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Ultimate Organization (IC)

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Ultimate Organization (IC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby PirateofPie on Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:09 pm

City state of Gulkev, World of Evanton, Ulfire System. 6: 30 pm

Rain splashed down on the smooth city streets as police vehicles sped past. Civilians looked on from as the officers proceeded towards an old antique shop, where a murder took place. Chief Piotr exited his Police Class Axcelleron Cruiser, intent on asking Lieutenant Covetchin why he had to be dragged from his wife for something that he'd seen on a daily basis. Crimes like these were becoming a common thread lately in the Ulfire System. A few months ago, the police would've risked life and limb to find the people responsible. Now? They just give up. They just were always one step behind. Usually, the best they could do nowadays was pay the victims their grievances and move on. Even, Covetchin, often considered the best police detective in the entire province had no luck in any of these mysterious cases, though he came close quite often. The worst part about it was...these crimes weren't the kind pulled by common criminals. Most murder victims were that of politicians or people with influence. Most thefts were guarded by high security that any common thief wouldn't have been able to bypass. This murder was probably an attempt to steal a valuable antique that the poor owner tried to protect.

"You pulled me put of my office for this?" Piotr grumbled, approaching the tall lanky figure of Covetchin along the steps. "I haven't spent time with Arella in weeks."

"Well...this one's a bit different," Covetchin said softly, scratching his head. "The shop keeper was the murderer..."

"Oh, well maybe we should invite to join the force," Piotr joked, though no one seemed to see the humor in ti. "He's done a better job of stopping criminals than we have."

"The victim is Ravakov," the lieutenant said blankly.

Piotr blinked. Ravakov? The one who was known as scum throughout the entire system for betraying Ulfire for the Brotherhood? The first words that would normally come from the chiefs mouth would be, "Impossible." But, he actually wanted to believe this one. It was said that Ravakov was impossible to kill. Many have tried and failed. Not even the once great Ultimate Organization seemed to be able to take him down permanently...and yet there he was, lying motionless on the floor, blood seeping from his mouth, and a bullet wound through his chest. It had to be him, there was no mistaking it for anyone else. His face had been seen enough times on newspapers since the Brotherhood's fall, that any fool could tell who he was. But to find him some antique shop.

"Where is the owner?" Piotr asked, quietly.

"Don't know," Covetchin shrugged. "Ship's still here, owners gone."

"Who is-" Piotr began.

"Don't know," Covetchin shrugged.

"Don't know? How do we not know?" Piotr shouted. "This man killed someone who is supposedly immortal and we can't figure out who he is?"

"We've already searched the house and there's no record of the owner or anything that can give us a hint to his or her identity," Covetchin said, starting to grow irritated. "Even the bullet that shot him is gone. We have absolutely no leads."

"..Then we need to call the Prime Minster," Piotr began, suggesting they make the call to the Prime Minister of Ulfire, who would be all too happy to hold a celebration for the man who killed Ravakov.

"Forget the Prime Minister, Chief," The lieutenant sighed with a small grimace. "This is big. Call the Universal government."

City of Tao-Liu, World of Tianhua Dark System. 6:30 P.M

"There is a saying in the Dark Systems," Tul Raijin said, beginning the series of letters he often wrote just for the sake of writing ever since he became a monk. He'd hoped to publish them one day, but he'd have too much fun showing them off to his friends instead. It was his way of reflecting on things in his pat and of the future. "The saying goes, ' To create something beautiful, you must destroy something else first'. This was evident in many worlds, starting with the destruction of the Four Capitals of the Skia System during the then ongoing war waged for control of the systems. The once beautiful world of the Four Capitals was destroyed in an instant by the lethal machine created by the mad King of the Qiu Army. Now the Four Capitols are nothing but names of the glittering constellations that decorate the night sky in the Skia system. A world once home to millions of people, gone in an instant. Even the worlds of the powerful fell, such as Asgard and Olympus, home to what many described as gods. These 'gods were gone now along with their planet. Another example lies in the man known as Vecked. He destroyed many worlds in his quest to create the perfect one. No one knows where he is now. He's completely disappeared. Rumor has it he's been in hiding. Those are just rumors. Vecked never stays in hiding for too long. I think it's safe to say he's dead, but one could never be too sure I suppose...In the end, Vecked did create a perfect world, if only for at least a year. This terrible crime wave that has recently appeared took everyone by surprise. Of course, this temporary peace was not achieved by Vecked alone. Most of the various factions in the war have all disappeared as well. The U.P.A, the Brotherhood, the Ulfire Army, the Knights, and the smallest group that was caught in the center of the chaos; the Ultimate Organization. These groups may have gone, but the people who were in them continue their lives. I wonder how they are managing now..."

"I'm back!" Xane shouted, entering the door to the apartment, he's rented out with his girlfriend Mellodia. It was a far cry from the gigantic ships they were use to sleeping in when they were traveling the worlds, but at least it was comfortable.

"You don't have to shout, I'm right here," Mellodia laughed, turning her head towards him from the couch, where she was watching some news program. "Back from your martial arts class already?"

"Well, Benny kinda shoved Tom's head through my trophy case, so I ended class early," Xane paused. " At least they're learning something, right?"

Mellodia merely shook her head as Xane joined her on the couch, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. "so, how's the whole lawyer thing working out?"

"Fine as always," Mellodia said a bit smugly. She had done so well on her last case, the boss had given her a week off. "Look, Nulix is on the news again."

"Yeah, I heard he's working on that new movie of his," Xane shrugged. "It's not surprising seeing as he's got enough money to buy out the Universal Government."

"When you're that rich you can do anything..." Mellodia agreed, as the two continued watching their friend on the news.

"So..." Xane started after a couple of minutes.

"Lunch?" Mellodia asked.

Xane nodded slowly, clutching his stomach as if it were about to wither up and die.

"I'll get the take out menu," Mellodia said,walking towards the kitchen rolling her eyes as Xane gave her a thumbs up.

"Nah, I was thinkin' we'd just go by that sandwich place instead," Xane said with a casual boring tone, getting on his feet. He remembered a year ago when he'd have to dodge bullets from U.P.A forces just to get a sandwich. Those days, like the U.P.A, were long gone...


Alright! Fell free to start RPing!
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Re: Ultimate Organization

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Wing06Twilight on Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:52 pm

The cool fall air caressed Wing's cheek as he strolled down the cobblestone streets of Cerina. The day's classes had ended for fall break and he had the next two weeks to himself. He had been playing with the thought of traveling to Orange City to visit Crissilia's temple more then once, but he just couldn't seem to find a reason behind the expensive trip.

He frowned, his first trip to Orange City coming back to him. It was a darker time then, people didn't laugh or smile as they do today, no back then, three years ago, Prism was under siege. Arctick, a terrorist army bent on dominating Prism was taking over every Kingdom, all in order to capture Cerina. Wing was one of the few that stood and fought the army, using his entrusted power of wind to help him. He wasn't alone though, his three closest friends were by his side, but that fateful trip to Orange City would be their last moments together.

He shook the memories from his head, and put on a small smile. They were in a better place now and that's all that mattered. His thoughts then traveled to Laurenska, a small continent far North of Prism, technology there was centuries ahead of Prism's, and was the only place in the world to catch a ship off world.

"Wish I knew where everyone's disappeared too..."
He said with a small sigh as he put his hands into the pockets of his black work slacks. He had been making a name for himself once more, but this time as a history teacher as St. Gabriel's Institution.

"I hope they're doing okay..." He chuckled, "Of course they are...we were the Ultimate Organization after all!" He shook his head remembering the last battle of the War. Vecked had given his life just to give his home world a second chance. The small grave Darius had created, and Wing marked flashed in his eyes, it was a year ago tomorrow that the war ended.

"Well, looks like I know what I'm doing now." He held his hand before him and conjured a portal or Twilight, his second power, a portal of Twilight could take him where ever he wished to go, and were also a safe haven if he was thrust into a sticky situation.

He looked around himself to see if anyone else was watching before stepping into the swirling vortex of Celestial Magic, his destination appearing before him in the blink of an eye.

The battlefield was recovering, small plants were growing around him. Vecked's grave was covered in small purple flowers, "Forget me nots" Wing said with a small laugh. "How fitting..." He looked at the makeshift tombstone, created from Wing's very swords, the Twilit Oathkeeper and Sword of Gales.

"Hey, Vecked..." He started. "It's me again, Wing...but somehow I think you knew that already, It's been a year that we fought on this field, a year that the Universal Government was established. A year since we last saw one another face to face...since we fought one another. Some how though, it feels like much longer...but anyways, I really just came to say 'hi' and I hope the after life is everything you wanted it to may have done some bad things, but you were never a bad person...."

A tear slid down his cheek, splashing on to one of the forget me nots.

"I only wish you could see the peace that we all fought so hard in peace....old friend." He patted the soft earth before standing once more, with his hands in his pockets, Ceegum was a much different world then Prism, but the seasons were the same, and the crisp fall air fluttered his blazer.

