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Twilight game: the color of hungry vampires eyes

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Let's say I am a huge Twilight fan, but there is this one question I just cannot figure out.

So I recently got the Twilight game which I might add is kind of a rip off because if you know the person to your left and nothing about Twilight you could win. Anyways, not my issue.

One of the questions is "What color are James' eyes when he's hungry?" The answer is red.

Now I have a problem with that because the hungrier a vampire gets, the darker their eyes get, so wouldn't the answer be black? My one friend said that maybe they are just always red but my research said that they do get darker, and if you keep darkening any color you eventually get to black, please correct me if that is wrong.

We all know that the Cullen's eyes go black when they are hungry but is that just for vegetarians? The Twilight Lexicon states that if a Cullen were to drink human blood their eyes would be red, but given two weeks without blood they would go to black, and once they drink animal blood then their eyes would be gold again. So, if their eyes can go from red to black, why not a non-vegetarian vampire?

Now my question is: Is the answer red a typo/mistake, or am I the one mistaken for thinking the answer is black? I'm really confused.
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Some people take Twilight a tad too seriously I see, where as I believe it should be burned at the stake.

Needless to say, i'll humour you. In actuality on the arguments you've hence brought forward, a vampire could technically be hungry with red eyes, as they're on a verging hunger. As stated the question doesn't make mention of how hungry, if it was a snack esque hunger, one would assume red where as one starving, which it doesn't state mind you, would be black.
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