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Type 1: Turn Based Combat (Eden Era)

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Re: Type 1: Turn Based Combat (Eden Era)

Tips: 0.25 INK Postby Sigurd on Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:58 pm

ChrisKaos wrote:
Exodyus wrote:This sounds a bit out-dated, personally.

I've been around for years and in all my time, I've never been in or heard of a fighting style that allows the attacker to connect his own attacks, but not specify damages done. That's ridiculous.

There was a style in chat that did this, although it really wasn't big or anything because of the fact that it's basically an auto game. If I recall correctly, it was T3, which was supposed to be a combo of T1 and T2. It was basically T1 Para with the added speed fighting of T2.

Hey guys. How are you? Sorry, I just noticed this old post from way back, and realized that something was very wrong with it. If I may, I'd like to clarify a few things here.

Firstly, it is not and has never been (globally) common for attackers to specify damages done to the defender. It is still, and always has been (globally) normal for the attacker to connect his/her attack, and then allow the defender to state what, if any, damage was received. Whether or not some sites use different rulesets, they are uncommon and not universal.

In regards to Exyodus, there are many styles like the one described above. Auto, AA (which has 3 different sub-styles; AA1 is the original and is closer to T3), Codex, just to name a few. Freestyle too, depending how such styles are played. Most of these styles have a very loose ruleset designed for more laid back speed fighters, so the terms and conditions may vary from duel to duel, depending on what is agreed upon by those involved. Sometimes there will be a third party, a judge or ref or witness of some kind to keep score.

In regards to ChrisKaos, the above recollection of T3 is almost correct, but not quite. T3 has nothing in common with T1, or Auto (sometimes called T6). I actually wrote a summary recently on another site which describes the 'Type' styles (the old word is 'type,' the new age says 'teir,' but it's all the same). I'll post it here, because T3 was by the creator's own words designed to be a more advanced form of T2.

T3 tutorial, 2005 edition wrote:Kanretsu: What style is T3 based on... or which style did you try to replace?
LegendaryScias: T2 sorta
LegendaryScias: I wanted a more complicated t2
LegendaryScias: for people who wanted to be challenged more

Here is a summary of each 'Type' style: T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, and even earlier styles which eventually became 'Type' styles themselves, namely T0 (freeform) and T6 (auto basic). I wrote this summary for another website, but I'll share it with you guys because you use the same styles on RPGateway:

So here it goes! :)

Type One (T1): the most in-depth style of internet fighting, sometimes referred to as Turn-Based (TB) or Paraform (Para), involving long descriptive posts in paragraph form using a 200 word minimum per paragraph with at least 1-3 paragraphs per post, most often used on emailing services and message boards. T1 can further be divided into T1A (type one advanced) and T1B (type one basics). Contrary to popular belief, T1B originally (in Eden's Era and Ayenee) allowed experienced players to auto-hit, and was a very mundane (non-magic) style based on honor. T1A tweaked the original ruleset and introduced magic to Eden's Era between 1999-2000 (Obake's T1A tutorial isn't the original from Eden's Era, and neither is Remaeus's Eden T1 tutorial, but both are very very close. Obake's T1B tutorial is actually the original from Eden's Era, which is pretty cool). Type One was developed between 1997-1998 by a group of Yahoo!/Geocities players associated with Jacmus Prime, Edens Era and Ayenee; most notably Vøices øf Xenøn (James), Kellindil (John), and Juntai (Matt).

Type Two (T2): the most common style of internet fighting, sometimes referred to as Speed-Based (SB) or Fastform (Speed), involving short quick posts using the 7-10-7=12 ruleset, most often used on instant messengers and real-time chatroom hosting servers. T2 requires 7 words minimum to attack, 7 words minimum to defend, 10 words minimum to connect, and 12 words minimum to counter-attack. Type Two was created between 1997-1998 by a group of Yahoo! Geocities players associated with Jacmus Prime, Edens Era and Ayenee; most notably Dalmuros (Alex), Juntai (Matt), and Skylar Winterborn (Blake).

Type Three (T3): another style of internet fighting based on earlier T2, involving a more advanced 14-10-14=15 ruleset, usually 1000 to 3000 HP based on chat experience (EXP), 50 attack points (AP) used for 10+ AP magic attacks, and 3 items; herb (+300 HP), vitamin (+800 HP), and bean (+10 AP); with complex rules for using magic attacks. Type Three was created between 2000-2001 by a group of AIM/YIM/MSN players associated with Multicity chat and Java chat hosting sites; most notably LegendaryScias (Max) and TestedPeople (Luke).

Type Four (T4): this rare style was considered too advanced for some groups; based on T2 but with less rules than T3, this speed-based chat style involves longer posts using the 10-15-10=17 ruleset; that's 10 words minimum to attack, 10 words minimum to connect, 15 words to defend, and 17 words to counter attack. Type Four was developed between 2000-2001 by AIM/YIM/MSN players associated with Homestead chat, Multicity chat and Java chat hosting sites; there is no global consensus on who originally created it, but one creation myth attributes it to a group of college hackers who used voice-key software to cheat against other players by using ridiculous typing speeds to flood chat servers, causing it to be banned or invalidated on many sites.

Type Five (T5): a very rare style considered too advanced for some groups; this speed-based form combines elements from T1, T2, T3 and T4 put together using quickly posted short paragraphs or very long sentences using the 20-25-20=27 ruleset; it also involved 1000 HP to start with, AP and DP based on EXP time, but no healing items or other special rules. Type Five was developed between 2000-2001 by AIM/YIM/MSN players associated with Homestead chat, Multicity chat and Java chat hosting sites; there is no global consensus on who originally created it, but one creation myth attributes it to the same hackers who invented T4, causing it to be banned or invalidated on many sites.

Type ?? (T?): there were many other styles of internet fighting, perhaps too many to list here; with no global consensus on their individual rulesets; all created between 1996-2002 by different players from different sites, chats and forums. Some notable "Type" styles include Type Zero (T0), previously known as Freestyle or Freeform; a very old play-by-post style which offered no rules and instead had an unspoken code of honor and respect between players. Type Six (T6) was a style for novices and beginners which allowed god-moding, autoing and meta-gaming; it had a very simple 2-3-2=5 ruleset, requiring only that you include the other player's name in your post. Over time however, players started resorting back to T0 and T1, and today many sites still prefer Freeform or Paraform, the oldest and purest styles which have been RPG battle tested and refined to perfection over the course of 20 years. A more modern approach has been "freestyle paraform," which is what I practice. :)

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