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[Multiverse] Tseng Katera

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[Multiverse] Tseng Katera

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Plague on Tue Sep 19, 2006 1:00 am

Tseng Katera: Bio

-Tseng Katera was born into a rather rich family household, his father was a Scientist involved with helping his country developing new and powerful weaponry, he was also one of the first of the few men to study Mako energy as a way of injecting it into human soldiers to create an army of super human, because of Mr. *Ferow Katera's ability to manipulate Mako into a powerful form of energy, the war only lasted a few weeks, which was the downfall of *Malikai's Army. Tseng's mother was something else. She was trained in the arts of warfare, and was a strong woman. She had trained Tseng as a child in the same forms of herself, however, the power he had was uncontrollable. Without knowledge to *Sophia Katera, Tseng's mother, Ferow had injected the egg with mako energy wich could have easily killed their son, however, something else happend. The birth was normal, however when Tseng was born, he had green eyes, in which both parents had brown eyes. The mako that Tseng had been exposed to, had come out both well in fortune and almost ending his life. As he was trained by Sophia, Tseng grew exponentially stronger ith every passing day, however, it left his body weak and tattered. As a child within the womb he had to take a Mako shot because of his current addiction. As the years passed into his teens, Tseng, was a superior warrior. The strength of many men multiplied by millions and the intelligence of his father and then some. Tseng had promised his father after he passed, he would resume the Mako formula and install it into the new company which would soon be known as *Shin-ra Inc. Tseng now in his teens had surpassed everyone in his class, became Validictorian of the country. Being the smartest, he was given loads of money for helping other with small childish problems. Yet, he knew he had soemthing more in store for everyone else. Something in him needed to be set free....the *Ifrit Heritage.

*Ferow Katera: Tseng's Father who was in charge of the Weaponry Departartment for the ShenTech Organization who helped with taking over Malikai's Army. Ferow died when Tseng had turned 21 from an assassination, Tseng did not grieve the loss of his father but did get revenge.

*Sophia Katera: Tseng's Mother who helped trained Tseng in the arts of war, weaponry, logic, strategy, tactics, moral judgements, and becoming an elit fighter. Sophia is still alive and lives in Midgar in a small apartment. She depends on her son, Tseng, for income and anythig else she wants.

*Malikai's Army: Malikai was soldier for the ShenTech, however, when Ferow started working on Mako, the planet's life force, he found it imoral to use it for anything else except to aid the planet's life. When he heard of Tseng Katera being the product of his blasphemy, he had manipulated a small army and waged war on ShenTech, however, his efforts were in vain and the war only lasted a few weeks.

*Shin-ra Inc: This is where Tseng was asked to work when he turned 21, after exacting revenge on his father, they found a special area of experties for Tseng to work, and shortly after he had hand picked a group of men known as the Turks to become the elite fighting force of Shin-ra's Army. Tseng was Head Turk for the majority of the time he spent with Shin-ra.

Tseng's Shin-ra Years:
-Tseng, now a well known member of Shin-ra as well as everywhere he goes, had gone through some physical changes. He became a heartless man, only wanting to please the higher ups. He was driven by power, but with his status as it was, he could only obey. His first major mission was the recovery of the Anceint known as Aries, who said could unlock the secret to the planet. His mission was to seek her out and find 'The Promised Land.' However, this had gone terribly awry, a man known as Sephiroth had come to surface and too seeked the Promised Land. Sephiroth was an elite human who worked with Soldier. The army from Shin-ra. However, after some time Sephiroth began a slow change, he became mad and found out his background. Where he would soon call Meteor to whipe the entire planet out. Tseng and the Turks helped Shin-ra in the aid of finding this Ancient, however, due to a small group of rebels known as Avalanche, Cloud and his team had quickly made short work of them. Tseng was said to be killed at the Temple of Anceints, however, he channeled what energy he had into the Escape Materia and was sent back to SHin-ra where he would recover. After his slow recovery had started, while in a horrific Coma, Tseng had plans for the future, however, these plans could not be justified while staying at Shin-ra. When he had awakend, his eyes were a firey Mako green, as he trudged his way towards the exit, he became a powerful warrior, during his coma sleep, he had tapped into the Mako power within his being and killed many Employees at Shin-ra Inc. At this time, there was no need for Shin-ra anymore, with Cloud and his team finally fighting off Sephiroth once and for all, the company went into a quiet slumber. With the other Turks gone, Tseng was left to find his own spirit once again and so he left Shin-ra and walked out on everything he had fought for.