"Until we meet again, My Prince." He bowed low, left foot crossed over his right, and his right arm extended fully, while the left was crossed over his middle. He faded into another Twilight Portal, drifting in the Corridors until he cold decided what to do, and where to go next.

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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Light_of_the_Fallen on Mon Dec 07, 2009 1:13 am

Bella yawned, stretching as she watched the sun set. She could hear the little ones still scampering around the room, giggling as they tried to be quiet. The living room of the house was large and spacious, with little furniture considering the family couldn’t afford to be luxurious at the moment. She could see the boy hiding behind the old, navy blue recliner by the couch she slept on during her stay. His dull red socks peeking out, enough for her to see. Her eyes wandered across the light brown floor to the window, where a plant she had given to the family as a thank you sat on the tan window sill. A white lily, its petals as white as snow with lovely deep green leaves, a rare plant in Utopia.
She could hear the girl giggling, her brown pigtail touching the plant’s bright red pot. With a smile, she pretended not to hear as she got up from her nap on the couch, careful to appear oblivious to the children. She walked to the window when a warm breeze strolled in and wrapped her in its gentle arms. The town was quiet as its people rested at home after a long day of work. Homes were scattered among the rolling plain, looking small and comfy. They were each unique, being built by the people who lived in it. It looked so different from three years ago, when the fire had ran through here... Then again, it looked immensely different from the different worlds she had seen. The memories of the cities and battle camps were still vivid so she had chosen the country to visit first, to get settled back into “normal life”, as her companions had called it. She was cut off from the other worlds, from all news, and from all communication in the rural part of this world. There were no battles or fights here either. But the rush of battle hadn’t left her yet, and she doubted it ever would.
How unusual it seemed, standing here with no danger in sight. No battles. No war. No comrades to worry about… Only silly children who had grown attached to her over the past month and who insisted on finding ways to surprise her, although they never succeeded. Well she couldn’t say never. But lately, these children hadn’t been able to be quiet enough to do so. She let them have their small victories though, not wanting to spoil their fun.
Suddenly the girl popped up, jumping onto the window sill and managing to tackle her to the floor. She let out a cry of surprise and caught her leg before she managed to escape.
“Now, now Zanaya! You didn’t think you could get away that easily did you?” Bella teased as she pulled the pale girl into a bear hug.
The girl squealed, the amber eyes glowing in delight, and exclaimed, “Bella! Let go!”
“Not after you’ve surprised me after my afternoon nap! You know how cranky I can get!” Bella replied, suddenly laughing as another child wrapped his tanned arms around her neck.
“Trix!, I think you should let go!” Kasey menaced with a smug smile, “Before I have to make you!”
“Oh really Kasey?” Bella asked as she suddenly pulled Kasey into the hug as well, “Now what?”
The two children giggled as they struggled to escape, Bella laughing with them. Suddenly a pair of strong hands pulled Isabella to her feet, releasing the two as they did. She didn’t even hear the sound of the door opening, she noted with mild surprise.
“Miss Swan,” Xavier whispered to her as he released her, “We have talked about this before.”
“I know Xavier, we were simply having some fun,” Bella replied with a grin as she watched the two children scamper off to the other members of the house.
“Our stay here is ending today. Have you finished your records of the town?” Xavier asked as Isabella sat on the royal blue couch. She grabbed a old, ratty knapsack that was leaning against it and pulled out a red, leather bound book.
“Yes, the records have been finalized and will be added to the archive tonight. Its not a lot as usual, but I kind of expected that. I wasn’t expecting to stay here a month though”
“You kept procrastinating and became familiar with our hosts,” Xavier pointed out with a disapproving look, “You should know better than that. We have too many places for you to relax now”
“I know,” Bella pouted, “But they were kind to us. I had to repay the favor. Besides, you can’t tell me you like to just keep moving, not even meeting other people”
“I do not care either way as long as we reach closer to your goal and as long as you’re happy Miss Swan,” Xavier replied with his characteristic coldness. Bella frowned.
“The children call me Bella after a week yet we’ve been traveling together like what, a year now?”
“It is not acceptable for a guardian to call their master by their first name,” Xavier stated.
“Right…” she muttered as she flipped through the journal’s pages, unhappy with the info she had gathered. She looked at the earliest date and then at the current one. Her eyes widened and laughter escaped her lips. “Wow, a year since the war huh? Seems like something I’d find in my history book,” Bella said with a chuckle, a familiar shadow in her bright eyes, “And here I thought I would at least manage to keep in touch with Nul or Noxas…”
“We have not reached any place with current information on the other places or members. I am sure once we reach the city tomorrow there will be news on your friends. You’ll find them again Miss Swan, I am sure of it,” Xavier said, almost like he knew his words were true. Then again, maybe she just hoped he was.
“Thanks Xavier but hey, we all had to spilt. No danger anymore and we all have different lives to live. I wonder if any of them became what they said they would… “ Bella said as she put a hand on her chin, “I know I wanted to be a teacher… but frankly, traveling is just too much fun! And I want to know more about myself as well. Like, if I really am a creation and why those stupid mirages kept haunting me…”
Xavier noticed his master’s eyes cloud over, a familiar sadness echoing in their depths. He was bound though, bound to the Previous. Even death didn’t allow him, not yet. Instead he sighed, and looked at her disapprovingly again.
“Traveling may be fun but you have not had held a job yet. We cannot continue to stay in a stranger’s house. It is intrusive and it keeps distracting you. Honestly, you’re an adult now and adults need to make money,” Xavier lectured, crossing his arms.
“Oh so me being your master doesn’t allow you to call me by my first name but it allows you to lecture me like a child?” Bella snapped, crossing her arms as well.
“I am your servant, bound to serve and protect you. I am also in charge of keeping you on the right path and lecturing you when you’re straying from the goal,” Xavier dictated with a salute.
“Great, why can’t I have a regular servant like regular people?” Bella said sarcastically, trying to suppress the smile that fought to appear.
“You do not have any money to pay for one,” Xavier remarked, a smile in his eyes.
“Well if you keep this up I might have to get a job for sure,” Bella said, laughing. She put the journal back in the knapsack and stood up, stretching again. She then turned, heading for the stairs.
“Where are you going?” Xavier asked, about to follow her.
“Well we have the big cities to hit don’t we? Let me just say goodbye to the family and we’ll be on our way,” Isabella said as she headed up the stairs.
Xavier nodded, bowed, and headed towards the door. His thoughts now were solely on the journey ahead, wondering if she would truly find all the pieces. Then again, he thought as he opened the door to a crisp and chilling air, there might be another matter to worry about first.

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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby X-07 on Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:13 am

Raze pushed through the busy streets wearing a victorious expression.Tonight I get to eat he thought to himself as he neared his destination. Once the building was in sight, however, he looked over to his right and saw a large marketplace full of stands and fresh food put on display. "I guess a little bit of quick window shopping couldnt hurt anyone." he said aloud to himself. He walked in and began exploring with a keen eye. The food was the same wherever he went, it was either fruits, vegetables, meat, or fish. And although each morsel of food caused his mouth to water, the sound of an empty pocket caused his heart to break. But while he looked around he began to notice something, everyone was different, they were all human of course and it seemed like they were aware of the local customs, but the conversations around him implied different accents and a few different dialects.

"Can I help you sir?" a man said snapping Raze out of his trance. He looked to see himself standing in front of a meat stand with a tall muscular butcher on the other side giving Raze a hard look. "Sorry," Raze began "I lost myself for a second there." The man's face didnt warm but Raze saw him relax his stance a little, "Well I dont mind window shoppers but please move along since I dont like making the other customers wait." Raze looked around himself when the man finished saying that and realize that he was the only one in line. "Well before I go, can I ask you a quick question?" Raze asked. "Shoot." the man responded. "Well Im just curious as to why a lot of the people here dont seem like theyre locals." Raze said while looking around. The man looked around as well and gave a huff along with a smile. "Youre a sharp one boy, this place used to be home to a refugee camp during the war. It closed down a few months ago and the people were allowed to return to their homes, but a lot of people liked it here and decided to become citizens. So far it seems everyone is happy." the man explained "But more importantly, I dont know what youre carrying but it seems that your lunch is leaking." Confused Razed looked down and noticed that the small sack he had around his waist was indeed leaking albeit a small amount.

