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Silence. Ear splitting, bone chilling silence. Air so still, you could feel it. And it was cold air, too, the kind that nipped at your very soul. Tonight, it was tormenting a particular soul, the damaged one contained within a young man with striking violet eyes and similarly colored hair. He tried not to shiver as a piercing gust ripped through him, encouraging him to just give up and go home... Except this was home. Usually... but tonight it didn't feel very welcoming. Like he was being forced from the grounds that held him safe so many years.

He shook his head as if trying to clear these thoughts from his mind, the chains that adorned every possible inch of his form-fitting Gothic-styled wardrobe clinking against each other like blades clashing together. The noise startled him slightly and the grip on his blade tightened, putting him more at ease. Violet had a strong hatred towards so-called modern weapons, feeling that Man was increasing their technical skill to offset their waning ability on the fields of battle.

Speaking of which, he looked to turn around a corner and caught glimpse of a would-be thief, running off with some type of concealed valuable. Instinctively he gave chase, the beautifully jeweled scimitar unsheathing in his right hand as a fireball formed in his left. "Hey! Thief, stop!" The burglar looked back for only a second before charging harder as Violet pursued. He leaped up to tackle him, bringing his sword around to press on his neck...

And then all went black.

A few seconds later he blinked, adjusting to the new light--or lack thereof. Not even the moonlight shone in this new place. His sword was unsheathed, but pressed against a pillow.

A pillow.

And then it hit him. Violet was dreaming that scene and had woken up in the abandoned apartment complex he'd moved into temporarily during his little 'adventure' away from home. Three days and he was already starting to miss the wildlife that hunted him down for lunch every day--and to which he frequently repaid the favor.

However... Despite the nightmares and his homesickness, he was starting to enjoy it here, feeling slightly comforted. And the characters he'd run into had yet to be as strange as the locals to his forest....
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