Tseng's Ifrit Summon: The Esper Heritage

Tseng had known of some sort of odd energy within his mortal being. For four years he had been away from Shin-ra and was training his body and mind. Whatever this power was, was soon to show itself. After training in the mountains of Nibel, the power had showed itself one night. Unable to control this power, Tseng had unleashed a beast known as Ifrit, originally this beast could be called from a Summon Materia, however, this one was the ancient Ifrit, the original, not the seeds that were within the materia orbs. No, this Ifrit was different, he was a fercoious creature, with some time, after battling this beast, Tseng had been able to control it, and they bonded well, and thus Tseng had controlled another part of himself he had not been to before. However, he lacked one thing his entire, which would soon come next.

Tseng's Repentance:

After learning the powers of the Ifrit Summon, Tseng had made his way to a church, after so long of a life he had, he had no faith in anything. The world was terrible, driven by hate and greed, power and money. Nothing in which Tseng found moral. At this particular Citadel, he had met his father's enemy, Malikai, Tseng had sworn to kill this man...however, this place, he could not. Malikai had spent his remaining years here learning the great faith of God. After months of talking to Malikai, Tseng found a special bond with this man, Ferow had died when tseng was young, Malikai was almost like a second father to him. Tseng was taught the ways of Priesthood, and soon became a Bishop. He spent 5 years here in the Citadel learning the ways, and one evening, he was driven to what seemed like madness, over the course of 6 months, Tseng had received wounds from what thought was a mythical figure known as Varee. Varee was a man dedicated in the teachings of a God and proclaimed himself as God's son. He was cruscified for his blasphemy. And once crusified, he was given many wounds. He was cruscified through the wrists and ankels. Then he was given a crown of thorns placed upon his head, next were many lashings from whips upon his back and finally a spear through his rib cage. Tseng had expereinced all these sensational pains, and was declared a Stigmatic. At this time, he had received word from had crumbled from an unknown source. Malikai told Tseng to return, to his family in Shin-ra. He knew who he was now, and there was no denying the certain fate he would have. Thus with his new found power of his faith, plus the power of Ifrit at his side, he was now able to take Shin-ra back to the top and resurrect it with his brother Turks.

Shin-ra's Resurrection:

Tseng had come back in time in midst of a brutal war, though those he left were unhappy of his demise from the company, a new fight had started and soon he would be welcomed back in open arms. Thus, Reno, and Tseng once enemies now befreinded once again and with the common goal to bring Shin-ra back to the top. However, Tseng kept his power to a minimal, not letting anyone know what he has gone through over the last 10 years of his life.

Tseng's Mako Disease and Mako Explosion of Power:

Tseng had come back however, because he was a mako carriar, the cells in his body started to breakdown at an incredible rate. He was slowly fading out of existance. He spent 6 months in a hospital bed, the Mako slowly killing his body, another reason why he looked older then the rest. However, it was at the time of his death, where Reno was in the room, the man who showed compassion to the rare few, and now to Tseng.

"Hey mate, you hang in there, you can't just let us all down like this. I swear if you leave again, I will finish what I had started so many years ago...Damnit, Tseng. Why didn't you tell us what was going on in your life. We could have went through the ordeal together!"
"No, it is just my time to go, Reno. You are Head Turk now, I know you showcase a power unfathomly larger then my own, and you have the heart to take Shin-ra to where I could not. I see the light, my friend, take care..."
"..Tseng, I'll miss you, yo..."

Reno had placed his hand on Tseng's, the moment his brother fell, a strong surge of power seemed to eminate throughtout Tseng's body. Reno backing away, felt the tremendous power wave. An explosion of power streamed through the room, busting the windows and glass, as this happend the other Turks had come in to see what was going on. The room was lit with green force As Tseng stood, with white wings, a green power surrounding his power which showed the Mako Transformation and then the Ifrit heritage within his soul that showed a firey rage, then, the wings wrapped around his body, dispersed and he fell to the bed once again. Doctors came in to examine him.

"He's alive!"

The shock and awe which they had just been shown, Tseng was something special. The next 6 months was rehabilitation, taking the time to strengthen his weaknesses and retaining the power he once was given. And then, to control the power he had showed in the room of his death. This day forward, Tseng was not the same, but something else.

Tseng Katera:

Rank: Turk
Name: Tseng Katera
Age: 30 (looks to be 50+)
Sex: Male
Race: Esper, Angel, Jinn
Nationality: Midgar
Alignment: Neutral
Element: Fire
Bloodtype: Mako Negative O
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Black with shades of grey

Combat Equipment

A 300 folded Tungsten made Katana.
Weight: 40 oz.
Blade Thickness: 9/32"
Blade Length: 6 feet long or 72"
Handle: 13" Samé (Ray Skin). black braid cord with brass Menuki
Steel: 300 Folded Tungsten
Overall Length: 7 feet 1 inch
Sheath:Black Lacquered Wood w/blue violet cover bag
Other: Blue Tint to the tungsten

Armour: Tseng wears absolutly no armour, the only thing he wears is light clothing. He wears the typical Turk uniform, a navy blue, clean cut and well ironed suit. It fits him perfectly and always, cleaned. However, this suite has some special properties to it. Its a Shin-ra designed Turk suit.