"Yeesh I guess I should get going then, thanks for the information sir." Raze said turning around and raising his arm. He quickened his pace into a jog and entered the building close by. A lone officer stood at a desk and looked up at Raze. "Yes?" the man asked rather rudely. "Yeah, Im here to collect on a bounty." Raze pulled out the necessary paperwork and laid it in front of the officer. "Well I am going to presume the fugitive as deceased since youre alone here." the officer said "but Im going to need proof of his death as well as proof that the man in question is indeed the man you have...well removed from society." Raze reached down and grabbed the sack from his waist and tossed it on the desk. The man opened it up and quickly dropped it looking up at Raze with a frightened expression. "Yeah," Raze began "you should be able to get some fingerprints, some blood samples, and he was pretty hairy so there might be a follicle or two there."
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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby DarKnight36 on Mon Dec 07, 2009 1:58 pm

Contrary to popular belief, Rune Solaris was not dead. Well, perhaps "popular" was too strong of a word. Rune highly doubted many people even recognized his name, let only ever thought about whether he might be dead or not. If he'd gone by the alias of Scourge, ex-leader of the Brotherhood, things might have been different, but Rune was a different person now. Or rather, he was just one person now.

Not that Rune could really remember. His memory was splotchy, full of holes and hard to recall, like trying to see the details of a painting through a thick fog. Rune believed that was because the other half of his memories lay within Oblivion's mind... or rather Oblivion's deceased mind. It didn't matter; what Rune remembered, he'd really rather forget.

What Rune did remember clearly was his last moments with Darius Lionheart. Rune fought down the urge to touch the massive scar that wrapped from his navel up around his right shoulder to the same point on his back, where his body had ripped open from the insane amount of power rushing through him. Myriad similar, but much smaller, scars crisscrossed his body. He'd nearly died. He'd thought he was dead, as he floated in the space between worlds, watching the stars gently twinkle his life blood away, his oxygen, his mind...

Then darkness had shrouded him, and he'd awakened on board a ship. Somehow, the Emperor had saved his life, nursed him back to health... Rune owed the man a great debt, and he was itching to repay it. The Emperor didn't see it that way, of course. The very reason for Rune's near-death experience was the reason he could stand before the Emperor today.

Rune had destroyed Oblivion's seal on the Empire, freeing them from a 30-year imprisonment. The Emperor had opened trade at once, seizing the chance to allow fresh air into a dying atmosphere. And it was all thanks to Rune. Or so the Emperor said. The truth of the matter was, Rune had done little. He'd laid the groundwork, but hadn't had enough power to force the seal to self-destruct. Darius had seen to that, and he had paid the price for it.

Rune's ravaged body had been a small price to pay; Darius had lost everything, the very core of his existence. The Phoenix.

Many debated what the Phoenix really was: the closest Rune had ever gotten to an explanation was a symbiotic culmination of power, the final destination in the rise of strength. As of a year ago, he'd known of four Phoenicians: himself, Wing, Vecked, and Darius. Now, Vecked was dead, something that should have been impossible due to the Phoenix's life-restoring power (but, despite the Emperor's assurances, Rune believed would have happened to himself as well), Darius had lost his powers...

Now, there were three: himself, Wing, and the Emperor. Rune hadn't been surprised. Enigma had hinted at the fact. Enigma... now there was another subject entirely...

The Emperor shifted in his chair, bringing Rune's attention back to the matter at hand. The meeting had already lasted three hours, and had gotten nowhere. There were six delegates in the room, the Emperor, and Rune, although neither Rune nor the Emperor had participated in the meeting yet. Right now, they seemed to be arguing over plantation fraud on one of the planets, something that didn't need to be discussed here at all.

Six planets, each with their own delegate, made up the Empire of Kalva, along with a few small moons that had temporary populaces on them. Kalva's technology was dumbfounding; they were 10 or 11 years ahead of everyone else, and were constantly making new breakthroughs. Kalva's military was small, at just above 2 million, but when you had a fifteen billion inhabitants spread over the six worlds that all had had military training at one point in their lives, Rune supposed the Emperor kept it that small on purpose.

Kalva seemed like a well-oiled machine... that had been shot with a nuke. Kalva was struggling to get trade, especially food, to those fifteen billion inhabitants. Kalva was not able to be self-reliant, at least not completely, and it needed trade like a fish needed water. More than that, resources were needed to deal with the more serious matter of the civil war on Crystalis.

Which was what the conversation seemed to be finally dragging down to. It's not that the delegates were ignoring the problem; they just didn't want to discuss it in front of Rune. Kalva had its pride, after all, and even though Rune had been here for the last year, they still looked on him as an outsider. That was okay with Rune; he still looked on them as whiny politicians.

One of the delegates, a man named Leon Strife, finally turned to the Emperor with a sigh. "All right, we've avoided this subject long enough. Emperor, do you have a plan?" Leon glared at Rune, who held back a smirk.

The Emperor smiled slightly, and leaned forward in his chair. "Yes. I've taken the liberty of drawing up a contract with a small band of mercenaries to deal with the problems on Crystalis. I propose we finalize the contract, and recall all troops from Crystalis to bolster defenses on Osidia."

Shock was visible on all the delegates' faces.

"M-mercenaries?" Leon choked. "Why not just slap us in the face and get it over with?"

"I understand how you feel," the Emperor said, the smile going from his face. He looked tired. "I know you'd like nothing better than to send our own people in there to fight. But that's just it, isn't it? It's our own people. We can't afford our own people to kill our own people. Rebels or not, corrupt or not, they are still Kalva. Fighting fire with fire is not always the best option."

Resignation fell across a few of the delegate's faces; most of the others just looked exhausted, like they'd been running for miles.

The Emperor leaned back. "Any more protests?"

Leon rubbed his eyes for a moment, then spoke. "We trust you. We always have, and always will."

"That means more to me than you know," the Emperor said quietly. Turning to Rune, he said, louder. "Rune, contact the Brotherhood. Tell them their contract has been validated. I want them there by the end of this week."

Rune nodded. "I'll be leaving today as well."

The Emperor smiled humorlessly. "Good luck to you all."

...You're going to need it. Rune added in his mind, bowed slightly, and then turned and left the room.

* * *

Contrary to popular belief, Enigma had a family. Or rather, he’d once had a family. It had been nearly 35 years since he’d last seen them. His father had been the Celestial Mage of Fire under the Emperor of Kalva, charged with preserving the balance of fire in the land and supporting the Kalvan army with his near godlike abilities. Enigma didn’t really remember much of his father, other than a stern presence but a proud and faithful one. Tephobian had often been on assignment, succeeding in places even the other Celestial Mages failed. Enigma had always been proud of his father, even if he’d rarely seen him. He’d understood the importance of duty.

His mother, on the other hand, rarely left his side. Her hair had been raven black, eyes green like emeralds, and she had been the most beautiful figure in his world for as long as he’d known her. She’d taught him everything he’d known, from birth to that fateful naming day on his ninth birthday. He’d never heard her raise her voice, even when his antics brought exasperated sighs and frowns from the household staff. She’d never needed to.

In the Emperor of Kalva, it was customary for a childhood name to be given at birth, and then an adult name given on the ninth birthday. Whereas the childhood name was like a pet name, like Tod or Red, the adult name was the significant definition of the person you were and who you would become. Enigma had looked forward to it his entire life.

It was the mother’s duty to sever the childhood name from the new adult, and so it was that Enigma found himself accompanying his mother to the ceremony. He remembered vividly the events that followed.

His father had stepped up and exchanged quiet words. Enigma hadn’t caught much other than that his father had to go fight somebody very strong, and might not make it back for a while. Enigma remembered feeling at the time impatience and annoyance, but he’d quickly squashed it under the pride he felt for his father’s strength. Tephobian had looked Enigma in the eyes, smiled, and then walked away.

Enigma had pieced together what happened next from eye witnesses and the official report in the Kalva databanks, which he’d sliced into a few days before. Oblivion, the Celestial Mage of Darkness, had disobeyed direct orders from the Emperor, and had even gone so far as to kidnap Selorian, the Celestial Mage of Wind. Rumors had suggested that Oblivion was experimenting with the most destructive force in the universe: the Phoenix. With the power of Selorian and himself, Oblivion might be able to replicate the Phoenix, putting this mission at the highest priority.

Tephobian had arrived at Oblivion’s mansion to find Oblivion controlling a corpse-like Selorian with his power. Tephobian was forced to fight both Mages, destroying Selorian. At the moment of victory, however, two beings intervened. This was the part that Enigma had paid close attention to. He’d known of his father’s death that very night, but he’d never understood how Oblivion had won. Now he knew.

Rune Solaris, and another swordsman of similar strength and caliber, had engaged Tephobian. Tephobian had been caught off guard, but quickly gained the upper hand., killing the second swordsman easily. However, from what Enigma could gather, Tephobian had hesitated afterwards, and Rune had struck a fatal blow. Still, Tephobian could have destroyed them all, yet again he hesitated.

Eye witnesses, members of the army poised to backup Tephobian, described Tephobian’s expression has dumbfounded, tinged with fear, then suddenly turned to determination. At that point, Tephobian had flung out his arm and raw power had flooded from Tephobian into Rune. Enigma had considered this carefully, and finally come to the conclusion, after reading of Oblivion’s furious reactions and overheard words of “power” and “how dare he…”, that Tephobian had transferred all of his power into Rune Solaris.

