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[Multiverse] Tsukuyomi Kiyoraka (Multiverse Version)

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[Multiverse] Tsukuyomi Kiyoraka (Multiverse Version)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Iris Lilium on Sun Mar 18, 2007 9:19 am

Name: Tsukuyomi Kiyoraka
Nickname: Chigatana (Bloodied Sword) and Shinken no Tsukuyomi
Age: 225 (Appears 17) (Does not age)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Weapons: A Pure Black Katana (Yunagi) with white hilt material wrappings a crescent moon shaped hand guard. etched in to the blade are the kanji for "Only in Darkness...", A Second Pure White Katana (Asanagi) with an oval shaped hand guard. Etched in to the blade was the kanji for ".. Can you find the light"
Possessions: A Small amulet carried around his neck. it was a 6 pointed hexagon in which each point was connected in such a way a smaller hexagon was formed in the center. and inscribed there was. the brand of justice he inherited (And i stole from Rurouni Kenshin >>!) the simple kanji for "Aku soku Zan"

General: He's lived for a long time and his age shows in his wisdom but he's become anti-social choosing to be more of a hermit. His skill with a sword is equal if not better to legandary master swordsmen
like Okita Soushi

Personality: He's a rather reserved person who avoids groups of people. Though he always has and will draw his sword in justice and cut it down and this justice prevents him from leaving a person who might need his help.

Swordstyle: In all his years he's practived many styles of many weapons though he has always found the japanese Katana to be his weapon of choice. His swordstyle Kagetsu Shinken Ryuu (Shadow Moon Holy Sword) is the pennicle of his skill. After studying his multiple styles he had learned he slowly merged the movements techniques counters kata's into one style, Those who have seen it could not discribe what happened. It is said to be the sword delived by god This earned him the name Shinken no Tsukuyomi (Tsukuyomi the Holy Sword). During the wars those foolish enough to attack him were slaughtered instantly. He became feared widely by those powers as Chigatana.

Edit: (I typoed a 6 instead of a 5 and I decided to throw on 2 inchs)

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