-Properties: This suit stabalizes the flow of energy that goes through Tseng's body. It acts as a limiter to his abilities, it unenhances his skills to minimal until his power is ready to be released, also acts as a storage for energy until its ready to pop out. This suit also deflects small amount of blows against Tseng, if the attack is not strong enough, its deflected away.

Acc: Tseng has a special necklace he wears around his neck. Malikai gave this necklace to Tseng while his 3rd year with the Citadel, its a special silver cross with his name engraved. This necklace is made of pure silver, however, it is also said to enhance Tseng's perception in reasoning and on the field of battle heightening his senses.

Techniques: As Tseng Katera:

Fire Adept: Tseng belongs to one of the few of the last remaining Espers, the Jinn Spirit of Ifrit is his Esper Heritage, therefore, the power of fire is at most time at his finger tips. This unique fire adaptation is however, unlike common fire, this is beyond that. This is Original Fire, the very first to be born in the universe, this is the raw form of Heat and Flame. Tseng is unaffected by Heat, Fire or any other form of this unique element, and his ability to control it is astoundingly high.

Dancing Fire Blade: Chain is engulfed in seering hot flames. These flames range from yellow to red, depening the amount of power that is put into the blade.
As the blade is englufed in this hot flame, Tseng slashes at the air, creating embers of crosses in the air. Each time the cross is built up, the energy builds, until it is released, then it speeds towards the target at a horrific speed. It does not come in contact with the target persay, but continues its path until Tseng releases the energy stored in the sword, once this is done, the cross exploded with a shrapnal of firey spikes pounding everything in their wake.

Ifrit Fire Blade: This is the same technique as the above one, the only difference, this fire is not elemental, its from the soul of Tseng from his Esper heritage. The flame is a bit darker in color, and is always at max output. The cross is so strong, and the shrapnel is so hard to see, the attack is almost unavoidable as it goes in every direction.

Ferow's Wisdom: This is a special technique. With the power entrusted by his father, Tseng gathers energy in the form of a ball in his hand. The ball is exumed with high amounts of stored energy, the ball can range from small, medium, or large depending how much power Tseng wishes to put into this ball. As the ball is formed, it is engulfed with the Esper power of fire and its a homing shot. As long as Tseng has a hand to control it, it can move freely in any direction with the aid of his mind.

Sophia's Love: Another family technique. This one has three different levels of power, and each one is different. While Tseng is in his human form, this technique is rather weak, however, still is formidable. Sophia's Love is sent to Tseng when he is out of other options. He has always relied on his mother for help, or encourgament and nothing has changed here. This boost of power doubles Tseng physical and mental attributes. As a last call, a string of firey arrows is released from Tseng's hands, combusting when the target is close.

*Malikai's Prayer: Tseng's freind, who is almost like a father to him. This is a 2 step technique. One, Tseng offers prayer to his freind, Malikai, who in returns answers the prayer. Once the prayer has been answered, Tseng may change into his Stigmatic form. Which enables one to sacrfice his body, for pain, and thus shedding his mortal skin in the form of an Angel Esper.

*Ifrit's Exchange: This is an Esper Transformation much like Malikai's Prayer. Tseng must give up his human body for the exchange to work.

Techniques: As Esper Angel Tseng
In this form, Tseng has no being, he is an angelic saint. His body has been given away and in exchnage his body is nothing but a mere glowing figure of himself. This glowing figure deflects most magical attacks, the only thing that can harm him are physical attacks, physical attacks with magical powers will only do 50% of its max strength as the other 50% is deflected. Also, in this form, Tseng's magical restraints have been removed, as well as his other limiters held from the Turk Suit. At this stage, Tseng is only giving out 50% of his max power.

Safe: A chained attack that does gross amounts of damage when coming in contact. Tseng stays still while these attacks are at work, while his body is motionless, the atatcks are given physical form, it looks as if Tseng is moving towards his opponet and attacking, however, he remains motionless, giving out his own energy in a different second form thus providing the means to attack.

Unsafe: Another series of attacks, however, Tseng is actually using his own form to do these attacks. Each punch is as powerful as its next, sometimes ranging even more powerful. Each punch that is connected succesfully, causes massive amounts of pain to his target. Without any body to slow down, these attacks are almost at sonic speed, very hard to detect as well as block. However if blocked, and the force was powerful enough, could shatter bones or even limb removal.

God Speed: Not really a technique, however, once enabled or triggered, Tseng can pretty much warp his way from any direction but only inches apart. He can not travel long distances with this tech and in this form, Tseng usually does not move his body, he allows his mind to fight his opponet, or allows a second form, or a split form of hismelf to do the attacks. This is used for those who have similiar abilites to his own, for the movement can crack the planet in half.