Then Tephobian had died.

At almost the same instant, Enigma’s childhood name, Felix, was being stripped away. The father’s duty was to transcribe the new name, so hesitantly the rest of the family moved to dinner. They never ate. Oblivion’s soldiers struck, killing Enigma’s mother before his eyes, his grandparents, the servants… In one instant, Enigma was orphaned and cut off from everything he’d ever known. He’d only escaped the same fate by happenstance, tripping slightly as he walked down the hallway, the arrow that should have killed him chipping stone instead.

Oblivion’s soldiers had closed in finish the job. Not one of them had survived the incident.

Enigma had learned through one of the soldiers that his father was dead. Alone and scared, Enigma had fled his house, hiding from more of the soldiers until morning. Around noon, Oblivion’s pet project, the magic sealing wall, had snapped into place. One instant, Enigma had been running down a road, the next he was in stasis, unable to move, trapped inside the wall itself, not unlike the world Vecked had tried so hard to save.

Thanks to Rune’s sabotage, the wall degraded enough to the point that Enigma was able to extricate himself, only to find himself in unfamiliar territory, still quite alone.

Now, Enigma, 24 years of age, sat on a bed, and thought. Tephobian had been killed by Rune, when it shouldn’t have been possible. Then he’d given Rune all of his power. Rune had then sabotaged Oblivion’s spell, and became a Phoenix along with Darius. Why had this happened? And what did it mean?

Enigma’s theory was hesitant. He needed more information. If he was ever to obtain his dream, he needed to…

A sound downstairs broke his train of thought. Frowning, Enigma stepped from the bed and walked silently to the head of the stairs.

“Yo, get down here Enigma,” Azull called. “I know you’re still awake.”

Relaxing, Enigma moved down the stairs. “You should knock before entering. It’s only polite.”

Azull was seated at Enigma’s circular table in his kitchen, an apple in one hand, a large bite already taken from it. He grinned at Enigma.

“Nice pajamas,” Azull chuckled. “Did Sage make those for you?”

Enigma nodded. “And how’s your wife?”

“Sick,” Azull said, grimacing. “Same as my kid. There’s a virus going around. It’s nothing too serious but the implications are.”

“Let me guess,” Enigma said, seating himself at the table as Azull snapped other bite from the apple. “You’re fairly sure the disease is being spread from food. Food from the Empire of Kalva.”

“You’re right,” Azull nodded, his expression serious. “It worries me. We don’t have any idea what the Empire’s plans are, because Rune’s not talking, if he even knows. All they’ve asked for is to be able to trade food and goods. And people are getting sick from the food?”

“It could be just coincidence,” Enigma said after a moment. “The Empire hasn’t been in contact with the rest of the worlds in just over 35 years. That’s plenty of time for a new disease to crop up that the rest of the worlds won’t have defenses against.”

Azull sighed. “Yeah, I considered that. I also considered the fact that the Empire could be counting on that fact to wage biological warfare against the rest of the worlds. It’s not like they really need motive, if they are who you say they are.”

Enigma didn’t answer. It wasn’t really something you could say something to.

Azull shrugged after a moment. “I’ve brought a sample of the disease for you to look at. If you can, come up with something to counteract it.”

Enigma took the vial Azull handed to him and walked over to his fridge. “Come back in a couple of days, I’ll have it ready.”

Azull nodded. “Will do.” Standing, he sighed. “Well, lookie there, I actually had to come here.”

Enigma smiled slightly. “Does anyone know you can do that?”

“What, switch between my illusions?” Azull asked, his nose crinkling slightly. “No, I think you’re the only one who knows. Unless there’s someone else who can tell the difference between the illusion and the real thing.”

“I don’t think I’m the only one,” Enigma said, considering. “But I might be the only one who’s actually met you.”

Azull rolled his eyes, waved, then disappeared.

Enigma frowned. “He could have at least said goodbye.”

Sighing, Enigma walked back up the stairs to his bedroom, laid down on his bed, and stared at the ceiling. It had been about six years now. Six years since he’d really smiled, laughed…

Six years since he remembered living, and counting.

Expressionless, Enigma closed his eyes, and went to sleep.

* * *

Darius Lionheart yawned. Really loudly. Which, of course, made Tyre yawn, his jaws creaking. Darius stretched, then went to yawn again. Tyre felt his own mouth stretching, and clapped a hand over it. Darius grinned, then started to yawn again.

This one turned into an exhalation of air as Tyre punched him in the stomach. "Stop that!" Tyre snapped. "Try acting your age."

Darius chuckled. "Let a little humor in your life, Tyre."

"Humor, huh?" Tyre asked, raising an eyebrow. "I'm the comedic relief, remember?"

"Right, right," Darius said, smiling. "I forgot."

After a moment, Tyre muttered. "These mashed potatoes are crunchy."

"That's because they have bugs in them," Darius said, shoving a mouthful of said potatoes in his mouth.

Tyre's face turned pale. "Really?"

"No, it's broccoli. Shut up and eat it," Darius said around his food. Tyre gave him a dirty look, but kept eating.

After all, Darius thought, this is the best-rated inn in Ritrys. There better not be bugs...anywhere.

It had only been two days since Darius and Tyre had received their assignment from Azull; they were to travel to the world of Crystalis, and land in Ritrys, a small port kingdom that sprawled over a few hundred miles of land. Apparently, something had been going on with the King lately... like how he'd just made his daughter disappear. Their job was simple: find out what was going on, and fix it.

Their meeting with the King hadn't gone well. The King had been convinced they were government spies, which in a way was true, and had ordered them to stay out of his castle. Like that was going to stop them. But Darius hadn't told the King that. Instead, they'd retired to the nearby self-titled capital city, looked around at all the wonderful tourist attractions (a few old fountains and an opera, which Darius had fallen asleep in), and then found the inn as it got later. Rooms weren't a problem. Ritrys would never be a tourist hot-spot.

Darius swallowed a mouthful of hot bread, and turned to Tyre, speaking quietly. "You know, we're going to have to get into that castle somehow."

Tyre nodded. "I'll do it tonight. I'm less noticeable."

Darius shrugged, not taking offense. He was used to getting stares, considering he was tall, lithe, and just happened to be carrying three swords on his back. Tyre, in comparison, tended to get lost in the crowd, with his dingy clothing, his rusty sword handle, and nondescript features, except for his eyes. It was really a good thing; they needed someone to draw eyes.

"Just be careful; that captain of the guard fella was giving us some hard looks," Darius muttered.

"You mean, that Irgo guy? Yeah, he might be a problem if we have to fight him," Tyre said, shrugging. "But I'm not going to get found."

Darius waved a hand. "So what do I do while you're gone?"

"Stay in the vicinity, maybe frequent the gambling pub a few houses down," Tyre suggested. "Get yourself noticed, but not arrested, maybe?"

"Huh," Darius grunted. "Fine by me. But you know I can't gamble worth shriveled beans."

Tyre smiled. "There's a whorehouse around the block. You could always go..."

"Gambling's fine," Darius snapped. "And don't ever joke about that."

Tyre laughed softly. "Right, right. I'll see you later, big guy."

"Creep," Darius said as he stood. "Don't get lost, blueberry."

Tyre laughed again, and then walked out the door, leaving Darius alone with the food. After a few moments of waiting, Darius got up, and walked to the bartender.

"Anywhere I can go for fun around here?" Darius asked casually.

"There's a whorehouse around the block that you can go..." the bartender began, before Darius grabbed the man's head and slammed it into the bar.

"Yeah, never mind," Darius growled, leaving the man unconscious on the ground. "I'll find something myself, thanks."
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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

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"Well, I'm gonna head back to the dojo now," Xane told Mellodia as he dropped her off back at their apartment after they ate their lunch Tellini's Pizza and Sandwiches. "There's supposed to be a delivery there that Master Shuo wants me to pick up." Every now and then, Shuo would have some sort of new weapon delivered to the dojo to add to his ever growing collection. Since Xane only taught one class at the school, he was the only one with enough free time to pick them up and take them to Shuo's office.

"Better hurry then," Mellodia said, kissing Xane briefly before turning around to open the door to their apartment. "I heard there's going to be heavy traffic going down to Gladale. More so than usual, anyway." Gladale City, the location of the Xióng Wěi Dài School of Martial Arts was in the heart of Kasile, the world Xane and Mellodia lived and one of the most crowded worlds in the Dark System. People were always trying to get from one place to another in that city. resulting in the streets being clogged with ships and hovercrafts.

"Great," Xane sighed. "I'll get going then." With that, Xane ran off to his transport ship, a silver JT Cruiser. As he sat in the drivers seat he frowned a bit. Driving ships through the stars, shooting down a couple hundred enemy ships along the way? No problem. Driving across a highway to get to work. Extremely difficult. Once the car started, Xane quickly sped off towards the highway to get to the dojo.

