Ultimate Spiderman: The Broken Survivor

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Ultimate Spiderman: The Broken Survivor

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"I'm a clone from another dimension that went to hell. The war that followed took away every fraking thing that i held dear. My fellow clones, the lady who took me into her family, and the girl who took my heart. Her last words to me still causes my soul unmanageable pain. The look on her face as she pushed me towards the failing Siege Perilous portal is etched in my mind and doesn't help. But i still had no choice. The world was imploding and dieing, not that there anything left worth going back."

Jennilyn hung upside down as a thunderstorm raged outside the awning. The fury of it matched the turmoil that resided in her soul. 'Forever alone in Purgatory.' she thought as Peter Parker swung in. Turning her kubrick stare on him, she forstalled any quips he would've made. "Don't start Peter. I'm not the mood to deal with your jovial quips. Just leave me alone." Jennilyn stated. Watching him cringe at her statement, she knew that dead like tone caused it. Which was her new normal since stepping into this somewhat peaceful dimension. 'Miss you Kara.' she mused, breaking her gaze. "I'm not joining your team Peter. We've been through this twice in the last few days. Any heroic thinking I had left died with Kara in my dimension."

With a deep breath for calm Jennilyn dropped from her inverted perch to her feet while her mask melted into her collar. Turning herself from Peter, she reflexively twitched her fists and cleared out the harden bits of organic webbing. Which always formed when she wasn't using it to move or fight. "But...." Peter never got to complete his thought as Jennilyn snapped around and webbed him to a parked public transit bus. Covering him mouth to ankles, she shot him cold hard kubrick stare. "I said no." her tone was as equally hard.

Stepping from under the awning Jennilyn felt her mask return as she webbed herself to a passing taxi. Once firmly planted to it's roof she lifted her gaze skyward and closed her eyes. 'Will the pain ever stop?' she wondered. But she already knew the answer, it never did. Glaring serveral blocks ahead Jennilyn saw a convenient hardpoint. Waiting till it was in range, she webbed herself up. Swinging away from Broadway at a breakneck pace, she pushed herself to go harder and faster.

With each heartbeat she was reminded of all the time with Kara that was stolen. Growling to hold back unshed tears, Jennilyn came to a skidding halt atop her destination. Holding the three point stance, she shook from repressed emotions racing through her. Slamming her eyes shut Jennilyn strained to leash them to a manageable level. 'It's getting harder compartmentalize my emotions.' she mused. Standing from her stance, slow and mechanically, she moved through the door. Descending a worn staircase, Jennilyn lets her hand slide over the wall. Feeling every imperfection she wondered how much more broken a person could be.

Plopping onto the futon with a thud, after entering the spartan apartment SHIELD provided her when she arrived, she felt her suit revert to a cropped tank and jeans. Heaving a long sigh Jennilyn heard the SHIELD communicator buzz. "Persistent bastards." she murmured while webbing the communicator till she couldn't hear it. Turning her gaze onto the only happy picture of her and Kara, she spun the basic wedding ring on her finger. "Why did you have to die on me Kara-baby? Why couldn't you have came through that last dimensional web portal with me?" she asked aloud. But she knew the answer would always be the same. 'Someone had to stay draw the enemy away. And I had the highest chance making through the portal.' Jennilyn thought dully.

Rolling to the other side of her futon, she raised her deaden and unreflecting gaze to the ceiling. And began to count back from eight thousand. Jennilyn, somewhere around three thousand and eighty, lets her emotional exhaustion finally take her into a dreamless sleep.

Waking the following morning Jennilyn went and answered nature's call. Coming out, once she finished cleaning, she retrieved a cold cheeseburger from the fridge and preceded to wolf it down. 'Another day, another taken moment.' she mused, chasing the burger with a half filled two liter. A knock on the window reached her ears. Shifting on her bare feet Jennilyn strolled over and opened it. "What do you want Ava?" she asked the tall hispanic girl in neutral tone. While waiting for an answer to question, Jennilyn's gaze swiftly and descretly moved over Ava's body. 'I'd date her if she was inclined to swing that way.' she thought. Returning to unfinished two liter and sitting down on a rectangular crate.

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