Mighty Malikai: Malikai takes Tseng's form to the next step, Tseng is already powerful in his Esper Angel form, but this is the Ascended form. Allowing another entity to fuse with Tseng, Malikai and Tseng create a formidable force. Power, strength, the God Speed limiter is now off, and everything is heightend another 50%. Armys can be taken down with this ascended form.

Techniques: As Esper Ifrit Tseng
As Tseng is englufed with flames from Ifrit's rage, balls of fire jut outwards as Tseng kneels and transforms. His body breaks down and the power of his Heritage is awakend. No longer does Tseng hold any sentimental value to those on the battlefield, he will attack anyone or anything until all are deceased and destroyed. Chaos, Rage, and Murder envelope his mind as he is within this form.

Chaos: In this form, Tseng has thrown away self control, allowing his anger to take action, he has become a mudering machine. He ignores all pain in this state, and as he rampages from one opponet to the next, his power grows exponentially, and each attacks grows tremendouly more powerful, however he becomes somewhat fatigued at the end of this rage.

Rage: Tseng knows only the emotion of rage. His speed is unlike anything else, able to escape a bullet in a fraction of time, or ahy other projectile weapon aimed at him. Because of this rage, most pain is ignored.His ability to fight unarmed is increased, and the most wicked of power is encompased in his body. Unlike his Esper Angel form, the attacks are raw and uncut and physically damaging.

Ember to Ember: This unique attack is quite powerful. Tseng slams his fists into the ground, creating shockwaves into the earth. Jutting from the split cracks, balls of fire erupt all around, like a gieser exploding into the air, and sprinkling hot lava on everyone around.

To Ash: This attack is a one concentrated movement, those who are consumed in this attack become mere ashes, the attack combusts the opponet until they burn to nothing.

Ifrit's Repentance: Much like the Mighty Malikai, Tseng is fused with the Ifrit Epser itself. Tseng's form changes, dark black pants, red wings jutting from his back, as black furr runs along the side of his arms and chest. His eyes are complete black circles. His hair slicked back as always, his hands in the forms of claws. This ascended level is more powerful then the Ascended Esper Angel form, because it does away with the thought of killing innocents or even allies.

Ultimate Technique: Mako Transfomation: The Fusion of Esper Angel and Esper Ifrit: True Turk of Murder
This transformation is highly unusuall. It brings both the power of Tseng's Espers together in one form. Usually he can only chnage one form or another, however the only time he was able to do both was near his death. Thanks to Reno for opening up that small Gateway to that power, Tseng has been able to push his power to the brink. In this form Tseng is known as the True Turk of Muder.

Sub Techs:

Mako Explosion: An increase in power, as Tseng is surrounded by Mako Energy, he lets it go, creating a large explosion, destroying anything in its wake.

Mako Eyes: At close attack, when hands are unfree, a string of beams can be launched from his eyes.

Mako Balls: These balls are pure mako energy, in this form, Tseng can actually create raw forms of Mako in his hands, flinging them like volley balls at opponets at high speeds. Each one of these balls are pure energy, and engulfed in them could cause mako disease to the opponet. Death will be iminent.

-Tseng: Us usually dressed in the Turk attire, until his forms are released.
-Esper Angel: In this state, he has no physical body. Only a luminous form that seems to sparkle with energy. You can see no features as his whole body is like this.
-Esper Ifrit: Dark furr outlines his legs, chest and arms. His eyes are red and feirce, almost black. He hands are almost claw like, and very powerful with sharp talons.
-Turk of Murder: This is the ultimate form that Tseng goes into, White furr covers his legs and feet, while the nails are black as midnight. His upper torso, arms and chest are outlined in black furr from the Ifrit Esper. His hands are tough, almost claw like, but still holding a human form. His eyes are an emerald green due to the mako. He has blood red fangs for teeth, his hair is black with white streaks. This is his True form of Turk of Murder.

-Tseng: Calm and collective, his manner is like that of a Rich man. He is cold and precise and rarely does he show any emotional attachments.
-Esper Angel: A saint by any other. He finds the good in people's hearts. And if they surrender, without a fight, he gives them a chance to live. He beleives in second chnaces and allows them to repent offering a service to them and their maker.
-Esper Ifrit: A bloody rage fuels his emotions, he attacks at will at any one person or thing. All he wants is to spread death and destruction until his body gives up, or there is no more people to fight. Though a beast in nature, he hunts with strategy and tactice, and rarely just runs into a fight blindley.
-Turk of Murder: This is Tseng in his true form, he seeks justice and demise and remains neutral. He attacks those who need to be attacked and allows others to live when needed. He beleives in second chances, however, sometimes thats not enough to make a point.

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