Gladale City, World of Kasile, Dark System.

The heavy traffic was just ending as a large hovercraft slowly made it's way out of the most crowded highways in Kasile. The vehicle moved onto city streets to the relief of it's two impatient passengers. Both passengers were about 5'10, had black silky hair, and crooked noses. While not exactly, twins, you could tell they were brothers. Both dressed in black business suits, they looked as if they were headed towards an important meeting. The older brother, Robby drove, while his younger sibling, Carson, sat in the back seat, his eyes constantly glancing towards the large brown box sitting in the seat next to his brothers. He'd been meaning to say something about the box for a while now, but couldn't quite figure out how to phrase it, much to his brother's annoyance.

"H-hey Robby," Carson.

Robby nearly slammed his foot down on the breaks as he gritted his teeth and turned his head slightly to acknowledge his brother speaking. "What? What is it this time?"

"The box..." Carson trailed off.

"Dammit, Car!" Robby groaned. "What about the freakin' box, huh? I've been stuck in traffic for five hours listenin' ta you blabber on about nothin'!! What's wrong wit' the box, huh? Tell me. Please. I'm all ears."

"Well...I'm just sayin' dat I think dis is a bad idea about it," Carson shrugged. "Dat's all."

"Oh, a bad idea, huh?" Robby said, rolling his eyes. "Let me tell you dat dis particular bad idea is about to make us two thousand til. Each. Just for deliverin' some little box. You know how much dat is compared to what we normally get for deliverin' stuff?"

Carson fell silent for a minute, just watching his brother drive past a local park, narrowly missing a red light as he made his way downtown. He then glanced at the box and spoke up again. "I mean..w-we don't even know what's in there."

A sly smile appeared on Robby's face, as he drove past several fast food restaurants. "We don't know do we?" Robby sneered. "Let's find out, huh?" Robby grabbed the box and shook it, similar to how children would shake the boxes of Christmas presents to determine what they were.

"N-no! Robby, stop!" Carson shouted, waving his arms through the air.

"What, ya wanted ta find out what's in da box, right?" Robby laughed. "I'm findin' out!"

"N-no, don't!" Carson cried. "What if it explodes or somethin'?"

"You really are stupid, do ya know dat?" Robby laughed, setting the box down as he shook his head. "Why would we be sent ta deliver explosives if dey could easily be set off? Use your brain for once!"

"Yeah, I guess..." Carson said, quieting down as the hovercraft closed in on it's destination. The Xióng Wěi Dài School of Martial Arts.

Xane was already at the school by the time the hovercraft made it to the doors. He waited in the front lobby, until he heard the sound of the hovercraft pull up towards the front. He got up to see the two men in black suit emerge from the vehicle. One could tell they were delivery men just by looking at them. They had a box, however. Xane would've been even more suspicious, if Shuo hadn't told him, he had this one 'special ordered'. Whatever that means. Xane opened the door and walked out casually, expecting to sign something as he always did. He didn't. The one who held the box just yawned and said, "Here ya go." The box was tossed to Xane and the two left without a word. Then things got even stranger when Shuo suddenly burst out of the door panting as if he'd just ran several laps. Xane wouldn't be surprised. The old man may be around seventy, but he was surprisingly fast and agile.The weird thing about it was the look of excitement on the man's face as he suddenly snatched the box from Xane and went inside. Xane, confused a bit, decided to follow the old man inside.

"Uh, Master Shuo," Xane asked, tapping the old man on the shoulder. "What exactly is that?"

"A book," Shuo said, ripping the box open to reveal a large green book. Xane barely had time to glance at the title before Shuo began flipping through the pages. "A geography book."

"You specially ordered a geography book?" Xane asked, scratching his chin. "What's wrong with the normal mail delivery?"

"Oh, no, no ,no..." Shuo trailed off, clearly lost in the book. "Not this book. Not this one..." The man continued to be walk around the lobby until he found a seat and sat down. "Er, Xane. Cover my class for me, will you?"

Xane frowned a bit before mumbling, "Yeah, sure..." There was something he didn't like about all of this. Xane walked towards Shuo's classroom, pulling out his cell phone to tell Mellodia that he'd be home a little bit later.

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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

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Ris sat alone in a large transport ship, zoned out as he lay his muzzle on his fist, his elbow resting against the arm of the seat. The other inhabitants of the vehicle, all human, constantly gave him odd looks and muttered to one another, his ear occasionally twitching as he heard them mention the word "wolf".

'I'm a fox, dang it.' Ris thought, annoyed, his tail resting on his lap. 'There's a difference.'

The blue-furred Arctic Fox reached back and pulled on the tails of his headband to be sure it was tight against his head, realizing that he didn't even remember where they were going. It had been a long, boring trip so far, the same things happening again and again as new people saw him. He was at first rather astonished that they hadn't seen an anthropomorphic creature like himself before, but he shrugged it off as human ignorance.

"Attention all passengers," Ris' ears perked up as the voice filled the shuttle, turning his head to look at the nearest speaker. "We will soon be arriving in Gladale City, located in the world of Kasile of the Dark System. Please make sure that your seat belts are secure, your tray tables are up and properly fastened, and your seat is back in the full upright position. We appreciate your assistance in this effort to keep you safe and would like to thank you for flying with us. Have a pleasant stay!"

'Ah, Gladale City, eh? Heh, why not.'

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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

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She was fast, but Xane was faster. She tried to counter his punch with a kick, but Xane blocked it with his other hand. She took one swipe at him with her fist and he ducked under, sweeping his leg under her to knock her off balance. As expected, Master Shuo's students are a lot more advanced than his own. Then again, he is stuck with teaching the younger students while Master Shuo's students were around Xane's age or older. Xane thought this'd be tougher than fighting some nine year old, but it really wasn't by much. Still pushovers. There was a time he would've gotten a kick out of fighting anyone, but Xane just kept the same dull expression he had when he had entered Shuo's class. Everything just felt so boring now. He could tell Mellodia felt the same way as him...but just a little bit less. Though, at the same time they wouldn't really want to give up the life they had now. As fun as some of the adventures they'd have in the past were, the stakes that caused them were almost too much for them to bear. There was a time when Xane would've shrugged off any such stakes as something that they could handle, no matter how much everything was against them and back then...everything truly was against them. As Xane dismissed to Master Shuo's students, he couldn't help but wonder what became of his old friends. Were they enjoying their new life, or did they feel extremely bored too?

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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

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OOC: It was going to be a long post anyway. I'll just write the rest of it and post it all in an half hour or something.

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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

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"Keep an eye on him," Azull had said over dinner. "Enigma thinks there's more going on than meets the eye."

"I'm not anyone's babysitter!" Tyre had protested. "I mean, we're good friends, but what am I supposed to do if... you know..."

After a long pause, Azull finally set down his fork and looked Tyre straight in the eye. "I really don't know yet, Tyre. If, or rather when, it happens, contact me or Enigma. It'll have to do."

Tyre Rutherford sighed, and put aside the memories. His concerns about Darius would have to wait; right now, he had to focus on getting into the castle.

Tyre was an expert at covert operations, possibly one of the best without using augmented skills. He'd been doing it for nearly eight years now, ever since he'd joined the Guardians, and hadn't ever been caught. His confidence on getting into this castle was high; after all, his initial scoping had deduced there were no real alarms, just a few guards.

His confidence on getting out was something else entirely. It was probable that he'd get lost in the castle if he went very far in, as he had no layout or floor plans. Tyre rolled his eyes as he checked his watch. 2 minutes until the guards finished their round. Slowly, he inched his way forward, and then with a burst of speed, scrambled up the vine-covered wall, about ten feet in height, then braced himself and vaulted straight up. He barely cleared the five foot fence, complete with barbed wire, that rose above the garden wall. His dingy coat snagged on the fence's wire and he spun, hitting the ground with a heavy thud.

"Ow," Tyre muttered, pulling himself up, thanking his lucky stars that he hadn't broken anything. Grunting, he leaned against the wall and reviewed his surroundings.

Only to find himself pinned by about thirty guards and Cyrus Irgo, captain of the guard, sneering at him.

"Ya know, you've got some mighty fine jumping skills there, little twerp," Irgo belched. "You're under arrest."

Tyre shook his head in exasperation. "Huh. I wish you good luck with that."

Irgo's face twisted in puzzlement as Tyre launched himself forward towards them...

* * *

"You're under arrest," the soldier said to Darius.

Darius didn't answer. He had his mouth full.

"I said, you're under arrest," the soldier said again.

Darius swallowed. "Screw you."

"What did you just say to me!?" the soldier gasped. "How dare you talk to an officer like that!"

"For crying out loud!" Darius growled, glaring at the soldier. "Can't you see I'm just trying to have a drink with these nice fellas?"

Who were quickly vacating the table. It almost made Darius crack a smile, but he wanted to stay in character. The soldier glanced nervously at his companions.

