faction of good who fight the evil faction of the Chess pieces. The Crossguard also works with Ginta to help stop the Chess Pieces. Each Crossguard at least has a Weapon Arm to fight with and usually will only pull out the Arm against Bandits or Chess pieces.

Chess Pieces:The Chess Pieces are the Evil Faction of the MAR world. Each one in rank is determined by ARM and their skill with the ARM. The ranking system gos as such .KING(NPC)QUEEN(NPC)KNIGHT,BISHOP,ROOK,PAWN. A Chess piece goes up in rank by defeating a Certain Crossguard opponent and by how long they stay alive.

The fight between the Crossguard and the Chess Piece is an evergrowing battle.

Team MAR:Team MAr is a non-joinable group of NPC who goal is to liberate the world from the Evil Chess Pieces. Their leader is a child from Earth named GINTA along with his Weapon Arm BABBO who is the only ARM who can talk. Along with him is a Princess,a dog who turns into a man after falling asleep 3 times/a man who turns into a dog after sleeping one time, a bandit, a farmer kid,and the teenage boy and his fairy who had summoned GINTA to MAR.

Rules:No arm except for Babbo can talk, and he is an NPC.Even though it would be considered godmoding you can get things like working voodoo dolls but im not allowing anything like that until somebody has posted 50 times in this RP.No Spamming No Flamming and no Bunnying,or trolling. No Godmoding such as "My Arm protects me from anything" Or " Im using my Nature Arm to make my guy super tough so you cant hurt him." ! there is no Shield arm and 2 if you do that i will not allow another post from you in this forum and I shall kill off your char in either a fight against an NPC enemy or some fairly dumb Death. Please keep the page long posts to a minimum of 2 pages in between.Posts need to be at least 5 paragraphs long.Please keep profanity to a minimumIm. No chars from anoher world Only Ginta can be that. Later on I will open up the War Games which will be a fun little event to fight in where people can watch. Pretty much an arena.Pretty much any race is allowed so have fun with that.No items from another world. You can have any clothing you want. Have Fun with the game and PM me if you need any help whatsoever. Oh and the last thing NOBODY CAN START OUT A KNIGHT EXCEPT FOR ADMINS AND MODS.

Arm Type:
Arm Name(optional):
afiliation:Bandits/Crossguard/Chess Pieces/none)
Hair style:
Hair color:
Eye Color:
Accesory:(some nicknack thats not an ARM)

Arm Type:Weapon 2:Unknown.
Arm:Crescant Blades (Like Illidans weapons)
Arm Name:Moonlit Blades
Arm:Necklace with 2 moons horizontal of each other
Clothing:Leather bootsRed Lether pants:Orange belt.Black shirt:Dark Green Gloves:White Headband
afiliation:Chess Pieces
Hair style:long buzz
Hair color:white
Eye Color:Green
Accesory:Necklace with the word "Love on it
Appearance:A young man with smooth skinand a small build. At first glance he is weak but he is powerful in combat.
Weight:150 lbs
attitude:Laid back

History:After watching his brother destroy a gang of bandits that were terrorizing him Siram decided to be like his brother and become a Chess piece so he could have that kind of power. When he was 10 he found his first arm and painted a word on it "LOVE" on it. He has never figured out how to activate this ARM but he has vowed that he shall unlock its power and master it.
================================================================================================ Okay lets see if anybody wants to join.

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