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The Tale of Three Worlds- Before the Storm

Trinity- Historical Events

a part of “The Tale of Three Worlds- Before the Storm”, a fictional universe by Oborosen.

Since time immemorial the three worlds have known a tenuous yet strained peace. But even before they're realms touched everything was never truly right and correct. Your parties mission leads you to find a deep seated evil that must be stopped.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “The Tale of Three Worlds- Before the Storm”.
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Trinity- Historical Events

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Oborosen on Wed Dec 18, 2013 9:47 pm

This section will be used to add not only flavor text to the worlds all together but also to give an insight on things that have happened in the past of either of the three worlds at large. Players can ask me directly if they can add an important historic even that would help add context to their character. It must be approved by myself before it can be posted.

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Re: Trinity- Historical Events

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Oborosen on Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:31 pm

"The Crusade"

Sixteen years ago the lands of Cabal were far from united.
Many royal houses vied for control of the central regions and the parliament was nowhere near its size and power that it has in the present day. Many of the lower lands were found to be in constant turmoil, small war bands could be found fighting and dying in the name of their sponsors. Many houses that today are no longer around to see the fruits of such war, fought fiercely to keep what territory they could conquer.

Then the day came that the lowlands became silent, unknown to many a vast force had covered the entirety of the landscape in over a night and removed any form of resistance in its path. It only came to light on the next day when an emissary arrived at the single fortress "Raven Rock" watching the expanse of the lowlands as it connected to the planes, home to the majority of the royal houses. It was a centaur cloaked in red garments and escorted by a well armed group.
It was revealed to Parliament from that point on that the Centaurs a once vastly nomadic race, had taken hold of the battlegrounds over the night and laid claim to all its bounty. But the worst was yet to come, as the emissary spoke that those who governed the planes and all beyond would hand the land over that they now occupied. The Centaurs wanted everything that was in their path and if they were not given the land, they would take it by force. To prove their point they attacked the fort not long after the emissary left and sent that very message back with the only two survivors.
The reply of Parliament was nothing short of a surprise, they issued orders to all the holds and royal houses within reach that the war was to stop immediately. All able bodied soldiers were to report for war and combine to fight back the Centaur horde.

But as it was now, the whole of the fighting and continuous war with the royal houses throwing payment everywhere.
The body of such an army was lacking and the coffers to the treasuries were running gravely low. Many who showed up to fight were either older warriors who had the knowledge and skill but lacked the youth for war. Or they were farm hands, potters and smiths, the bodies that only a spent house could muster. Barely half of the six thousand gathered were even capable of being called fighters.
Needles to say what happened on the following day was a slaughter. The Centaur Warlord Kor sent his two children Aidan and Idriss, in command of a massive force of over forty thousand. They almost completely destroyed the defenders and routed them back to the cities of Cabal. Where they began the campaign to overtake the planes from the position of Raven Rock. This required the Parliament to call for help to all the known bodies that would listen from within Cabal and beyond the Breach.

The fighting continued for a year before a substantial force could be gathered.
Where the Centaur horde was held they would breach another section of the territory the private forces of the royal houses tried to hold. When the Centaur found themselves against the walls of the inner region they were finally set upon by the combined forces that gathered to stop them. An army of constructs from the guild halls of Creeds, combined with mounted and heavily armored knights from Vola'Kun. As well as auxiliary forces from both the guild halls and noble courts of both the respective worlds.

It was from there the flow of the battle changed, where the Centaurs won stout victories they began to lose more then they ever gained. Centaur strength and brutality could not win out over skill, strategy and sheer military might.
Idriss and Aidan were both forced back from their fortifications, leaving their armies in ruin and their forces scattered. Only when they once again reached the fort of Raven Rock did they make a final stand and it was there the war was brought to an end. Both armies suffered heavy and nearly unrecoverable losses, only several high ranking officers and elite soldiers managed to win out the day on that evening.

Much of the proof that the Centaurs ever held land within the planes has been destroyed over the years, but there is a monument that sits atop the ruined tower of Raven Rock.

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