"Like it or not, you're going to have to come with us," the soldier said, and Darius did smile then. Unpleasantly. The soldier swallowed.

"Make me," Darius grinned, and took another swallow of his drink.

The soldiers hesitated, then swords were drawn.

"About time," Darius muttered, and slowly stood up. "You punks asked for it."

Picking up his drink, Darius took another swallow, then suddenly kicked the table forward, slamming it into the soldiers, bowling them over like pins.

Gesturing, Darius laughed. "I'm going to kick your butts and not spill a drop!"

His laughter died when he heard the click of the revolver and the cold end press against his neck.

"No," the innkeeper said. "You're going to go with them. Quietly."

"This is where it gets nasty," Darius said, shaking his head slowly. "I'm just going to have to teach you all a lesson. First one being..."

He turned to face the innkeeper, his eyes blue infernos. "No one points a gun at me."

Slowly, he emptied the glass, setting it down nicely on the table nearby, then began his work.

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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

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"Any luck getting to the Universal Government?" Covetchin asked, preparing to light up a cigarette as he leaned against the wall next to the office door of Chief Piotr. The chief looked slightly weary, and looked at Covetchin a bit before shrugging.

"Well, yes..." Piotr began, continuing to scratch his head. "And when I reached them, it seemed that they already knew what was going on."

"Hmm..." Covetchin murmured, putting down the lighter. "What did they say."

"As soon as began to speak, they said they knew about the Ravakov situation and that they had it handled," Piotr shrugged. "Odd, I know...but at least that solves our problems."

"No," Covetchin said. "No it doesn't. It just further complicates them. It's an obvious cover up."

"Now you look here," the squat chief grumbled, his face turning red. "We have plenty of crimes here for you to solve. No need for you to go out and try an solve an intergalactic mystery."

"What's where you're wrong, comrade," Covetchin stated. "I can solve any crime here, find out who any of the culprits are. It's just that they're so damn elusive. What use is solving the crime if you can't catch the crook? I've long since given up trying to catch criminals, but this particular case...It excites me. Just think of how big it is. This could be the case I've been looking for."

"Always looking to see your name on the front page aren't you boy?" Piotr chuckled, at which Covetchin gave a modest shrug. The old chief then lifted his stubby arm as high as he could to pat the lanky lieutenant on the shoulder."Well, we aren't much use in this city anyway. You'll have half of the force behind you."

"What?" Covetchin said, looking genuinely surprised. "No need, sir. I can go alone on this one-"

"No, trust me," Piotr interrupted. "If you're going to against the UG, you'll need a lot more than your wit and a police issue blaster, son."

Covetchin smiled and nodded back. The old man really was like a father to him, albeit an extremely lazy one at times. "Thank you sir, Covetchin nodded. "This'll be the year the GPU makes the news."


"Weird, right?" Xane said, explaining to Mellodia about the incident back at the school as he sat on the the couch. "Master Shuo asks for a special delivery for some crusty ol' geography book? Why does that not add up in my mind?"

"It is a little weird, I guess" Mellodia shrugged. "But I'm sure Master Shuo knows what he's doing."

"I dunno," Xane said. "He wasn't even acting like himself." And by himself, Xane meant, extremely grumpy. Xane was pretty sure he'd never seen Shuo even crack a smile until he got his hands on that book. "You know some police detectives, right?" Xane asked. "Why don't you ask them to-"

Mellodia stopped Xane a minute by sitting on his knee and placed her hands on his face, so he'd look directly at her. "Repeat after me," she began. "It's not that serious."

"I dunno.." Xane shrugged. "Maybe it isn't. But those delivery people look pretty shady..."

"So, you're saying that Master Shuo's up to something then?" Mellodia asked, an eyebrow raised.

"I'm not saying that!" Xane said. "I'm just saying that-"

"I think it's just you missing the old days again," Mellodia said. "I do too. I keep saying we should call up everybody, but of course we don't know where half of them are..."

"Yeah," Xane said. "Maybe I could try and invite them to that thing you're having. That little party for all of the DA's in the city. I can just go and pull out that Tri-System phone book and see if any numbers come up. And besides...Nulix's company is hosting the whole thing. Maybe he could get some of the others to stop by."

"That's a great idea!" Mellodia said excitedly, as she went towards the kitchen. "It'd be great if we got everyone of them to come. Maybe donate a little to the city fund."

"Yeah, " Xane said, reaching down to pick up a book that was lying on the table. "I'll get to that in a minute. The latest issue of Pocketman came out and I haven't read it yet."

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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

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After about fifteen or twenty minutes, the shuttle landed and the voice came again from the speaker. "Please exit the vehicle in an orderly manner for your own safety and the safety of others. Again, we thank you for flying with us, and we do hope that in your future travels, we may be of service to you another time. Enjoy your stay in Gladale City!"

Group by group, everyone stood up, some people casting one last odd glance at the fox before they walked down the aisle single-file, exiting the ship. Adjusting one of his black wristbands, Ris stood up and stepped into the aisle, walking behind a short, bald man who certainly was taking his time. Rolling his eyes but suppressing a sigh, the Arctic Fox slowly shuffled along behind him.

After a short amount of time, though it seemed much longer to the young vulpine, Ris was in the spaceport. Depositing his money in the small tray as he walked through the spaceport's security, he realized with a sigh that it was probably worthless where he was. 'Oh, this trip's gonna be fun...'

He didn't have to go through any baggage claim as he only had with him the small wad of cash; there was a misunderstanding with one of the previous security guards and his bag was confiscated, his clothes and all. How was he supposed to know a pistol wasn't allowed?

The fox was soon outside, reaching back and tightening his headband. "Here it goes, Ris. Let's head out." It was time to go explore the city, become more familiar with the people, culture, and architecture, but he was especially looking for a suitable place to practice parkour; if nothing else, he wanted to have fun.

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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

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The Master of Gales walked sliently through the city streets of this new and unknown world. Three days had passed since he had visited the gave site of his friend, and enemy, Vecked Flate, and so much had happened. He watched his breath rise to join the cold air before ducking into a small coffee shop that he had found the day before. After sitting down with a steaming mug of chai tea, he sighed, reflecting on what had happened in the past couple of days.

Ceegum: three days ago, 1 year annaversery of the end of the war

A presence could be felt as Wing slipped in to the twilight portal, a presence so strong and so oddly familiar, that Wing resurfaced, curious to face the ghost from his past.

"Chaos..." Wing said without turning around. The young Emerald Knight chuckled and removed his helmet

"Sharp as always, Wing." He said in his light, calm voice. He ran a gloved hand through his blonde hair and smiled. Wing turned to face the high ranking knight, a former enemy back when Wing first joined the Ultimate Organization, now just another human being. He had met Chaos once on the battle field, the day he and the others brought down the Enigmatic Knights, but their encounter was cut short once the Knight's leader had taken the stage.

"Come to pay your respects?" Wing asked, turning to face Chaos. He shook his head, a sad smile reflecting the sadness echoing in his blue eyes.

"No, sadly I have no ties to this place. I was never involved with the war. You see, after the battle between our organizations, I left the triple systems for a far forgotten one. My home system."

Wing cocked his head to the side slightly, his interest peaked.
"What system are you talking about?"

Chaos looked to the patchy ground then flashed a smile. "The Empire of Klava. I was born in the Capital city 24 years ago during the power shift from democracy to empire. A transition many governments make after time. One person craves ultimate power, and stops at nothing to achieve it. Though, I digress. My intentions here are brief, and I've satisfied one already. Wing, I want you to visit this Empire, granted you owe me nothing, not even this very conversation. I just feel it's in your and the Universe's best interests if you visit these worlds."

He sighed, shaking his head. "I guess I should just come out and say what I really mean. The Klava Empire needs help, and you're the only one I could think of to ask. I am powerless to do anything for my own people, not that I have any right to after abandoning them all, but're strong, and people look up to you, respect you. So please, do me this one favor and visit the Capital City...and se for yourself the corruption, greed, and violence this "Great Empire" truly holds."

Wing folded his arms across his chest, a stern look on his face. He was confused why Chaos was asking him. Surely he still had command over some Knights, and they could investigate themselves.

"Why me?"

Chaos laughed, "Because, you're the best suited for this job. Here."
Chaos tossed a small cell phone to Wing. Flipping it open, Wing noticed the contacts were all members of the Government, or Knights.

"Use it to get in contact with me, first, from there I'll tell you who to call and relay your findings too."

Wing pocketed the phone and glared at Chaos as he turned and opened a portal using a small machine the UPA used when trying to catch Wing and his comrades during the war. Before he stepped through the portal he turned and looked over his shoulder, a devious grin plastered on his face.

"Peel back the layers far enough and you may learn the true meaning of your existence, the origins of the Phoenix, and a lead or two to, Him ."

The portal closed before Wing had a chance to question. All he cold do know was trust Chaos, and investigate the Klava empire.

