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[Multiverse] Tungsten

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[Multiverse] Tungsten

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Orlandy on Sun Jun 10, 2007 7:16 am

Name: Tungsten

Species: Mechanical golem

Weight: 1000 lbs

Height: 6’

Age: Unknown

Weapons: Large sword and a giant gear for a shield

Alignment: None.

Weaknesses: Instinctively obeys his previous master, a middle-aged bearded man who wore purple.

Personality: Cold and logical.

A construct of metal gears and levers, a mechanical golem with a crystal for a brain.
Once the servant of a sorcerer, a quixotic barbarian left Tungsten masterless and with the sudden possession of free will. His cold and logical machine mind sent him out in search of the tasks he used to perform for his heartless master, namely the obtaining of riches and magical objects. These hold no desire for Tungsten, and he will instantly trade them for weapons and armour that might aid in the collection of more treasure. When he speaks, and he does so rarely, his voice is a grinding of rusty gears. The old wizard's greatest gift to Tungsten is his wit, the distilled sarcasm of his sorcerous creator residing within the red crystal eye that dictates his decisions.

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