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The Multiverse

UAF Responce to the attacks. IC interaction

a part of “The Multiverse”, a fictional universe by Remæus.

Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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UAF Responce to the attacks. IC interaction

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ryand-Smith on Sun Nov 05, 2006 4:21 pm

The Leaders of the UAF all had assembled at the city of Lagos the recent assault not being officially sanctioned by the defense council. They were in a large hall, the 12 members all sitting at a round table with a map of the African space colony and the locations of various other astronomical data. The press had arrived, their equipment in the area, as well as many citizens whose chants of “Kill the attackers” and “opportunists” was piercing the air. The police units looked at the protestors, but they knew that they could only strike if hit first, with some level of distain. This conference was intended to diffused the rumors and reports that the UAF had also raided Luxembourg.

OOC: This is a Q and A answer session on the assault, and I shall try to answer any questions on the UAF part or non part in the bombing. Just keep it like a standard press Q and A and I shall answer to the best of my knowledge

“We rulers of the United African Federation, would like to wish our condolences on the first attack of Wing City and the recent attack from the Deca Empire onto the state of Luxembourg. We are all very outraged with the undeclared warfare that has become the norm, and we would like to host a Peace Conference to try to settle all differences before this war could spread thought the stars. On that note, Our leader of Military and Stragtic command would like to speak

The man, a taller male from South Africa stood up, The male also from the city of Luxembourg stood up, and looked at the crowd, his blue eyes looking at everyone and no one at once, commanded the crowds to silence themselves, for his speech was about to begin

“People of Known Space,” he began “I am Hans Ambler, The Defense Sectary of the United African Federation. I have served with this government since our unification back in ’11, and I know that some of you think that officially sanctioned UAF ships lead a raid upon the city, and I would like to formally deny that. Those ships were commanded by rogue elements in our military, who hate the EU and would use any excuse to lead an assault upon any of their member nations. I formally declare the Admiral responsible, Abdeen Ama, a formal criminal in our sector of Earth and Space. His raid could have started a nuclear planetary war, had France scrambled their ships, or worse, lead to a nuclear conflict. I feel that the only way to stop this conflict is to both find the Deca Empire and force them to pay their share of reparations, and to find any one who has been involved in this assault, and bring them to justice. Are their any questions?”

OOC: If anyone wants to question the UAF, now is the time, you can do it in your standard character, or temporally make up a press officer

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Gundam Gears on Mon Nov 06, 2006 5:30 pm

Gears sat in his office, deep in space, watching and listening to the conference being held on earth with Ryand and a few others. He slightly chuckled at this, thinking of their puny attempt to attack the Dark Zero Empire. He began to jot down on a piece of paper with a black ink pen. The Letter would read as followed.

"You can still survive, if you Convert, you shall not be harmed, if you refuse, you shall die. Many of your planet have converted, and many of you have refused and been killed on sight. I shall grant you three days to make up your choice. It would be in your best interest to convert if you value your lives and your planet. But if you would, please, reply in any way possible when you get this letter."

This letter would be passed around, and finally reached a soldier in a Tauros. This carrier had taked flight quickly heading straight for earth to pass the note on. The Tauros landed in one of the most political places on earth, the U.N. He handed it to the leader of the area to be read and shown, and before being noticed, he took off and dissapeared with his Tauros back to his home ship.

Gundam Gears sat back in his chair laughing a bit as he tapped the back of his pen on his table, clicking each time it hit. He began to think of a few great ideas that could help him He whispered to himself.

"I have already taken out the U.S. and China, the two world powers, and S.A. and Asia are almost gone, all I have left to care about are their Gundam pilots. How can I rid of them without breaking a sweat."

As he finished this thought he placed his right hand over his right ear and began to speak. What was said appeared on every ship in the Dark Zero Empire's fleet, thousands, nearly millions of ships.

"Everyone, we are breaking an attack on earth, We are going to launch our strongest weapon, and it is unaffected by earths weapons, they think they can stop us. We are going to launch a full out attack on that wretched planet. Please, get ready, we are going to attack very soon."

As he finished, a ship, a large ship known as the ChaosKoras would drop a rather large weapon from it. This weapon was shaped like a mushroom almost as it headed straight for earth. This weapon would be know as the Terraform. Used on many planets, it destroyed all of them. This was not his final weapon, not his strongest, but very powerful. The Terra form cut straight through earths atmosphere, and landed right in the heart of Africa. It planted itself in the soil on Egypt, glowing a bright blue it sat for three days. There would not be one weapon on Earth that could even tough this Terraform. When this weapon explodes, it should destroy all of earths life, atmosphere and their Moon and sun. And with this, Gears sat, Treize still in his office, he laughed gently.

"The end to another planet is on it's way. Three days it shall be,"
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