Capital City of Klava: Present Day

Wing shook his head, swallowing the last sip of tea. The two days after were uneventful, he had managed to contact a ship pilot with the help of the phone Chaos had given him. One he arrived in the lavish Capital City, covered with tall, modern sky scrapers, and a large outlying suburban area, he found a place to stay, and was lodged for free as a government employee, again thanks to Chaos. He had spent the day before touring the city, finding nothing out of the ordinary. The people seemed happy enough, and on the surface everything looked to be running smoothly. He knew he would need to venture out to the worlds on the edge of the system. Yet, he wasn't sure if leaving the Capital so soon was such a good idea.

"This is when having the others around would come in handy..." He said with a sigh. He looked up as a small Tv was turned on across the room, a small computer was being advertised. It was sleek, and fast, boasted having the highest storage space, 30 Trilobites. He was about to look away, uninterested in computers, when a young man's face flashed on the screen. The brown hair and brown eyes merged harmoniously with the memories in his mind. Nulix sat right before him, looking as if he was in the best of health, of course, money can do that for a person. A new sense of happiness washed over the young magician as he looked upon the face of one of his closest comrades. He shook his head with a small smile and looked down into his empty cup.

"Good to see you're doing well Nulix. Glad to see you looking so happy..."

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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

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Darius threw a chair at the TV. "Nulix, you suck!" he yelled in a slightly slurred voice. "Why do you get all the money?" Sniffing, he went and picked the chair up, then patted the TV. "Sorry, never mind. You're a good kid. Good for you, you slime ball. Ah, I don't mean it. Actually, maybe I do."

"My head kinda hurts, actually," Darius said, as if it had suddenly occurred to him. "Maybe I should sit down..."

Looking around, he realized that there wasn't much left standing. "Oh, whoops, I did that didn't I? Hey, bartender, do I have to pay for that?"

No answer, probably because the bartender had his head through one of the walls, and was quite unconscious.

"Bad service here," Darius muttered, spitting out something that felt suspiciously like a tooth. "Should have used my swords. 'Ould have been easier."

"Dude..." Tyre said from the doorway. "What are you doing just standing there?"

"You're right," Darius said, pointing at him with a shaky hand. "I should lie down. Go to sleep. 'ead hurts."

Tyre's brow wrinkled. "You don't drink alcohol, so you can't be drunk. Did somebody hit you a little too hard."

Darius pointed to a frying pan on the floor that had smeared blood on it, pointed to the back of his head, and shrugged. A few seconds later, his eyes rolled up into his head and he collapsed.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Tyre growled, thinking hard. "Um, well this is just great. Trashed tavern, I'm hurt, you're unconscious, and we have guards after us...."

Darius rolled over. "My head...urts..."

"If you're conscious enough to say that," Tyre said nastily, "you're conscious enough to get up. Walk you big brute!"

Helping a blinking Darius to his feet, Tyre stumbled from the room, half-dragging the massive warrior out into the night, cursing the entire way. A few moments later, the cry of "Thieves, thieves!" split the night, followed by the roar of a old truck as it burst from a nearby garage onto the street, and away into the night.

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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Light_of_the_Fallen on Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:26 pm

“And now for the weather!” the perky newswoman announced as an equally vapid and bright eyed blond began with the forecast for the day. Bella scoffed, a shiny new apple in her hand, as she lost interest in the local news. She looked over at the digital clock on the wall of the café, sighing as she realized there were still a few minutes until the world news came on.
The café she sat in was part of a large inn called The Pinnacle, that had been rated as the top place for travelers to stay at in the country of Beriah. It was a quiet place with instrumental music playing all day and plenty of places for people to sit and do what they wished. There were two televisions on either side of the room, a bookshelf by the TV Isabella had been watching, and a counter where an employee was wiping it for the hundredth time. Behind him, there was a large menu of hundreds of exotic drinks and sweets. None of which were particularly appetizing to Bella at the moment. The walls were a deep red with carefully placed golden designs. There were lamps everywhere, but at the moment were turned off considering it was still day.
In addition to the café, it also had a library, pool, sauna, small restaurant, and a game room. All of which were top notch with friendly employees willing to help any guest as quickly and politely as possible. The rooms were luxurious with king sized beds, beautiful showers, and plenty of room with expensive furniture. The rooms were all painted in different, but gorgeous, ways and had the best equipment and supplies money could buy. All together, it had truly earned its title and it was no wonder why most of the people here were grossly wealthy. But of course, the expense of the hotel was exactly why most guests were rich.
“With the money I spent to stay here for a couple days I could have easily rented an apartment for a month or put a down payment on a house,” she muttered to herself, chuckling.
When Isabella had begun her journey, she had of course thought of getting a house or apartment somewhere. A nice place to settle down and maybe meet some nice guy to fall in love with… But she was restless at the thought. Questions plagued her as she left the battlefield, her mind clear of the music, and the thought of worlds she had never seen enticed her. She couldn’t just settle somewhere. The road was long and she had never really been able to enjoy a place outside of the ones she had visited with the UO and her memory of her own home world was murky at best. Xavier had suggested if she wished, they could try to clear the fog. It would keep them busy and eventually bore her.
Except, it never did.
Sure, staying in hotels was brutal at times, staying at people’s homes was scary, and sleeping under the sky wasn’t all it cracked up to be… but Bella still didn’t regret it. The road, the journey, the exhilaration from having no responsibilities absolutely intoxicated her. She didn’t have any payments to worry about. Not a single world’s fate on her mind. No family to tie her to anywhere. Finally, she was free!
Well, not entirely.
She still had to have money to at least get food, apples were essential. When she stayed in a town, she often taught the local children a few of her fighting skills. It kept her physically and mentally sharp, while allowing her to acquire the trust of their parents. Xavier would help her by being the person who got beat up. She didn’t teach them much but the kids were fast learners who often spoke highly of her. The parents would in turn, become friendly enough towards her that they would help her in any way they could. Often, they insisted on paying for the lessons even though she had vehemently refused. Still, the money that was forced upon her was saved away for when they were forced to stay at an inn. The extra food and clothes were simply more perks for doing what she loved to do. Fighting was the one thing that seemed consistent and it had been something she remembered from her childhood.
Isa’s mind was always on her past, trying to clear the cobwebs of the memories that slowly revealed themselves to her. This was her home world, Utopia, and yes she had left it at the age of fifteen. Her mother, Isabelle, was a scientist who did research on… Isabella frowned, unable to remember. Her best friend had been Elysia who had known her since… She had always been there and revealed to Bell every secret except the ones she wasn’t mean to know. Those were revealed when she died… but why did she die? Did someone… She had ties to the Swan family, Xavier proved that. But she wasn’t like them. And they weren’t like the people. The people weren’t like normal people.
A fanfare drew Isabella’s interest to the screen where the world news was now showing. Her mind drifted as she watched, the apple slipping out of her hand without her noticing.
“I wonder how the others are doing?” she asked herself, putting her elbows on the white table in front of her. She watched the screen with apathy when suddenly she stood straight up, cursing loudly as she hit her knees against the table. It was only when she noticed the chatter she had heard in the background had stopped that she realized everyone was staring at her. Isabella blushed and smiled in apology. One guy smiled back before his girlfriend griped at him. The rest went back to their mindless talk as she sat back down.
“Are you alright Miss Swan?”
Xavier looked down at her with a blank stare, waiting for her to recover.
Bella laughed and nodded, “Did you find any more info?”
“yes, but I found some you might enjoy more than your past,” Xavier said, taking a seat beside her.
“Something about the old gang?” Bella inquired, smiling knowingly. Xavier looked at the screen, just as it changed from the latest images of Nulix to other news. He also noticed the faint blush on her cheeks, although he couldn’t tell if it was from her embarrassment or the image of her old friend. He looked away, his expression serious, and sighed.
“I might have a lead on their location and considering you have no contact with them, it will be your best chance to maybe run into someone. I believe its time that we should leave this world…”
Bella tilted her head in confusion, “Why? The information I want is here and-”
“You have found enough information for now. Review it as we travel somewhere else. I have inquired about the town but it seems no one knows much more than you have already been told”
“Well then let’s keep going. I’m sure something will turn up,” Bella pleaded.
“Your memories have been returning slowly” Xavier said, “But if we leave, they might reveal more than these people ever would…”
“I see,” Isabella said slowly, “And I might see an old friend as well?”
Xavier nodded.
“Oh fine,” Bella grinned, “This world has gotten boring anyway. Nothing new or exciting happens…”
“I talked to a man who could loan us a ship for a small price and a some food, considering we spent almost all our earnings on our stay here,” Xavier explained, looking at her with a ‘I told you not to spend all the money at once’ look. Bella smiled apologetically.
“We will probably be out of here by tomorrow morning,” Xavier finished.
Bella grinned and looked down at the table, about to say something when she suddenly looked confused. She looked around, bewildered. Suddenly tears streamed down her cheeks. Xavier was alerted instantly.
“Are you alright Miss Swan? What is wrong? ” he asked, afraid it was something grave.
“Nothing..” Bella whimpered, looking up at Xavier, “Except I lost my last apple”

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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

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Master Shuo was holed up inside of his study at the school, reading the old geography book from cover to cover. He'd have to apologize to Xane later for his rude behavior this afternoon, but he couldn't help being fascinated with every facet of the book. The maps in it had detailed depictions and information about landscapes, geographical features, ruins, and even entire worlds that weren't listed in modern maps of the world. Hell, two whole hemispheres appeared to be present that were missing on modern maps, indicating that either two fifths of the universe had been completely erased, which is impossible...Or that someone was trying to hide something from the rest of the worlds...

Even more curious was the fact that Shuo himself didn't know exactly why he was so interested in the book himself. It's as if he was drawn to it somehow after seeing an ad for it on an antique online shop he was determined to get it. He'd spent nearly half a fortune trying to beat three other bidders. After finally finishing the book, Shuo decided that it was worth a second read, which would hopefully help him discover why he felt a need to read this book. As he flipped back to the first page, his eyes widened and his breathing quickened. Someone else was in the room. Turning around quickly, Shuo gazed at a a figure in a black jacket, brandishing a blaster pistol. Shuo quickly leaped out of his chair, but another, larger figure picked him up by his collar and slammed him onto the desk.

"Do you remember?" the first, smaller figure asked.Shuo turned to get a closer look on the first figure, seeing that he was an average sized man, who wore a pair of sunglasses, which was a rather odd thing to be wearing inside a dimly lit room, Master Shuo thought. At the man's question, Shuo barely spoke.He didn't know what the man was talking about, but he felt like he should.

"Guess you don't then," Shuo chuckled. "To be honest, I barely remember myself...But I remember when I was like you, old man. Constantly looking for answers."

"You are going to kill me?" Shuo asked, no hint of fear in his voice. And he wasn't afraid. He'd rather die bravely then die a coward.

"No, I want to see you return to greatness too," the figure said, and with a snap of his fingers, the larger, second figure slammed a blaster pistol across the old man's head, knocking him out cold. When he awoke he would find the two figures, and his geography book gone.


The Edison and Olimon families were two of the richest families in the Tri-Systems and they each had similar starts. Both made their start during the war. Ezekiel Augustus Olimon worked in the Skia System and helped out the U.P.A by producing weapons in the old factory his family owned, while Oswald Edison worked in the Dark System and helped provide many Brotherhood army commanders buyers with ships if they needed any. Both men were in their late sixties when they started doing this and both of their families had no ill will towards each other. The similarities didn't stop there, after the war was over, both families were out of a job. Luckily both families were soon hired by Nulixjae Princeton, to help him run his company. The Edisons and Olimons had become prominent again. With many of them serving on the board of directors, with the exception of Donald Edison, who worked as an intergalactic consultant for the company.

When the two families first began serving on the board of directors, they worked together with Nulix to help shape the company to how it is today. However, after Nulix had made his billions and the money kept rolling in, he left the families of the company to actually run the business while he handled most of the things he wanted to do with all of his money, much to Laurence Edison's chagrin.

Laurence Edison was possibly the most ambitious of the Edison family. Partly do to the fact that he was the only adopted son out of the bunch. However, his constantly snide and resentful attitude kept Nulix from moving him up from his current position on the board. This combined with the fact that he tends to accidentally botch up the companies plans from time to time put him inches away from being fired. Currently his assignment was to represent the company the party for all of the DA's and lawyers in Gladale City. It was a big event, given to him because even he should know not to botch that one up. He did have a family of his own to feed after all and couldn't afford to get fired. And Laurence looked out the window of the Travel Ship he was flying in on, one could see something devious in his eyes. As he looked upon Gladale as the ship descended into it's space port, a small buzz of a cell phone pulled him out of his thoughts.

"Hello?"Laurence said, answering the call.

"We have the book," the voice on the phone said. "The rest of the plan is up to you. Better not botch this one up."

"Don't worry," Laurence laughed, though he looked a bit shaken. "Everything will go perfectly."


"Did you send out the invitations?" Mellodia asked excitedly.

"Yeah, yeah," Xane chuckled. "I already knew where Wing lives, so he's on his way. Darius lives in the middle of nowhere, I had to make a run to Ceegum to find a guy, who's sister's fiance knew where Darius is."

"And where is he?"Mellodia asked.

"Some world in that one system outside the Tri-Systems," Xane explained. "I don't even know if the letter will even make it there. It was even harder to find Bella. She's in no phone books and I had to make a run by a several different worlds to find out where she lived. Finally I found one that looked pretty nice. I asked around for her and some kid told me that he knew her and that he'll deliver the letter. Of course I know Nulix's address, but I don't know if he'll even have the time to make it and Wing's busy teaching these days so..."

"It's okay," Mellodia said, stopping Xane before he could say any more. "At least they'll know we're trying to get the old gang back together."

"Yeah, yeah," Xane said, shrugging his shoulders. "Let's hope they can just make it to this one. By the way, 'cause of the little trips I had to make, we might have to use your ship."


It was the day before the big DA's party, outside the building where it would be held, there was a large sign that read, 'Help Wanted.' Anyone looking to help at the party would be welcome to do so...

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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

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After about half an hour, Xavier had finally calmed Bella down enough that the staff could finally leave. With the scene over, the spectators left to take care of their matters.
"Honestly Miss swan," Xavier sighed, about to lecture her when a young boy came bursting into cafe. Behind him were three staff members who quickly apprehended him.
"Be-Bella!" he cried out, his familiar amber eyes filled with urgency.
"Stop, let the child go," she commanded the staff, who grudgingly let him go. Two of them left immediately while one, a young male in his early twenties with an everyday appearance, lingered at the entrance. His eyes were locked on the child, ready to escort him out to make sure nothing else happened.
"What's up Kasey? I didn't think I'd see you here," Bella greeted him, giving him a small hug. The child smiled in response but waited to catch his breath before he told his reason for coming. He pulled an envelope from his pocket, thrusting it eagerly into her face,
"There was a man who told me to give this to you! He was really big and looked strong too! I think he knew you cuz he called you Bella like me and my sis do! He looked kind of scary but i wasn't scared! But he seemed nice too! It was right after you left too! Took forever and-!" he exclaimed, excited, as he kept talking.Bella listened to him patiently and when he was done, she thanked him and made sure to escort him herself back outside where his father stood waiting. They exchanged a few words before the father thanked her and bid her farewell. Bella did the same and peered curiously at the letter in her hands. Xavier quietly waited by the entrance.
"Miss Swan, I will handle the necessary preparations and come back when the ship is ready. Stay here and please be careful," he asked as he began to leave.
"Right," Isabella replied as she tore it open.
She scanned it, wondering how anyone could have found her out here.After a few moments she laughed.
"Guess Fate won't let me off the hook on this one," she mused as she went back inside to wait for Xavier to return.

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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

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Ris had been walking through the city for quite a while, happily gazing at everything around him. Despite the fact that he had no money, no food, no place to stay, and no clothes but those on his back, he kept an optimistic view. Instead of worrying about the trivial things, the young, seventeen year old fox took the time to watch people's interactions with each other, listen to the sounds of the human city, and examine the buildings around him. Most everything was the same as in his world, the biggest difference simply being the appearance of the Kasile inhabitants.

As he walked past a particular building he spotted a large sign, daring any passersby to read. What was important was what was -on- the sign; 'Help Wanted'. From what he knew, that meant that there was a possibility to make some money, something that he could really appreciate at that time.

The blue fox turned and sized the building up and down, silently considering the pros and cons to offering his assistance to the people. After a short amount of time and a few twitches of his ear, he gave a brisk nod. Soon enough, he had opened the door and stepped inside.

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Re: Ultimate Organization (IC)

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OOC: Thanks for posting, everyone who has!

Rune paused in the doorway, letting his eyes adjust to the dim light inside the dingy bar. He wouldn't have bothered entering at all normally, but he needed information, and this was the only bar in town. People talked when they were drunk.

Stepping through, Rune quickly found who he was looking for: a guard for the Earth Crystal, located in a shrine about 30 miles north of here...and 10 miles underground. Unlike the crystals commonly traded to other worlds, the Earth Crystal was immense, nearly 8 feet tall and five feet wide in its middle. Over a million years, it had grown from a small fragment into the massive artifice it was today, holding within it the power of mother earth. It was a companion to the Fire, Wind, and Water Crystals, and, along with the others, the treasure of Crystalis.

To Rune, it was a job to get done, efficiently and quickly. The Emperor's assignment was simple: destroy the crystals.

Putting on his best smile, Rune seated himself at the table, and began to work his way into the guard's confidence. It didn't take long to get what he wanted.

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